Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 17

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 17

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)


😇Beck Oliver’s POV😇

Prom is in two weeks. Preparations have already kicked off. I have to start learning new dance steps and all that. Andre has promised to teach Victorious a song that they could sing that night

I feel like everything is going to turn out fine because Tori and I plan to introduce each other to our parents. I’m sure my mom is going to like her a lot. And I hope her dad likes me too
The only disturbance right now is Emily, she keeps calling me even after telling her that I’m in school. Trina is no longer on my neck. Maybe she has decided to take a break from me.

I haven’t even seen Andre today, after school yesterday he went straight to the restaurant where he still works. Maybe I should check out the music room

I left dance class and went into music class. Well I saw him there, but it wasn’t only him that I saw. He was with someone who I never expected to see him with.


I gawked at them for some seconds before clearing my throat
They looked at me

Me: hey…guys
Jade: oh hey Beck
She smiled and clasped her hands in front of her

Andre: hey buddy
Me: can I come in?
Jade: you’re already in

Me: ohh
Andre: come on in
I walked to them
Me: what are you guys doing?

Andre: singing
Me: singing?
Andre: yep
He saw the look of disbelief in my eyes and smiled

Andre: I’m actually helping Jade out with a solo
Me: For the prom?
Jade: no. Not for the prom

Me: all right. Uhm, Andre I wanted to ask you if you’ve seen Robbie today

Andre: he’s not been coming to school
Me: why?
Andre: his freaky parents grounded him for failing at assignment
Me: just that?
He nodded

I looked at Jade who’s eyes were closed and wearing a headset. I wonder if it’s a funeral song she’s listening to

I nudged Andre and pointed to her then to him. He smirked understanding what I meant. I just told him to explain to me what’s with the two of them. Knowing he was as terrified of Jade like I was.

Me: well, I’ll be going now. See you later

I left and went straight to their special class. I wanna see Tori

I knocked on the door
Cat: who is it?
Me: Beck!

Cat: oh my gosh!
I puzzled my face. What are they doing in there?

Me: can I come in?
Cat: no!

I wanted to peep in but I decided not to
Me: ok…aay… I’m going….

I turned around and tool few steps before meeting up with Tori

Me: Tori?
Tori: Beck, I was looking for you
Me: ohh. Me too. That’s why I came here but I thought you were inside

I pointed to the class with my thumb
Tori: oh, you checked and didn’t see me
Me: actually I didn’t check. I knocked and Cat answered, she told me not to come in

Tori’s eyes widened
Me: why are you looking like that?
Tori: caaaaat!

She stormed towards the door and opened it. Cat screamed from inside

Tori: what the heck!
She entered inside and I went to the door. Cat was in the middle of some stuff. Some girlie stuff on the floor. It seems she upturned their bags and has been searching for something

Cat: I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t looking for money

Tori: what is wrong with you? Why did you do this?

Cat: forgive me Tori. Forgive me
She knelt down and began to cry

Cat: don’t tell Jade please
I walked inside

Cat stood up and ran to me. She hugged me from behind and encircled her hands around my waist, crying

Tori: let go of my boyfriend you bibble-freak

Cat: Beck please don’t let her come to me

I held her hands and removed them then hugged her sideways.

Tori: why are you acting like a psycho?
Cat: it’s because I want bibble. And my parents won’t give me any money. My Nona has seized my credit card and won’t allow me to shopping. It’s just like I’m grounded. That’s why I ransacked your bags for money so I could buy more bibble

Me: I don’t get it. Why would your parents do that to you

Cat didn’t answer. Tori crossed her arms

Tori: there’s this new snack called bibble that Cat is crazy about. She wasted all her money and savings in one week buying it and consuming it all. She became broke and began to ask her parents for money. They gave her but she still squandered it on bibble. Now they’ve stopped giving her money and she’s now stealing our own money just because of bibble!

She glared at Cat
Cat: it’s not my fault I’m in love with bibble the same way you’re in love with Beck. How would you feel if your parents tried to separate you and Beck!?

