Vera’s eyes immediately fluttered open as she heard her mom’s voice and tiny footstep running around the house, sounds of pans and spoons could be heard too and the sweet smell of bacon and egg filled the whole house.
Vera realised she had slept on the floor, beside the fireplace, she removed the blanket covering her body and turned to her side to see Rebecca asleep too.
They both had both fallen asleep while talking last night, taylor had met them and since she couldn’t wake the girls up to go back to their rooms, she let them sleep comfortably by placing warm blankets over their bodies and fluffy pillows under their head.
“Oh you’re awake!” Taylor smiled as she walked into the living room with a blue apron over her dress.
Immediately she said that, Rebecca opened her eyes and slowly got up, she was feeling better , not so strong, but she was feeling a lot better compared to last night..
“Oh Becca… You’re awake? How are you feeling?” Taylor asked out of excitement.
She was happy, they were all happy Rebecca is back.
“I.. I am fine!” Rebecca replied. Her voice was sharp clear and sounded like the one Rebecca would speak with not the low and weak one from last night.
“Oh okay! You can go back to your room and sleep more if you want!” Taylor smiled.
“No I’m good!” Rebecca said standing up. Taylor quickly held her hand so she could stand properly.
“What are you doing mom?” Rebecca asked.
“Helping you stand up”.
“I stood up by myself, you did nothing by holding my hand, mom… I’m fine!” Rebecca hid her smile as she watched her mom’s worry eyes.
She was glad to talk like her self. Talk to her mom, and everyone else.
“Are you sure!?” Taylor asks.
“I’m sure” Rebecca nodded.
“Okay you can both go brush your teeth and come back to eat breakfast!” Taylor smiled at her two daughters.
“I finally put it in my backpack, mom!” Helen’s voice travelled through the living room as she came down from the stairs.
Vera and Rebecca immediately looked at her and joy danced around Rebecca’s heart when she took a good look at Helen.
She hasn’t change at her.
Her blonde brown hair was packed into two ponytails and her red jacket with big black buttons matched her black leggings and red shoes, her backpack laid firmly on her back and seeing the backpack Rebecca turned to Vera.
“What day is today?” Rebecca asked.
“Monday? Why? What’s wrong?” Taylor replied.
“Nothing I have to get ready for school!” Rebecca said.
“school?” Taylor scoffed. “Honey you’re going no where, you just recovered from possession and who knows what that girl has been doing with your body, what if she hasn’t allowed your body to rest and eat good food. You have to Stay home. Eat good food and rest enough before you can resume school!”
“Mom… I Am fine. I’m feeling so fine I could dance.” Rebecca expound.
“I know but –
“Then why are you acting like I’m not?” Rebecca interrupted.
“Because I… You..You…
“You still think I’m not fine…Mom you don’t know how I feel having my body back, and now that I have my body back. I am going to make sure I do things I haven’t done before, make every second of my life meaningful, be grateful for being alive, and make as much as hell friend as I can… go to school on a daily basis and be thankful… So thankful that I get to have my body back without a scratch, life is too short mom, you can never know what will happen tomorrow” Rebecca explained sadly leaving her mom speechless.
“You heard her right Taylor, let her leave life to the fullest!” Vera smirked and her mother glowered at her.
“T.. Taylor?” Taylor repeated sourly. “You spoilt brat, what happened to mom?” Taylor barked at her.
“I was just joking!” Taylor laughed. “But mom if she Becca says she wants to go to school, then fine it’s her choice, don’t be such a prison!” Taylor said begor walking away.
Taylor sighed and turned back to Rebecca. “Okay honey, go back to school it’s your choice, now hurry, brush your teeth and come have breakfast!”.
“Okay.” Rebecca replied before retreating to her room
Rebecca gazed at the wadrobe in her room for a little too long, until she felt a tear drop from her eyes. She didn’t understand what emotion they tear was lying on.
Sadness, sad over the fact that something like this happened to her, it was just hard to believe, she knew what she went to through or..
Happiness, happy over the fact that she finally has her body back and Delilah is gone for good.
Rebecca cleaned her tear and noticed one of the wadrobe door was missing, she ignored it and walked over to her bathroom.
Dressed in her proper normal t-shirt and Jean pants. She carried her backpack and joined her family around the dining.
It was like nothing happened to her. And everyone acted just fine like nothing really happened.
“Okay in case you run across Mark in school tell him I said hi, I owe him… He’s a good person” Vera tells Rebecca as she walked she and Helen to the door.
