WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 38

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 38




😍Jacqueline’s POV😍
We got into the hall at the last building close to the ground and Martha, Lance and I had to sit differently cos of the tight space.. Lunch time had been over few minutes back and following the new poster on the bulletin board, we were all to assemble here for a new beneficial information as the poster read.. And here we are.
At the front of the large hall was a designed podium and Mrs Howard was already on stand.. Looking at us trying to get sitted. Behind her were designed chairs with three of the school staffs on it while the rest try to coordinate us.. After a while everywhere was calm and somehow, we all got seats and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been hot in here if there was no air conditioner.
“Good day everyone,” principal Howard began, running her gaze around the students. “I’m sure you all must be curious about this surprising invitation and without wasting too much of your time I’ll go straight to the point” she paused then continued. “I’m sure you’ve all heard about creativity and you also know that we haven’t had a major semester activity in a while; and that’s why we’re here. This is not majorly a contest it’s just about showing your creativity and most of the things you’ve got up there. And in this project which all the staffs and I thought about you’ll be making a creation by yourself using both science and creativity.. This project will last for a week and after it we’ll be picking the groups with the best creative ideas and awarding them with a cash prizes..”
I could hear whispers from where I was but I ignored and faced principal Howard.
“I’ll drop the mic here and our head staff will do the grouping. Thank you”
As she stepped down from the podium, the hall went a little wild with noise and when Mr Jones climbed the podium, the noise subsided greatly.
“So quickly and very quietly we’ll start the pairing.. A group will comprise of two/three juniors and a senior, who will be leading.. Start pairing yourselves and when you’re done, we’ll be signing your names with the assigned registrar” he said and I was going up from my seat when a hand pulled me down, I turned to see Nicholas.
“We’re partners” he said..
“Um okay but we need a person or–
“Can I join you guys?” Lancelot asked “looks like everyone’s taken”
“Oh sure” I said
“No. You can’t join us” Nicholas said and I arched a brow at him.
“Why not? He’s a junior” I said.
“So what? He can join another group, this can’t be the only one”
“He just said there’s no free group and we need someone–
“There’s nothing wrong in being a one-man team, I’m sure Mr Jones will like that.. Who knows, you can even get an headstart” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“Please let me join you guys, I promise to be very useful. I even have a pretty creative piece in my head and I’m really good at creating stuffs, just give me a chance” Lance said and I faced Nick..
“Are you saying all this to impress her?” Nick asked and my lips twitch to one side..
“No, I’m being honest”
“Will you stop being bossy and just let him join so we can fill our names in before the list gets occupied” I said in an irritated voice.
“Okay. You’re in and just be as useful as you promised”
“I will. Thanks” Lance said.
I stood up and we moved to register our names, Martha also joined a group and they were four in theirs.
After putting our names down, we walked out of the hall.
“So what do you guys think about giving our team a name?” Lance suddenly said..
“Why will we be needing one?” I questioned.
“It’s one of the key point to get attention.. Just imagine we’re about coming out to present our ideas and a big banner falls before we do, just above our head, holding our team name.. We’ll get noticed and get points too” he said and I nodded in approval..
“Sounds cool. What do you think Nicholas?” I faced Nick and he shrugged.
“It’s stupid. I don’t want to be involved” he said and I pout my lips at him before turning back to Lance.
“What name do you have in mind Lance?” I asked.
“Um Lancejacq team” he said and I gave him a short stare before laughing..
“What? That doesn’t sound creative at all” I said, Nick shook his head.
“Okay.. What about LaJacq?” He asked and I made my brows narrow.
“That’s the most stupid combination of creativity, I’ve ever heard. Are you guys making a couple name or what?” Nick asked.
“Oh I didn’t know it sounded like one”
“Well it does and are you not forgetting that I’m part of this team?” Nicholas asked.
“I thought you didn’t want to be involved in the name.. Okay what’s your name, let me put you in”
“No.” He said irritated.. “I’m the leader here and I decide that we don’t need a name. We’ll be meeting at my house for the meeting. Let’s go” he took my wrist and started walking..
“Wait.. I don’t even know where your house is” Lance yelled.
“Jackson height! House 32b!” I yelled, trying to get to Nick’s pace.. He kept pulling me.
“Where are you taking me to Nick?” I asked.
“Anywhere but away from that annoying guy” he said and I chuckled.
“Lance is not annoying, I think he’s funny” I said.
“I know right.. With those absurd couple name he was making up of you two”
“It was you who didn’t want to be involved” I said.
“What? You like the names?”
“No” I drawled. “Can we just drop this topic?” I asked..
“Jackie?” I tilt my head to see Martha coming to us.. “I need to talk to you” she said before glancing at Nick then our hands.
He released my wrist.. And walk away, Martha’s gaze accompanying him for a while.
“Wow.. Is that Nicholas?” She asked and I nodded “He looks so handsome closely and did you see that spiky hair? OMG” she said in a shrill voice and I rolled my eyes.
“Why were you both holding hands? Are you guys dating now?” She asked..
“We’re not and we weren’t holding hands, he wad holding my hand” I emphasized.
“It’s the same thing and girl you totes have to make that hottie date you–
“And why will I do that? Cos he’s cute?”
“Cos he’s everything you could ever want in a guy duh.. Just grab him while there’s still a chance, you don’t find such guys everyday” she said.
“Okay Mrs love expert.. Can you tell me what you came to tell me?”
“Oh right I almost forgot” she said and I rolled my eyes.. “It’s um.. I think I’ve forgotten what I actually wanted to say” she said and I let out a soft sigh.
“Did Nick really affect you that much?” I asked..
“Guess so.. Let’s just take a walk while I try to remember” she said, giving me a placating look and I nodded slowly.

