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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 14

The Child of Thunder 14

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ogbanje was speechless when she saw Ebuka emerging from the back of a tree.
“Ebuka, how did you know I will be here? And I don’t understand how those men died? What did you do to them?” Ogbanje sounded confused.
“Fetch your water first. I will explain everything you need to know on our way home” Ebuka calmed her.
Ogbanje quickly filled up her Udu (earthen pot) and made to carry it on her head when Ebuka took it from her and carried it with one of his palms.
“Let us start going” Ebuka said in a cool voice.
“So explain yourself” Ogbanje reminded him. She couldn’t hold herself anymore and Ebuka wasn’t helping matters at all by his silence after walking some distance.
“Do you believe that gods can walk among mortals?” Ebuka said. He stopped and turned to face Ogbanje.
His height was overshadowing her. His dark ebony skin did not only glow but scent roses that could turn a lady on.
Ogbanje could clearly see how handsome Ebuka was. And for the very first time in her life, she began to feel sexually attracted to Ebuka.
She wanted him to touch her sensitivity, a places no one had ever touched. She wanted to move forward and unite her body with his body.
Her firm round breast suddenly erected when she thought how Ebuka hands would fit around it. She felt something between her womanhood. She snapped out of her day dreaming when Ebuka coughed out in pretense.
Ogbanje quickly blushed.
She was thankful that the day hasn’t yet brighten up.
“Do you?” Ebuka asked slowly. He was smiling as if he already knew what Ogbanje was thinking. He was happy that Ogbanje was thinking about him romantically.
His question from earlier registered within her mind.
Clearing her throat so her charming voice be audible.
“I don’t know Ebuka. I haven’t met one” she replied.
“But what if you have? What if it was someone you’ve known all your life”
“I don’t get you Ebuka, please be specific, what are you trying to say”
Ebuka dropped the Udu (Earthen pot) on the ground and turned back to look at Ogbanje once more. He moved closer, so close that their nose where nearly touching. They both felt something.
He smiled when Ogbanje didn’t move as he came within her space.
He lifted up his hands and gently place his palms on both side of Ogbanje cheeks, staring into the lustful eyes of Ogbanje.
“What if I told you I am the one, my Alaolisa” Ebuka said softly as he stared deeply into Ogbanje’s eyes.
Ogbanje’s ears pricked up as she heard that name.
“What are you talking about Ebuka and why are you speaking out of blue? Who is Alaolisa? Why do I keep hearing that name? Who is she to you?” Ogbanje shouted, she needed to know who the strange lady was.
She was jealous of this Alaolisa.
“It’s a long story Ada, a very long story…”.
“Which we have all the time in the world to talk about it”. Ogbanje interrupted Ebuka whose face was filled with smile.
“I know, but first we must finish all your house chores at your father’s compound. Then head to my place”.


“Who are you?” Obinnwanne asked the stranger who had suddenly appeared to him early that morning.
He had changed his mind the previous night about letting his men kidnap Ogbanje that night. He rather told them to go very early the next day which was today to lay an ambush on Ogbanje as she usually wakes up to fetch from Udum village stream.
He was awaiting the return of his men when the stranger suddenly walked angrily into his compound.
“I will once again ask you. Who are you and what are you doing so early in my hut?” Obinnwanne asked the stranger who had remained quite since he stepped into his compound.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) smiled mischievously at the confuse man.
“Why did you send your men to lay ambush on her?”
Feigning innocent but his eyes were betraying him.
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) nodded his head. He raised one of his hands and swung it to right. A defending slap sounded on the cheek of Obinnwanne.
Obinnwanne yelled in pain, his eyes suddenly laced with tears.
Ikemefuna swung his other arm again to the left and this time around the slap threw him away as his back connected with the mud of his hut.
Obinnwanne cried out in pains, screaming for help. He thought his pandemonium noise would attract villagers to his compound but he was wrong.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) had already known what would happen so he made sure no one else would hear his screaming except him.
“You, a mere mortal wants to kidnap and rape my Ada and force her to become your wife? Obinnwanne, don’t dare me”
“But I still do not know what you are talking about” Obinnwanne requested to know the cause of his punishment.
“Do not lie to me Obinnwanne. I am Ikenga, the god of war. The god who fight for what is his. I came here to warn you to stay away from my heart. Let this be the last time you will make any advances at my Ada. Do I make myself clear or should I be more specific?” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) charged at Obinnwanne in response.
Obinnwanne shook his head that was filled with pains. “No, I won’t near that witch you call Ada ever again. Now, please leave my hut” Obinnwanne begged, trying to shout but the pains he felt from his two cheeks were painful.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) was satisfied with his answers and nodded his head in affirmation.
“If you go back against your word then do not blame me on what will happen to you and your entire household. Leave Adaolisa for me. She is mine and mine alone”.
Obinnwanne nodded his head without arguing.
Ikemefuna (Ikenga) ran out of the hut.
Obinnwanne quickly ran inside amidst in fear and pains.
His two jaws has suddenly swollen up.


“What is this again. How can the poison not taking any effect on Ogbanje?” Adaku asked no one in particular. She was inside her hut, seated on her bamboo bed as she pondered in thoughts. Uzochi and Ugochi had followed Okoro to the farm after Okoro had insisted the two girls followed him to the farm.
“All they know how to do is to eat my food and filled up the toilet. But for them to follow me and work for the food will be hard for them. I have had enough of their laziness and whether they like it or not they would follow him to the farm”. Okoro had told Adaku before taking Uzochi and Ugochi along with him.
Adaku was left alone. Ogbanje and Ebuka had gone to on their way.
The poison placed in her food would have made her weaker as the days running by rather she was getting vibrant and more stronger than before.
What would she do to clear off Ogbanje once and for all. The girl is proven to be more stubborn.
“No I have to do something quick” Adaku said quickly as she stood up from her bamboo bed. “Now is the time to turn Ebuka against Ogbanje”. She added as she uncovered a black calabash under her bed.
She laughed out as she raise up the calabash.
“Go, go and make Ebuka turn against Ogbanje to kill her”

Nnenna’s Hut: (Later in the day)

“You can tell me, I am all ears now”. Ogbanje said as she and Ebuka were eating roasted yam with fried red oil that was garnish with onions, pepper etc.
Nnenna had been so happy on seeing Ogbanje.
She had grown to like Ogbanje and had even start calling Ogbanje her daughter in law.
She, then left with Ebuka’s siblings to the farm, leaving Ebuka and Ogbanje alone.
“Okay. I will tell you Ada from the beginning. Let me begin with, I am Amadioha, the voice that had been speaking to you”
The look on Ogbanje face showed that she didn’t believe it.
“You Amadioha? You are the one that has been speaking to me? I don’t believe you Ebuka. Stop playing around and tell me how you manage to kill those four men that tried to attack me this morning?”

To Be Continued….

Story by Ifeoma Okeke


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