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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 37

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 37

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)




🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

Me: USA?
Tori: yes please… We need you there. We’ve missed you for too long Beck. Please let’s reunite our family again

She had sat up and was holding my right hand

She’s right. I’ve been away for too long. And she’s been a single mom. Something she doesn’t deserve to experience

Me: I’ll come back only on one condition

She sat with her legs crossed on the chair and her hands were now on her thighs. She was ready to hear what I was gonna say

Tori: what’s that?
Me: are you sure you’re gonna do it?

Tori: I promise you I’ll do anything. As long as its in my power

Me: I don’t think you would
I stood up and took a handful of the popcorn on the table. She stood up too

Tori: Beck please tell me

I walked towards her room to open the door for Tessa so we would go to our house

Tori pulled me back

Tori: Beck…

I poured all the popcorn into my mouth so I couldn’t talk

Me: mm-mmm

She frowned and pulled my hand then hurried to the kitchen. She brought me before the sink and turned on the water. She pulled me down over the sink and hit my back really hard that I had to scream and the popcorn poured out

Tori: make sure you rinse your mouth and stop joking with me

She huffed and left the kitchen. I smiled and took in the running water into my mouth. I rinsed off all alien particles from it then turned off the water. I opened the fridge, took a bottle of water, gulped it down and threw the bottle into the trashcan under the counter

I came back to the living room and saw Tori changing the TV channel. I walked to her and held her waist then leaned my chin on her shoulder

Tori: you’re not gonna tell me the condition?

Me: promise me you’ll do it

Tori: I promise

Me: okay, please tell Jade not to kill me when I arrive. That’s for running away

She laughed heartily. I guess she wasn’t expecting that

Me: are you going to tell her?
Tori: I could call her now

I turned her around and drew my face nearer to hers

Me: I have an idea for tomorrow
It was a gentle whisper and I was looking at her straight in the eye

Tori: what?
I looked at her lips
Me: let’s swim naked…

Her eyes widened then she chuckled

Tori: no way
Me: why?
She just looked at me

I chuckled
Me: those two right? How should we get rid of them?

Tori: Beck!

Me: hahahaha

I pecked her lips and took her hand

Me: let’s go out and talk
Tori: it’s a cold night

Me: you need a jacket? Your room is having a prisoner

Tori: maybe we should just let them out

Me: I’ll go for Benedict
Tori: and I’ll go for Tessa

We went to the rooms and knocked.

The two opened immediately like they were waiting for us

Since the doors were opposite each other, Bene could see Tessa.

Tessa: hi Bene
She waved

Bene : hi Tessa… It’s nice to see you again

Tessa: same here Bene

Me: okay… Can I come in?

Bene : sure dad
I stepped in and closed the door

Me: wow, I’ve never been in your room
Bene : yeah you haven’t

I sat at the end of the bed and he sat opposite me

Me: so what have you been doing?
Benedict: YouTube videos

He showed me his laptop. I smiled and looked around the small room. Same size as Tessa’s room here.

There’s a skateboard leaning against the wall, a guitar, two roller blades, a shoe hang with about fifteen different pairs of shoes, a wardrobe which was opened and displaying all the clothes

Wow, Benedict does have a good life compared to what I had at his age

Me: you know, when I was your age.. I had two pairs of shoes. One for church, the other was casual. I used the casual one for a long time till it got really worn out and I had to start wearing the church shoe.

Benedict : that’s awful. You really had a rough childhood

He closed the laptop and shoved it aside then sat up facing me

Me: it was awful. And fun. I had friends and we had lots of fun

Benedict : Andre was part of them

Jeez, that reminds me. I haven’t asked about Andre yet.
Damn, buddy’s gonna be so so angry with me

Me: uhm Andre came up when I was fifteen though. The friends I’m talking about is when I wasn’t a teenager yet

Bene : do you know where they are now?
Me: I haven’t seen any of them in years. But before I left Canada, I know Samantha went to study in Japan

Bene: Samantha…
He looked at his foot. I smiled, should I tell him who exactly Samantha is?