I left my phone on the counter after making giving a call to ma’am Kara to ask for a day off for a school project and she granted it to me just as I expected.. She’s been always this close to me and she understands how hard juggling school and work life can be and here, I got my leave granted.
I took my apron off and the hairnet before ruffling my hair and packing it up.. I arranged the dishes in the drainboard and got my workbag, tucked my phone in and adjusted my clothes before walking out of the restaurant.
I got outside and inhaled the clean air, I put a palm on my bag and was walking to Nick’s house when a bike pulled up in front of me, I stopped and took a step back. The biker took his helmet off.
“Hi” Lance smiled and my mind calmed, realizing it was just him. “Did I come at the right time?”
“Lance? What’re you doing here?”
“I came to pick you up so we can go to Nicholas house together” he said..
“Oh okay..” He stretched an helmet to me and I took it before hopping to the back, I put the helmet on..
“Hold my waist so you don’t fall off” he said..
“Okay” I wrapped my hand around his waist..
“And don’t fall asleep so you won’t fall I won’t get arrested for carrying a drunk person on the road” He asked and I gave him poke, we chuckled.
“Don’t worry, I’m not a sleepyhead and why will I fall off when I can just sleep on your back?” I asked..
“You can, except that it’s not free” he said and I smiled “So, can we go?”
“Sure” I nodded and the bike started.
💎Nicholas POV💎
I rested my butt at the mouth of my car and watch her walk out, she inhaled deeply and I stood and took a step toward her when a bike suddenly pulled up in front of her; I stopped and watched as she pulled back then the bike driver pulled his helmet off and when I looked closely.. It was Lance. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.. Does this dude always have to interfere with everything?
I watched as they talked, my teeth jammed each other and I decided to walk to them.. At least I was here first, I couldn’t have waited all those minutes just for him to come and ruin it with his stupid face. I took two steps forward when she suddenly hopped onto the bike and in a moment, her hand moved to his waist tightly.. I didn’t know when my fist curled and my breathing became audible.. I took a glance at them again and they were laughing. Not being able to take anymore, I walked to my car and sat on the driver’s for few minutes before driving off..
After driving for a while, I parked at a pizzeria.. I grabbed my wallet and got down. I moved into the store and walked to the counter, the sales girl attended to me with a smile and a word of greeting.
“I want a ham and mushroom pizza.. Extra large size” I said, opening my wallet. I got my order wrapped up..
“Do you sell energy drinks?” I asked.
“Yes sir” she said “should I wrap it up too?”
“No. Just give me one” I said and she gave me the bag that had my pizza then the drink separately.. I paid, collected my change and walk away from the counter.. I got to my car and threw the bag into the backseat then rested at the side of my car, I popped my drink and sipped it.. Looking around at anything. i emptied the can and threw it in a waste bin, I got into my car and drove home.
I pressed a button on the small remote and the gate opened, I drove in and parked at the driveway.. I took out the pizza and walk out of my car, I adjusted it to one hand and used the other to close my car door. I pocketed the keys and walk to my porch, Jacqueline and Lance were on it and she stood up once they sighted me..
“Oh Nick is here” she said and I moved my gaze from her to Lance then back at here.. “We’ve been waiting here for you, where have you been?”
“To get pizza” I said, raising the bag up a little.
“Whoa! I heard pizza gives one ideas when working especially when it’s taken with milk.. Nice one man and cool house by the way” Lance said and I arched a brow at him.
“Quit talking to me like we’re friends,” I said “And since you’re that much of a pizza fan, why don’t you bring this in?” I threw the box at him and he caught it before staggering back.. I smirked, concealing my anger and walk ahead to the door, I opened it and walk in. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of milk, I joined then in the living room and Jackie was spreading out a blanket on the floor.. They sat opposite and I sat in their middle, drawing the box of pizza to myself.
“I visited the library on my way here and borrowed some books on creative ideas, we can check it out together” Lance said and took out three big books from his bag, he passed one to Jackie and stretched the other to me..
“I have mine” I said and grabbed my book on the couch.. He nodded and left it on the floor..
I opened the pizza and took out a slice, I pushed the box to Jackie and she took a slice too.. I started opening my bottle of milk.
“Can I get a slice too?” Lance asked.
“Get it yourself” I said and took a gulp at my milk. She passed the box to him and he took a slice. I stretched on the blanket and flipped through the pages of the textbook, Lance and Jackie were doing the same thing too.
After about an hour later, I sat up and tilted my head, getting the cramps off.. “So anyone got any idea on what to make?” I turned to Jackie and she shook her head.
“Most of the things here are stuffs that can take about a year to make and then another to finish it up” she said and I turned to Lance..
“I didn’t find anything smaller too but I was thinking if we could make an action figure, probably a robotic figure of spiderman with some special qualities” he said.. I tilt my head to Jackie and she was nodding, probably in approval to what he said..
“We’re not making that” I said, sitting up..
“But why not? It’s easy and–
“Who’s the leader here?” I asked, cutting him off.
“You?” He said, rather dryly.
“Yes and I say we’re not making any stupid figure” I said “Everyone will go home and think of a better idea and a drawing of it and I’ll make a decision. We’re calling it a day here” I said.. Jacqueline yawns and stood up, Lance stood up and starts arranging his backpack.
“If that’s the case then I’ll head home first” she said, wearing her bumbag.
“I’ll drop you”
“I’ll drop you home”
Lance and I said together and I gave him a glare..
Seriously.. This dude!
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