Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 10

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 10

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



💙Tori Vega’s POV💙

I rolled over to the other side of the bed and opened my eyes. I stared into the darkness for a few minutes then closed my eyes again and laid down on my back. My hands clasped on my tummy and my eyes were closed

Gradually, my lips moved and made a V shaped smile

I sat up and turned my table lamp on. I checked the time and it was almost 2 am.
I hugged my pillow and couldn’t stop smiling.
I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about Beck too

I don’t know why even the mention of his name gives me extreme joy.
I started having this extreme emotion when dad and I were talking about him earlier

I can’t wait to see him tomorrow
I mean today, it’s already morning

I laid down again and turned the lamp off then managed to close my eyes for sleep to seep in

💙Beck Oliver’s POV💙

I’m really glad that Mr Brown has permitted me to be with his car always.

He said I should be with it so that anytime he calls on me, I can just drive the car to him wherever he is.

Since the car is just a leisure car, he doesn’t need it often. And anytime he needs it, I’m always the one driving him

I parked the car in the lot and pocketed the keys before moving to the school building with my bag.

On getting to the French door to the lobby, a hand grabbed mine and pulled me aside.

I know who it is, Andre. And he does this whenever he has secret things to tell me

Me: Andre what is it?

He leaned over and whispered

Andre: don’t panic and be cool. I pray she won’t kill you

Me: what?

Jade walked out

Jade: thank you. You can leave now!

He gave me a pathetic look and hurried away. Jade moved closer to me

Jade: hey!
Me: hi

Jade: how’s work?
Me: uhm fine

Jade: I see you’re now driving Mr Brown’s car about

Me: how do you know I work for Mr Brown?

She chuckled
Jade: I do my research

Me: O…. Kay
Jade: are you practicing for your play?

I nodded

Jade: I noticed you have a thing for Tori

My eyes widened.
Does this witch have a spell for knowing secrets or what?

Jade: why don’t you just make it official?

Me: I… I don’t get you

She glared at me and I staggered immediately. Her eyes are too sharp and they’re like swords
They’re so piercing, as if they could bore holes in my body

Me: I’m sorry

Jade: Tori is really emotional and highly jealous. She’s really protective and possessive. And it seems you both have feelings for each other. So don’t keep her waiting, because I won’t take it likely with you

She pointed at me with her index finger and then walked away

I regained myself after five minutes

Me: wait what just happened?

💙Tori Vega’s POV💙

I saw Jade coming back to the class.

Me: where have you been?

Jade: doing business

Cat gasped

Cat: you’re a business lady now? Wow

I shook my head at her. This girl just has a different mentality

Jade: wow, nice hairstyle

Her tone was sarcastic and I think she said that because Cat’s hair is now shorter than before.
Cat went to the salon and had her hair equalized and styled.

Me: tomorrow’s the play
Jade: you will kiss him again

Me: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that

Cat: guys any plans for this Saturday?
Me: I have to go to Sichowitz’ house

Jade: I don’t have any plans
Cat: I don’t have plans too

Jade: let’s go bowling

Cat: me and you?

Jade: yes….

Cat frowned

Cat: promise me you won’t tie me up to the car seat this time

Jade: I promise I won’t tie you up to the car seat this time

Someone came in but stood few steps from the door.

Wait, no one is allowed into this room except us. It’s like our personal lair.
Who dares come in here

Jade would kill him or her
I looked up and saw Beck

Me: Beck?

Beck: Victorious. Hi. Please I’m here to see Tori

Jade: why?

Beck : it’s over the upcoming play

Jade: five minutes
She looked at me and gestured for me to go

I stood up and walked to him. We walked outside the class

Me: you’re quite early today

I didn’t look at his face

Beck: yeah, I wanted to talk to you before students arrive

I looked up
Me: what do you want to tell me?

Is it me? Or Beck is truly staring at my lips?

Is he going to kiss me again?

It will feel so good……
I hope he’s going to ask me out

I mean, I really like him and we could make a great couple 👫.

We’d make beautiful babies together 👪

And I really love his hair. He could be a successful hair model

Beck : ……….so do you agree?

I blinked my eyes

Me: yes…. Yes…. I agree

He smiled a little
Beck: good, I’ll pick you up then. You can write your address for me later. Bye

He patted my shoulder and walked away

Wait what exactly happened?
Was he saying something else?

Jade: hahahahaha, I love the 😕 confused look you’re wearing

I turned and faced Jade

Jade: you thought he asked you out, that’s why you quickly said you agree. Meanwhile, he was talking about your plans on Saturday. About how you should get there

Me: ohhhhh…. I… I didn’t… Know

Jade: how would you know? When you were lost in your world of ecstasy

That’s true.
I was busy with my imagination that I didn’t even hear what he was saying

Me: so you were eavesdropping?

Jade: you know me. I do want I want

Me: where’s Cat?

She smirked evilly. I glared at her and ran into the classroom. Cat had a duck tape on her mouth and her hands were taped to her chair as if she was being abducted

Me: Cat!

I hurried and removed the duck tape from her mouth

Cat: ouch!!!

Me: what did you do again?