Me: Samantha had a crush on me back then

He looked up at me
Bene : are you for real?
Me: yeah… She even framed me up… By kissing me falsely

Should I be telling this to a ten year old?

Bene : that’s funny… Samantha’s are always like that

Me: you know a Samantha?

Bene : yeah somehow. This show I acted in, there was a character named Samantha Boston. She was the type that forcing herself on cute boys only. I acted as her kid brother who collects money from her whenever I catch her with a guy

I chuckled
Me: I’d really love to watch your movies

Bene : I’d really love it if you act one with me. Mom said you were one of the best acting students back in high school

Me: well, yeah I was
Bene : and the best dancer… She said I got that from you

Me: you can dance?
Bene : yeah… Check this out

He opened the laptop, pressed the keypads and turned it to me

Bene: all these are my dancing videos

He opened one and he was in the middle of some teenagers. They began to dance to a song that I don’t know

I used to know all dance songs then. Now I really need to start over

Me: wow, you’re good

I smiled at the video.

This kid is really good

Me: I couldn’t even dance some of the steps you’re dancing at my age. You’re really good Benedict

Me: thanks dad

He showed me the video of the concert here in Mexico.

A girl at the front row shouted I LOVE YOU BENEDICT while he was dancing. Lots of banners were raised with his name and picture on top.

Can’t believe this boy is this popular

Me: I’ve never been so proud. Why the heck did I stay off while my family was making waves?

He laughed

Bene : you would have been so popular if you had entered into the movie industry. Jo Peterson and the likes would do anything to act as your girlfriends in movies

I ruffled his hair
Me: you know too much

He laughed and laid down on the bed. The door opened and Tori’s face popped in without her body

Tori: it’s pretty hot outside
Me: outside?
Tori : yeah. I thought it was gonna be a cold night but it isn’t. The heat is still up outside

Tessa’s face popped up beneath her, still without her body

Tessa: so who wants to jump into the pool?

Bene : I’m in

Tori: Beck?

Me: if Bene’s in, then I’m in

Bene stood up and pulled me up.

Tori and Tessa chuckled and looked at each other.

Wait, this two are planning something

🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺

Beck entered Benedict’s room.

Me: well, may I come in?
Tessa: you needn’t ask

I entered and smiled

Me: so what have you been doing all alone?

Tessa: I just finished my popcorn and watching Barbie on my phone

I sat down on my bed

Me: you like Barbie
Tessa: I love Barbie…. So much

Me: I don’t think you loved it like I did…. I used to spend the whole sleepover with my friends and I watching Barbie or Winx Club. And Disney princesses. Well, with one of my friends actually. Jade would never watch them

She chuckled and sat beside me

Tessa: I haven’t really watched much. Because everything was done undercover

Me: so tell me about your dreams

Tessa: I would love to be a singer
Me: really?
Tessa: yes. Just like you

I smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear

Tessa: and I wish I could live in Los Angeles. I heard the place is legit

Me: Beck and I already talked about it. You guys are coming with us to USA

Tessa: oh my God! Wow!

She was smiling brightly
Me: I’m so happy to have you guys with us. It’s gonna be hot

Tessa: you know what I’m really happy about?

Me: no, tell me

She kept her legs on the bed

Tessa: you’re gonna be my mom. The mom I never had

Me: awwwn, come here

I pulled her into a hug

Me: don’t worry, I promise to be the best mom ever

Tessa: and I promise not to be too stubborn

I chuckled and kissed her forehead

Me: it’s really not cold outside right?
Tessa: yeah. It’s a warm night
Me: why don’t we play a prank on Beck and Benedict

Tessa: what should it be about?

🌺🌺Benedict Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

I stood in front of the mirror and banded my hair back. I was already wearing what I could use to swim so no need to change.

Dad had gone to change and I think mom followed him.

