WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 9

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 9



I stood speechless for a while, staring at the Money in his hand and some on the table. “Yes?” He asked and I gulped my saliva.
“T-that’s.. I mean it’s my piggy on the floor”
“Yes it is.. So?”
“And the money.. It’s mine isn’t it?”
“Certainly. Now what about it?” His stare was blank on me, I gulped, my insides suddenly feels like they were being yapped up.
My hardwork.. All the works and my faithful savings we’re gone. Everything gone! I felt like a patsy, well I am a patsy. That money was my only source to pay Nik for his damaged phone and complete the sessions debts and now he’s taking it. To say I was golly was wrong because this isn’t the first time something like this is happening but this one was pretty hard on me.. Ordinarily he’d have taken just the money I left in my bag and that only happens when I either forget to transfer it to my piggy or when I was too tired to do so but today he took, not only my salary but also my piggy.. Where most of my working pays goes to. He took everything! Every damn thing!
I wanted to challenge him, to confront him and take back my money after it but the heck, I’d only be adding more flame to the already burning woods; Allan would not only keep the Money all the same, he’ll also make sure I get enough torture and the pain will last up to a month.. Trust me, i’m saying this from experience.
I fought hard not to cry or show any emotions, I’ve noticed that he derives happiness from my sadness and pains. I opened my mouth to say something, a word that would trigger him to do something hurtful to me but I couldn’t bring myself to say it, the words vanished as soon as I imagined how the torture would be. I’m just a patsy helpless teenager and I think I’ll keep being that way for a long while.
“Wanna say something?” He asked and with a small sigh, I shook my head. My grip tightening more to my bag, I turned and walked back to my room. I plopped to my bed, fighting myself to do what I always do, something that had become an habit; crying. I sniffed and close my eyes.. Reminding my self that the tears couldn’t change anything.. If they could, I’d have gladly cried a bucket full or a river and my parent would be here, bringing everything to how they were initially. Their death made me realize somethings, in the past I’ve never envisioned my future to be this hard, never thought I’d have to pay my fees, work for six hours non stop almost everyday just to survive, I’ve never seen it to be gloomy nor pitchy either.. I’ve always envisioned it to be filled with happiness. To get my own hospital built by dad of course after graduating and getting my degrees then finishing the necessary steps.. I see myself becoming a doctor with no physical and emotional stress. Nurses and doctors saluting me and me getting so many prizes for doing stuffs.. Having maids to do my laundry and cleaning, literally everything. I’ve always seen my life in the future as free, groovy, smooth and bossy. Those expectations of course got buried with my parent.. I have no hope now and probably no future too. I’m practically a mess. Living a life that gets authored by someone else and being forced to do literally everything, not being able to make certain decisions and being in a body that got toyed with by another against my will.

I shabbily stood up, checked my face in the mirror. I entered the bathroom and splashed handfuls of water on my face, I dried it and got dressed for work.. I striped my bag across my shoulder and head out of the living room. “I’m off to work” I tell him and his head moved in a nod. I walked to the door, walked out of it and out of my home building then off to work.

The next two days was weekend and I was glad they were because I didn’t know how to tell Nik
I won’t be able to pay his money yet. I’m sure the grouchy dude won’t give me a moment of rest. The day flew by quickly, not memorable nor eventful.

