Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 18

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 18

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



Trina Vega’s POV 

I angrily walked out of the hall and rushed outside. This is so unbelievable.
I can’t believe this!

Tori and Beck are going out?
How long has this been going on and I didn’t even know.

I beeped my car and opened the door then got inside, I turned on the ignition and zoomed off still in my angry mode. I’m going to make sure that Tori and Beck don’t stand. They can’t remain together. Tori has always been ahead of me but this time I’m not going to let this happen.

And dad even knows about this, to the extent he’s inviting Beck for dinner. I know Tori feels she has won again but no, I’m retaliating. First, i need to find a way to make them fight. So I’ll have an opportunity.

Tonight is their prom right?
Let me see what I can do

Emily Brown’s POV

Tori again? I really don’t like this girl. What does she have to do with Beck?
And I’m sure Beck excused himself because he wants to go and see her

I just hope they’re not dating. I took a canned cola and opened it. I brought it to my mouth and gulped down a mouthful, I lowered the can and saw Jade right in front of me. This girl has the ability to move undetected.

Me: are you a witch? How did you come here? And I didn’t see you coming

She didn’t answer, just kept staring at me

Me: Jade, stop terrifying me with that face
Jade: do you know why I invited you here? So you could see other young girls possessing what you don’t have

Me: and what’s that? Beauty?
I smirked because I know when it comes to beauty, I rank first

Jade: no, brains and talent
I frowned

Jade: you lack brains and talent
Me: and what do you know? It’s not like you’re any better. You are a bitch and a witch

Jade: I’m a witch not a bitch. And don’t make me loose my temper on you because you know the aftermath of it

I remembered the last time I got Jade angry, my leg was in a bandage for two weeks and I had to attend therapy

Me: why are you even saying all of this?
Jade: stay away from Beck

Me: oh great. When did you become Tori’s yo-yo

Jade’s eyes widened angrily. I staggered back

Me: so–sorry. I’m sorry

Jade: you know who Tori is to me and you know how much I hate it if she’s hurt. Stay away from Beck Emily

Me: whatever, Beck’s not the only handsome boy

I handed her my drink and walked away. I’m leaving this stupid prom

I walked to the parking lot and almost got run down by a car that drove in roughly

Me: hey!
I stepped out of the way and waited for the driver to come out. A girl came out

Me: you almost ran me over
Girl: that’s because you walked too slow or too fast. If you walked slower or faster, I wouldn’t get that close to you

I scoffed and walked to my car
Me: I’m not in the mood to talk with bitches on red

I entered the car and drove away angrily

Trina Vega’s POV

I frowned at her car as it drove out. She called me a bitch on red. Well she’s a bitch on blue

I rolled my eyes and walked to the prom arena
I looked around and saw Jade standing with Cat. I quickly looked away and walked behind a pole. I looked at another direction and saw Tori and Beck holding hands, walking forward. I heaved a sigh and walked to them

Me: hey sis. Why didn’t you invite me to your prom night?
Tori: maybe you’re not needed. You’re not even a student and when you were, you weren’t a noble one.

I frowned
Me: hello Beck
Beck: hello Trina

I looked him over and smiled
Me: you look so handsome tonight. You’re so gorgeous Beck. What’s your secret?

I ran my hand on his chest and Tori’s eyes widened. He frowned and removed my hand and placed it on my chest

Beck: you shouldn’t do that
I felt embarrassed a little

Beck: baby, I’ll excuse you
He pecked her on the lips and walked away

I rolled my eyes
Me: you are happy right? Cause a rich and handsome guy is your boyfriend

Tori: first of all, I’m not dating Beck because of riches and handsomeness. I’m from a wealthy family and I don’t need someone’s money. Secondly, Beck is not ri….

Me: Beck is not what?
She twitched her lips and looked behind me then smiled

Me: why are you smiling unnecessarily?

She crossed her arms and kept smiling and looking behind me. I frowned and looked behind me to see what was making her smile cowardly

Me: aaaahh
I staggered back and almost fell because I was wearing heels

How come I didn’t know Jade was standing so close to me?

Jade: how may we help you?
I stood upright and tried to raise my shoulders to show my elegance

Me: what do you mean?
Jade: didn’t I tell you not to enter this school without my permission?
Me: as what? The security officer?

She furrowed her eye brows and began to walk slowly towards me. I began to walk backwards

Jade: Trina, you have overstayed your welcome. Leave now!
I scoffed and turned to go. I’m not in for Jade now. I came here to confront Tori and not Jade

Beck Oliver’s POV

I arranged my tie and looked around, I spotted Andre and Robbie. I sighed and walked over to them

Me: hey guys
Robbie: OMG! Beck, I’ve missed you so much

He hugged me and I laughed
Me: me too pal.
Rex: hey Becky, what’s up with you?