“Run across Mark, Mark and I sit down together!” Rebecca said as she opened the front door.
“Wow really, that fixes every puzzle.” vera grinned slyly.
“What puzzle?” Rebecca turned to her suspiciously.
“Oh you… Know… a puzzle that spells. C… And O with a, U and P… L.. E” Vera bat her lashes playfully.
“You’re crazy!” Rebecca laughed hysterically.
Vera sighed “I know I’m always crazy with you, we should have been twins!”.
“No way… Thank God we’re not!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Oh. You’re so mean… And I feel so relieved you are, cause that’s the only way I can know you’re my sister!” Vera smiled and Rebecca smiled before opening the door and walking out with Helen.
“Good bye!” Rebecca said to Vera as she walked away from the house with Helen beside her.
“So it’s just you, no Delilah!?” Helen asked as she and Rebecca walked in the quiet street.
“Huh?… Yeah, so you know about Delilah too?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah, I always talk to her!”
Rebecca looked at her “With her in my body?”.
“Yeah and before that!” Helen replied.
“before that?” Rebecca repeated.
“Yes… Every night after mom tucks me in and had turn off the light, I’ve always seen a shadow in my room, a shadow of a girl just like you, but I’ve never seen her face, she… She told me her name is Delilah and every night she comes to my room to tell me how beautiful you look, especially your body, and how she wish she could have the type of your body!” Helen explained sighing and moving some strands of hair from her face.
“What? Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Rebecca’s voice was calm
“I’m sorry she told me to keep it a secret and… I’m sorry!” Helen sighed.
“It’s okay, it’s all over now, next time when something weird happens. Do not keep it a secret no matter what!” Rebecca stated.
“Okay!” Helen nodded.
In no time, the two girls got to school and Rebecca made it to her class, she was so grateful she could come to school.
As she made it through the busy hallway, she felt someone fingers touching her shoulder.
“Hey!” Rebecca heard a familiar voice and turned to see Thelma.
“Oh Thelma! Hi…” Rebecca smiled happy to see you.
“You… You’re looking a bit alive today!” Thelma joked and Rebecca paused.
“What are you talking about…?” Rebecca asked.
‘Did Thelma know about Delilah possessing me?’ Rebecca thought.
Thelma laughed. “No I mean… You’re always looking gloomy and today you just look great and… you know what just forget about that, how was your night?” Thelma asked.
“It… Was cold.” Rebecca joked remembering last night. “Yours”
“Mine was splendid! Had a good night sleep. And Becca guess what?” Thelma asked happily.
Rebecca looked at her happy eyes and her pupils that danced to the day’s sun. “Uhm… You and Zane are dating?”.
“Huh?” Thelma was surprised. “How come you’re such a good guesser?”.
“Cause I am.” Rebecca shrugged with a smile.
Thelma breathed a sigh of relief and linked her arm with Rebecca’s.
“I’m very grateful we have that conversation at the party, And after that night something happened between Zane and I and now we’re In a relationship!” Thelma said boastfully making Rebecca smile.
They both walked inside the class and Rebecca smiled as she glanced around the whole class. She had missed this.
“Okay, I’ll catch you later, I have to go do my stuff, now I’m regretting why I’m class president” Thelma said as she let’s go of Rebecca’s arm and walked to her seat while Rebecca walked to hers.
None of her friends were yet in school, so she sat down and did nothing but just watched the whole class.
How did it feel for her to have her body back. She felt great, alive and wouldn’t want to waste a day doing nothing.
Rebecca got up from her seat and moved to the window. She looked outside and sniffed the cold air into her nostrils.
“What are you doing on my seat!?” A familiar voice called.
Rebecca turned. “Zane!” she smiled.
“Yeah?” he widen his eyes. “You’re on my seat!”.
“Oh sorry,” Rebecca said walking out, she sat down on her seat and turned to Zane who also sat down
“So Zane… A little birdie told me you and Thelma are dating!” Rebecca started the conversation.
Zane turned to her. “Oh and is that little birdie my girlfriend?”
Rebecca laughed, and turned to Mark, Felicia and shayne who walked inside, her eyes gazed at Mark as he smiled with Felicia. The last thing she remembered about him was kissing him and the memory made her blush like hell, but her eyes left his. Mark suddenly turned to his seat to see Rebecca and seeing her, his eyes lit up and he quickly walked passed shayne and Felicia and sat down on his seat beside Rebecca.
“Becca?” he called happily.
