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How to stay away from negative peer pressure

How to stay away from negative peer pressure

The idea of staying away from negative peer pressure has been the thought of many responsible youths even parents don’t want their children to be influenced negatively . Everyone needs Peer group ,those they can do things together, think together and influence one another. The fear of not being influenced by negative persons is the reason why people stay away from negative peer pressure
Everyone in the world associate with one group or the other. Research had made it known that no one lives alone,although man comes to the world as an individual but we’re not created to live alone. Individual grows up to associate with people who they can share their problems and knowledge with.
As a child grows up, he learns to mingle with certain people who have the same social mind set, the same age and probably the same educational background who share Similar goals. Association with negative peer will never spur up one’s morale it rather influence one negatively, thus living below what they plan to be. Association with negative peers will never produce the best out of someone.

How to stay away from negative peer pressure

1. Be creative : extracting the creativity in you naturally brings about focus. Your creativity gives little change to negative influence that is because your focus limits you to dominion from peers. Be creative, make more research on your field devote yourself into it, You’ll derive self made joy

2. Believe in yourself : negative peer pressure has adverse effect on those who don’t believe in themselves and what they can be. Be confident believe the best can be produced from you. When you believe in yourself you’ll have less interest in negative influence,self confidence is that inner being that fights negative pressure coming from environs

3.Try to reduce your anger: if you’re the type that anger is easily seen on your face, peers will draw there attention to you. Peers of different categories will rise to console you, this gives great opportunity to negative peers,they come in a friendly manner, always there to calm you down,support you, fight for you by doing this,they secure importance in you and influence you.

4. Strong intimacy : keep a closer walk with God, know God, worship him, do his will negative peers will flee from you

5: Know when to say NO

6: Remind yourself that it’s always quality over quantity

7: Make sure that whatever you’re doing is your own choice and not due to someone else’s influence

8: Act cool when someone is pressuring you

9: Remember, you do not have the obligation to fulfil someone’s request

Negative peers destroys life,they lure you into so many distracting and perilous activities . You don’t need advice on how to mange them or endure the pressures that come from them,the best Way out is to avoid negative peers,be confident, be focused and the best will be produced from you

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