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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 35

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 35



🌹Nicholas POV🌹
I parked my car close to the pavement, few meters away from school.. I could see the school building from where I stood. I alighted from my car and glanced at my wrist watch; 1:37.
Students were coming out of the gate in small numbers..
She’s supposed to be on her way home by now or did she leave already? I should’ve come earlier but dad kept me busy with kitchen stuff and now I missed her.. I took a step forward when I saw her walk out.. A girl and boy beside her, I stopped and sighed. They stopped and talked for a while then she waved at them and started walking toward me.. She was few steps away from me when she stopped, her gaze on me.. Her brows furrowed to one side and cautiously, she completed the steps and got to me.. A look of uncertainty in her eyes.
“Nicholas?” She called..
“It’s me. Quit staring like you’ve seen a ghost” I said and she closed her opened mouth.
“Sorry, I’m just surprised. I thought you left” she said.
“I didn’t”
“So when are you leaving then?”
“Do you want me out so badly?” I asked.
“It’s not that–
“Well I’m not leaving anymore” I said and moved to rest my butt on my car bonnet, she walked to me, a questioning look on her face.
“What? But you s–
“Yes, I said I’ll be leaving and that it was what I wanted but I changed my mind and I want to stay”
“What made you change your mind?” She asked.
“Um school did, I have just a year left and I want to finish it up here”
“You knew about that before you decided to go, right”
“Yes but I feel like I owe you an obligation” I said.
“An obligation?” She repeated
“Yes, to keep you safe from Jason. I know he’ll give you a tough time when he knows I’m not there”
“So you changed your mind because of me?”
“Not really, I did it cos of my academics, my obligation and then our movie tomorrow. Last night, I checked the movie out on the internet and it’s a new one and with the little information I got, it’d be a great movie” I said and her eyes sparked up.. Probably at the mention of the movie “And we’ll be seeing it tomorrow. Together” I said.
“Um well I’m glad you’re staying” she said.
“So my dad’s around and he wants you to come over for lunch”
“Me? Why?”
“Cos you’re my house help. Is that strange?”
“Uh no. I’ll come over to your place later” she said.
“Okay,” I walked to my car door “I’ll head home now, see you at lunch” I gave her a small smile, hopped into the driver’s and drove home.
💞Jacqueline’s POV💞
Okay so I’ll be meeting his dad.. I have to dress in an impressive way so I don’t stand out in their caliber. I need to look smart and decent. I pushed the skinny jeans aside and took a dress instead.. I nodded and pulled into it, I walked to my mirror and parked my hair in a French plait, I winked at myself in approval and wore my sandal, I grabbed my work bag and head out of the house. I walked to his house and after knocking, the door got opened by Nick and I moved in.
He smiled at me and nervously I returned it.. “You look nervous” he said.
I’m so obvious.
“I am”
“Because of my dad?” He asked and I nodded “Well don’t be cos he doesn’t bite.. I’m sure you’ll like him when you meet him, buckle up okay?” He said and I nodded a little..
“Lunch’s ready people” I heard a masculine voice from where I stood and I sighed when a man walked out of the kitchen, a stack of dishes with him..
“Come-on” Nick said and I followed him to the dinning, his dad was already seated.
“Dad? This is Jacqueline, the girl you want to meet” Nick said and when his dad looked at me, I gave him a small smile filled with nervousness. I hope he doesn’t see it.
“Hello Jacqueline,” he smiled at me “I’m Marcus, Nick’s father. Please sit” he gestured and I sat, Nick took a different chair.
“I-it’s nice to meet you sir” I said and bit my inner cheek.
“Same here, Nick told me so much about you” he said and I took a peek at Nicholas, he shrugged and looked at his dad then back at me and made a small sound with his mouth before facing the food.
“Oh did he?”
“Yes and they’re good things.. Like you staying with him even after knowing about everything.. Only a genius can do that and you’re even more prettier than he described. Now I know why he chose you” he said and my cheeks reddened with a blush and I faced downwards.
“Ugh please dad” Nick grunted while his dad and I shared a smile.
“So.. Let’s have lunch. I made it myself cos of you”
I looked at the table and I didn’t know when I uttered a wow.. There was so much food and they looked delicious too..
“You made all this?” I asked.
“Yes but I couldn’t finish the list cos of time, my flight’s taking off by six” he said.. “But I’m a really great cook though, back there in Korea my colleagues couldn’t resist my food and while I’m here they still call me to find out if I’m on my way back” he said and I heard Nick huff.
“Wow.. Really?” I asked and he nodded..
