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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 19

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 19

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



Beck Oliver’s POV 
Me: aren’t we supposed to go up now? I mean, up the stage
Brittany : there’s a change in the activities. That’s why the teacher wants to see us

Me: okay
I removed my hand from her and she stopped moving
Brittany : why that?
Me: nothing

Brittany : you’re so overprotective of yourself
Me: it’s supposed to be so

I began to move towards the class. She followed me but stopped when her phone beeped.

Brittany : Beck wait
I stopped and looked at her. She raised her face from her phone and stood in front of me

Me: what?
She dropped her phone in her purse and bent down then kept the purse on the ground. Before I could ask her why she did that, she stood up and immediately held onto my face and began to kiss me, I was taken aback and tried to remove my face which led to her kissing my cheek roughly. Her fingers sliced my face. She was so strong in me. I became angered and tried to push her with my arms. I held her waist and just as I was about pushing her, I heard my name in an angry tone. She left me immediately

Me: oh no! Tori
She looked at me then the girl and turned and walked away hurriedly
I took after her but didn’t see her when I got outside. This is not gonna go smoothly

Brittany David’s POV

I chuckled as he ran after her. I picked my purse and brought out my phone then texted Trina

💬mission accomplished

I waited few seconds before the alert of my balance came in. I smiled and tucked the phone back in then I ran outside. I looked around but didn’t see Beck. I smirked and walked to the two girls who sent me the text that they directed Tori to the dance class

Tori Vega’s POV

I stopped the car and leaned on the staring. My tears dropped slowly and my breathe hooked in my throat. I took a sad breathe in and rested my head on the seat

Me: I wasn’t expecting this from you. You’re so good to be true

My phone rang and it was Jade. I picked it up
📲Tori where are you?

📲Tori ,are you crying?
📲Jade it’s Beck..
📲where are you? I’m coming there now

📲I’m… ..I’m at..
📲don’t worry, I’ll use GPS

She hung up. I wiped my tears and took a napkin then got out of the car. I puked into the grass and wiped my mouth. I took a bottle water and rinsed it too. I rested on my car and felt the rising temperature on my forehead. A terrible headache was also forming

A car’s headlight flashed on me and I covered my eyes. Jade got down and hurried towards me

Jade: Tori what happened?
Because of the question, I began to cry again. I hugged her though she didn’t hug me back. She never does. But I still feel soothed when I hug her

Jade: what happened with Beck?
Me: he cheated on me

Jade: WHAT!
Me: he was kissing a girl
Jade: I’ll kill him
Me: please do…

Jade: let’s leave here. I’ll take you home
Me: will you spend the night with me?

Jade: don’t use that pitiful tone with me cause it won’t work. Let’s go

She pulled me into her car and made me sit
Me: how about my car
She didn’t answer, she just started her car and zoomed off

Jade West’s POV
I drove into the environ and parked. Tori and I got out and we entered inside

Trina was laying on the chair with her eyes sticking into her phone. She didn’t look up at us

Trina: hey Tori, aren’t you supposed to be at your prom night? Why are you here?

She kept typing on her phone
Me: do you have a problem with that?
She quickly looked up

Trina : what? Jade?
Me: I asked you a question. Do you have a problem with Tori being here?

She blinked her eyes repeatedly with her mouth open. I rolled my eyes and held Tori’s arm

Me: let’s go upstairs.
We left the living room and went to Tori’s room.

Tori dropped her bag and entered the bathroom. I began to think, why would Beck kiss another girl? He doesn’t look like a playboy because of his character. And I think someone framed him up.
Trina has eyes for him, she was flirting with him earlier. And how did she know that it was Tori who came inside even though she didn’t look at us. Was she expecting her to come home?
Also, the look on her face clearly spelt mockery. Trina might be the mastermind behind this. But I’ll get my facts first, I’ll just ask Beck when we get to school on Monday

Beck Oliver’s POV

I walked to Andre
Me: please have you seen Tori?
Andre: whoa, what happened to your face? It’s bleeding

I touched the place where I was feeling the pain from. It was bleeding because of Brittany’s nails

Andre: you’re injured in like three places
Me: I need to see Tori now
Andre: have you called her?
I shook my head

Andre: you should call her
I brought my phone and called her but she didn’t pick, I called three more times and when I called the fourth time, her phone was already switched off

Andre: did something happen?
Me: do you remember what happened with me and Samantha?
Andre: back in Canada?
Me: yes

Andre: yeah, she tricked you into following her somewhere then she tried to force you to make out with her. I remember it was Caleb who saw you both and pushed her away from you.