“Yeah?” Rebecca replied with a shy smile.
“Wow… It’s so good to hear your voice again.” Mark smiled.
Zane suddenly turned. “what? What happened to her voice!”
Not to raise suspicion of what had happened. Mark lied.
“Oh I went over to Becca’s house yesterday and she had a sore throat she could barely speak!”.
“Really? So you like spent the weekend at Rebecca’s house?” Zane questioned.
“What? I didn’t say that.” Mark paused.
“He did not say that!” Rebecca helped.
“So you guys are already taking your relationship to the next level, and maybe by next month, Mark’s a father!” Zane joked.
“Who’s a father?” Felicia chipped in as she and shayne sat down.
“sometimes, you talk immaturely!” Mark said sternly.
“We’re all below twenty so we’re still immature!” Zane said.
Mark sighed “You heard wrong Felicia Zane’s just saying stupid things like he always does”.
“Oh… I that’s Zane for you” Felicia teased as she glanced at Zane.
Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief enjoying the conversation. It felt like nothing had happened, everything was back in its place. She liked as none of her friend new what happened to her except Mike though, she remembered how Thelma almost found out last time but maybe Thelma must have forgotten and she was grateful.
“You know I still haven’t gotten over Saturday’s party, the party was lit and the best!” shayne suddenly said.
“Yeah for you I remembered only half of the party”. Felicia rolled her eyes.
“Yeah you were so wasted I had to take you home!” shayne stated.
“The party wasn’t fun for any of us except two people!” Mark said avengfully looking at Zane.
“Huh?” Felicia asked glancing at Zane since Mark was staring at him
“What?” Zane asked.
Mark replied. “Two people were busy sucking each other’s face,”
“Oh..” Rebecca laughed recalling Zane and Thelma intense kiss at the party.
“Oh… You mean Zane and Thelma R-rated kiss?” Felicia yelled.
“Yep. It was R-rated alright” Mark laughed.
“You guys are sick in the heads, I thought it was Zanet, what happened to that perfect name I invented” shayne scoffed.
“Instead of looking at a perfect name, look at a perfect relationship you moron, no wonder you have no girlfriend!” Felicia rolled her eyes.
“That’s it! Felicia do you have a problem with me?” shayne asked angrily.
“I’ve always had a problem with you,” Felicia barked.
“Whatever, Or perhaps you have feelings for me!” shayne smirked.
The statement got Felicia to sigh angrily, as she brought a book from her back and smacked it hard on shayne’s face.
“For once in your life try saying things that makes sense. Not the ones that sound like your name!” Felicia barked.
“Ouch. You almost broke my nose!” shayne whined.
“Say more nonsense like that and I would totally jump over ‘almost” Felicia threatned and shayne rolled his eyes and turned to Mark.
“Anways Mark, who’s that chick that threw the party, what’s her name again… Be… Betty? She’s pretty! I’d like to get her number in my phone!”
“Oh.. Sorry but she doesn’t like guys like you trust me!” Mark scoffed making Felicia laugh.
Mark sighed and he suddenly thought of Betty, how is she doing? He thought.
“Where the hell are you going young lady?” Hera asked Betty who threw her jacket over her body.
“To see my friend!” Betty replied walking towards the door.
“But… Sheherazade… you’re not perfectly fine you’re still weak!” Hera said worridley.
“Well, me going out and not resting is totally your fault cause If you haven’t deleted their number on my phone, I would have called them and tell them I’m okay, but no instead you deleted their numbers from my phone and threatened them to not be friends with me!” Betty explained.
“But what mom? I’m trying not to loose friends here. Don’t stop me, I’ll be back before six” Betty interrupted before walking out of house.
Betty felt tired as she came down from the bus and wandered into the quiet street. She made it through the houses, staring at it one by one before coming across Vera’s eyes.
She smiled and hurried to the door, one small knock and the door opened revealing Taylor…
“Oh… Hi?” Taylor was confused,about who she was.
“Vera?” Betty tilt her head in confusion, confused by the deadly resemblance between Vera and her mom.
“Oh you’re looking for Vera?” Taylor asked.
“Yes…” Betty nodded. “Are you Vera’s mom?”.
Taylor smiled. “Yes I am!”
“Whoa.” Betty muttered silently as she took a good look at how young Taylor is.
“Come in” Taylor and opened the door wider.
