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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



“And … that’s the reason he’s called the Alpha Of Death” twenty – eight years old Kyya said with inference as she closed up the magazine in her hand.
It wasn’t like her story had been coming from the magazine, actually.

Right beside her was her companion – and probably bestfriend – who ate some cheesed balls while listening to the story which she found ridiculous. Well, of course, they were ridiculous – to her.

“But, I thought…. Alphas only have do with those scary impossible animals? What are they called again…? Wolves?” The fair – skinned Ximena asked, making a contemptuous scoff.

“Yes – wolves, that’s true” Kyya shurgged.
“But in the case of Nir, he doesn’t need to be a wolf before being called an Alpha. He believes that title can be used on someone who’s as powerful and superior as he is”.

“So, he calls himself ALPHA because he’s immortal or what? How is it even possible that a person is Immortal? I don’t believe that crap, Kyya” Ximena said as she licked off the cheese from her index finger.

“It’s no crap, Ximena. I am telling you the truth” Kyya spoke with so much desperation.
“These guys really do exist – guys with super powers. And yes – he is indeed immortal. Alpha Nir cannot be killed. Do you know how many times his enemies has attacked him? Poisoned him? Stabbed him? He can’t be killed and that’s the top factor that makes him so feared and respected”.

“Okay; this sounds so funny” Ximena laughed out.
“So,you trying to say if I stake a knife right through that dude’s chest, he isn’t gonna die?”

“Yes” Kyya replied with all seriousness, making Ximena roll her eyes but at the same time, know her friend was damn serious.

One thing about journalists – they’d always stand on their facts.

“Anyway” she adjusted back on her seat as she took out some more balls from her pack.
“I don’t think it’s any of my business. But why does he wear a mask? And how come a lot of girls still crush on him when they’ve never see his face?”

“Well. Talking about the mask – from the story I hesrd, they say he prefers wearing the masks so his enemies fear him the more. In his words, you can hardly fight what you don’t know. Sometimes, he takes off the masks and goes to his enemies to kill them. That way, they wouldn’t even know he’s the commoner standing beside them. And by the time they’d realize, it’d be probably be too late” Kyya explained.
“And talking about why people still crush on him… Well, I don’t think I can explain it either. But, Nir is just a mysterious guy. His action, walking moves, superiority .. everything would just make you love him and feel the face behind the mask would definitely be so cute. There’s just … Something about him”.

“Oh! Please” Ximena rolled her brown eyes again
“So, you trying to tell me that guy kills people at will? What happened to the police? How can someone possibly get away with. .”

“Okay, hold up. Let me explain this to you” Kyya dropped the magazine on the vacant seat next to her.

“Nir is more like a demi-god” she began.
“Years ago, I’d been hearing rumors about him. And having my love for journalism, I decided to travel all the way to his world”.

“World?” Ximena arched a brow.

“Yes – world.
“Nir doesn’t live in the regular country that you know. Where he stays is more like…. a community – a far away traditional community – and it’s called Obeddon.

“There are several other communities around, but of course, Obeddon is the largest, strongest and most prosperous. And that’s due to the leader they have.

“Originally, so many years ago, the people of Obeddon had been in captivity. Their former leader had been killed and having a weak link, a certain ruler – one who was considered a tyrant – took over the community of Obeddon and made them his captives. His name was Gedoni and he’s the ruler of the Yikings community. And adding the people of Obeddon to his numbers made him really rich and famous. They worked in his name and served him. But the suffering was too much for them. And finally, Nir showed up.

“He fought with Gedoni, rescued the people of Obeddon from him and returned them to their land. Gaining freedom and seeing his super abilities, the people of Obeddon considered Nir as their savior and worshiped him. They made him their ruler and were originally addressing him as savior before he asked them to call him Alpha.

“He brought prosperity to the land and seeing the progress, a lot of people started coming to join the community – causing damages to the other communities.

“Nir was not a saint and the people of Obeddon knew this. He punished brutally, kill offenders. But the people of Obeddon wouldn’t complain about that as they all considered him a demigod and thought it to be an honor to have someone like him as their leader. Well, they were actually enjoying some privileges as they were untouchable. Yes – no ruler was plucky enough to attack the people of Obeddon as he wouldn’t want his own community to be wiped out of existence. The first ruler that had made such attempt ended up dead. So ….”

The voice over from the announcer at the departure lounge interrupted her as she had to stop to listen:

“This is the final call for Flight 113 to Seoul boarding through gate. Passengers, please make your way forward….”

Ximena and Kyya looked away, knowing the call wasn’t for them. Ximena was actually beginning to enjoy the story.

