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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 29

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 29

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺

I was bewildered but I didn’t show it.

I’m pregnant for Beck? Beck that is no where to be found?

Me: but.. How about the accident? Why didn’t I loose the pregnancy

Doctor: well during that time you were only a day pregnant. It was more like a fertilized egg. It was still a zygote, not yet mature so it wasn’t fragile. If the accident happened at two weeks of pregnancy, there’s a possibility that you might have lost it.

I rubbed my temples and took the test results from the doctor’s desk

Doctor: I prescribed some drugs for you. Also, you have to watch your diet now. No more junk food and exercise daily but not too technical exercises. Rest well and drink a lot of water, okay

I didn’t reply. I just looked at the papers. I sighed and stood up

Me: thanks doc

He nodded and I walked out. I went to the pharmacy and got the drugs then headed out. I sat in the car and called Jade

📲hello Jade
📲Tori where are you? I just came to see you but you’re not in the house
📲I’m at the hospital
📲why? What’s wrong?
📲Jade… I’m pregnant… for Beck

She was quiet. I sighed cause I really needed her to say something

📲come home

I hung up and started the car then drove home. She was in my room waiting

Me: hey
My voice was so dull. I don’t even know if she heard it

I closed the door gently and collapsed on the bed.

Jade: does your dad know about this?
Me: no.. I just got back from the hospital. I didn’t tell anyone but you

Jade: I know this is going to be hard, but you have to keep the baby

I sat up. Not like I have plans of getting rid of it but I just want to know her reasons

Jade: this baby is the only thing you’ll use to remember Beck, that’s if he’s not found. And.. If he comes back, he’ll be thrilled to find you carrying his baby. The baby’s the love you guys shared. It has to stay

Me: I’m scared. Jade I’m just eighteen

Jade : I know. But you can do this
Me: but, how about school…. I don’t wanna drop out

She thought for awhile
Jade : we’re almost done with high school. You can still finish up. Just two months

Me: and college?
Jade: you can get into college after the baby is born.

Me: won’t it affect my music career?

Jade: you can keep the baby a secret then

I sighed and nodded. Now how I’m I going to tell dad that he’s little princess is pregnant at eighteen and will be a mother before twenty

Just then the door flung open, it was dad

Dad: Tori?

My heart leapt. Did he overhear our conversation?

Me: yes….dad…

He stared at me with hurt in his eyes. Jade looked at us and stood up

Jade: I’ll excuse you
She left and he entered. He was wearing Jean shorts and a grey shirt. His hair was damp. I guess he just had a shower

He sat beside me and looked at the wall opposite us. He didn’t say anything

I was scared. Why is he like that? Could it be news about Beck? Or is it the pregnancy? Should I tell him first or wait and hear what he has to say?

I heaved a deep sigh as anxiety flowed through my veins.

He finally faced me

Dad: you were at the hospital today?

I nodded

Dad: you’re sick?
Me: pregnant..

I looked into his eyes but didn’t see any atom of surprise. Did he know?

He looked away
Dad: just as I feared

My tears began to fall on their own

Me: dad I’m sorry… I’m so sorry..

He looked at me and his eyes became dull

He pulled me into a side hug and began to wipe my tears

Dad: it’s okay baby. It’s fine. Everything happens for a reason

He stroke my hair gently and kissed my hair

Me: I’m a disappointment daddy

He brought my face up

Dad: disappointment? Tori Vega a disappointment? In what aspect? Because she got pregnant for the man she loves? Or because she stood strong even after passing through traumatic experiences? Or is it because she escaped death? Is it because Beck is missing and she refused to get depressed? Is Tori Vega a disappointment because of all these?

He looked into my eyes

Dad: no…. She’s not. Instead, she’s the strongest rich teenager I know. Other rich girls in your shoes would either commit suicide or become drug addicts and club girls. My Tori isn’t a disappointment

I blinked away my tears and hugged him

Me: I love you daddy. I love you so much

Dad: I love you more… So much more…

I wiped my tears

Dad: so what do you intend doing now

Me: I’m going to keep the baby

He nodded
Dad: and I promise to support you through out

Ten Years Later

🌺🌺Benedict’s POV 🌺🌺

I stretched on my bed and opened my eyes. I saw someone opening my windows. I looked up to see mom

Mom: up already?

I screamed and jumped off the bed

Me: mom!!

