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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 9

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 9

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



😍Trina Vega’s POV😍

I came back home and sneaked into my room to avoid questions from Tori. Maybe she already found out about the phone

I took my shower and dressed sexy then sneaked out again

Its almost 8pm. I can’t wait to see Beck
I entered into my car and zoomed off

😍Beck Oliver’s POV 😍

I got the text from Tori to meet her by 8pm.
Unfortunately I can’t go, that’s the exact time I’ll be leaving with my boss

I have to call her and tell her.
I brought out my phone and tried dialing her line but it was going straight to voicemail. I called three different times but it still wasn’t reachable

I dropped the phone and went to eat something before I take the car to the Gas Station 🚉

I went to the kitchen table and dished out some mashed potatoes and carrots

I began to eat when my mom came in

Me: hey mom

Mom: Beck, you’re still here?
Me: yeah

I scooped a spoon into my mouth and chewed in. Mom sat beside me, looking moody

Me: mom, are you okay?

Mom: yeah.. I… I’m fine

Me: you must be stressed out
Mom : yes

I reluctantly agreed with that though I knew she was getting depressed again

I brought out some money and placed it before her

Me: hold that for now. I’m expecting more money soon

Mom: what? No! You should keep this.

I smiled
Me: I love you mom
I kissed her forehead and drank water

Me: just help me clear the dishes

She laughed and ruffled my hair

Me: bye 👋

I went through the door and into the garage, I brought the car out and drove to my boss house.

I entered in and requested to see Mr Brown.
I was told to meet him upstairs.

I climbed the stairs and opened the door then wowed.
I couldn’t believe it

There was another living room entirely. And it’s even better than the first.
I neatly and gently closed the door then moved forward

No one was in. I heard footsteps so I looked up at the stairs.
A beautiful sexy girl was climbing down. She was wearing a tight, short dress that revealed her curves and edges. Her hair was in a pony tail

She saw me and paused then began to walk again

Girl: excuse me, are you Beck Oliver?

Me: yes I am. I’m here to see your dad

Girl: he sent me down here. He’s going to delay a little so just wait for him

I nodded and tucked the keys into my pocket

Girl: you can just sit down
She pointed to a cushion and I smiled and went to sit on it.
She left and few minutes later, a maid came with a tray of drinks

She set it before me, bowed and left

I took a glass and sipped before dropping it down

The girl came back and changed the channel to a music TV show.
Then she left too

My eyes followed her until she climbed the stairs

She’s really attractive.

I waited for just ten minutes and Mr Brown came down with a casual outfit and he was carrying a golf bag.
I stood up and helped him carry it

Mr Brown : how are you Beck?

Me: I’m fine sir

Mr: we’re going to the golf club tonight

Me: all right sir

His daughter came downstairs

Girl: dad, what time will you be back?

Mr Brown : by 8pm or 8:30pm

Girl: okay, I wont be asleep then. Can you please get me some barbecue when coming back?

Mr Brown : sure, Beck make sure you remind me when we’re coming

Me: okay sir

Girl : bye daddy

She went back upstairs and her dad and I headed out

😍�Tori Vega’s POV😍

I already replaced the phone I broke by ordering a new one.
I really wanted to call Beck but he’s number was really not in my phone

I groaned frustratingly when everything I thought of doing wasn’t working.
My dad knocked on my door.
I know it’s him
He has a special way of knocking

Me: it’s open!
He opened and closed it

Dad: hey
Me: hey

I didn’t even look at him

Dad: that’s a new phone
Me: yes

Dad: why?
Me: I angrily threw my phone away and it shattered

Dad: why?

Me: because it swallowed up someone’s number

Dad: why?

I looked up at him
Me: I don’t know!

He chuckled and sat down beside me

Dad: who’s number is missing?
Me: someone

He crossed his arms and stared at me.
I began to laugh

Me: yes, someone’s number is missing

Dad: why can’t you find HIS number?

He stressed the HIS and eyed me

Me: what makes you think it’s a HE

Dad: because the last time you had a crush on someone, you called him SOMEONE always. Then I had to figure out who the someone is

I laughed

Me: he’s just a new boy in school. That’s all

Dad: you like him right

Me: no I don’t

Dad: first of all, you don’t mingle with boys and don’t care if they exist but you know this new boy and you even have his number
Secondly, you broke your phone because it swallowed up his number
And thirdly, you called him someone

I covered my face
Why does this man know me so well?

Dad: busted!

We both laughed
Dad: tell me everything about him

I sighed and faced him. Let me tell him about Beck

😍Beck Oliver’s POV😍

Mr Brown : it’s almost 8pm Beck, I don’t think we’ll be done now. Why don’t you just get the barbecue for Emily and come back to pick me up

Me: okay sir
He gave me some money and told me the type of barbecue his daughter likes

I entered into his car and drove to his house after getting the barbecue
I went upstairs and saw the Emily rushing down with her pyjamas

Emily: oh, it’s you. Where’s dad?

She looked disappointed a little

Me: he won’t be home until 9pm so he asked me to bring you the barbecue

I stretched the bag to her, she took it and smiled a little

Emily: thanks

Me : you’re welcome. I’ll leave now

Emily: why don’t you join me? Then you’ll leave when it’s almost 9 o clock

Me: no thanks, I still have other errands to run

I bowed a little and turned to go. My phone rang and I saw a strange number

I opened the door and went out before picking it, thinking it would be Tori. Maybe she was waiting for me already

I picked it but my phone slipped right over the stairs. It rolled down and I ran after it.

I got down the stairs and took the phone but the screen was already broken. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn’t budge

I gave an angry look at the phone before going out of the house

😍Trina Vega’s POV😍

Why is his line now going straight to voicemail?
I thought he picked earlier
Why isn’t it connecting again?


I’ve been waiting here since and he’s not showing up.
Or he didn’t get the text?

If only I called him earlier to confirm it
I hate it when things don’t work out my way

Me: ughhhhh!
I stamped my fist on the car

It’s getting really chilly out here but I can’t get into the car yet Just in case he comes, so I can easily see him

I waited for him for about an hour. Then I lost hope of him coming and went back home

😍Emily Brown’s POV😍

I sat down on the cushion and began to eat with a juice box beside my plate

I saw what happened to Beck’s phone. Maybe I should replace that

I took my phone and called my dad

📲hello dad
📲Emily, did Beck bring it?

📲yes dad, he did

📲good, I’ll be home soon

📲dad do me a favor. Can you buy Beck a new phone

📲why? What happened?

📲his phone rolled down the stairs and it’s broken. Just help me get him a new one, please…

📲okay, if you say so… Oh, he’s already here

📲Kay thanks dad. Bye

I hung up and smiled happily

Then I called Karie, my best friend

I’m going to tell her that I met an angel on earth today
To be continued

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