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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 11

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 11




I emerged from my dad’s room which was surprisingly looking neat, it was obvious there’s been a transformation, same goes to the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and then the garden. I walked back to the living room and surveyed it.. It was cleaned neatly and I nodded slowly satisfactorily.. Not bad for a starter. I tilt my head and on the fireplace I noticed a small pile of dusty dirt resting on it.. I moved to it and examined, it’s a dust though it’s little but it’s still visible. Okay she must’ve cleaned this up hurriedly, does she even clean her house, I mean an average lady ought to ensure all stains are wiped.. If there happens to be even a little perk of dust or some misplaced furniture then you can’t call it cleaning.. Such a lazy ass, can she even be a proper housewife.
I shook my head negatively, wondering why I’m over reacting about this but doggone that, she’s my cleaner and I’m the boss so I have all right to correct a wrong that she does. If she really wants to pay me this way then she should at least do it in an impressive way.. I won’t stand dirts especially when I now have a cleaner..

wait, did she purposely clean the rest
of the house well and left here for me to see it? Because she knows I’ll want to lit up the fire and stay warm for the night.. Is she trying to get my attention?
Ugh, such a drama queen.
After denying right in my face that she doesn’t have a crush on me, she’s using another motive to get my attention. I let out a toothy chuckle.. She’ll probably deny this too tomorrow. I blew raspberry over the dirt but it didn’t go and then I noticed it was a goo.. Really, she did a great job.. She must’ve known that a simple stain wouldn’t get much of my attention or might get blown off by the wind so she turned it to a goo..
I smiled and walked away from the spot, I grabbed my phone from my jean pant pocket and went through my contacts, I called dad but it didn’t go so I called his office line and I was directed to his answering machine. Hi, I’m in a meeting at the moment and I’ll really love to hear your voice. Please leave a message or call me back. Thank you
I exit it and typed a message instead.. He’ll get it after his meeting is over.
I went to my contact again.. *Debtor* I clicked call and watched it ring, without an answer, I called again but no answer.. She’s ignoring it. I sent a voicemail to her, turned my phone off and went to the kitchen to make dinner.
🌹Jacqueline’s POV🌹
I woke up gradually and got a snap on my neck that hurt like crazy from all the twist.. I stretched it and winced lowly. I rubbed my eyes and yawned a little, both form hunger and unfulfilled sleep. Last night happened to be one of many nights.. Mosquitoes almost had a nice feast on me but fortunately I had overalls on, but I still had to bear the chilly night. I stood up and almost lost balance when my legs turned to jelly.. I steadied myself, pulled my jacket closer to myself and moved to the house door, I tried turning the knob and it twisted, excited, I walked in and got to the living room. Not seeing Allan, I moved to our little coffee table where a little paper was placed.. I took it and turned it open, it was a to-do-list, for me. There was some money beneath it for the groceries and I took it. I was not too deep in sleep so how come Allan passed me without my notice. I thought.
Stretching lazily I walked to my room. I took down my bag and got ready for school, having breakfast, I took the money out of my bag and head out of my room. I walked through the pavement, down the road to school and when I arrived I went to homeroom class, the homeroom teacher arrived and after the names were being called and everything was over, I marched to class.
“Hey girl” Martha greeted and I was about responding but a yawn stopped me “Looks like someone didn’t have a good rest. Tell me what did you do with your night?” She asked and I gave her a you’re-impossible look.
“C’mon Jackie, I’m your best friend and we’re supposed to tell each other everything.. I know you went to Nik house yesterday and I also know they’re things that must’ve happened–
“Things like what?” I asked, giving her a roll of my eyes.
“Don’t act all hypocritical with me Jackie. A guy and girl stay over three hours together at night and you’re saying nothing happened?”
“I didn’t say nothing happened–
“Whoa, so something did happen? C’mon spill”
“Well, for starters I went there to work. I worked and then I left” I said, turning an initial super curious Martha to a hopeless one.
“That’s it?”
“Wait, what were you expecting? That I slept with him” I asked.
“No, I mean not actually that way but you know some sorta closeness and those stuffs”
“For the record Martha, I’m not that kind of girl and besides Nik and I practically disgust each other. There’s no chemistry that can possibly take place between us” I said, taking out my phone from my jean pant pocket.
“So nothing, Like nothing at all happened all through the night?”
“Oh yeah.. I thought of Jason all through”
Martha dramatically shook her head.
“Then why does your face looks like you spent your night making out?” She asked and I gave her a sarcastic smile.
“Nothing like that happened. Your curiosity is probably making you exaggerate”
I turned my phone on and the first thing that popped up was first, an unchecked voicemail and missed call and then the low power.. There’s only fifteen percent left. I went to the voicemail and checked the sender.. Nicholas. I typed the pin to listen and Martha was all over me. I gave her a *can-i-get-some-privacy* look. She gave me a placating smile and moved a bit, still very close.
I went back to listening to the voicemail.. “Not an impressive job” the simple, yet annoying mail message read and I took the phone down from my ear. Stupid jackass. Can you ever please that grouch! All my hardwork wasn’t impressive.
“That dude must be into you” Martha says and I gave her an annoyed frown.
She gestured surrender, her both hands raised up. “No hard feelings but what do you expect me to think. You just saw each other last night and he’s sending you a voicemail, what do we call that?”
“Please Martha, I already told you there’s nothing like that.. Stop making stupid pictures in your head of things that can never happen” I seethe and she shrugged and walked ahead.
So pushy!

