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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 1

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 1

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



The French door to the lobby of Hollywood Arts High School opened and a tall dude with a bag hung over his shoulder and one hand held it

The other hand slipped into his pocket and he walked in

Immediately, heads turned into his direction

First it was just one person that sighted him, then she alerted her friends and it began to spread from one mouth to another

Soon, everyone was stealing glances at him

🚺OMG,is he a demigod?

🚺how can someone be so good looking?

🚺he looks like a movie star

🚹if I was a girl, I’ll definitely go for him

🚹this dude is super handsome. I wouldn’t be surprised if Candy dumps me for him

🚺he’s definitely gonna be my next boyfriend

The boy whose name was Beck Oliver heard almost everything they said and he felt like their eyes were boring wholes into his body

He walked on not really knowing where he was going

Voice: Beck?

He turned and saw a black boy with natural dreadlocks that fitted him perfectly

Beck: Andre…

He hugged the black guy

Andre : man, it’s so good to see you again

Beck: I really missed you dude

Andre : I’m glad you’re here. How do you like our school?

Beck: I think I’m gonna love it here

A white boy named Robbie with curly black hair walked towards them

He was holding his talking, freaky puppet, Rex

Robbie : OMG, are you a human being?

He asked Beck

Beck : uhm, yes…. Why’d you ask?

Robbie : gosh, you’re so handsome

He moved and touched Beck’s long hair

Beck moved back immediately

Beck: I’m sorry mister, but I’m not a gay

The puppet laughed and Beck’s eyes widened

Rex: of course, who wouldn’t think you’re gay when you act like a girl. You even look like a girl

Beck: your puppet talks? How is that possible?

Andre: he was programmed to do so

Rex: you bag of shit.. Are you trying to say I’m a robot

Andre: I’ll kill you
He moved and took the puppet from Robbie then threw it away

Robbie : oh no! Rex

He ran and took him before coming back to them

A girl ran into the lobby

Girl: OMG guys, Victorious are coming

Everyone cleared out from the middle and stood beside the walls

Some took their phones, ready to take pictures

Shortly, three girls walked in

They began to cheer and take their pictures

The girl in front and the leader of the group was Tori Vega

Pretty, tall and smart

Sings like a nightingale and is filthy rich

She has a good character but doesn’t really care about other people

She doesn’t discriminate but doesn’t mingle

In fact, it could be that in a whole semester she speaks to not up to five other students

The girl behind her was Jade West

She’s the scariest and meanest girl in the whole of Hollywood Arts.

She’s tall and beautiful
Always on black makeup
Her hair is a combination of blue green and black highlights
Sometimes red

You would never see Jade wearing a colorful outfit

She’s always on black

Her favorite toy is a scissors
When she is bulling you, she uses her scissors to tear your clothing, bags shoes and even your hair

She hates butterflies and cute animals
Hates children and their laughter
But loves their cry

If Jade is having a bad day, just skip school and save yourself the havoc
But despite being a villain, she has one of the best singing voice in Hollywood Arts

The third member of Victorious is Cat Valentine

Her name is funny right?

Her actual name is Catherine Valentine but she just goes by the name Cat

She’s funny and stupid
Really beautiful but silly

Her hair is red and long
Her favorite color is pink and she loves cute animals

Never would you see Cat wearing a black shirt

It’s always pink, purple or red

She hardly even wears yellow

In fact, she’s the exact opposite of Jade

People keep wondering how they even get along

The only similarity is their voice

But Cat’s voice is somehow better than Jade’s

The Victorious walked through the lobby to their class without talking to anyone

Jade was just typing on her pearpad (a type of phone that looks like a pear 🍐)

Cat was holding a pink and white teddy bear and Tori was making a phone call

When they left, everyone got back to their businesses

Beck: whoa, who are they?

Andre: Victorious. They’re like the head of the school. They stand up for the students right and help us get what we want. They’re so rich and their parents are famous. They’re talented singers and dancers. In fact, they’re the best

Robbie : but they hardly interact with us though. They’re so limited to themselves.

