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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Having a walk with with the fifty-three years old woman, Ximena had gotten to know some little details about her. She had gotten to know her name was Minerva, husband was late, she had two sons and one daughter and had been a member of the Obeddon Community from birth. It made Ximena realize just how devoted she must be to their so-called Alpha.

The woman made sure they were having a conversation the whole time, and when she asked Ximena about her family, Ximena had to lie about it and told her they were still in Kunturiah. If only she knew they had been killed by their so called Alpha.

They walked through the woods, and at some point, Ximena enjoyed it. She enjoyed how calm and peaceful the forest-like path was. Hm. Made her feel like she was indeed, walking through the path of the medieval times.

“Do not worry, dear. We’ll soon be home, alright?”The woman turned to her and said, probably thinking she must be getting all tired already.

“No problem, ma’am. It’s fine” Ximena forced a smile.

Truth was, she was really tired. Well, who wouldn’t be tired after so much stress in one day?


Finally, they entered a compound and started walking towards a house and that was the moment relief gushed through Ximena as she hoped they had gotten to their destination.

But, on a second thought; was that really the house? She paused and scoffed.

Not to sound ungrateful, but it looked really old and…beggarly.

To Ximena, it looked like a rambling old house, gleamed with spotless silence, looking frozen by a hundred winters and looking baked by a hundred summer. It smelt of dust and age.

When she had first alighted from the ship, Ximena knew she couldn’t expect anything modern from such medieval lovers, but she never thought she for one, would be living in a place as archaic as that. And to make it worst, there was a big tree right in front, leaving it’s branches in a chaotic jumble over the ground. Ximena wanted everything to be a dream.

“We’re home!” Her heart skipped three beats when Minerva confirmed her fears. Oh, no…

She stopped walking while the woman proceeded to the tumbledown balcony to drop her basket. The balcony was filled with stacks of dispensable things.

While dropping it, the worn-out curtain standing in the way of the creaky door went open with a lady walking out of it. Young and beautiful with a neck-level hair and big round eyes, Ximena confirmed her similarities to Minerva and guessed she should be no less than twenty-two years of age.

She halted the moment she noticed Ximena who was of course, a stranger in her eyes.

“Mother?” She looked at Minerva and called. “You’re home”.

“Oh…”The woman stood upright to look at her. “Ema, dear. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, mother” She took her gaze next to Ximena. “Who is she?”

Ximena had forced herself to stomach everything and take some steps closer while staring at the mini-skirt the lady had on.

“Good question” Minerva beamed and turned to Ximena.

“Ximena, meet my first and only daughter – Ema.

“And Emma, meet Ximena. She’s a visitor in Obeddon and will be staying here with us for a couple of days”.

“For a couple of what?” The said Ema scoffed, batting her lashes. “I don’t think I understand, Mother. How and why will she be staying here with us?”

“Because she doesn’t have a place to stay for now, Emma. Don’t you understand?” Minerva asked with a scolding look while it was becoming obvious to Ximena that her presence there was becoming a challenge.

She decided to ignore it anyways and give a warm expression to the lady.

“Hello” She smiled and waved, but Ema only huffed and looked at her mother.

“Where does she sleep, mother? Because as far as I know, we only have two rooms here” she grouse.

“Richard will sleep in my room, while the new lady shares yours”.

“What?? And what happens to Conrad?”

“When was the last time Conrad was home, huh? Can you even remember?”

“Well…. what if he just decides to come home one day and spend the night?”

“Then, he will sleep on the floor”.

“But, mother….”

“Can you just stop this argument,Ema and go find something to do? If you’re idle, you should probably start washing the clothes at the backyard”.

Ema fumed at how embarrassed she was.

“Get out of my sight” Minerva added when she made no move.

And giving a glare at Ximena, she flounced off.

“Woah” Ximena chuckled when the air was clear. “Looks like I might be having a hard time here with your daughter”.

“Please, do not let that get to you. Ema has always been like that” Minerva stated calmly. You should be tired and hungry. Come on, let’s go inside”.

And together, they walked into the house.




The placidity of the room was all Nir needed as he stared pleasantly at the ring in his palm. His soul had that deep tranquility – one that made him feel everything was fine, despite how painful it was. He could lose anything in the world, but not that ring. Never for it.

He pottered to the cabinet, returned the ring to it’s safe position and just then, heard a knock on the door.

Working on his collar buttons, he made the door go open and Ahiga walked in – holding his usual herbal bag and walking stick. It wasn’t the fashionable walking stick you could think of, but a long wooden one that aided his hunched back.

“Ah! Greetings, Alpha” He bowed elatedly. “At last, you’re back”.

With his mask on, Nir said nothing.

Hmm. Ahiga had been with the reserved man for years and knew exactly when he was in a bad news.

“It erm… seems you need some rest, Alpha. So, I will just hurry up and leave you immediately”. He opened the decrepit bag, bringing out a pocket knife and rubber bowl.

“I just need a little drop of your blood, Alpha. There is this new formula I came up with and need to experiment”.

It was no news to Nir as that had been the hobby of his Physician – always taking his blood for experiments.

Calmly, he pulled up his sleeves and stretched out the hand to the old man who looked pleased as he brought the knife closer to his wrist. The bowl was set right beneath it, ready to receive the blood. But as he made to begin, he suddenly stopped, getting confused by something.

Nir was equally muddled, wondering why the old man had stopped abruptly.

“Why?” Ahiga mumbled to himself, looking round the room.

His little eyes wondered about and returned to Nir.

“Why do I smell it so strong?”

The panic on his face… Nir had never seen it on him before.

“Talk to me, Ahiga” Nir stated growly, his cold eyes not leaving the old man’s face.

And creepily, Ahiga leaned forward and sniffed on his shirt.

“Alpha”, he looked at Nir with gleaming eyes. “Who touched your shirt?”

The question was dumb-striking, tho it wasn’t abnormal as Nir rarely got touched by others – not even during séx.

Normally, he’d have said “no one”, but his reply was obstructed by the memories of the lady at the hotel. He could recall gripping her neck while she held his shoulders.

His brows arched as he looked at the Physician.

“What is it, Ahiga?”

And with another sniff on his shirt,the old man proclaimed with dreadful eyes:

“I can smell her all around you! Alpha, it’s….it’s so strong! The one we’ve been looking for – Anika!”

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