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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 29

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 29




💎Jacqueline’s POV💎
A little reluctantly, I walked to her and gave her an inquisitive look as her eyes scanned my hand.. She gave me a long stare, like she was trying tp read me or something and I was beginning to get a little irritated about it. “You know Nicholas, don’t you?” She asked.
“I do” I answered wryly.
“I didn’t know Nicholas has a girlfriend” she said.
Like you know anything about him.. I said in my mind.
“I’m not his girlfriend ma’am–
“Oh please call me Selena”
“Alright.. Well Selena Nick and I are just kind of friends” I said “And you? You’re Jason’s mom right?” I asked.
“Um yes. I’m just a concerned guardian of Nicholas”
Seriously.. Guardian?!
“Oh.. Okay”
“Is that for him?” She asked, talking about the ice.
“Yes, he actually got some injuries from a fight and I’m taking them to him” I said and she gave me a sad look.
“Please take care of him, you might not know this but he’s going through a lot and he needs a friend, someone that will be there for him.. Please be that friend and no matter what you find out about him in the future, no matter how strange and shocking it may be, please stay with him.. He might act all tough but he’s a big jelly inside, don’t listen to his words just listen to his heart and keep being his friend no matter what. Can you do that?” She asked and I gave her a long stare, one would see how remorseful she is but she still shouldn’t have walked out on him in the scratch..
“Um.. I’ll try Selena” I said and she gave me a smile then a light tap before walking away.
I hurried to Nicholas and cautiously got to the rooftop..
“I got some ice for your wound” I said and moved to him, I sat down.
I put two fingers to his chin and tilt his head upward, a small swollen cut was on his jaw and I held the ice well and rubbed it on his jaw, around the bumps..
“Does it hurt?”
“What do you think?” He replied.
“You really have to stop replying a question with a question”
“Why?” He asked with a slight wince.
“It’s annoying” I said.
“Well, I only do that when I find the question disturbing or goofy”
“So you’re trying to say that I ask goofy questions?” I asked with a feign frown.
“I’m not trying to, I already said it”
I stopped applying the ice and I gave him an annoyed look.
“Are you always so direct and rude?” I asked “I’m helping you treat your wound, I at least expect a bit of gratitude and considering the kind of person you are, you should try to be nice to people especially when they’re doing you a favor” I said.
“But I’m only being honest and besides you treating me is your obligation because I got this cos of you. You should be grateful” he said and I shook my head and continued with the ice.
“I’ve been wanting to ask, do you stay with your dad or you live with a relative?”
“I live with my dad, he’s mostly away on trips…that’s why you haven’t met him” he said and I nodded.
“That’s enough” he said and took my wrist down “I feel like my face’s freezing” he said.
“You know normally I’m pretty sure you would’ve ignored Jason if it was someone else but you didn’t because you saw me, right?” I asked, trying to tease him.
“Who said I would’ve ignored if it was someone else?”
“The Nicholas I know wouldn’t have spared a second glance”
“Well too bad you don’t know me well”
“You can deny all you want Mr McDowell, we both know I’m saying the truth.. You actually came to defend me”
“Well.. Yes cos I know how perverted Jason can be, hold on, are you thinking I came because I probably find you special or likable?”
“Am I not?”. I asked giving him a puppy eye.
“No! And quit doing that with your eyes.. I already told you Jacqueline, you’re not my type”
“And who says you’re mine?”
“Wait.. I’m not?”
“Of course not, you’re like the last person on my choice of date-able people”
His eyes widen “And who’s at the top? Is it Jason?” He asked curiously.
“Why are you so curious about it, are you scared that he might be?”
“Seriously?.. I just saved your ass back there and you’re picking Jason over me?” He asked and I chuckled.
“You know what? with your expression right now I’m certain you’re jealous and to suppress that I’ll be honest.. I don’t like Jason, he’s the last person I can ever be close to. Are you less burdened now?”
“Tch” he scoffed “I was never burdened. It’s normal for a boss to be concerned when his worker doesn’t like him” he said..
“You’re always a corner-cutter aren’t you? You just love twisting obvious facts to your favor” I said and heard the bell, signifying the end of sports.
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing,” I said “sport time’s over, I have a class now. Will you be okay by yourself?”
“If I say no, will you stay?”
“Maybe. Why? Are you missing my presence already?”
