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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



“Alpha, is there a problem?” Ethan had to pause and ask – realizing how worriedly Nir searched his pockets.

Where could his ring be – he thought silently. There was no way he could’ve been so careless with it. Even as fearless as he was, he still had things that worried him to the teeth.

“Where the fúck is it?” He grunted and moved from his spot, scouring his eyes through the floor. But suddenly, he stopped pacing as it dawned on him. The last place he had been with the ring was at the river. And that was the same place he had met the strange lady. His eyes dimmed instantly with his brain processing just how poor she had looked!

Damn it! She stole his ring???

Anger and hatred vibrated through him immediately as swiftly, he started towards the door.

“Alpha, is there a problem??!” Ethan asked solicitously and went after him.

Nir strode down the exit, snapping his fingers at the horse stable for his horse to be brought to him. And briefly, it was.

“Uh… Alpha, are you going somewhere? Do you need me to come along?” Ethan asked, regardless of how many times he’s been ignored. Well, he was already used to the snubbish part of his Alpha.

“Stay back, Ethan” came Nir’s grumpy voice as he climbed the horse. And without a second thought, began riding out of his Palace.



It took him a long time to get to the river, and that only made him angrier realizing how much of his precious time he had to waste for it.

He climbed down from his horse and searched for the ring, but it was nowhere to be found. Neither was the strange lady. No doubt, she must’ve taken it.

“Damnit”He gritted and took off his mask.

Where the hell was she?? He couldn’t afford to lose that ring; he just couldn’t!

He returned to his horse and placed his head on it – thinking deeply. How does he find her? She wasn’t a familiar face he had seen before, and he completely had no clue on where she might have went.

He brushed his fingers into his silky hair and suddenly, a thought breezed through his mind.

The lady….he could recall the question she had asked: “where do I get a good hotel, please?” Her sharp voice echoed in his head.

And he could remember seeing her with a bag.

Yes; he lifted his head from his horse. That was it. She was obviously a traveler and was in need of a place to stay. So,if he was a traveler, of course, getting a hotel would be his aim. And that’s exactly where she should be.

Without hesitancy, he climbed onto his horse again and was about riding out when he thought of his mask. He couldn’t go with it as that would make her think she had seen the face of the Alpha. So, with a grudge, he dropped the knife on the bench and rode off.


Nir knew every hole in Obeddon like the back of his palm; so getting the hotels closet to the river wasn’t a problem.

He figured she must’ve continued walking after he left, probably bumped into someone else and asked around for the nearest hotel.

He checked the first hotel that had come to his mind, but after speaking with the manager, it was obvious no such lady had lodged into his hotel.

He checked the second, but no result, and headed to the third.

Approaching the counter of the third hotel, he could notice the manager looked grumpy and acted like he wasn’t seeing anyone coming his way. Nir felt insulted and humiliated having to walk around without his mask and being regarded as a mere human. On a normal day, these men would roll on the floor to lick his footsteps; but now, he was being glanced at – all thanks to the klepto-lady. He really hoped he wouldn’t do something nasty by the time he finally sets his eyes on her.

“Yes? How may I help you? Need a room?” The manager asked tetchily as soon as he got to the counter. He sounded really impatient.

Nir looked round the creepy room and could barely believe he was the one breathing in such air. Turning back to the manager, he asked: “Did a lady lodge in here of recent?”

It took the manager sometime before reacting, and his reaction was an ugly titter. “What? You just walk into hotels and ask such questions? If you looking for a whore, I’d advise you check the brothel”.

His arrogance stung hard at Nir. Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward to the counter.

“I will ask one more time” he stated. “Did a lady lodge in here of recent?”

“And what happens if I don’t answer that question?” The manager scoffed. “I actually think you need to leave already, man”.

And before he could catch his next breath, he had no idea where a knife had come from and stuck to his throat.

“Agh!” He flinched, his eyes going wide in shock at the knife which was suspended in the air – pointing right at his throat like it was going to slit it.

His nervy eyes looked up at Nir who hadn’t moved.

“Please….! Please..!” He cried out, scared to move as he feared the knife would cut him open the moment he did.

And in his gravelly tone, Nir looked closely to the man’s face and said: “If you knew who I was, you would beg to kiss my feet”.

That alone doubled the man’s fear.

“Please! I’m so sorry! There….there was indeed a lady. She uhm…she…she just came in not long ago. I can take you to her room” he stuttered, his hands shaking as he held them up in the air.

And when Nir cocked his head, he took that as an approval and slowly, he dawdled up the stairs. Nir followed.



Ximena had just finished eating her free meal and was reading one of her favourite books to calm herself when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. Who could it be? She thought. Probably the manager?

The hard knock came again, and next, she stood up and went for the door.

“Who is it?” She asked gruffly as she opened, and the book she had been reading ended up falling freely from her hand when she found the guy from the river, standing right in front of her!

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