🌹Nicholas POV🌹
“Get away from me!”

I jerked up from sleep, hard pants passing through my lips. I grabbed my phone.. 2:00am. I waved my hair back, noticing my vein bulging out and the hotness in my body’s temperature.. I grabbed my syringe, already injected I poked it to my wrist vein and breathed out fastly. I unloosed the first three buttons of my super packed jacket, dabbed my sweat and stood up.. I walked to the bathroom and ran a shower, getting really cold, I pulled into a long thick sweat pant and shirt, got myself some coffee from the coffee maker, added a spoonful of whipped cream. I put on my head warmer and moved out of the room, I grabbed a stool and moved it close to the fireplace. I lit the fire on the dry wood and relaxed at the warmness.
That’s one bad effect that comes with my disease, I get extraordinarily hot or cold. I have no normal temperature, well I do but they come rarely.. When I get hot, I get too sweaty and hot like a stove and when I get cold, I feel like an ice. The normal only comes when I don’t sleep or have any nightmare to go on through the day.

I sipped my coffee and watched the wood burn, first turning into dark coal then to ashes. I stayed that way until it stopped burning. I stood up and got ready for school.. Had cereals for breakfast and moved to school.

I parked in the parking lot area, got down and grabbed my backpack then moved into the school. It was still early and I was among the first set of people to get to school at that time; I mostly am. I went to homeroom after staying in class for a while and hearing the bell signal. I signed in name and walked to class and my seat… I sighted a paper on my desk, turning my gaze around at the student in the class and meeting no suspicious gaze, I unfolded it..
‘Monster 👾!’ The message read and my palm curled to a fist, I looked over at Jason seat, his gaze was on me. His elbow rested on his desk and his palm held his chin, as he smirked at me. I gritted my teeth and stood up, ready to mash so many of my fist on his face.. I held myself and took my breath in slowly.. He’s probably looking for my attention and trying to get me into trouble and he’s so not getting that from me, not now nor today.
I sat and tore the paper, my gaze still on him. I threw it to the floor, returned his smirk in a rather mocking way and turned my attention to my seat.
During recess I came out of the class, the basketball team were having a duel and to me it’s never fun because firstly I’m not a fan of sport even though I belong to the cricket. Dad had to push me to join one cos it was part of the registration process.. You have to at least know or learn how to play one or two sports and here in Amity high, a sports god (how they refer to a person good in sports or a team leader) always seem to be an eye catcher for most ladies and fortunately I’m not the type interested in ladies nor attention.
I took two steps toward our hallway rail to just look at whatever’s happening anywhere and after a third, I sight her.. The goof, looking through the class window and tilting her head to look at something or someone; me?
Is she truly having a crush on me? Well too bad, there’s no love word in my dictionary.. There was but it got torn and shattered the day the woman that birthed me turned her back on me and gave my identity to her foster son.
I walked to her, unnoticed, I poke her on her skin and she flinched, almost falling. She stood and gave me a glare. I scoffed. “You really have such great lying ability” I said and she eyed me.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“If I hadn’t caught you red handed, I’d have believed that you really have nothing in there for me”
“And what’s making you not believe the truth?”
“You’re still trying to deny? I saw your little trick to get my attention and why didn’t you reply to my voicemail?”
“That I ‘didn’t do a great job?’ Well suck it up, I didn’t imagine your house was that dirty even though it looked nice and neat and now that I’ve seen you I have something to tell you”
“I-I need to quit working for you”
“What, you’re quitting on your first day? Are you getting tired already or you’re ready to pay me?”
“I’m not. It’s just that working at your house is a little too stressful”
“How’s that my business? You agreed to it”
“And now I’m undoing that agreement, can’t we just find another way?”
“That’s not my problem, if you think the work’s hard then pay me and leave it and if you can’t then just take it the way it comes until you’re ready”
“But– my doctor says I need rest” she said and somehow I hinted a lie.
“Oh really. What are you suffering from?”
“Restlessness and lack of.. Of proper sleep?” she said, her face twitched.
“Okay. Would you be my fling then?” I asked and for a while she kept quiet.
“What!” She yelled a whisper.
“You heard me and besides it doesn’t get you stressed up, in fact it gives you enough rest too because you only work for few hours and then rest afterwards. You can start tomorrow if you agree and rest today” I said and her eyes flew wide in anger.
“That would never happen you–
“See you at work today then and a minute lateness means longer stay” I smirked and walked away, a small chuckle escaped my lips. She’s way too hypocritical and timid. Is she scared of sex? I shook my head
Well Why would she be when she’s a worker of it?..
T. B. C

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