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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 30

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 30

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



I smiled and sliced my lettuce. I’m on a strict veggie diet.

Me: if he’s alive, he’d come back. There’s no place that our name hasn’t been heard. Beck must have heard about us and would have come back. I just don’t think he’s still there

I sighed. I don’t think he’s there but I wish he’s there.

Benedict : well, I hope he’s alive and not married. Cause if he is married, there’s no way he’ll come back

My heart sank. That could be true.

Throughout breakfast, I was lost in thought. Thinking about Beck. It really hurt me to think he’d be married. Maybe with kids. Happy and in love with a different woman.
It really hurt my feelings. I was still in love with him, I never stopped. I thought I would but Benedict made me love him more. I dreamt of having a complete family, with Beck and Bene.

After breakfast, we went to swim then went out to the mall

🌺🌺Tessa’s POV 🌺🌺

I curled my hair and brushed it down. I wore a black shirt and Blue Jeans. I smiled at my figure, I looked so much like my idol. This is the way she dresses. The shape of my face looks a lot like hers and our hair color is also the same. I love Tori Vega so much. Unfortunately, my dad hates music. He hates movies and TV stuff. He doesn’t even have a cellphone. Only a telephone in his office and at home

My name is Tessa Rudy. I’m twelve years old. I live with my dad Christophe Rudy and we live in Mexico.

Today dad and I are going to watch polo on the beach. He has been busy for a long time now and today he’s free so he decided to take me out.

I brought out my headset and decided to plug it for charging since its almost down.

Just as I tried doing that, a knock came on. I know it’s dad. I quickly hid the headset under my pillow and sat on the bed, bending like I was going to tie my shoe laces

Dad: you’re ready baby?
Me: just my shoes dad

He chuckled
Dad: it’s always your shoes Tessa. Always your shoes

Me: when I’m fifteen, it’s going to be my nails
Dad: I’m going to have to save up before that time. You’d need a lot

I smiled as I stood up
Me: I’m done
Dad: you look good

I gave him a fist pump and we left the room. I was glad he didn’t see me with a headset, or else I’ll ruin his day. The last time he caught me with Ella’s earplugs, I almost cried because of his vulgarity towards me. I wonder why dad hates music so much. He even hates dancing more.

He said entertainment is a waste of time and energy. He believes that one should do what can benefit the body. Health is his number one priority. He doesn’t eat junk food and drinks. He takes strictly vegetables and homemade dishes. He doesn’t like pizza. Doesn’t like cake. My dad’s life is so not enjoyable

Despite all these, I fell in love with music and TV shows. I love to sing and dance. I’m not so good at dancing but I can sing a lot. My classmates always said I sang like Tori Vega. Even better than her. That’s why everything I do is to be like her. I have tons of her songs in my phone. Yeah I have a phone. A phone dad knows nothing about. Dad doesn’t even know I love music. He thinks I’m his obedient little girl
Well, I am obedient but when it comes to music, I’m not.

Dad: I’m only doing this because I missed you

He opened the door to his car for me and I sat in. I smiled as he sat in. My dad is really good looking but he looks really older than his age. He looks forty but he’s just twenty-eight.

One thing dad doesn’t joke with is his hair. I don’t know why. He has brown jawlength hair. He also has a little goatie and a moustache that’s always brushed up and tidy.
I know some of my teachers have eyes for him. They always report me even on the slightest mistake, just so they can talk with him.
But I thank God dad doesn’t have eyes for a woman. I think he secretly despises them cause since my mom died, he never brought a lady home for any reason. Not even his secretary visited him. He doesn’t even have friends.

Dad: I’m taking a leave of absence in the next three months

Me: really. For how long?
Dad: a month
Me: a month??

Dad: surprised?
Me: hell yeah I’m surprised…
Dad: so what do you want us to do? Take a vacation?

Me: yes please. Let’s go to the capital city please…

I was surprised and happy. Tori Vega is coming to Mexico in the next three months for a concert and dad is taking a leave. I have to seize this opportunity. I need to go there live. I’m actually gonna dodge there

Dad: Mexico City? Hmm..
Me: dad please. I always dreamed of going to the capital….

I pouted as he glanced at me.
Dad: okay. We’ll go to the capital.

I squealed and lifted up my arms. Dad chuckled and drove on. I was so happy

Tori Vega here I come!

🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

I drove my daughter to the beach for the polo game that my colleagues were going to play. I now work in a big ranch as the manager.
I’ve struggled for the past ten years since I left USA. It hasn’t been easy for me at all. I managed to get some education and got employed. Before then I had already gotten Tessa. She was my only joy. The reason I smiled. As she grew up, she reminded me of only one person, Tori. Tessa looks like her, talks like her and even the smile. I knew Tori came back in form of Tessa, just to be with me again. That’s why I love Tessa so much. She’s my darling angel

Tessa : dad look…
She pointed to her principal, Mr Lorenz Bruno.

Tessa: he looks like a monkey

We both laughed
Me: I don’t know why you dislike him
Tessa: dad, everybody does. No one likes him. Not even the teachers

Me: I know of someone who likes him
Tessa: who?
Me: his wife

She laughed
Tessa: he doesn’t have a wife
We laughed together

Me: he’s so unlucky then

Tessa: are you saying you’re unlucky too? Cause you don’t have a wife anymore

I smirked
Me: he’s unlucky because people don’t like him. And at least his wife would have liked him but he doesn’t have one. I’m not unlucky cause people like me Tessa.
Tessa: especially Miss Guello…

I laughed. Miss Guello is her grumpy teacher. Very fat. She likes me a lot. Even asked me out last year

Me: don’t get me started

She chuckled and arranged her hair. She’s pretty

🌺🌺Tessa’s POV 🌺🌺

Two months had already passed, I was arranging my things for the vacation next week. I was really happy and looking forward to it. Dad and I were going to one of the best hotels in Mexico City. The place is mainly for vacations and totally for people with the money. Celebrities vacate there. It’s going to be so much fun. I’m sure dad doesn’t know there’s a tendency of me listening to music there, or maybe he even knows.

I was listening to Tori Vega’s new song titled Reason Why. I really loved it. She even featured her son in the video. Gosh he dances like a pro. He’s about my age mate. I do watch his movies. He acts for Disney.

I looked through my things and saw a broken bracelet. I have been looking for it for months, I never knew it was under my bag and even broken. I picked it up and decided to get bonding glue from dad’s drawer.

I strolled to his room, he wasn’t there. I drew out his locker and looked through. I’m sure I once saw a bonding glue here. I looked through all of it but didn’t see it. I sighed and opened the little drawer by the side. It was filled with dusty books

Me: there’s no way it would be here

I coughed as the dust went flying out. I wanted to close it back when I saw a picture under a book. Out of curiosity, I pulled it out and cleaned the surface cause it was brown with dust.

It was dad’s picture when he was younger. The place looked like a classroom. A girl had her hand over his neck and she was holding a phone. Her face wasn’t clear, moisture had washed that part off.

I began to wonder who she was. Could it be my mom? Dad said she passed away when I was born and he didn’t show me any of her pictures.

I looked intently at the picture trying to decipher the face. The brown hair was long and curly like mine. That was the only part of her head that was visible.

Just then Dad came in

Dad: Tessa what are you doing today?

I looked up at him and showed him the picture

Me: is this mom?

He stared at the picture with shock in his eyes. He stood still, not moving. I could see his eyes turning watery. I was confused as I looked at him

Dad: yes… That’s mom
To Be Continued

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