He gave me a twitchy look “You wish and besides I need sometime alone so your absence will be so much good and don’t think about me during lectures.. You won’t like being called again for smiling unnecessarily”
This dude’s just so impossible..
“That’d not happen, trust me” I said and grabbed my phone which I had dropped earlier when I left to get the ice. I stood up. “Good day” I walked out.
💗Jason’s POV💗
“I don’t want to go home Mom” I said, stopping suddenly at the parking lot. The passengers door of mom’s car was already flung open for me to move in but I couldn’t.. I was fuming so much with anger.
I can’t seem to take the fact that that doofus monster get to hit me again.. And this time the injuries on my face were very visible, that’s why Mom insists on taking me home but damn! I’m not letting Nick get away with this a second time.. Fine, I did leave some cuts on him too but I didn’t expect him tp fight back so hard.. He’s supposed to be scared of me! I’m supposed to be his worst nightmare!
I don’t think I’ve done enough to make him think or act like it.. I’m so going to ruin him and then get that annoying bitch to where I want her. I can’t believe he can get something that I want before me but who cares? I’m having her back and when I do, I’ll ruin Nick and her.. I’ll terrorize him until he begs me to stop and eventually admit himself as the loser. I know it’s going to be a whole lotta embarrassment attending classes with a bruised face but I think it’s better I act with Nick now that he’s the first person on my list.. I need to get him now and I’ve gotten a perfect plan for it.. There’s no crime wearing a hoodie for the next two hours.
“But why? We need to get you treated before those bruises get infected”
“The school nurse can handle that” I said.
“Please mom.. There’s something I need to do and I promise to skip racing today and rest. Is that okay?”
“Alright,” she agreed after a while “But you have to be careful and don’t get into another fight”
“I promise” I said, I pecked her forehead and moved away from the parking lot..
“Make sure you cover that up, okay Jason?”she yelled.
“Sure thing mom. Bye” I said and turned back, heading to the school building.
As I walked, I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my numbers, I clicked on Nick’s which I saved as ‘Monster’.. Don’t ask me how I got the number. Well, I actually got it from his school file and I use an unknown number always to text him.. He’d always know it’s me. I sent a text.
📨It’s not over yet 👾. Guess what? I’ve decided to end it today, it’s better you flee to save your ass and never return cos I’m not sure you’ll be leaving this school fully alive.
Your worst person 📨 I sent the text, wear my hoodie cap over my head and walked to the door..
🌈Jacqueline’s POV🌈
“So who had the lead? The blue team?”
“Yeah.. It was tough! I couldn’t believe I would love soccer so much.. I didn’t even remember you weren’t there” she said. “Where were you? At the restroom?”
“No.. I was with Nick–
“Whoa! You’ve been with Nick all through sport hours?”
“Yes but it’s not what you’re thinking Martha. He got some bruises and I was helping him treat it”
“Yeah.. Because the school nurse became too tired to work, right?”
“Stop being sarcastic Martha we–
The vibrating buzz I felt, stopped my words and I gave Martha a look before reaching into my pocket and grabbing it. I peered into it.
“Did you get a new phone case? It’s classy” Martha said and I looked at the phone in unfamiliarity.. This isn’t my phone, I checked it and it was a message but the phone isn’t mine.
“This.. Is not mine” I said to Martha, my brows furrowed in confusion.
“It’s not?”
“No. It might’ve gotten switched”
“But by who?” Martha looked at it, as if trying to figure out if it was familiar. “I don’t know but I’m guessing it’s Nick” I said. “Hold on, I’ll just check”
The phone didn’t have a lock so I had passage to it and I went to the gallery but surprisingly there was no photo of a person, it was mostly filled with nature, vehicles and designer shoes. Going back, I saw the unread message and I clicked on it mistakingly.. I was about exiting it when some words from the message caught my attention, prompting me to read more and when I was done I needed no one to tell me it was truly Nick’s phone and the message, even though the contact ID was unknown; was from Jason. I sighed.
“So? Is it Nick?”