“You try it. There’s meatloaf and butternut squash fries, tacos and chicken fajitas.. Take anything you want” he said and I grabbed a plate and spoon..
I spooned some meatloaf and butternut squash fries toppings. I took a spoonful to my mouth and chewed.
“Whoa.. This is really good” I said.
“Told ya” he smiled and I continued eating.. He passed a glass of wine to me..
Lunch with Nick and his father was great, I felt like I was eating with my family. Mr Marcus was very interesting and jovial, I liked him already. Nick mostly stayed quiet, all through lunch, munching his food quietly while his dad and I talked like we were family while he was the odd one. We had lunch and I assisted in packing the dishes, while his dad left to prepare and Nick stuffed his face in a movie.. I washed the used dishes and mopped the kitchen.
After everything, Mr Marcus came out, changed and a briefcase and an airport bag stayed on both hands. I walked out of the kitchen.
Nick helped him with the loads to his car and we got into the car after I locked the door.
The ride was not a quiet one, Mr Marcus made it more lively and fun and we talked about the city, art and other stuffs..
“Can you both bring it down for a moment. I’m driving” Nick complained and his dad blew a silent raspberry, making me chuckle..
“I saw that Marcus” Nick said and Mr Marcus shrugged making me laugh more.
As we drew near to the airport, I was less ecstatic.. We finally got to the airport and Nick parked. We got down and Marcus flight was already being called..
“Okay.. I have to go now guys. Jacqueline I had a wonderful time with you, please keep taking care of Nicholas,” he said and Nick grumbled and look away. “Yeah, I love you too son and don’t forget to book appointment with Steve tomorrow. So I’ll see you guys when I see you, Bye”
“Bye Mr Marcus” I waved and he hurried to the plane.
“Arrgh, what a relief” Nick muttered and I gave him a look.. He walked to his car and I followed. I looked out of the window and sighted the big plane, still waiting.
Nick started driving.. I noticed he took a different route and somehow he was driving to my workplace. We got to the spot where I stood yesterday and I sighted the waste bin.
“Um Nicholas? Can you stop for a while, I need to find something” I said and Nick stopped, giving me a questioning look. I quickly rushed down and hurried to the bin, I sighed when I saw that the waste haven’t been disposed yet but it was already full. I dug my hand into it..
“What’re you doing?” Nick came down too..
“I need to find something” I said, searching through the pile of dirts while praying silently, that I find the ticket. It’s one of the reasons Nick went back on his decision and he’ll be very disappointed when I tell him I threw mine away because of no reasonable reason.
“In rubbish?” He asked.
“Yes. Just stay back, I’ll be done in few minutes” I said, going deeper in the rubbish..
“Looking for this?”
I turned to face him and he held out a ticket, I sighed and stood up.. He already knows, I should probably just tell him.
“Um yes, you see I kinda threw mine aw– wait, is that mine?”
“Yes,” he tucked his palm into his pocket “I followed you yesterday and saw you throw it in here so I took it” he said and I chuckled awkwardly. A sorry look on my face.
“Oh but why did you follow me?”
“I think the question should be, why did you throw this away?” He said and I scratched the back of my hair, giving him a stare filled with guilt.
“Um I thought we won’t be seeing the movie anymore since you said you were leaving” I said.
“So? You could’ve watched it alone”
“I know I wouldn’t have time to and besides I’m not that much of a movie person”
“Why? Because of your work?”
“Y– wait how do you know I work?” I asked, giving him a questioning look.
“I said I followed you and yes, I saw how you ignored my text and call because of your boyfriend”
“Boyfriend?” I asked “is it Noel?
He isn’t my boyfriend, we’re just colleagues and I didn’t ignore your call or text cos of him I just didn’t feel like replying cos I was on my shift and my boss doesn’t permit us to use our cell phones while working” I said.
“Oh.. Then why didn’t you just call later or something?”
“Cos I had to hurry to my other job and then I forgot”
“Your other job? You do double part-time job?” He asked.
“You didn’t know?”
“I only know about the first, that’s the restaurant”
“Oops, well you know it now” I said
“So your parents have no problem with their daughter working and schooling?”
“If they were alive they would but they’re not and I stay with my brother and I work because we’re not all that buoyant financially” I said.
“I’m sorry about that” he said, a concerned look on his face.
“It’s okay and besides I’m already used to it. I have to go now” I took the ticket from him. “My work’s just over there. Bye Nick” I said, walk to his car and take my bag.
“Yeah bye” he said and I journeyed to work, I turned and met Nick still on his former spot, his gaze was on me. I waved at him and slowly he waved back.. I turned and head to the restaurant.