I ran into her arms and she caught me and lifted me up, despite my weight

Mom: I’ve missed you sweetie
She dropped me and squatted

Me: when did you return?
Mom: last night. But you were already asleep. I didn’t want to wake my little Prince Charming

She touched my cheek and hair

Me : I’m so glad you’re back from tour. I watched you everyday on television. I even saw how you played games with D Code on the beach in Brazil

She laughed and stood up to arrange my bed.

Mom: that was on the day of my first concert there

Me: mom I’ve really missed you. I felt jealous when I saw you looking happy and lively. While I’m dying of boredom in this huge house. I sometimes feel like I’m swallowed up in it

Mom chuckled and sat on the bed, I sat beside her and she unbuttoned the upper buttons on my pyjamas

Mom: guess what?
Me: I’m not guessing.. Just tell me

Mom: I cancelled all my tours this year. Except for the one in Mexico City, and it’s still three months away. When I’m going, you’re tagging along. Let’s take a Mexican vacation. And I’m only going to focus on my music video after the concert and you’re featuring in it. You and your dance team

I jumped up
Me: awesome!!!

I began to dance and she laughed

Mom: breakfast is ready. Let’s go

Me: I’m coming down, let me go to the bathroom

Mom: Kay Kay… And we’re going to see Jade tonight

Me: she’s in town too?
Mom: since two days ago
Me: and you didn’t tell me so we could go bowling? You should have texted her to come see me

Mom: whatever..

I chuckled and entered the bathroom. Today is the happiest day since this year. Mom’s back!

🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺

I climbed down the stairs gently. I got a call from Jessica, my personal assistant.

📲yes Jess
📲Tori, Cat says you forgot your diamond necklace in the dressing room in London
📲tell her to take it
📲okay ma’am

I hung up and turned to go towards the dining room

Cat is now a fashion designer, based in England. She’s the one taking care of my costumes and for some other artistes.
She’s also a partial back up singer for me

Jade is an actress. She acts mostly action movies

And I am a singer. One of the best. I am the only female singer with the highest fans in the world.
I’ve worn awards. Lots of them. I worn a Grammy Award last year.

I walked to the table and sat down. My stewardess uncovered the food and I stared at the different dishes. I sighed and took my cutlery. I’m so tired, but I’m happy that I’m home with Benedict Oliver. I’ve missed him so much.

I lost hope of ever falling in love after waiting for five months, one year, two years, five years, eight years, and now ten years without Beck.

We never found him.

But I fell in love with the cutest, most passionate and understanding personality in the world.

I love him so much. My Benedict. I sometimes feel guilty because I hardly spend time with him but he’s as understanding as always.

I just wish he knows his father. He looks so much like Beck. The hair, the eyes, the looks, the dance moves. His charming voice.

Benedict is so cute.

I wanted to keep him a secret but I couldn’t. I had to let the whole world know I have an angel as my son.

Benedict is a partial kid actor. He acted as Tonnie in Summer Sunshine and also Manuel in Dance Tour. He acted as Jackie Luis in Super and Dennis in Empire, a Disney movie.

He already gained popularity on his own as an actor and a great kid dancer, much more than the popularity he got as the son of award winning Tori Vega.

Lately, he has been concentrating on school so he hasn’t been acting. Just learning new dance steps

He came into the dining room

Me: come sit quickly. I can’t start eating without you

Benedict : that’s good to hear. I thought you would have finished. I would have forced you to eat again…. And you’ll get fat and ugly. And your voice will suck… And no one will buy your songs. And you’ll become broke and rely on the money I make only

I laughed
Me: would you want that?

He shrugged
Benedict : even if you’re my mom, I still don’t want a liability. I’m still too tender for that

I smiled at him.
He began to dish out the food by himself, he never allows a maid do it. I don’t know why.

I decided to dish mine too and signalled for the stewardess to excuse us

Benedict : mom, I wanna have long hair like Booboo Stewart. But mine would just be jawlength.

Me: why?
Benedict : I love long hair. It would suit me. And I’d be really good looking

Me: like Beck…

Benedict : he had long hair?
Me: dude, you’ve forgotten so easily. Come on I showed you his pictures.

Benedict : ohhh sorry… My bad

I chuckled and ate quietly. His next question got me thinking

Benedict : do you think that dad could still be alive?
To Be Continued


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