Me: good. That same scene repeated itself just now. And Tori saw it. She misinterpreted it

Andre : Holy Jesus! Tori saw you and a girl? She’s definitely not going to take that likely

Me: I know. She stormed out and now she’s not picking my calls

Andre: you better work things out with her before Jade…

Me: that’s what scares me most dude. Jade..
Andre: let’s go home. Why don’t you spend the night at my house?
Me: no, mom would be alone. I’ll just go home

Andre: all right then, I’ll just wait till the prom is over
Me: please meet the dance teacher and tell him I had to go home so Dave should just act as my backup

Andre: no probs man
I smiled and walked away

Emily Brown’s POV
I feel so guilty. And I feel like I’m forcing myself on Beck.
What if he’s actually a playboy? I don’t wanna get hurt

Maybe I should just be ordinary friends with him. I won’t force him to date me

I took my phone and texted him
💬Beck, I’m sorry for the inconvenience today. I didn’t know you already had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t have crossed the boundaries. Please forgive me for flirting with you and let’s just be normal friends from now on

The message delivered and I sighed and stood up to change

Tori Vega’s POV
When I woke up, I didn’t see Jade. Did she leave last night?
I brushed and went downstairs, I didn’t see Dad but Trina was already at the dinning table

Me: good morning, where’s Dad?
Trina: he took the first flight to London
Me: why?
Trina : I’m I his business partner?

I glared at her and shook my head. I’m too pained to throw words with irrelevant people. I turned to go outside

Trina: how’s Beck?
I stopped walking but didn’t look back at her. I scoffed and walked out

I saw my car parked in the garage. My face puzzled up and I went back upstairs. I saw Jade lying down on the bed, with her phone in her hand

Me: Jade? You’ve been here?
Jade: no, I went to the balcony
Me: okay
Jade: so what really happened yesterday?
Me: I don’t wanna talk about it
Jade: I won’t force you now, but I’ll make you talk later

Me: why is my car here?
Jade: Cat brought it and I made her take a taxi home

Me: where was I when she brought it?
Jade: you were having your head over the toilet bowl

Me: oh
I really cried last night and I threw up so badly. Jade didn’t console me. She was listening to music

I’m still so angry with that play boy. I wish I could break up with him but I can’t. I won’t even talk to him

He doesn’t deserve me

My phone beeped and a message from Sichowitz came in. It was about a literary textbook that we are to buy unfailing this Monday. I dropped the phone and stood, getting ready to take a shower

Jade: Sichowitz wants us to buy another bulky and lame textbook again?
She was glaring at her phone

Me: you got the text too?
Jade: he sent it to all his students and I’m his student so why won’t I get the text?

Me: don’t yell at me. I’m the heartbroken girl here, don’t add salt to my injury

She rolled her eyes and left the room.

Me: stupid girl
She came back in immediately, with eyes that could kill

Jade: what!
Me: not… you… Me..
She glared at me and walked out again

Phew 😪
That was close

My phone began to ring and it was Beck again. I scoffed and declined the call

Beck Oliver’s POV

I sighed as I dropped my empty wallet. I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes.
How would I be able to buy that textbook now?
I’m out of money

Emily’s dad is out of the country and Tori doesn’t want to speak with me. I’ve got no other job for now and I’m so broke

Me: what I’m I gonna do?

I can’t tell mom because she doesn’t even have enough. I promised to take care of myself and not to bug her with my school issues.