“And he was talking like he wasn’t lying, I can’t believe Ross, he’s such an idiot, Thank you for telling me this Manny, even if all my friends hides the truth from me, you’re always there to tell me… Oh me, I’ll be back in school by tomorrow or next…. Oh Okay… Love you too Manny!” Vera cut the phone call and turned to her doughnuts when her mom walked in with Betty.
“Honey you have a guest!” Taylor said and Vera’s eyes grew open as she saw Betty standing pale beside her mother.
“Oh God, Betty!” Vera exclaimed as she hurried to them to give Betty’s tiny body a hug.
Betty froze on her spot her heart pounding like crazy as Vera let’s go of her.
“Are you okay?” Vera asked.
“hmm.. Mmm” Betty nodded.
“Oh thank God, I was worried sick, I swear I thought you were dead, but then your mom said you were okay and… Well it’s good to see you alive!” Vera breathed out a sigh of relief.
Taylor was quiet as she glanced at the two of them.
“So mom” Vera turned to her. “This is… The Betty! I told you about”
“Betty… Like the gifted one?” Taylor was surprised. Vera nodded and Taylor turned to her.
“Oh Betty, I didn’t know you were the Betty! Oh please what do you want, tea, coffee, lemonade!” Taylor rushed her words making Betty smile.
“Mom… Don’t overreact!” Vera stated and her mom calmed down.
“Oh sorry!” Taylor laughed nervously at her daughter.
Betty watched the two females in front of her as they looked identical, but Vera was a lot younger and blonder.
“You know what, I think she’ll just have lemonade, to avoid more questions like that, Betty and I will be in my room away from your questions and enjoying my doughnuts!” Vera said walking away, grabbing her doughnuts and pulling Betty up the stairs.
“So you’re going back to college tomorrow?” Betty asked looking around Vera’s room
“Yeah, cause Rebecca’s fine, every thing is good now and I have to go back, I’ve had enough people to take test for me!” Vera replied.
“Oh…” Betty voice was low.
“So how come I couldn’t reach you yesterday I tried calling your line but it didn’t reach!” Vera said.
“Oh… I.. It was switched off!” Betty lied. Not wanting to tell Vera her mom not only deleted she and Mark’s phone numbers, but blocked them from calling the too.
“So have you packed? For school tomorrow?” Betty asked changing the subject.
“Yep. All packed ready to go. Honestly I’m going to miss you all!” Vera said biting on a doughnut.
“Vera I have something to tell you!” Betty stuttered.
“Which is…” Vera was suddenly quiet.
“See… I…
” You what? ”
“I Lo.. Lost my sight!” Betty gulped.
“You what?” Vera was confused.
“Due to what happened yesterday I accidently made a mistake with the powder mixing yesterday and it knocked me out and when I woke up, somehow it made me lose my sight, I can’t see things or the future anymore.” Betty explained.
Not a single pain in her voice.
“Oh I’m so sorry that happened.” vera apologized.
“Why are you sorry its okay… You don’t know this, but I’m happy about it. Cause I’m free and I feel pretty light as a feather.”
“Oh Good cause I don’t want to go back to college regretting that I’ve taken something from someone.” vera said.
“No you haven’t.!” Betty scoffed…
The five friends gathered around a table in the cafeteria, all of them ordering the same food and drinks.
Rebecca ate hungrily and Mark laughed quietly as he watched her
They both sat close to each other so he whispered quietly in her ear.
“I guess Delilah didn’t let your body eat much, you’re really showing no mercy to the pasta!”
“You have no idea, I feel like a lion being released from a poor zoo!” Rebecca said and Mark laughed.
He suddenly wiped a small tomato sauce that had smear at her bottom lip.
“Okay let’s do this, try eating like Delilah, not Rebecca!”.
Rebecca froze not for what he said but what he did.
Before she could say a word shayne reacted.
“If you guys are going to be romantic, can you not do it in front of us.”
“i don’t have a problem with that,” Felicia smiled.
“Well I do, in biology class it was Zane and Thelma. Now it’s Rebecca and Mark, what is the world turning to. A romantic home?” shayne barked…
“Just because you’re still single, searching and will never find one, doesn’t mean you have to act like an asshoke!” Felicia rolled her eyes.
“We’re not being romantic? We’re not even dating!” Rebecca said…
“Oh please…” shayne rolled his eyes..
“And here comes my girlfriend!” Zane smiled making shayne sigh.
Thelma joined the five of them at the table and she dropped her tray on the table she sighed and said. “Today’s been so stressful I hate Monday!”.
“It’s your fault because you’re smart, you seriously have to eat!” Zane said. Placing her fork in her hand.