Tori and I stared at Cat mutely. None of us said anything
The door opened and Jade walked in

Cat: oh no…
Jade: what happened here? Why are my things on the floor!!

Cat trembled. I pulled her backwards

Me: sorry. It was an accident on our part. We’ll repair it now

Jade: in two seconds.
Cat: okay.
She quickly went there and began to arrange the things

Me: let me help you
I went to her, bent down and began to arrange the things

Jade: I invited my cousin for the prom
Tori : what!! Why?

Jade: I felt like
Tori: come on, you know I hate that girl
Jade: you hate her doesn’t stop her from being my cousin. Even though I used to hate her

Tori: she’s so picky and miss perfect. Ugh!

Cat: and she sings like a frog
The three girls laughed

Me: Jade you have a cousin?
Tori: don’t answer him. Forget it, she doesn’t have a cousin. And stay off any girl you see is more beautiful than me

Jade: Cat is more beautiful than you
Cat: really
Me: really

I looked at Cat’s face.
Me: hmm, I love your dimples

Tori: hey! Get up

She pulled me up
Me: I’m sorry. I love your smile

Tori: you’re crazy. Let’s go

I laughed and followed her. I just love this girl. She’s so cute

We got outside the class into the hallway and I held her hand
Me: baby
She stopped and turned
Me: aren’t we supposed to be talking about meeting our parents?

Tori: dad wants to see you on Friday night
Me: okay, where?
Tori: our house
Me: I’ll be there
I smiled at her but she frowned. Time to use my charm

I used my index finger to flick my hair a little. I licked my lips and pocketed my left hand.

Me: I’ll be going. I’ll see you tomorrow
I walked past her

Tori: where are you going?
Me: class
Tori: hmmm
She twitched her lips

Me: bye
I turned and walked away only to look back and see Tori trailing behind. I laughed

Me: where are you going?
She didn’t answer me, she just walked past me. I pulled her by the waist and hugged her

Me: my baby
I kissed her ear and down to her cheek

Tori: leave me
Me: okay
Tori: I’m joking
Me: I know

She laughed and I kissed her

😇Tori Vega’s POV😇
I gave my last touch of makeup and twirled round

I turned and opened my door. Trina was standing right there, with her hands crossed

Me: how may I help you?
Trina: you’re dating Beck?

Her tone was really harsh
Me: y-yeess
Trina : ugh! I hate you so much. Why didn’t you tell me? You made me look like a fool!

Me: why should I tell you? When did we become that close?

Trina: you knew I was into that guy. You knew it
Me: well… I wanted to surprise you so… Tadaaa!

She scoffed
Trina: ironically speaking, I wish you a happily ever after

She smirked and walked away. I scoffed and went downstairs

Moments later, Beck, dad and I were seated on the dinning table, eating and chatting slowly. From the look on dad’s face, he’s really happy to meet Beck and vice versa. I’m very happy that the two of them are getting along quite well

Dad: Beck, I don’t wanna hide this anymore. You look really familiar.

I looked at him then I looked at dad
Beck: uhh, Sir maybe you’ve seen me before
Dad: maybe. I wish I could just deduce it.

I smiled and looked at Beck. He’s so handsome

😇Beck Oliver’s POV😇

Prom night is here so fast. I’m looking my best. I should win prom king

I haven’t even seen my girlfriend.

Tori: hey baby
I looked back and saw the prettiest girl tonight

Tori Vega.
She was wearing a green dress and looked expensive. I know the dress is expensive. Tori herself is expensive

Me: the lady I’m looking for
I hugged her
Tori: you look awesome baby. You’re so handsome tonight. I don’t even know how to express myself now

Me: wait, I’m the one who’s supposed to be praising your beauty but you’re the one telling me how handsome I am

She laughed
Me: you look really beautiful. You’re so pretty
I kissed her cheek

Someone said hello behind me. I turned to see Emily

Me: Emily?
Emily: hi handsome
She hugged me

Me: what are you doing here?
Emily: I was invited
Me: ohh

Tori: excuse me
Tori moved forward and Emily frowned

Tori: who do we have here?
The two girls stared at each other

💃 Tori Vega’s POV 💃

Beck: she’s— the daughter of my boss

Me: oh, wow. Uhm nice to meet you

I stretched forth my hand to shake her. She reluctantly took my hand and we had a hand shake

