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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Daphne angrily walked into the room, taking off her hair band and flinging it to the floor as she did.

She couldn’t hide it – the bitterness she felt. Even her mother could clearly read it.

“Calm down, child. You might end up burning the entire room with your anger” Her mother barbed, pulling her needle and thread through the fabric. But Daphne said nothing as angrily, she began undressing in front of the mirror.

“So, I’m guessing your conversation with the Alpha didn’t go so well” her mother smirked after a while. “I told you, didn’t I? The Alpha always keeps his reasons to himself”.

“But it just doesn’t make any sense, mother!” Daphne grumped. “This is the first time the Alpha is ever paying attention to a woman. First, he had stood in front of her and asked her some questions, and next, he instructed me to let her stay even when she was as horrible as a toddler. I don’t want to believe he has interest in that lady, mother”.

“Oh! Calm down, Daphne; will you?” Her mother rolled her eyes. “Earlier this morning when I told you the Alpha had gone out for three good times alone yesterday, you told me not to bother you and made it clear had had his reasons. So, I do not understand why you’re being worried now. Don’t you want to respect his privacy anymore? Or you no longer believe he has his reasons?”

“Please mother, this is no time for jokes” Daphne stated bitterly. “Alpha Nir going out alone is completely different from him picking interest in a lady. Perhaps, you’re not even the right person I should talk to. So, I guess I should just go my way and find the answers myself” She hissed and walked into the bathroom.


Ahiga stood humbly in the room, watching the Alpha as he paced tho and fro in front of the window with his hands crossed behind him. The map was still opened on the table and from time to time, Ahiga peeked at the location the Alpha had shown him.

“It’s a good thing we know where she lives, Alpha” He finally broke the silence. “But, what do we do next? How do we get her?”

Nir said nothing immersion as he continued pacing tho and fro. Suddenly, he stopped while facing the window.

“Are you so sure it wouldn’t work if force is used on her?” He asked.

“I am hundred percent positive, Alpha. For the process to work, it needs to be done in love and acceptance. It can’t work if you rape her”. Ahiga replied and watched Nir grit.

“Actually, I’d suggest we call her and tell her the truth…”

“And what if she’s not ready for the truth, Ahiga?” Nir faced him. “What if telling her the truth only makes it worst? What if she continues hating me and refuses to give in to me forever? She could equally use the secret against me. She’s been missing for over twenty-five years, Ahiga. I do not know what she’s become or what she’s capable of. Women are weaker vessels and can easily be manipulated by my enemies”. He turned away from Ahiga and resumed walking, his robe swaying along with him. “I cannot tell her the truth yet; not until I know where she has been in the last twenty-five years, what she has become and what she’s capable of. Definitely, she’s here for purpose and I need to find out what”.

“Then, I think you need to find the answers from her, Alpha”Ahiga smiled. “Probably as someone who is not the Alpha”.

Nir stopped pacing and looked at him, his eyes dimming. “What are you trying to say?”

“I don’t know, Alpha; it’s just a thought that crossed my mind. You may not like it, but…”

“Spill it out” Nir grumped, his voice getting cold. Ouch! Ahiga thought they were just having a normal conversation.

“Uhm… I was thinking” He paused and cleared his throat. “If I am not mistaken, you’ve had an encounter with this lady before, right? Without your mask?”

Nir cocked his head, already having a hint on where the old man was headed.

“She uhm… saw you as a commoner and had no idea you were …”

“If you’re trying to ask me to take off my mask and pretentiously go to her as a commoner, then you lie, Ahiga. That is not happening” He turned away.

“But it might be our only shot, Alpha. Without your mask, you’re one charming young man; I am so sure it’d take her nothing to fall for you. You could befriend her, know why she’s here and in the process, get her to willingly lay with you. As soon as you’re done, you leave her like nothing ever happened”.

“Thank you for the compliment, Ahiga; but hold on, you actually want emt me to take off my mask not once, not twice; but repeatedly until I finally win her over? I thought you knew me too well to know I don’t have such patience?”

“I…I know, Alpha; but think of what it would do for us. You’ll become immortal forever!”

Nir took in a deep breath. “I do not take off my mask, Ahiga, and I do not plan to do so until I’ve gained my full immorality. I can’t walk around like a commoner, trying to win a lady. It’s something I can never do” he strolled back to his table and say in front.

“So, wh… what do we do, Alpha? We might be running out of time” Ahiga asked worriedly, but Nir said nothing as he rolled his thumb on his lower lip.

He was quiet for a long time, just staring into space.

“You know I have no friends, Ahiga” He finally said. “You of all people should know my story better. I don’t know how to go soft on a woman, I don’t know how to befriend her; how to be patient and win her over. I don’t have a single emotion in me. How am I supposed to do it?”

Badly, Ahiga wanted to prove him wrong. He wanted to tell him he was lying by reminding him how much of a romantic lover he had been some years ago. He wanted to remind him of his past relationship and how greatly he had loved that lady; but he knew bringing up such memories would only cost his head. No matter the history he’s shared with the Alpha, Nir wouldn’t hesitate to kill him in the most cruel way if he ever mentioned that name. So, he let it pass.

“I .. I believe you can do it, Alpha” He gulped hard and said. “Yours a fine young man. I’m very sure it won’t be difficult getting that lady on your side. This is the final thing you need to do to gain complete power, Alpha. I believe you should be able to make this little sacrifice”.

Nir stood up with a sigh and went to face the window – again. “How do I even go about it? What am I to say to her when we meet? What exactly….am I to do to win her over? When I see her, should I just tell her I want to sleep with her since you said I’m handsome?” His words were funny, but he was as strict and serious as he could be.

“No, no, Alpha. That is a very bad idea” Ahiga shook his head. “You don’t just open up to her right away; you need to take it slowly and make it come naturally. Be friendly to her, be polite, play with her and make her like you to the point of going to bed with you”.

“But… from our last encounter, she must still be mad at me”.

“Well .. you can apologize to her and…”

“Apologize to who?” The force at which Nir had whipped his head to look at Ahiga was alarming. It sounded like the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. “Hold on, Ahiga; you expect me to apologize to someone? That can never happen”.

“Okay,okay. You don’t need to apologize. You could just be friendly. Remember to always control your temper and make sure nothing ever makes you use your powers on her. Since we presume she already hates the Masked you, we shouldn’t do anything that would make her hate the unmasked you, else; it’s done. We need to make her love the unmasked you, Alpha. I’m positive we can do it” Ahiga urged.

Nir wasn’t sitting so comfortably with the idea. What if she turns out too rude and makes him unable to keep his cool? What if he ends up hurting her? Of course, he didn’t have a problem with him hurting her, he was only concerned about his immortality. He needed to get it from her and ditch her afterwards so finally, he’d be completely immortal and untouchable by anyone.

“Find me something soothing to wear, Ahiga” He murmured without looking at the old man who smiled and rushed to the wardrobe.

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