“Yes. I have to go return this, he’s probably with mine” I said and Martha nodded. I stood up, with the phone in my palm and walked to Nick’s class. I got there and stood by the door, a teacher was in and Nick was on seat.. Jotting stuffs down. I stared at him for a moment from the window, I’m glad he’s paying attention even though today’s event was enough to keep him distracted for a long time.. He’s stronger than I can imagine. My gaze went down to the cell phone resting on my palm, if he sees this message from Jason i’m pretty sure it’ll break him and with the way it looks, Jason must be planning something bad. I looked back into the class and my gaze scanned for Jason but he wasn’t in class, for them to be here means they’re having a general class but Jason isn’t here with them. He’s probably carrying his threat out.. I looked solemnly at Nick again. I just can’t pick out Jason’s issue with him, Nick can actually be sweet atimes, okay scratch that.. Nick has never been sweet or probably not to me but he’s not a bad guy either. How can a human derive fun in a person’s pain?
I walked away from Nick’s class and walked down the hallway.. I need to talk to Jason about this, he might not listen to me but there’s no harm in trying still. I took Nick’s phone and called the number that sent the text as I kept walking down, it started ringing.
I got to the door leading to principal Howard’s office.. I stopped as an idea struck me. I took the phone which had stopped ringing and pocketed it, I need to distract Mrs Howard out before I can do what I have in mind. I knocked on the door and walked in without waiting for a response.. I looked over at the swivel Mrs Howard was constantly on but she wasn’t on it..
“Principal Howard?” I called, scanning around bur there was no response.
I’m sure she isn’t in. I need to be fast.
I exhaled deeply; this can be very risky for me if I get caught.
That’s why you have to be quick! You can do this Jacqueline! Not just for Nick but for peace of mind. My subconscious said.
It’d definitely hold my conscience knowing that I had a chance to help but I didn’t.. I mean Nick is passing through so much already.
Quickly, I moved to the drawer by the table side beside the chair and pulled it open, carefully yet in a hurry, I took out the first file and started going through it but it wasn’t what I wanted so I moved to the next and checked it
out too but it still wasn’t there.. My heart was thumping loudly against my chest out of fear. I searched the third, fourth and fifth file but it wasn’t there.. I stood and sighed, it’s not here. My gaze moved around and I saw a cabinet, hung just at the end of the wall. I hurried to it and opened it, I shut my eyes and grabbed any file that my hands touched.. I quickly start flipping through it..
First.. Second.. Third.. Fourth.. That’s it!.. I saw the test result and script and I took it out and scanned through the list of names..
Jason Gonzalez…. F9.
I quickly arranged the files back and neatly hid the paper beneath the fabric of my blouse.. I walked out of her office and sighed in relief when the hallway was still as empty as I left it. I ran down the stairs and as I walked down the hallway with a thumping heart, I searched for Jason. I prayed silently in my heart that I find him before anyone notice what I did. I got the second floor and was using the stairs to the last floor when a guy in hoodies walked past me.. I caught a glimpse of his face side and I quickly ran back before he’d reach the other staircase.
“Jason?” I called and he stopped, I moved to his side. And after giving me a long stare, he took the cap down and I saw the visible cuts on some sides of his face.. I saw the look of impatience on his face.
“When do you plan on stopping all this Jason?” I asked.
“Stopping what?”
“This drama with Nick.. He’s already going through so much and you doing all this is just adding up to his problems–
“You’ve seen the text, haven’t you? Really are you that close with him.. And you beg for him too now?” He asked scoffed “What exactly is he doing to you that you don’t see the monster in him?” He asked then continued in a low voice “And what are you doing to me too that I can’t stop reacting like this towards you?”
“Just stop all this Jason!” I took a step back from him.
“Why? I think it’s fun and just like my message says, I won’t stop until I get Nick where he belongs and I have a good feeling that he’s going there today” he said.. “But you can change that and be my fling since you care about him so much” he said.
I took out the result and showed it at his face.. “What’s this?”
“Your result script, the one which had your name pointing to an F9” I said and his eyes sparked up as he tried to drag the script from me but I put it away.
“I already made so many photocopies of this, I’m not so stupid to just have one and guess what? I plan on pinning this on every bulletin board in school.. It’d get lots of attention there–
“No one will believe that” he said.
“Oh.. Should I go on and do it then–
“What do you want?!” He cut me off in a shrill voice and I smirked.
“Stop troubling Nicholas, I want you to stop crossing his path and threatening him.. And I want you to stop this drama of yours about him being a monster” I said..
“So all this is because of him?!”
“Will you do it or not?”
“Do you really like him that much?”
“Fine! I’ll do it!” He said.
“Good and just so you know, news like this never get outdated.. If you stick to your promise then I’ll stick to mine. Don’t try to play smart on me cos you can’t imagine just how many copies I have of this” I said.