Cat: she wants to kill me….

Jade laughed and picked her bag up. I took mine and helped Cat with hers

Me: let’s go

She stood up and we left the class

💙Beck Oliver’s POV💙

Me: I don’t know man!

Rex: dude! Man up!

I looked at him and felt like zipping him up in a bag.
He’s telling me to man up. As if he’s a man

Andre: don’t take your frustration up on Rex okay because I agree with him

Robbie : you just gotta ask her out. If I were in your shoes, she’d be my girlfriend now

Andre and Rex bust out laughing hysterically

Robbie and I looked at them wondering why
Finally, Rex spoke up

Rex: easier said than done bruh. You’re the last person in this school to ask a girl out even if you were the cutest. Your heart is made of gas. It escapes easily

Andre and I began to laugh. Robbie just sat, not knowing what to say

I stood up

Me: sorry bro
Andre stood up too

Andre: take heart

We moved away

Andre: try to get closer to her. I know you don’t wanna do a mistake but you gotta try her out

Me: I’ll try
He patted my shoulder

Andre: I’m off to music class

I nodded and he smiled and left

💙Andre Harris’ POV💙

I opened the door to music class and sighted Victorious. I moved to the piano and began to set the keys

I heard Tori’s voice behind me
I looked back and saw her staring at me

Me: what? Me?

Tori: yeah, you

Me: uhhh

Tori: can you please give me Beck’s number?

Me: you don’t have it?

Tori: just give it to me. Please

Me: okay
I brought out my phone and transferred the number to her phone. She thanked me and went back to her friends

Tori actually spoke to me


💙Emily Brown’s POV💙

The bell for recess was over so Karie and I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria

Karie: are you kinda crushing on him now?

Me: no I’m not. But I might

Karie: hahaha, I really gotta see this guy

Me: dad says he’s coming to pick him up this weekend. Why don’t you come for a sleepover?

Karie: that’s tomorrow right

I nodded

Karie: sweet, I’ll come
Me: great

We walked into the classroom and sat down for the grumpy math teacher to start teaching

💙Tori Vega’s POV💙

I looked through the curtains and saw that my dad was already seated in front with some other dignitaries

I walked back to the dressing room

Me: dad is here
Cat: awesome but why do you look sad?

Me: I feel like Beck is avoiding me

Cat: why would he do that?
Me: I don’t know. He avoided me throughout yesterday, and when I called him yesterday he said he was busy. And today, he hasn’t even said hi to me

Cat: that’s sad. But I’m sure he’ll come around

She smiled and her two beautiful dimples portrayed her beauty

I smiled back

The director told us to get ready and so we moved out of the dressing room

Immediately I stepped out, I bumped into Beck

Beck: there you are, I’ve been looking for you

Me: what do you want?
I crossed my arms

Beck: hey, is she angry with me?
I looked away

Beck: I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you lately. I’ve been trying to get you out of my mind so I could reason properly but I already found out that’s it’s impossible to get you out of my mind and leave you outside. When your rightful place is my heart

My eyes widened

Me: what….

He stared at my eyes and moved so close to me that the space between us was just our faces that were apart

Tori: Beck, move away

I looked at the people around. He sighed and pulled me to a corner

He placed one hand on the wall and the other in his pocket

Beck: I like you. A lot…. I was wondering if we could hang out or rather go out with me

My mouth opened
Did Beck just ask me out?

Or wait, it’s just those imaginations again

I snapped out of my illusions when I felt his breath on my cheek

Beck: please go out with me

Me: I…. I.. I don’t know

Beck: you don’t know?

Me: wait… I know

Beck: hmmm

Me: I mean. It’s… It’s okay if we hang out. And if I go out with you

He smiled and took my hair to the side

Beck: you make me happy

💭please kiss me. Please kiss me. Kiss me or I die💭

Beck: can I kiss you?

Me: YES! uhm, sorry I mean yes

He chuckled and held my face then slowly took my lips. I felt my feet floating in air.

I clutched unto his arms and kissed him back

Director: enough of the practicing you two. Tori, your part begins in two minutes

Beck and I chuckled
He thinks we’re practicing

Tori: I’ll see you on stage

He pulled my arm and planted a short kiss on my lips

Beck: see you on stage

I happily moved towards the stage with my intestines dancing

💙Jade West’s POV💙

Good he already took the step

Me: it’s a good thing you didn’t keep her waiting. Congratulations for escaping my wrath on that one

He looked back with fright.
I guess he wasn’t expecting me

I walked to him and pinned him to the wall

Me: you’re Tori’s boyfriend now. There are some rules you gotta go by. Be the first and last to text her in the morning and night. When you’re not busy, call her. Don’t ever, I repeat ever make her feel inferior to another girl. Don’t you dare compare Tori to another girl or even a boy. The day Tori sheds a tear for you, that day you will receive pints of blood in a hospital. Tori is a very jealous type, so don’t give her any reason to be jealous. Do you understand?

He nodded briskly

Me:…… If you don’t adhere to any of these rules, you’ll know the difference between a tiger and a lion

I unpinned him and gave him a glare before walking away
To be continued


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