Saturday came, my alarm rang out loudly and I rolled out of bed and turned it off, still sleepy. I stood up, dressed my bed and walk to the bathroom, there I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I changed from my Pj to a baggy shirt and short.. My mom’s clothing. I walked out of my room to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast, casseroles..
I finished making breakfast and left Allan’s share in a plate, I made him coffee and left the meal on a tray in the dinning. Allan should be up any moment from now since he’ll be going to work.
I walk to the kitchen and wiped it clean then I started with the livingroom, I arranged the chairs, wiped the fireplace and furnitures then moved to the tables.. I heard a soft yawn and I turned to it’s direction, Allan, still on his night wears walked to the dinning.
“Good morning” I greeted and he nodded.. He sat down while I continued with my work. I suddenly heard him grumble and when I turned he was putting down the coffee cup and his gaze was on me.. he signaled for me to come over and I walked hopefully to him.
“Why’s the coffee cold?” He asked.
“Um I
“Did you do this on purpose?”
“No! I made the coffee earlier but–
Not being opportuned to complete my sentence, a hard metal hit my eyes and I yelped, a metallic sound came sharply next and when I faced the floor, Allan’s coffee cup was shattered. I looked at Allan and his gaze held anger.
“Make me a new breakfast. I want steak and fries” he pushed the food away and stood up. I didn’t dare argue even though the food table said casserole.. I have to do whatever he says and I’m positive he would have done worse than this to me if he wasn’t going to work.. I’m glad he didn’t and I have hurry up with his food before his pants get hotter than either of us can carry.
I ignored my hurting eyes that now had a bump, grabbed the tray that had the casserole and coffee and hurried to the kitchen.

I walked tiredly to my room and collapsed on the bed, I was completely worn out and my eyes still hurt. I grabbed a mirror and checked my face, as expected; my lower eyelid was puffy, there was no cut but it was obvious. My phone beeped a message and I grabbed it from the nightstand. I clicked on the text from Nicholas, with a sigh, I clicked on it.
📨Can you come over by three? I need help with my lunch📨
📨No. I’m busy📨 I sent it.
📨With what?📨 a message came immediately.
📨Something private📨
📨And you can’t finish up with that ‘private stuff’ before three?📨
📨I might if you use the magic word and stop being bossy📨
📨I’m your boss, I’m supposed to be bossy and that word you want is not happening, just refuse if you don’t wanna come📨
📨Okay. I’m not coming📨
📨Are you always so stubborn?
Okay fine, please come help me with my lunch.. I’m expecting you by three📨
📨Nice but you ruined it up by being bossy on the last part, can you do it again? Less bossy this time?📨
📨I’m expecting you by three. Bye📨
I sighed again and threw the phone on my bed. I stood up and walk to my bathroom.. After having a bath, I dressed up causally in a jean and loosed top, I walked to my mirror and packed my hair in a ponytail.. I checked my eyes out, it was still swollen.. I took a cloth from my closet and tried pressing it down but the pain only enhanced and it didn’t go down well.
I can’t go to Nick house looking like this. I walked to my dressing table and pull the drawer open, I grabbed a sunglass.. Something I haven’t worn in ages. I wiped the dusts from it and wore it.. I glanced at my mirror and nodded in approval. I grabbed my bag and put the glasses in it before walking out. I met the empty dishes on the table and half drunk glass of water. I packed it to the kitchen, lock the door and walk to Nick house, passing through an alley.

