WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 17

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 17




I stared at principal Howard in what you could describe as awe..
“Wait, so you’re saying you want me to be an after school tutor to a student?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said “And in return we’ll raise your grade.. You can object if you want miss Dawson, it’s a matter of choice but it’ll be just for about thirty minutes after school hours are over” she said. I gave her a long stare first.
“So if I refuse my grade will be reduced?”
“No, it won’t.” She paused “miss Dawson, you can take this as lending a helping hand.. Who knows that thirty minutes interaction can go a long way in boosting the academic performance of your peer” she said and I sighed.
“I don’t know ma’am” I said lowly.
“When he chose you I accepted even though I know you’re a junior because I know you’re capable for this. You can still refuse if you want to–
“Wait,” I cut her off “Will I be tutoring a senior?”
“Yes” she answered.
“How’s that even possible?” I asked bewildered.
“It’s on certain subjects and besides you’re close to being a senior too so it’s no biggie” she said and adjusted her glassee. I looked around thoughtfully for a while..
Okay if I agree to this then my grade for this session won’t be bad and if I agree I’ll only be taking more of my time from my work and then I’ll get Allan incessant troubles.
“You said I was chosen? Who chose me and who will I be giving tutorials to?”
“His name’s Jason Gonzales, he–
“Wait Jason! You mean I’ll be tutoring Jason!?”
“Yes, he said he wants you to be his tutor” she said.
My eyes widen.. Jason chose me? But why.. He chose me and then smiled at me at the hallway.. Have he been admiring me too or is he trying to get close.. I’m having mixed feelings right now but above all I’m so excited.
“Whoa.. But why?” I asked no one in particular.
“Because you’re smart.. You see Jason semester test result was pretty awful and his dad was completely mad at him.. If you agree to this miss Dawson he’ll be really grateful” she said.
I gave her a questioning look, my mind still occupied with searching for reasons to why Jason chose me above all to tutor him.. It’s really a shrill..
“And If you want I’ll be willing to give you till tomorrow to think–
“I’ll do it!” I cut her off in a loud voice and and she gave me a long look..
“I mean I-I’ll do it” I said more calmly and she smiled.
“I’m glad you agreed. I’ll inform Jason and you’ll be given a class after school and there’ll be a little time curriculum to make it all easy for you” she said and I nodded.
“And my grades will be raised right?”
“Definitely” she said and I smiled.
“That’ll be all, tutorials will be after school, starting tomorrow”
“Okay. Is that all?” I asked and she nodded.
“You’ll get the guidelines tomorrow”
“Okay.. I’ll head to class now” I said, stood up and left.
“And where for Pete sake have you been!?” Martha asked once I got to class.
“Principal Howard’s office” I said, taking my sit.
“Why?” She asked and the bell rang..
“What period is that for?”
“Home time period” she said sarcastically.
“You were out for close to three hours”
I sighed and watched students moving out. “So tell me why you were in principal Howard office”
“I’ll tell you while be grab our bags and walk to the gate” I said and we stood up.
“So you’re tutoring Jason now after school?” She asked, slinging her bag across the other shoulder.
“Yes. Mrs Howard said he chose me.. Like Jason chose me can you believe that?!” I squeaked happily as we passed the large door and arrived at the exterior of the school.
“Wow, that’s big.. Did she give any reason why?”
“She didn’t but earlier today Jason smiled at me, a really big smile. I was pretty shocked..
“What do you think? That he likes you?” Martha asked and I nodded..
Who wouldn’t think so?
“Come off it Jackie, Jason doesn’t like you.. I mean even if he does, it won’t last. He’s a bad boy” she said.
“So what do you think?”
“I think he chose you so he’d be able to skip classes and go home when he wants to”
“But he could’ve chosen someone else, I mean we aren’t even friends so how did he know my name?”
“That’s a mystery” she said as we moved out of the school gate.
“I have a blind date tonight” she said.
“Another online boyfriend?” I asked and she nodded.
“We’re supposed to meet tomorrow but I don’t think my mom will permit me to go” she said.
“Then just tell her you have a date”
“An online date? Not happening. She’d freak out” she said.
I shrugged “so what will you do?” I asked and she sighed.
“I’ll think of something. Bye”
I waved back and we parted.
I started my journey home ‘jog-walking’. Getting home, I had a proper lunch and wrapped up Allan’s dinner in a paper towel to prevent the heat from escaping and keep it warm. I dressed up for work, grabbed my bag and walked out of the house.

