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[Story]O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 8

The Child of Thunder 8

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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“It’s about Ikenga, he has bitten more than he chew and this time around, I will pour out my venom on him”. Amadioha said finally.


Witches Meeting.

“Adaku, again I ask, do you really want to do this? Remember Ogbanje might come after you. If your Eze Nwayi can’t kill a mere little girl who then are you to do so. Killing Ogbanje’s father is like stepping on the toes of Ogbanje. So be careful before your are being caught”. Eze said trying to reason with Adaku.

“And I still remain where I stand Eze Nwayi and that is to use Okeke as my next sacrifice to acquire more powers”.

Eze Nwayi slowly shook her head sideways “Very well then Adaku. How do you want his death to be?”.

“First, by making him go blind, and then make measles plastered all over him before his final death”. Adaku answered.

“Very well then”. Eze Nwayi said.

Eze Nwayi started dancing and singing.

Igbo Version

Nnukwu mmụọ nke ọnwụ, anyị na-achọ enyemaka gị ọzọ.

Abụ m Eze Nwayi akwa nwa Ikenga. Ana m akpọ gị ebe a.

English Version

The great spirit of death, we are in need of your help once again.

I am Eze Nwayi the great daughter of Ikenga. I summon you here.

Eze Nwayi opened her mouth wide, so wide it expanded. Bones began coming out from her mouth one after the other. They started amalgamated together to form a skeleton.

Eze Nwayi’s mouth returned to her normal shape, she turned to face Adaku once again.

The Child of Thunder 8

“Since, that little girl has some strange powers backing her up, here is the spirit of Ojukwu, the great evil spirit of the old who was struck by lightening ages ago by a god whose name we must not mention. He will be at your services but I am still warning you again, do not start a battle which you know you can’t finish. End it well. The ball is in your court”. Eze Nwayi told Adaku.

“Thank you Eze Nwayi”. Adaku said as she bowed in respect.

“My daughter may the gods of our land bless you for me”. Nnenna said as she heap all sort of prayers for Ogbanje who had brought her some sweet Udara.

“Iseeee, thank you so much mama”. Ogbanje said in appreciation.

“Ada, you shall succeed in all your endeavours but Ada ooo, where did you pluck such a sweet Udara for me”.

“In Upka forest”, Ogbanje replied nonchalantly.

Surprisingly “Upka forest? You mean this Udara was plucked from Upka forest?” Nnenna asked to be sure of what she heard.

“Yeah the same forest”.

“Do you know only a child of the gods can ventured into that forest without getting hurt?”.

“I don’t know about that mama. I just go wherever my feet lead me too”.

‘No wonder Eze Nwayi and Adaku couldn’t help but wonder about her strange powers’. Nnenna thought to herself as she look at Ogbanje who was smiling at her. ‘She is being protected by a very strong god.

She can see that now.

“You are a very strong young lady Ada and I am so proud that you are my friend and Daughter”. Nnenna told Ogbanje.

“Is it true that Obinwanne came to your house to seek your hand in marriage?” Ebuka asked Ogbanje they were on their way to the stream that early morning.

“Yes, he did and I turn him down flat. Which lady in her right sense would marry that boastful guy, he is so full of himself”.

“Thank the gods you turned down his offer, I wouldn’t have know what to do if you had accepted his proposal”.

“Hmm, really Ebuka?” Ogbanje asked jokingly.

“Really Ada”.

“Then you better start thanking the gods everyday that I did not accept his proposal. But I have this feeling that Obinwanne will come back for something, like a revenge”.

“Why?” Ebuka asked confusingly.

“Because I humiliated him. My refusal of not marrying him has gone disseminate around the village. So I think he might come back for me with a plan”.

“Don’t worry about that Ada, I will guard and fight for you. From now hence forth, I am your personal warrior”.

“Of course Warrior Ebuka, come on we are going late to the stream”.

Ogbanje and Ebuka laugh off as they quickly proceed to the stream.


“Papa, I want to follow you to the farm tomorrow and please don’t say no”. Ogbanje pleaded with her father Okeke.

“Alright Ada. You can follow me to the farm tomorrow. But do not tell any of your sisters. You know they are too lazy to hold a hoe or a cutlass”. Okeke said in a jovial way prompting Ogbanje to laugh alongside with him.


“Stand at alert my child, for trouble will soon beat the drum and we must give it our best dance”. The voice told her. The same voice. She was alone in her room about to lay on her bamboo bed.

“Who are you and how come I can hear you and talk to you?” Ogbanje asked the unknow voice speaking to her.

“I am you as you are me. I chose you right before you were even conceive. You are a part of me as I am to you. You are just like a body and I am it’s shadow”.

“But who are you really? I know that I have powers and I use it for good. And I also know that you gave me that powers. I just want to who you are and not my imagination”.

“I am Amadioha, the god of Thunder”.