“So what am I helping you with?” I threw my bag on a couch..
“Why are you wearing sunglasses in my house?”
“Why? Do you have a problem with it?” I asked.
“No. Anyways I’m trying to make pancakes for lunch but I feel like I left a particular recipe that’s important cos the mixture isn’t fluffy” he said.
“Okay, did you add enough eggs?”
“Yes..but I’m not sure if they’re enough for the batter” he said.
“Okay, let me see”

I made a whole new batter and assisted Nick in frying it to the sizes of a pancake.
“You should’ve said you wanted me to prepare lunch for you not help you with it” I said as he took the plate of pancakes to the breakfast bar.
“You’re my house help.. It’s what you’re meant to do” he said and I gave him an eye-roll which he, of course didn’t see.
“And I don’t think I’ve seen anyone make pancakes with sunglasses” he said.
“Well, you’ve seen one now”
I left him to eat and attended to the used utensils..
I fetched my ticket from my bag as Nick’s car drew near to the cinema.. He parked at the proffered parking lot and we got down..
“Okay I need to ask, do you really plan on wearing that sunglass in there?” Nick asked..
“Yeah.. Why?”
“Why are you even putting that on? It’s not even sunny”
“I want to put it on and why are you so worked up about it?”
“Worked up?” He scoffed. “You might not know but you look absurd on that”
“Is that a new word for pretty?” I asked with a lopsided grin and he gave me a short blank stare and walked into the cinema. I twitched my face at him and followed.
After showing our ticket, we were allowed in and as the first set of people we got seats at the front.
Nick glanced at me and when I looked back, he huffed and looked away, crossing his arm over his chest.. I shook my head and looked forward. Few minutes after, the place was filled already and the movie was starting, I felt something being placed on my lap and when I looked, it was a bag of popcorn and a takeout cup of juice. I sent my gaze to Nick and he gave me a quick glance and looked away.. I rolled my eyes again and grabbed a handful of the popcorn before looking ahead at the big screen, my gaze moved sideways and I sighted an obvious couple feeding themselves with popcorn and after it they kissed.. I scoffed and look away but my gaze met Nick again and his gaze was on me, I huffed and look away, fulling my mouth with popcorn.
After the movie which was amazingly interesting but a little toe-curling at some point, Nick and I found our way through the heavy crowd. We got out and I checked the time on my cellphone.. 6:00. My shift was was on and I’m not at work, I don’t even know how far the distance will be from here.
“Can you drop me off at work Nick, I’m late for my shift” I said and he nodded. We got in and he started driving, it took five minutes before he finally dropped me at the restaurant and I was damn late already.
I quickly hurried down and Nick came down too..
“I have to go.. Bye” I rushed my words and turned to hurry to the restaurant.
“Wait” he said and I was about retracing my steps while turning to him but my leg hit something hard and I lost balance..
“Ow!” I cried as I fell but I hung up in the air, I caught my hitched breath and turned to see I was in Nick arm.. His gaze was focused deeply on me.. “What happened to you?” He asked.
I shortened my word and my hand flew to my face, I realized my sunglass wasn’t on it any longer.
My eyes widen in alarm I pushed myself from his arm, I searched on the floor for my sunglass and picked it up from the floor, I put it on.
“It’s nothing” I turned to go but his grip pulled me back.
“You didn’t answer my question. Have you been putting that on to hide it from me?”
“Maybe but what happened to me was an accident” I said “Can you let me go now?” I asked and tried pulling my wrist off.. “Nick please, I’m already late for work”
He slowly let me go and I adjusted my glass before running to the restaurant, my ponytail bouncing behind me and hitting my back.. I hope I don’t get to lie about this again.
T. B. C

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