I pretended as if I didn’t know her and she did the same

Me: I’ll just excuse you both.
I smiled and turned to go

Beck: where are you going?
I turned back to him

Me: to get a soda or something…
He nodded and I turned around and walked away

I have a feeling Beck is hiding something but I don’t know what it is. And it has to do with that Emily. The girl I hate so much. How the heck did they get to know each other?


Right now, I need to be stable to be able to sing tonight. I don’t want different thoughts running into my mind. By the way, where is Cat and Jade?

I looked around and saw them standing by the drink shade. I walked towards them

Cat: hey baby..
Me: hey

Jade: what’s up?
She handed me a canned cola

I opened it up immediately and began to gulp it down. I threw the empty can into the garbage and began to fan myself

Cat and Jade stared at me like I was a ghost

Me: quit staring at me like that?
Cat: are you okay?

Jade: why are you tensed up?
Me: nothing. Can I get another drink?

Cat: sure… I’ll pay…
Jade: no. You’re not getting another drink

Me: why?
Jade: Tori, you’re going to sing tonight. If you take in too much gas, it might affect your voice

I sighed
Me: so what should I take?
Jade: take a seat

She pointed to a tall stool and I sat on it
Jade: now tell us why you’re like this?

Me: I’m fine
Cat: oh my gosh, there’s a pretty girl flirting with Beck

I stood up immediately with a frowned face

Me: whaat! Where?
Cat: there..

She pointed at Beck and Emily afar off. I gnashed my teeth
Jade didn’t care when she saw Emily with Beck

Jade: sit down
I ignored her and watched as Beck tried to avoid Emily’s touch.

Jade: Tori! Sit!

I looked at her and saw the look on her face. I gently sat down

Jade: are you having problems with Beck?

I shook my head
Jade: then what’s happening

Me: I feel he’s hiding something from me. And he’s with your cousin. Emily
Cat: guys Beck is coming over here.

I looked up and saw him coming without the girl

Jade : try to talk to him. Or just talk with him instead. I’ll take care of the Emily

Jade walked away
Cat: love you

She hugged me and left. I smiled and sighed as Beck came closer
I looked up at his face

Beck: baby
He took my hand and squeezed it..

Me: yes?
My voice was soft and tender

He bent down and looked up to my face
Beck: are you angry with me?

Me: over what?
He squeezed my hand sweetly

Beck: because I was talking to another girl. And she was flirting with me

The way he said it made me laugh a little. He kissed my palm softly and lingered for seconds

Me: I’m–I’m not angry
He looked up into my eyes

Beck: but you’re not happy?
I didn’t answer

He sighed and stood up then pulled me up.

Beck: when will you go up to perform?
Me: in about twenty minutes
Beck: okay, I’ll be going up in thirty minutes.

He tucked my arm under his arm and we walked together

Beck: Emily is Mr Brown’s daughter. She’s, well…

I looked up at his face and he looked down at mine.
Me: go on..

Beck: she’s somehow a friend.
Me: somehow?

He chuckled
Beck: you’re so cute when you’re jealous you know

I hit his chest
Me: stop messing with me and talk to me

He turned and faced me then held my hands over his neck. We were already in the school building which was empty

Beck: she’s crushing on me.
Me: and she’s so pretty

Beck: but not as pretty as you are
He kissed my cheek

Me: Beck… You’re teasing me
Beck: I’m serious.

I pouted my lips and looked away

Beck: I love you
I looked at him

Beck: I love you Tori

A smile came across my face
Me: I love you too Beck

He smiled and bent over and placed those cute lips on mine. I closed my eyes and parted my lips, then felt his warm silky tongue slipping in.

I disengaged
Me: I wanna see your mom. Dad wants to meet with her too

Beck: I’ll tell her about it tonight
I smiled and hugged him tight
To be continued


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