I heard his breathe coming out in grunts.
“Deal!” He said and I gave him a lopsided smile, nodded and walked the other side to the stairs..
I need to return this script then Nick’s phone and get mine.
I got to the upper floor and literally ran to Mrs Howard office..
“Hey,” Nick suddenly stood beside me..I gave him an impatient gaze, my gaze on Mrs Howard’s office door.
“I think we must’ve switched phones while we were on the roof” he said..
“What’s up with you? Are you in a hurry to go somewhere?”
“Yes.. I need to return this back to the principal’s office before she finds out it’s missing” I rushed my words.
“Why and what’s that?”
He took the script from me and looked at it. “The test result?” His gaze shot up at me “Did you steal this from her office?”
“Um kinda but I had to use it to stop Jason”
“What? Stop Jason from what?” He asked.
“Nick, I have to return this first. You can help me check out for her” I said and quickly hurried past him, with one glance around I entered her office and sighed in relief when I met it empty.
I quickly moved to the cabinet and pulled it open.. I was about putting it back when I heard a creak..
“Excuse me? What are you doing?”
I first stood transfixed before the script fell from my hand. I heard the knocking of heels on the floor and I turned to see Mrs Howard.. She walked to me and picked the script from the floor.. She looked at it and then at me.
“Why were you taking this?”
Sweat broke out from my forehead.
“Um I..
I gulped my words.
“Are you not going to answer me!”
My mouth opened and closed on it’s own.
“Alright then.. I’m sure you’ll talk by the time you end your semester in detention–
The door opened again.
“It’s my fault principal Howard” Nick walked in and principal Howard alongside me, looked at him.
“I actually asked her to get it because I needed to check something”
“Mr McDowell?”
“Yes ma’am. I only wanted to see something in it but I’m done now.. You can check it out again if you want.. I didn’t rewrite or make any changes. I’m sorry I did it without your permission” he apologized and she looked from him to me then at him.
“I’m letting this go because you apologized but if I see any changes on the results then you’ll be punished”
“Yes Mrs Howard”
“Jacqueline… Right?”
“Yes ma’am”
“Put that back there and you two can leave” she said and I took it from her and put it in the cabinet before closing it. Nick walked out and I followed.. I closed the door behind me.
“Why did you do it?” Nick asked, giving me a straight face.
“To stop Jason.. I saw the text he sent to your phone, he was planning something again so I had to act, knowing how much he loves his ego I had to threaten him with that test script where he got an F9–
“You haven’t answered my question Jacqueline.. Why do you really do it?”
“I don’t understand–
“You did it out of pity for me didn’t you?, do I look that helpless and pathetic to you?!”
“Did you really have to go that far?”
“But I just wanted to help–
“Help?” He scoffed “You’re only helping me feel more inhuman! I don’t need your pity! You didn’t have to go this far to show me how helpless I look.. Why? Is it because of my mom, are you doing this because you think I’m too weak to fight Jason off–
“Yes,” I caught him off “Your mom asked me to take care of you but that’s–
“My mom?!” He asked, a deep frown on his face “You did this because of her?”
“No.. I did it because of you Nick and honestly I didn’t expect this reaction from you! I just got Jason off your back–
“Who asked you to!.. I’ve been dealing with him alone and I still can. I’m not a weakling Jacqueline, I can fight for my self!”
“I didn’t say you can’t!” I raised my voice too. I don’t get why he’s getting so obnoxious about something he should be grateful for.
“Then why did you do this? Why–
“Listen Nick!” I interrupted him “sometimes you should really be appreciative about some things especially when you have someone that cares.. Alright I do pity you but there are others who are passing through stuffs that are way worse than yours and they have no one with them.. No one to defend and help them and I’m pretty sure that if I’ve done everything I did for you for them; they’ll be very grateful, if not for the favor but for my being there. I’m not saying you owe me anything but I’m just asking you not to think about yourself alone.. Everyone have different issues they’re passing through as well. I have a life too just so you know and when I did this, I didn’t think you’d be mad at me when you find out, I’m not talking about the risk I took but about the fact that I did it for your own favor. I’m sorry if you think otherwise and if I was too nosy in your problems all along and I assure you that it’ll all change” I said, gave him a short stare and while he stood staring at me, I took my phone from his hand and put his there, he held it and I walked past him before I cry out my stupidity in his presence and make myself look more stupid..
T. B. C

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