“So”, Kyya tucked her hair behind her ear.
“Nir’s numbers kept increasing and right now, it’s more like he’s running a kingdom. Now, he has a lot of guards, servants, and people in the leading board. A lot of people are trying to get on his board as those are the only people that have the opportunity to get close to him; but Nir is very selective of the people that works for him. So, he has to put them through some training process before selecting one or two from the crowd. His rules are not so easy to keep, but they still love him”.

There was a brief pause.

“Hm. Beginning to sound creepily interesting” Ximena cracked.
“But. .. where does he come from? What about his family?”

“No idea” Kyya shurgged.
“Nobody knows a thing about Nir. He just showed up, rescued the people of Obeddon and proved himself to be immortal. He wouldn’t disclose his face, nor his background. And it’s obvious the people of Obeddon doesn’t really care. Ximena, even the few authorities that knows about Nir are scared of this guy. He’s really a demi-god. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of him”.

“Of course, I’ve been hearing some rumours. I just…. never paid attention to them” Ximena chewed another ball.

“Understable. And also, it’s said that, each time he kills a victim, he leaves his symbol around”. Kyya added.

“Woah ..! Seriously?!” Ximena scoffed.
“Why would he do that?”

“I don’t know. Probably to show that…. he’s not scared and doesn’t deny killing them. It’s usually an N symbol, which obviously stands for his name”.

“Well, that’s dumb” Ximena rolled her eyes again.
“Anyways, I appreciate the story. Although, I still can’t believe people would worship someone that hides his face. But whoever this ‘immortal’ guy is, I wish him luck. Right now, I’m more focused on getting home to see my parents I haven’t seen in ten months. And also to work on being the new manager of my dad’s company” she stated the last part with a smile.

“Hmm. I guess yours is better. You already have an already progressive company to take care of. You so set for life” Kyya told her.

“Oh! Come on, Kyya; it’s not just me. I’ve equally seen your love for journalism and trust me when I say this – it’s definitely going to take you far baby. Although, I see journalism to be a little risky, but with your determination, I’m sure you will ….”

“Woah .. Look who’s about to miss her flight” Kyya suddenly chipped in when her eyes caught the attention of a lady, dressed skimpily – running into the lounge and trying to make her way to the securities.

“Hanja?” Ximena called the name when she also noticed the lady.
“The final call for Seoul has been made, right? Why is she just coming?”

“Who knows? She was probably getting some last rounds from her broke-ass boyfriend” Kyya stated sarcastically with an eye roll, making Ximena chuckle.

“Schooling here was fun, tho. Although, I’m excited to get home and start my life, I wouldn’t deny missing everyone here – the drama, our late night clubs, making friends and enemies …”

“And having a one night stand with a total stranger” Kyya chipped in, knowing she’d be upsetting Ximena with that. And indeed, she did.

“You’re such a crazy bítch, Kyya” She tweaked her ear, pouting.
Kyya laughed hard.

“I honestly don’t know how I got into such mess – really. I was just….drunk. And the stupid guy took advantage of me”.

“Whatever. It doesn’t change the fact that you had sèx with a total stranger”. Kyya stuck out her tongue.

“Anyways, that’s in the past now. But I’m really going to miss you, Xi. Too bad we going seperate directions.” She hugged her tight.

“Awwwn. And I’m also going to miss you, sweetheart. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely come to visit before the year runs out”.

“Hm. Says the spoilt daughter of a Millionaire who’s on her way to become a CEO. You definitely going to ditch me, babe” Kyya rolled her eyes, looking pitiful.

“Come on! That is never going to happen. Your always going to be my very best!” She laughed out and tickled her.

”Flight 115 to Texas boarding now through gate eight. Passengers, please make your way forward“ The voice over announced, making Ximena’s heart skip a bit.
Oops; it was time to go home.

“No. ..!” Kyya winced and buried her face on her thighs, making Ximena laugh at her childishness.

“You don’t have to go!”

“Oh ! Stop it, Kyya. A lot of people might start staring at us” Ximena whispered.

“Like I care!” She pouted.
And playfully, Ximena lifted her head from her thighs and stood up with her mini – bag.
“I have to go now, love. You can have my cheese while waiting for your call” She handed the almost empty pack of cheese to her.

“Goodbye,bestie. I’ll call you when I land”.

“Ximena” Kyya pouted her lips.
“I’m going to miss you. So much”. She fell on her, giving her a tight hug.

Well, Ximena wouldn’t really blame her closest friend. Being roommates for over two years had created a lot of bond between them, despite the fact they were from different countries.

“I’ll miss you too, pumpkin”she patted her back.
“Just stay safe, okay?”

They seperated from the hug. And giving her a peck, Ximena took her bag and left.

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