I started work in Nicholas house, I only had few places to keep in order.. After dusting the book shelf and replacing the upturned books in the right places, I did a bit of vacuuming and then wiped the fireplace and took out the burnt ashes..I still had an hour before my shift starts.
I went to the guest bathroom, washed my hands and rearranged my hair, I took down my sleeves and wiped my forehead. I smoothen my palm over my the rough part of my clothes and head out.. Nik was now in the living room, flipping through pages of a magazine.
I walked to one of the couches and grabbed my bag, slipping it around my waist.
“I’m done so I’m going” I said, looking at him. He gave me a brief stare then pointed to the fireplace.. My gaze went there then came back at him.
“It’s empty,” he said and I gave him a questioning look then sighed.
Who sit at the fireplace during summer??
“Okay.. Where can I get dry woods”
“I don’t know but you might find some at the basement” he said.
“How do I get there?”
“That’s something you should figure out” he answered and stood up and walked out.
I tightened my bag on my waist and walked out of the house, I took a turn to the back of the house and just below the ground level was a door which I presumed led to the basement.. I twisted the knob and it gave way, I entered and walked into the room, I hadn’t gone far when I sighted a pile of dry wood. I walked to it and carried the little I could, I shook my head, waving my hair back.. I walked to the house, opened the door with a foot and walked into the living room, I looked around for Nick but he was nowhere here, I dumped the wood in the fireplace and moved outside for another bunch.. After grabbing the wood, I closed the door and walked back to the house and left the pile in the fireplace. I wiped my palm in my pant and scanned for Nick, I was about walking to the game room when I sight him in the kitchen, he was facing the electric cooker and I saw steam..
Is he cooking? I walked in and saw him stirring a pot..
“Whoa.. He cooks” I teased, moving closer to him and he half turned.
“Why do you sound surprised, you think boys don’t cook?”
“No.. I thought you don’t cook” I said in a rather teasing way.
“And why would you think that?”
“Because for starters your fridge is almost completely stocked with fast foods and junks and secondly you don’t look like you cook” I said.
“Well first answer I haven’t done a proper grocery shopping in a long time and secondly you don’t expect me to wear an ‘I can cook’ tag on my forehead” he said.
“Then why don’t you just do a proper grocery and stop eating fast foods for a while?”
“Because I have you to do it for me” he said.
“Excuse me”
“You don’t expect your boss to do the shopping when you’re here.. You’re my house keeper”
“So? I’m only here to clean not to shop for you”
“And who said cleaning was only about cleaning a house and why am I even talking to you” he said and I let out a sigh.
“So what’re you making?”
“My Lunch.. As you can see”
“I can and I know but what exactly is it”
“Meatballs and sauce” he said and turned off the gas ring, he brought down the pot with a kitchen towel.
“Wanna taste?”
“Sure” I answered.. He took out a meatball with a big spoon and poured water into the plate.. He unwrapped it and stretched it to me. I took it with the fork, blew raspberry and drew it to my lip, I had a quick bite and my once expressionless countenance twitched to a frown as I ran to the sink and spat it out before rinsing my mouth.
“So how does it taste?”
“Isn’t it obvious.. It’s terrific!” I said.
“Yeah to you..
“No, seriously Nick, the meat isn’t well cooked.. You should put it back and let it boil some more” I said.
“Not happening” he said and took the plate from me.. “You’re just my cleaner, you can’t tell me what to do” he said.. Okay he doesn’t like being bossed around but he likes bossing people around.
“But- okay why don’t you just try it first” I said and he gave me a blank stare then took the fork and grabbed a bite, not up to a second, he spat it out and quickly grabbed a glass of water.. He sipped and spat it out then gave me a look..
“Still not happening?” I asked with a smirk.
“I need to brush,’ he rubbed his tongue with his teeth.. “My tongue feels gooey” he said and I chuckled slightly.
“Don’t worry, you tend to it while I help you cook the meatballs properly”
“Don’t make it sound like you’re doing me a favor.. You’re my worker”
“Okay then I’ll just leave it and head home” I said, walking away from the pot.
“Wait,” he paused “please do it” he said lowly and I smiled.
“That wasn’t hard.. Was it”
“Just do it” he said and started leaving the kitchen..
“Make some coffee too and clean my sink.. It’s a gross out now” he said.
“Say the word and I’ll do it” I said..
“Not happening” he said and walked out.. I laughed out.
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