The next day arrived, a Monday and a tough school day. I kept sighing as I got ready for school, I had breakfast, grabbed few cent from my day’s payment at the coffee shop and the monthly one that I wasn’t paid at the other shop. This time I locked my room door before leaving the house. I took a cab to school and got down after paying, I head to homeroom and then with Martha to the classroom. She talked about stuffs that I partly paid attention to.. My thoughts was on how to start afresh, yesterday I had gotten another piggy but I was scared to start saving again. What if it gets collected too?
Just this morning I was informed that Allan already credited the school’s account and paid off the remaining school debts and the next session fees.. It was a relief, I couldn’t imagine how to start saving up so much money again for this session that’ll be ending soon. During break we moved to the cafe, had lunch and head back to class.. Martha started talking again about her mom’s trouble and how it sucks to have a baby brother.
“Um Martha,” she turned to me “Can I keep some money with you once in a whilr?”
“Um yes but I thought you had a piggy”
“Yes I do but you see.. I–it um got full. I couldn’t store more” I said
“No qualms then” she said.
“Look it’s a senior” I heard a girl beside Martha say to her friend and it got few peoples attention including mine and Martha’s.
“He’s cute though. It looks like he’s looking for someone” her friend said.
My gaze caught Nicholas, straining his head from the classroom window, obviously looking for someone.. Wait me??
“His name’s Nik, remember the guy who shunned Mr Huston at the lab? I hear he’s a prude” another girl chipped in.
“But he’s still so adorable” the other said.
“He’s nothing compared to senior Jason and Michael”
I rolled my eyes at their convo and put my head down, it touched Martha’s lap in the process.. I need to hide since I can’t face him. At least not yet.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Martha queried.
“Shh” I said, half glancing at the window to see if he had noticed me or whoever he was looking for. I froze when I saw him looking at me.. I try to hide my face but it was fruitless. I was practically busted.
“Get off, your hair’s pricking at my knees.. Why are you hiding anyways?” Martha asked and I tentatively chuckled wryly.
“W-Why will I hide? I’m mean I can’t hide for no reason” I said thoughtlessly “Um. I- I uh need to pick up my pen pack” I lied to her, making it audible enough. I raised my head up.
“Now where’s it?’
“Where’s what?” I asked.
“The pen pack you claimed you were picking”
“I.. Didn’t find it” I said giving her a placating smile. My gaze on Nik.
He signaled for me to come over and I gulped. “Why’s he looking at you and I think he’s communicating non-verbally.. With you” Martha said and I nodded and stood up. I looked around and pair of eyes were desperately laying on me. Nik walked away from the window, probably sensing the attention his presence was getting.
“Where are you going”
“To him. I’ll be back–
“But why does he wants you”
“I’ll ask and tell you when I get back” I said and moved out. I walked to where he stood in the hallway.. His gaze to the front and he suddenly turned to me.. “Um.. Hi” I said lowly.
“I’m not here for formalities, it’s eight days already. I guess I’ve given you more than enough time, so?” He took his palm away from his pant pocket and stretched it to me. I felt a pang of fear drive through me.
“I-I don’t have it.. Yet” I said frightened waiting for whatever was coming next.
“Is that a statement or a joke?” He asked, taking his palm back and staring at me.
“None?” I said, more like asked and he scoffed.
“I’m really trying to get you off my hair as soon as possible and I thought you were wishing for same thing but right now I don’t think you want to let me go,” he said and moved to me.. I stepped back “Do you have a crush on me? ” he asked and I scoffed. My sudden fear turning to that of irritation.
“You wish” I said and he smirked.
“Yeah. Deny all you want and for the record I hate stupid girls the most especially when they come with a distasteful look” he said
“Well I’m glad to know that Mr and for the record, ditto” I said, crossing my arms around my chest.
“So why else are you looking for my attention if not because you wish to see my face everyday?”
I gave him a gooey look.
“I’m not the one in your class, I wasn’t the one straining my head to get a glance of my face”
“That’s because you owe me.. You pipsqueak!” he said and I flipped my hair backward.
“That’s a lamie” I said.
“Well I don’t like you. Me and you can never happen, not even in your dreams” he seethe
“That’s such a relief”
“Can I have my Money now?”
“I already said I don’t have it. At least not yet”
“Alright because I’m understanding. I can wait until tomorrow —
“That’s too.. little”
“Wait, let me get this straight. You don’t have it here with you or nowhere at all”
“Nowhere” I answered slowly
“I kinda got robbed and my money was taken.. Including yours”
“You’re joking. Thought you said you could fix my phone”
“Well I couldn’t. See if you can give me another time, like a month I could raise it back”
“That’s practically impossible–
“Okay then what can we do?”
“Wait why are you involving me again? This is your problem to fix”
“And it’s your money we’re talking about. Practically your loss”
“Alright.. Since you need a month. How about you work your debts off for me?” He said and my nose scrunches up.
“Work for you.. As what?”
“A cleaner. My house can be a mess sometimes and I’m not a cleaning-type of person.. I was thinking of getting a maid but since you’re here, I’ll let you take that position cos it’s obvious you clearly fit into that spot”
“Okay that’s an insult–
“Wasn’t trying to hide it”
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Okay. I accept but it’ll be only for a month cos I’ll have enough by then and pay you off”
“Suit yourself..
“You talked about me seeking for your attention earlier.. Now tell me who’s looking for who attention” I teased, giving him a witty smile.
“It’s not called wanting attention.. It’s called managing resources. You’ll work for me because you owe me and I don’t have to pay you. It’s you looking for attention because you accepted the offer without an argument.. So unlike you”
“Wait you think I’m agreeing to this because I want to? I’m taking it because I don’t have a choice and if you’re truly trying to get me off your hair then you shouldn’t have proposed it” I said.
He scoffed “Whatever. Work starts today–
“What, but it’s too sudden”
“I’m the boss and I lay the rules. You as the worker obey without questions”
“Yeah, ” I replied dryly.
“Your digits” he tossed a phone to me. An expensive looking phone.
Okay he must be pretty rich. I gave him a glance and typed my pin, gave him back to him and he punched something Into it before pocketing it.
“That’s all. I’ll send the address to you” he said smirked at me and started walking away.
“Wait. I’ve been wanting to ask.. What’s the meaning of this thing you wrote on my hand?” I asked “I was told it’s Korea”
“It is. And it means ‘I’m a debtor’ applying to you”
“What?!” My eyes flew open. I wet my hand with my spittle and tried ferociously to clean it but it didn’t clear off. I gave up and ran to his front, stopping him. “It won’t get off. I need the antidote you talked about?” I asked.
“I don’t have it”
“So I’ll get it when I come over”
“To work,” he added “People might think we’re going on a date or something” he said.
“Eww, gross!” I pimped and he smirked wryly.
“And the antidote or should I say the fake antidote I talked about isn’t with me”
“What.. But– okay never mind where can I get it?”
“Nowhere.. At least none that I know off”
“What do you mean nowhere?” I asked questioningly.
“I mean it doesn’t exist” he said, a smirk across his face and I stared in disbelief. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a class to attend” he pushed me aside and walked away while I stared.. Completely gobsmacked.
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