“Aww thanks babe.” Thelma sighed as she gave Zane a light kiss on his lips.
“Kill me!” shayne said as he stabbed his fork in his meal.
The guys laughed seeing shayne reaction.
School was over and before Rebecca knew it, she Helen and Mark were on their way home.
. *
“Okay I have to get going my mom gets worried pretty fast” Betty said standing up, she and Vera had just had a long conversation and it was time for her to leave.
“Oh okay.” vera said getting up from the bed and helping her to open the door.
“And Vera, I… I really want to tell you something, I wanted to earlier too, but I told you about my lost sight instead, and it’s not about that” Betty sighed.
“Okay, what is it about then?” Vera was curious.
“I like you!” Betty rushed her words.
“Oh… I like you too…” Vera smiled.
“What?” Betty raised her head to look at her clearly, “I’m not talking about that… Like”
“Oh is this a… Like a confession center? You’re confessing your feelings?” Vera now understood.
Betty nodded, shy.
“I… Honestly, I don’t know what to say, I mean thank you. But I’m sorry, but… I Am.. Not into girls..” vera was cool and Betty was glad.
“I know. I just wanted to let you know.”. Betty said.
“Oh… Okay, so you’re totally cool with me rejecting your feelings!” Vera asked.
“Tch.” Betty scoffed. “I’m fine!”.
“Great,” Vera breathed a sigh of relief.
“Anyways, I’ll take it from here, you can enjoy your doughnuts and I’ll find my way back home.!” Betty smiled.
“Okay, You didn’t want one anyways so I’ll enjoy it!” Vera smiled.
“Are you with your phone?” Vera asked and Betty gave it to her. Vera stored her number again and Betty thanked her.
“In case you need someone to talk to, if you’re bored and in case I need someone to talk to when I’m in college and bored.” vera smiled.
“Thank you!” Betty said about to go when Vera leaned down and kissed her cheek.
“That was weird for me, but I hope it means a lot!” Vera said with a nervous laugh…
“You have no idea” Betty said as her heart almost stopped beating.
“Okay good.” vera smiled. “Have a safe trip home!”.
“And have a safe trip to college tomorrow,”
“thank you”.
And Betty left.
Mark, Helen and Rebecca stood in front of the Adam’s house and Rebecca turned to Helen.
“Why don’t you go inside first!”
Helen didn’t hear her cause she was already going inside.
“Why aren’t you going in too?” Mark asked.
“I don’t know, I want to walk with you a little bit!” Rebecca was straight and Mark smiled.
“Okay let’s go then, we might end up stopping at my house.”
“not a problem!” Rebecca said.
As the two teenagers walked in the quiet street, they were both silent until Mark said…
“You know it’s funny how everybody thinks we’re dating when we’re actually not!”
Rebecca hid her smile. “Where are you trying to go with this conversation?”
“Nowhere I’m just saying!” Mark said.
“Well is it bad that people thinks we’re dating?” Rebecca asked.
“Well it’s not bad,” Mark shrugged. “So which makes want to ask this.” Mark said and paused making Rebecca pause too.
“Becca will you go out with me?” Mark asked.
“Like… Dating me and you?”
“Yeah!” Mark nodded.
“No” Rebecca said plainly.
“What why?” Mark was surprised.
Rebecca smiled. “Cause I know you started this conversation to ask me out, which will lead me to predict the future of me saying yes. So I said no to change the future.”
“What?” Mark laughed. “You’re not serious… So Is it a yes?”.
Rebecca nodded.
“Wow you’re one of a kind!” Mark groaned.
“I am…” Rebecca nodded as she suddenly kissed him which caused them to kiss for a very long time.
“I’m home,” Rebecca announced as she walked into the house.
“Where did you run off to, why didn’t you come home with Helen?” Taylor asked.
“I had… I..
“She had to wipe her lips cause… She
Rebecca’s glare stop Vera from talking and Vera laughed.
“Sorry but my room window sees it all! ” Vera smiled. – written by ruthie lee-
“Anyway go wash up and get ready for dinner,” Taylor said to Rebecca and she nodded and head toward her room.
As the Adam’s gathered around the dining table that evening, it felt like nothing had change, with the teasing from Vera, and the strong words in return from Rebecca to the make up stories from Helen to the whining of Taylor and the quietness of Steve.
The family ate happily, all with peaceful, knowing Rebecca is okay, and what had happened to Rebecca was history.




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