I looked at him and chuckled. He was wearing a suit and had a black bow tie. The same outfit as Robbie’s

Me: you look good Rex
Rex: that’s what I’m talking about. You’re the man Beck. You are the only man with eyes here

Andre: what do you mean by that?
Rex: well, he’s the only man that complimented on my look tonight

Robbie: what? But I told you that you looked good earlier while we were still at home

Rex: shut up! You’re not a man. You’re still a boy. Beck’s the only man who complimented my good looks

I laughed. This puppet is something else

Andre: oh look. It’s time for music. Bye guys

He wore his guitar 🎸 and hurried backstage
Me: so Robbie, why did you skip school for almost a week?

Robbie : I was grounded. Excuse me please, I’ll get some drinks

He left without Rex

Rex: because he failed an assignment
Me: huh?

I asked as if I didn’t know that he was grounded
Rex: he was grounded because he failed an assignment
Me: why would he fail an assignment?

Rex: hahahaha, he failed because he wanted a sexy girl to help him with it. I hired him one and he couldn’t concentrate with her around because of low self esteem. He kept postponing the practicals until the day he was to summit it. Haha

Me: so he couldn’t summit it?
Rex: he couldn’t man. That’s why I I always call him a girl or sometimes a boy. He doesn’t suit being a man

I smirked and looked up at the podium which was high. Victorious just stepped up on the stage and everyone was cheering. I haven’t even been concentrating on whatsoever that has been happening since. But I better concentrate now

Tori on the mic
🎤 happy prom night folks

The students cheered

Cat on the mic
🎤 are we ready to prom the night?…

The students cheered again. I smiled when Jade held her own mic up

🎤 I forgot my scissors

Everyone laughed including me
Rex: I’m damn scared of that girl
Me: why?
Rex: she terrifies me

Me: you’re not alone

🎤 this is a song about those who have a crush on their best friends brother. It’s fun, so listen and be entertained

🎤we wrote this song because I . had a crush on Jade’s brother. He’s so handsome and the direct opposite of Jade

We laughed again and Jade glared at Cat

The guitarist began to play first, before other instrumentals moved in. I looked at the guitarist, I knew it would be no other person but the demigod of music, Andre

🎵I call you up when I know he’s at home 🎵
🎵I jump out of my skin, when he picks up the phone 🎵

🎵why, I can tell when he’s looking at me 🎵
🎵should I give him a smile? Should I get up and leave 🎵

🎵I know it’s strange I don’t know what I’m thinking 🎵
🎵but is it wrong if I see him this weekend? 🎵

🎵I really hope I could meet him alone, I just don’t… don’t want her to know 🎵

🎵yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My best friend’s brother is the one for me 🎵
🎵a Punk Rock drummer and he’s six foot three 🎵

🎵I want to, and I don’t want to 🎵
🎵but I just can’t get him outta my mind 🎵

🎵yeah yeah yeah yeah, best friend’s brother is the one for me. 🎵
🎵yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, a Punk Rock drummer and he’s Six foot three 🎵

🎵I want to (yeah), but I don’t want to (yeah) 🎵

🎵and I just can’t get him outta my mind 🎵

🎵yeah yeah yeah yeah, best friend’s brother is the one for me. BFB, BFB, best friend’s brother, my best friends brother🎵

Me: these voices are so angelic. Mehn

I stood up and began to cheer with the rest of the students
Rex: I just wish my legs were working, I’ll be dancing right now

Me : why aren’t they working? What happened?

Rex: Jade happened

Right then, Brittany came to me
Brittany : hey Beck
She pecked my cheek

Me: uhh hey
Brittany : the dance teacher wants to see us now

Me: okay. Rex, stay here
Brittany : don’t talk to it. It belongs to a weirdo

Me: Robbie is not a weirdo
Brittany : okay, whatever. Let’s go
She tucked her arm under mine and I walked on with her. I looked up at the podium and saw Victorious coming down. I smiled, definitely ready to flatter Tori because of that voice of hers

Tori Vega’s POV 

I left Jade and Cat and went to look for Beck. Two girls came to me

Girl 1: Tori that was superb, I love your voice so much
Girl2: me too. You sing like an angel

I smiled tenderly
Me: thank you
I tried to walk away in order to avoid a conversation

Girl2: wait, are you looking for Beck? He went that way, towards the dance class with a girl tucking her arm under his

My eyes widened a little
Me: what?… Oh, uh thanks

Girls: you’re welcome
I smiled and turned towards the direction. I heard them giggling and giving each other a high five

I shoved it off and walked faster into the building. I reached the hallway and saw a girl holding unto Beck’s face and kissing him. His hands were on her waist

My eyes turned red immediately

Me: Beck!
They quickly disengaged

Beck: oh no! Tori

He pushed the girl aside and tried to come to me. I scoffed angrily and tearfully took a turn and ran as fast as my heels could carry me. I didn’t even meet any of my friends, I entered my car and zoomed off

To be continued


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