I took my phone and tried to call Sichowitz but I was out of airtime. I stood up and walked downstairs with the phone, I went to the telephone and hoped it would be able to make a call
I imputed Sichowitz’ number and dialed it. Luckily it went through

📞hello, Sichowitz speaking
📞hello this is Beck
📞oh my demigod, how are you?
📞I’m fine sir. Please that textbook you were talking about, can someone pay in installment?
📞oh no you can’t. The school board is involved and it requires immediate payment
📞okay thanks
📞you’re welcome

I dropped the phone and slumped into the couch then closed my eyes

This is so hard. What I’m I going to do? I really need this book for tomorrow. And I can’t ask Emily. I can’t bring myself to ask her for money

What is killing me most Now is Tori. I want my Tori, I need my baby in my arms
I feel incomplete without her

Me: Tori I miss you
I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. Why can’t we just talk things over? Why is she being so immature? Her attitude is getting on my nerves

My phone rang and I picked it up
📲what’s up Emily

📲Beck I’m missing you please let me come over. Please,i already have your address

📲Emily… I..
📲Beck please. I promise I won’t flirt with ya

📲haha, only on one condition will you come over

📲tell me anything. I’ll do it. I’ll give you my credit card

📲you can give me your credit card?

📲good girl. You can come over

📲yay ! Thanks sweetie. I love you

📲don’t say that!

She chuckled and hung up. I stood to my feet and began to dance. I hope Emily brings her credit card because I really need that textbook. And I need to fuel the car, maybe I’ll be able to do something to get me money

(Fast Forward)

It’s already Monday, thanks to Emily I already have the textbook. The number one thing on my mind now is how to explain things to Tori.
I haven’t seen her today, she didn’t attend class. But I’m sure she’s in school

I walked towards their special class and saw two hefty black men by the door

The first man spoke up
1st Man: you’re not allowed in here
Me: please, I need to see Tori. Tell her it’s Beck, I’m here to apologize

2nd man: she mentioned your name. Beck Oliver. You’re not allowed to enter this room on any condition. Leave now

Me: please, I really gotta…
1st man: don’t get us angry. Leave now

I sighed sadly and turned. I left but I met Jade on the way
My heart dropped off

Jade: Tori doesn’t want to tell me what happened. So you tell me

I looked down then looked up
Me: she caught me kissing another girl but I didn’t kiss her. The girl did it on her own. She said a teacher wanted to see us and while we were going there, she suddenly began to kiss me. It was at that instant that Tori came in. She didn’t even let me explain to her

Jade : what’s the girl’s name?
Me: Brittany David
She nodded

Jade: follow me
We walked back to the men
Jade: he’s going in now
They paved way and I walked inside. Tori was seated and her head was over the table

I looked back and Jade didn’t come in.
Me: baby
She looked up and her face was pink and soft

Tori: how did you get in here? Please get out now

I moved closer to her and she stood up
Tori: just leave me alone
Me: no, here me out please
Tori: I don’t have anything to hear from you. You deceived me and I hate you for that

Me: I love you Tori. I can never cheat on you. I didn’t kiss that girl. She was a psycho who wanted to force herself on me.

Tori: liar. You kissed her. You were even holding her waist
Me: I was trying to push her away. She kept struggling to keep kissing me, that’s why her fingers injured my face

She looked at my face then looked away. I took her hand and drew her close
Me: I can’t ever kiss anyone else while you’re still in my life. Please believe me

She broke down and began to cry again. I hugged her and stroke her hair. She hugged me too and I could feel that she was really pained

Jade West’s POV
I walked outside angrily and I saw her under a tree with her friends

Me: hey Brittany!
She looked up with surprise

Brittany : are…are you talking to me?
I scoffed and pulled her up with her arm. She squealed as I tightened my grip on her skin. I pulled her into the building, to a corner and threw her to the wall

Brittany : please Jade, what did I do to you?
Me: you slag! Why did you kiss Beck?
Brittany : what?
Me: don’t let me repeat myself

I pinned her to the wall
Me: you kissed Beck!
Brittany : I’m sorry..
Her tears began to well up

Me: why did you kiss Tori’s boyfriend?
Brittany : I was payed for it. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hurt me please

Me: who paid you?
She didn’t answer. I kicked her legs and she fell down
I brought out my scissors

Me: you have a nice hair
Brittany : no no no, please… It was Trina… Tori’s sister

I smirked
Me: good girl. I’ll be back for you

I returned my scissors and left the pathetic girl
To be continued

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