(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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The kiss lasted for several minutes and when Xander finally pulled away, Kaylan thought something powerful had gone out of her.

It was so special, so wonderful that she didn’t want that kiss to end.

She stared up into his face, realising she had always been in love with his man. Always.

“Take the horse. I shall teach you how to drive, princess.” Xander said, offering her his hand.

Kaylan smiled and placed her hand in his and together they walked towards the horse.

Xander helped her up, made sure she was well balanced on the horse before moving few steps back. “Just try and relax as you hold the rope.” His voice came out a little bit cold and he cleared his throat immediately.

Kaylan chuckled and ducked her head. She was extremely happy, seeing that Xander was trying to be nice to her.

She never imagined it would happen so soon and even at all.

She held the ropes tight, felt the horse moving slowly.

“You have to learn how to work with it first. Let’s take a walk by the shores, shall we?” Xander asked as he held the rope with her.

Kaylan smiled and nodded. She thought she was dreaming and if it was actually a dream, she never wanted it to end.


Jaden sat in the garden, staring at the two butterflies perching playfully on the watered flowers.

She was as bored as hell and needed something to keep her busy.

She suddenly smiled, thinking about where her friend was. It was also a miracle to her, seeing her finally go out with her husband.

She heard some voices from a distance and looked up. Her smiles disappeared immediately, replaced with a big frown.

Akim was approaching the garden with one of the maids. He was smiling at her, talking to her as though they’ve known each other for a long while.

Jaden’s breath increased as she stared at them. Her hands tightened into fists beside her.

“I think the flowers you are looking for are right there my prince ” The maid said with a smile.

“Oh yeah. Thank you pretty one.” Akim reply with his voice deliberately raised.

He knew Jaden was watching and he had a mission. “Wait. You have something in your hair.” He said and stretched his hand, touching the maid’s hair.

The maid blushed and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Yeah.” Akim smiled and glanced at Jaden. He saw her stand up and walk away with so much annoyance.

He chuckled as he watched her leave. He was right after all. His assumptions were right.

“Can you get the flowers yourself or should I help…?”

“Don’t bother. You can leave now.” Akim cut the maid short, suddenly waving her off.

The maid noticed his sudden nonchalant attitude, rolled her eyes and left.

Akim smiled again, still staring at the exit Jaden took. “She likes me.” He mumbled.


Jaden ran into Kaylan’s room, slammed the door close and rested against it.

She closed her eyes with her breath erratic and lowered herself slowly to the ground.

“That cockroach head! Is he trying to make me jealous or what? How dare him!” Jaden yelled at no one in particular.

She groaned and walked furiously to the bed. “He’s gonna pay for this!” Jaden scoffed as she sat, taking off her shoes. “Oh please Kaylan. Come home quickly. I need you.” Jaden sighed and fell flat on the bed.


Kaylan’s giggles filled the air as Xander brought her down from the white horse. They were back at the palace and heading towards Xander’s building while the guards returned the horse back to the stable.

“I had a great time today my king. Thank you.” Kaylan said as they walked into the main entrance.

Xander turned to look at her. “You don’t have to thank me. It’s your right.”

Kaylan smiled and nodded. She stopped and bowed. “I will leave you now to rest while I return to my room.”

“Have dinner with me.” Xander replied, his gaze on her face.

Kaylan’s lips began to move but no words came out. She wanted to turn it down but lacked the courage to.

“Shall we?” Xander asked, moving ahead of her.

Kaylan sighed and smiled. “Yes my Lord.” She replied and followed.


The table was already set before they got into the room. It was all decorated and well arranged and Kaylan couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

It reminded her of the night Xander treated her to an almost romantic dinner.

It had been a funny night for her and she chuckled when she remembered the way she’d jumped on Xander.

Xander glanced at her as he pulled out a chair. “Did I make you laugh?”

“I think you did.” Kaylan said with a smile. “Oh no. I need to shower. I can’t…”

“Everything is in the bathroom.” Xander cut in, moving towards the study..

“Okay…”. Kaylan drawled, wondering why the king was suddenly giving her space.

She quickly undressed and rushed into the bathroom before Xander would come out of the study.

It was only when she started taking her bath did she remember she didn’t even have anything new to wear.

“Oh goodness…” She mumbled.

Few minutes later, she was done. After tying a white robe around her body, she opened the bathroom door slightly and peered out.
Relieved that the room was still empty and that there was no sign of Xander, she stepped out and was tiptoeing to her clothes on the bed when the study room door suddenly opened.

Kaylan’s heart jumped into her stomach and she whirled around with so much force that the towel around her body slipped off and dropped to the floor.

She gasped, her eyes meeting with Xander’s, who was already standing outside the door.

To say Kaylan was embarrassed would be an understatement. She was rattled, shocked. Ashamed. Frozen.

She couldn’t do anything, couldn’t even bend to pick up her fallen towel.

She only slowly wrapped her arms around her body, covering her breasts which were pointing directly and happily at Xander.

Kaylan closed her eyes, her head bowed. She prayed the ground would open up and swallow her but such magic didn’t happen.

Xander on his part was amazed and amused at the same time. He couldn’t stop staring even when he knew she was highly embarrassed.

He finally got hold of himself and started walking towards her. His gaze caressed her perfectly shaped legs, her hips and curves. Her flat suntanned tummy and her creamy skin.

He got to her, stood in front of her and slowly bent to pick up her towel.

“Here.” He whispered, propelling her to open her eyes.

Kaylan slowly opened her eyes but left them staring down. She couldn’t look at Xander in the face.

She just couldn’t and when he started wrapping the towel around her, she closed her eyes again and winced.

Xander finally laughed. He couldn’t keep it in anymore. He laughed heartily and stepped back when he had finished covering her up.

Kaylan opened her eyes with her cheeks heated and flushed. Even in the midst of the embarrassing situation, she couldn’t believe Xander was laughing. It sounded like music.

“Our meal is getting cold.” Xander said, still look at her.

Kaylan nodded and made a grab at her clothes.

“No. There are a lot of dresses in the big closet. Wear any of them. I will go get something from the study.” Xander said and left the room again.

When he got into the study, he pressed his back against the door, his breath a little but erratic with a smile on his face.

That body…he would never forget that lovely structure in a hurry. He couldn’t believe he had such self-control over himself; to have resisted the urge of carrying her to his bed and making memories with that magnificent body but sooner or later, he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her again.

Ever again.


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