Andre : and for the record, stay away from Jade

Beck: why? Is she your girlfriend?

Andre, Robbie and Rex began to laugh and Beck became confused

Andre : she’s not my girlfriend. She’s the scariest girl in the whole school. She even beats teachers up. The meanest human I’ve ever met. Just stay away from her

Robbie : I have a crush on Cat. So stay away from her too

Rex began to laugh really hard that they all looked at him

Rex : a girl crushing on a girl? Hilarious

Robbie : just shut up. That’s it, I’m keeping you in the bag

He brought down his bag and opened it, he placed Rex in it and zipped it

Beck: this school is awkward

Andre: you can say that again

The bell rang signifying that classes should commence

Students began to leave the lobby

A girl with a red shirt and black pants moved over to Beck

Girl: hi hottie. I’m Mandy

She stretched forth her hand for a handshake

Beck: nice to meet you Mandy

Mandy: nice to meet you too. I see you’re new here

Beck: yes, and I have to get to class now. Bye

He began to move away

She walked after him

Mandy: wait…. You didn’t tell me your name?

Andre: he’s really busy. Bye

Beck and Andre entered the class and shut the door

Mandy felt embarrassed and some girls laughed at her misfortune

Beck sat down at the back seat with Andre and some girls kept stealing glances at him

Beck: this is so awkward
He whispered

Andre : it’s cause you’re handsome

🚺I think he’s rich just look at him

🚺his skin is so smooth and white.

🚺I wonder if he has a girlfriend

Beck smirked and looked at the girls

He flashed a smile and they almost fainted

The teacher entered and began to teach about how to memorize scripts

Beck Oliver is a Canadian boy of 18 years.

He lived in Canada all his life but relocated to USA about a year ago

You already know how good looking he is

Everybody thinks he’s rich but he isn’t

He’s just an AVERAGE BOY who lives with his mother

He’s father ran off when he was still a little boy

To survive, Beck does some minor jobs like being a waiter, janitor, gardener, or a driver

He met Andre in Canada when he was fifteen and since then, they’ve been friends

Beck is like the best dancer

That’s why he’s mother let him attend Hollywood Arts, a school for training young talented people who want to become actors or anything that has to do with entertainment


Jade: hey, this network sucks

Cat: is it delicious 😋?

Jade: Cat, don’t get on my nerves

Cat: you know, one time my brother and his friends got on a police officer’s nerves

Jade: then what happened?

Cat: they’re still in jail

Jade: do you want to join them?

Cat: no way. Jail is awful

Jade: then don’t get on my nerves

Cat: sorry

She sat down and hugged her teddy

Tori: you just demoralized Cat

Jade : I don’t care

She stood up and took her black handbag and headed out

Cat pouted and looked down

Tori: don’t worry Cat, I’ll take you out for ice-cream 🍦

Cat: yay! Ice-cream!

She squealed and Tori covered her ears
School was already over, students headed out

Beck and Andre moved out too

Beck: Andre, I really need a job

Andre : can you work as a waiter?

Beck : of course I can

Andre: great, meet me by 5pm and we’ll go there

Beck: thanks dude, I owe you a bunch

Andre: anything for you

Beck: good bye. I’ll see you by 5

Andre: no probs dude, see ya

He left and Beck turned to go

He walked forward a little and bumped into Jade

Beck: oh Jade Jesus Christ!

Jade: excuse me, I’m not Jade Jesus Christ. I’m Jade West. Now get lost

Beck quickly moved out of the way

Jade moved forward but stopped and looked back

Jade: I see you didn’t come with your car today. Why don’t I drop you off?

Beck: no don’t worry I’m okay. I’ll just…

Jade: when I talk about something, you don’t object. Now follow me to my car and avoid my wrath

Beck shuddered and simply followed her

Besides, it would save him money and he could use it for something else

But he’s kinda scared of this Jade

Who wouldn’t be?
To be continued

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