(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



That was the very first instinct he had, and if he could be sure of one thing, it was the fact that his instincts would hardly fail.

She was going hunting the same time as his? Was that a mere coincidence?

“Hello?” Ximena snapped her fingers in front of his face, seeing how reluctant he had become. “Is there something wrong? Are you helping me or not?”

Yes, she needed to sound sassy, but deep down, she was earnestly praying he’d say yes to her.

But,the grumpy fellow said nothing as he walked pass her to the tree where her stick was. Ximena was already having furrowed brows. Could he be any less mysterious than he already was?

“You need arrows…and a bow. And I’m assuming you don’t have any of those” he spoke gently as he took up the stick with scrutiny.

“Uh ..” Ximena itched her neck. “That’s correct. And that’s the first place I’d be needing your help. Could you lend me some money so I go get it?”

For some time, all she could stare at was his back as she stood behind him, wondering why he had grown more cold.

“When will you pay back?” His question startled Ximena. Seriously? She wasn’t expecting him to ask.

“Uhm… As soon as I get it” she rolled her eyes, now feeling grateful she was standing behind him.

Suddenly, he turned to look at her. “I’ll give you a week”, came his calm words. “Can you pay back within a week?”

Whaaaat?? Was he being serious? Why on earth was he being so personal on the money stuff? For someone that owned a gold ring, she expected more from him.

“Can we just get it first, then talk about the payment later?” She cut her eyes halfway, growing more impatient as the clock ticked.

“You asked me to lend. So, we need to have an agreement first. Are you paying back or not?” The iciness in his voice… it was something Ximena couldn’t fathom.

“Okay; Fine! Fine! I’ll give it to you in a week time, okay? Let’s go get it first” She pushed a frown on her lips but felt relieved when he started walking away. At last!

She smiled warmly and followed him.

Ema was just stepping out of the house when she found the handsome stranger from the previous day, walking out of the backyard with Ximena behind him. What?

Setting her eyes on that heavenly face of his, she could feel her heart stop working. Worst than the previous day, she developed goosebumps all over and felt some kind of excitement she couldn’t even explicate.

He had a kind of gentility that echoed with darkness, even his steps were so charming, and his eyes ..they were the prettiest Ema had ever seen her whole life.

He walked pass her without sparing a glance; it moved her to go after him, but suddenly, she felt she wasn’t even worthy to talk to him just yet.

Ximena noticed all these but acted like she didn’t, not until Ema actually stopped her.

“Uhm… Ximena!” She had to stop walking, although Nir didn’t even impede a foot.

Ema walked up to her, fiddling with her nails.

“Uhm….are you two going somewhere? Will you be back?” Her question made it all clear to Ximena. Obviously, the rude lady was falling for the stranger.

“Well, YES to both questions” She simply shrugged and hurried after him.


In silencer, Nir led Ximena to the market but wouldn’t go in with her as he couldn’t see himself mingling with too many crowd. He simply gave the money to her and waited under a shelter for her arrival. And as she left, he didn’t stop staring at her.

Why would she want to go hunting the following day for someone that’s never hunted before? He didn’t believe in coincidences and her actions were only screaming one thing to him – just one thing. And that was something he couldn’t wait to find out the next day.

It didn’t take long for Ximena to get the bow and arrows. Holding them in her hands gave her so much joy; so much relief. Finally, she’d be getting rid of the very monster that caused her pain; the very monster that took her parents on a day that was meant to be her happiest day. Al because of him, her father couldn’t even take a look at her certificate. Finally, she’d be bringing him to his knees and serving the justice her parents deserved.

With happiness, she returned to the stranger and they began heading home.

“Why don’t you just tell me your name?” She grouse on their way. “Each time I want to think of you, I keep referring to you as a stranger”.

As usual, it took him some time to make his utterances. Now, Ximena was beginning to wonder why he always delayed before giving replies.

“Well, am I anything less, or more?” He asked ironically, not giving her a stare. Each time he spoke, there was always something about his voice. It was filled with an unusual superiority – one that made Ximena feel she was being commanded each time he asked a question.

Again, he spoke: “What do you call a person who’s not a friend? Of course, he’d be a stranger to you”.

His puzzled words tied Ximena’s tongue for a minute.

“But … you’re not just a stranger to me. We’ve met a couple of times already” she shrugged.

