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She was heading home from a church service, singing some songs of praises. Rachael was feeling the peace and joy that came with worshiping and praising God at the prayer meeting.

As she was about to turn and connect the small road leading to her sisters flats who she had gone to visit, she noticed a man standing by the side of the path. He was busy talking on phone.

Rachael excused herself as she made an angle to avoid bumping into the man. He stopped her and greeted her. “Am fine thank you” Rachael answered cheerfully. The man extended his hand. “am Joe” he said.

“Rachael” She responded shaking his hand. “Sorry to bother you but my friend directed me to these flats but I can’t seem to locate the exact flat.”

Racheal explained the place Joe had inquired.

The following day she met him again coming from the neighbour’s flat. They greeted each other and that was the begining of their friendship. They exchanged numbers and communicated frequently when she had gone to work as a marketing manager of ZSIC insurance company in Benin.

After some time, Joe insisted she got a transfer back to Asaba where he was managing his father’s company. Their love grew stronger and a year later they were married with a powerful wedding ceremony.

All this time Joe had pretended he had stopped drinking and was a loving and caring man to Rachael. In her heart she was convinced he loved her and would always be there for her.

Six months down their marriage he came back home late and drunk, his attitude towards his wife changed, he would scold her, come back home with his clothes stained either with women powder or lipstick. Each day he turns from bad to worse….

She became pregnant and hoped things might change a little, but he didn’t change not even after knowing his wife was going to give him a son. All he did was to drop some money for Rachael as if that was all she needed.

Back to the present….

Rachael looked at her son who had woken up and his tiny fingers struggled to push the showel covering him. she sighed and wipped a tear droping from her eyes and lifted him up. She put him close and breastfed him. it was now passed 14 hours and her husband had not showed up at the hospital..

At home Joe had received a call earlier from Monica 7 hours ago that morning and he prepared himself ready to go and see her. He loved his wife but for some reason he had fallen in the trap of Jessy like a fly in a spider web. A woman he recently employed in his company. Her beauty and charm had caught his attention, he found it boring being with Racheal eapecially after a night he had spent with Jessy at a hotel were they had a company conference with other business men and women.

The problem with Jessy was that she was too demanding and had succesfully managed to force Joe to neglect his marriage.

That morning as he drove to the hospital He received a call from Jessy who demanded seeing him.

“What is it Jessy?” he had asked her upon reaching at her apartment, the one he had gotten for her.

“I missed you she said lurring him to join her in bed.” Instead of turning her down and head to the hospital to see his wife Joe decided to stay on and spend some time with Jessy.

He looked at his watch, it was 15 hours. “I have to get going” he told Jessy who was still in her small night silk dress.

She poured herself some wine as she folded her legs on the chair by the bar, ” And why is that?” she said looking at Joe.

“Um uh.. I have to see my wife at the hospital. I was told she was in labour and I have to check on her and see how things are going.” He explained, almost begging.

“Oh so am just to be used uh?” Jessy snapped standing up to face him.

“How many times have you promised me your time and commitment.? Now here you are talking about your stupid pregnant wife.” she added angrily.

Joe sat down to reason with her. Telling her how much he loved her and promised to make up time for them, by the time he left her place heading to the hospital it was already 17 hours. He rushed to the ward as directed by the nurse he met up at the reception.

He was told his wife was discharged an hour ago. He panicked and felt a sense of guilt. He wasn’t there to receive his child. Slowly he made his way to the Jaguar car he had packed outside. While driving home, he brought out his mobile phone and dialed Racheal’s line. The phone rang for the fifth time without her picking, as he drove on he hatched the story he would tell his wife as an excuse for not being there when she needed him most. He felt bad he had not lived up to his promises, feeling the urge to change especially for their child..

As he approached his house, he drove right to the gate, the gate man opened the gate immediately. “How are you boss ?” the gate man greeted him.

“I’m fine” he answered not really paying any attention to him..

“where is my wife ?” Joe asked as he locked the car. “Oh boss am sorry but your wife just left, she came back with a taxi 40 minutes ago and entered the house with a baby. She later came out with a big suit case and went out .”

” What!” Joe screamed. “What do you mean she left? How could she just leave without saying anything?”

“And boss”, the gate man added ” there’s more to that”. Joe gazed at him still trying to digest the fact of his wife leaving with bags . ” What?” he snapped.

“Boss she left the baby” he said in a low tone.

Instead of answering him, Joe ran to the house and pushed the door open. In his bedroom he found the baby sleeping peacefully and a note beside him.


By the time you read this. I would have gone, I cannot take it any more. I married you and trusted you because I loved you with all my heart, but you have sudenly turned Into a person I cannot cope with and understand. I can’t do this anymore. Am going to start over. but I cannot do it with this child. I leave him in your care. You will take care of him as he deserves and I hope for his sake you will change for the better. I love him very much, but I can’t live with a part of you. I want a complete start over and I hope to find happiness and peace once again.

Good bye.. Rachael..

Joe folded the note. His hands shaking and he was profusely sweating. “Oh my God!Rachael how could you?” He sat down holding his child and cried. “What have I done?” he whispered to himself.

To be continued…

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