I heard a faint knock on my door. I opened and it was Tessa

Me: hey Tess

Tessa: there’s something I have to tell you
She was whispering

Me: what?
Tessa: mom and I kept a water cooler into the first pool. That’s ours. Now that pool is very cold. Very very cold. So when dad is coming, she’s going to push him in and he’s gonna feel so so cold. It’s a prank

Me: OMG. That is the best prank ever. I’m so in on it

Tessa: good. Just don’t tell mom I told you

Me: okay

She winked and tiptoed away. I chuckled and closed my door.

After waiting for five minutes, I left the room and went outside. It was really a warm night.
The lights from the house were reflecting on the water and it gave it a turquoise blue color

Mom and Tessa were arranging some cookies on a tray on a table and I could see some drinks stuck into a bowl of ice

Me: it’s really a warm night

Mom : yeah… Why don’t you stand next to the pool? You and Beck should use this first one

She was pointing to the cold pool

Me: no, I’ll wait for him first

I sat on a stool and took one cookie

Mom pulled down her hair and removed her room slippers.

Dad came out of the house

Dad: hey guys
I stood up

Tessa and I : hey dad

We were chuckling quietly, waiting to see what was going to happen

Mom went to him, making sure he didn’t leave the poolside

Mom: guess what I’m gonna do now?
Dad: what?

Mom: push you in!

She pushed him and as he was falling, he grabbed onto her hand and they both fell in

Tessa and I screamed loudly and jumped up

Me: mom just got a taste of her own medicine!

Dad: why is this pool like the one in the North Pole?

Tessa: it was a prank mom brought up and she fell in it

Mom: OH my God! I’m freezing cold already

Tessa: let’s help you out

We walked to them and we each took their hands to help them out.

Well wrong move because they pulled us in. We screamed as our bodies made contact with the ice cold water.

Me: how did you guys make this water so cold?

Tessa: I feel like my skin is burning. The cold water is burning me

We laughed.

Dad splashed the water on us and we screamed and splashed back. It was all splashing, despite we were gnashing teeth

🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺

Instead of taking our iced drinks, we decided to take hot tea instead. Thank God I have tea bags here.
Gosh, I can’t feel my fingers

I hurried to my room and took a hot shower. I would have had a hot bath instead but I gotta go make tea before Beck and Tessa come back.

I wore my white big thick and large sweeter. It was big enough for two people and had red lips portraits all over it. I blow dried my hair and went to the living room.
Bene was already seated, in a big winter coat

Bene : I just thank God I brought this

He raised his hands up halfway

Me: haha… Let me go and make tea

I made tea and left it in the kitchen. I came to the living room and met Tessa wearing a sweater

Me: where’s Beck?

Tessa: still looking for something to wear
Me: really? I’ll be right back

I left through the back door and entered the house

Me: Beck?

I walked towards the rooms

Me: Beck!

Beck: in here

His voice came from the first room, I opened the door and saw him standing in front of the wardrobe, shirtless

Me: hey
I closed the door. He didn’t look at me

Beck: hey

I gently walked to him

Me: Tessa said you were finding something to wear

Beck: yeah. I brought just one sweater and I gave it to Tessa

He then turned and looked at me

Beck: whoa

I lifted up my arms
Me: wanna share?

He chuckled and wore a shirt then entered the sweater

Beck: this place is warm… I like it
He kissed the back of my neck. His hands were on my waist

Me: mister, bring one hand out before your hands ravage my body

I pulled in my left hand and he brought his out

Beck: my right hand can still do the job you know

I chuckled.

We went to my house comfortably like we weren’t sharing anything.

Immediately the kids saw us, they began to laugh.

Tessa’: you guys are so cute you know

Benedict : yeah… But funny

They laughed again.

Beck moved his hand to my tummy and I squirmed. He chuckled softly

Beck: let me take a picture

He brought out his phone. Tessa stood behind him

I raised my hand to my eye and did the Victory sign without smiling

Benedict : hey mom, why frowning like that. Can’t you look cool, like dad? You look scary

Me: shush! Just take the picture already

He took the picture

Beck pinched me and I squirmed again

Me: dude stop turning me on!

Bene and Tessa : WHAT!

To Be Continued

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