“Meeting people doesn’t make them your friends. Or…” He abruptly stopped walking and faced her. “…do you consider me one already?”

Staring into those eyes of his, all Ximena could see was coldness; pretty eyes rounded with coldness.

Calling him a friend? Of course, she couldn’t do that. They’d only met thrice and the first two times were horrible. So, indeed, he wasn’t to be called a friend just yet.

It was more like he had read the answer through her as he pulled back and resumed walking.

“Uhm….So, ’cause we’re not friends, you won’t tell me your name?” Ximena asked as she followed after him, but this time, she didn’t get a response.

“Hello?” She called, but got no reply still. Never had she met someone as cold and grumpy as the guy beside her. And speaking of strangers…. who exactly was he?


They arrived home and proceeded to the backyard immediately, ready for work.

“So, how do we begin?” Ximena asked ecstatically as she handed him the bow and an arrow. Her desperation only kept confirming Nir’s thoughts.

Reluctant as usual, Nir simply stared down at the tools in his hands for sometime, killing Ximena’s patience.

“Hey; time is not on my side. Can we just start already?” She had wanted to touch him, but somehow, she felt she wasn’t worthy enough to do that. Strange.

Nir took in a deep, calm breath and stepped back. Taking that breath, Ximena watched as his soft – looking lips moved and for a moment, felt tempted. Her eyes didn’t leave his face as he walked away from her while staring at the tree.

“You should be standing beside me, not in front” He gruffed with his eyes down on the bow as he fixed the arrow into it.

“Oh …” Ximena mumbled and hurried to stand beside him. Such a grumpy coach – she thought.

Keenly, she watched him fix the arrow into the bow, stretched it towards the tree and with a swift shot, the arrow flew from the bow and landed right on the tree.

Ximena opened her mouth agaped, completely shocked at how clean and perfect the shot had been. Seriously???

“I knew it!” She looked at him with a hand clap. “I knew you’d be very good with this! Who the hell taught you?”

With his straight face, he said nothing as he went over to the tree and pulled out the arrow. Ximena was tempted to roll her eyes again, but didn’t. How can someone be so grumpy? She thought.

“So, can we go to the main part? Teach me how to shoot perfectly like that” She required fervidly as the stranger walked towards her.

“This hunt” He sighed. “Are you going alone? Or need someone to accompany you?”

His eyes were fixed on hers when he asked, and that was because he wanted to get his first answer from there before getting from her lips.

As expected, her eyes grew timid and lowered to the ground. “Um… I’d really love to go alone”.

“Why?” His calm voice always found a way of getting to her.

“D… Don’t worry about it. Just teach me what I want to know” she pouted and stepped away. She felt scared she might divulge the truth if she entertained any more questions from him.

“Also, I need you to teach me how to aim from afar” she added. “I mean, just incase my target is far away, I still want to be able to get a clean shot” her eyes were refuting the words of her lips.

With a stare, Nir handed the bow and arrow to her. “Fix it” .

Ximena furrowed her brows as she looked at the tools.

“I… I don’t know how to fix it. I asked to you to teach me” she bleated tiredly, hoping he wouldn’t just go quiet again.

“You look smart to me. Surely, you should know how to fix an arrow into a bow” He cocked his head, making it sound challenging for Ximena.

With a deep breath, she did what she felt she could and in the end, it turned out she had fixed it correctly.

“Is this correct?” She turned to him and asked, and when he gave a nod, she laughed hysterically.

“I knew I could do it! Now, show me. How do I shoot?” Deep down, she knew she was being too desperate. But well, she didn’t have a choice.

“Place your left leg ahead of the other and lift the bow towards the tree” Nir instructed from behind and without hesitation, she complied.

“What next?” She asked as she maintained her position, but Nir gave no reply.

“Hello?! It hurts staying this way!” She grumbled but got no reply, still.

Nir, on the other hand, had been observing her position from behind. She was missing the vital points and in as much as he hated it, he’d have to direct her which would warrant them having contact. Now, that was something he could never do.

“Stranger! Are you there?!” Ximena winced as her shoulders were beginning to hurt, but still, she no heard no word from him.

And just when she was about giving up to turn around, she felt some shivers rush down her spine when cold unfamiliar hands touched her shoulders.





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