“Amadioha? I can’t remember a god bearing that name”.

“Well, I did something unimaginable and I was made to be forgotten by one of my brothers, Ikenga”.

Ogbanje gasped in surprise “Ikenga? All the whole villagers serve him. Even our neighbouring villages are not left out”.

“Now listen and listen good, I gave you this powers to stop evil. Something is about to happen any moment from now. I can’t tell you. You’d have to find it out yourself as usual and stop it. Be on guard Ogbanje”.

Ogbanje couldn’t felt his presence anymore. And so she slept off, dreaming about Ebuka and her.

The thunder was defeating as the sky darkened. Ogbanje stopped at whatever she was doing and glance about the sky and glance at her father who was busy clearing some patch of the farm. Then she heard it. Something….. something rushing.

Ogbanje felt something coming towards her….. father.

Why are they now after her father. What has he done to the Ndị amoosu- witches that they are after him.

They want to dance to the song of the spirit. She would gladly make sure they have it fully.

“Papa, can’t you hear the sound of a fast running feet heading this way?” Ogbanje asked as she stray her ears widely “It is coming from the left papa”.

No sooner as she utter those words a strange looking Skeleton made its appearance.

Ogbanje turned to look at her father in the eyes “Go to sleep father when you wake up form your slumber you will not remember any of this”. Ogbanje said as she tapped one of her arms against her fathers chest. And quickly Okeke’s eyes was shut. He remained standing while sleeping.

Ogbanje turned and gave the skeleton a sarcastic smile.

“Well well, let us begin shall we”. Ogbanje said creaking her bones. She was ready to tear a live lion from limb to limb with her bear hands. And this stupid Skeleton won’t know what hit him.


“Where did Ogbanje say she was going today?” Adaku asked Uzochi and Ugochi.

“I don’t know mama. Papa left very early today to the farm and we think he took Ogbanje along”. Uzochi answered.

“Oh no!!!”. Adaku suddenly scream as she quickly dash into the hut and into her room.

She brought out a black calabash tried in red. She opened the lid and peered inside it.

What she saw nearly made her drop the pot.

The skeleton laid in pieces as she gathered it and raised up one of her hands upwards. Lightening came down and struck the pile of bones, razing it forever from the surface of the earth. As if Ogbanje knew knew that Adaku was watching her. She lifted her eyes and it met with that of Adaku.

She gave out a smirked and pointed at Adaku as if she was seeing her.

“You are next”.

Adaku quickly close the pot and kept it where it was.

She did not know that Ogbanje would accompany Okeke to the farmland today. What will she do now?

Adaku thought about it through out the day till Ogbanje and Okeke came home. Ogbanje and Adaku eyes met and she smiled at Adaku before entering her hut.


“I Warned you didn’t I? You could have used one of your daughters for the rituals and now you have made her destroy the strongest spirit of death, the bones of Ojukwu”.

“How would I have know that Ogbanje was going to follow Okeke to the farm. If I have known I wouldn’t have sent Ojukwu to him. She took me by surprise today. I am sorry Eze Nwaayi”.

“Sorry will not bring back Ojukwu. I told you that Ogbanje is being guided by a god stronger than our Aku but you will not listen”.

“And I told you that Ogbanje can be beaten, she hasn’t found her mate yet”.

“And you think you can stop her?” Eze Nwaayi asked, curious now. “How then”.

“I will travel back to my village. My mother would have a better solution to this”.


“I am going to my mother’s village the day after tomorrow to see her. It has been so long I have seen her”.

“Okay Adaku, you can go. How many days are you planning to stay there?” Okeke asked his wife.

“Four days. I will be back after four days”.


Adaku entered inside a shrine. Forty skeletons lay around in the opening. Two ladies painted in red were at the mouth of a little hole.

“You are welcome, the great daughter of Amumamirri. Your mother has been expecting you”. They said together as Adaku stepped in front of them.

Adaku nodded her head in pride and bend down to pick up a white chalk near the little hole. She ate it. And soon started shrinking into a small size fit to enter the hole.

“Mama, I am back”.

“The lizard that jumped from a high Iroko tree to the ground said he would praise himself if no-one else did. So after so many years Adaku you finally came to see me, your great grandmother”. A woman voice said. She was old but not too old. She stood to her feet. As she stares at Adaku

Adaku bowed her head in respect. Her kneels on the floor.

“If you had agreed to follow my path, you’d be stronger than anyone else by now”.

“Including the very one that made me begin this journey in the first place”.

The old woman didn’t gave an answer immediately. “That Adaku is an deviation. Even if you acquire lots of powers Adaku, I am sorry to say this, Ogbanje will still be stronger than you Adaku. If you are hundred times strong, Ogbanje is One thousand times stronger”. The old woman told Adaku who was left speechless.

The Child of Thunder 8

To b continued..

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