Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 5

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 5

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



💁Tori Vega’s POV💁

I watched in dismay as Beck sat down again

Jade: why are you staring into space like a freaky alien 👽?

I snapped back
Me: huh? Nothing
I dropped my phone 📱 on the table

Cat: so we’re ordering chips and cheese

Jade: thank God you decided to order something reasonable this time.

Me: waiter!
He looked at our table then began to move towards us.

Jade: he’s hot 🔥 but a waiter

Cat: what’s bad with being a waiter

Me: it’s not bad. It’s a decent way of living

Jade: I hate decent people, I hate rough people, I hate ignorant people, I hate clumsy people, I hate poor people because they are so pathetic. But I like gangsters because they are living the life

She smirked evilly

Me: then why don’t you just become a gangster?

Jade: because they always end up in jail

Cat: and you don’t wanna go to jail?

Jade: never been there before. I mind my business. But there’s a place I always send people to

Me&Cat: the hospital
She nodded

Jade: good
The waiter finally got to our table

Waiter: your welcome here. May I take your orders?

Cat: no you can’t take our orders. If you take them, what would we eat?

I shook my head at Cat, Jade glared at her and the waiter stood amused. Probably by her childish behavior.

Waiter: my bad. Pardon me please, I met what would you like to eat?

Cat: oh, chips and cheese. Three plates and three glasses of tropical smoothie

He nodded and took down the orders then left

Jade: I shouldn’t be surprised that you behave like an animal. And above all animals, you didn’t choose to be a smart one or a dangerous one, you had to choose to be a Cat

Cat: what’s that supposed to mean?
Me: don’t let it get to you Cat, Jade is just messing around

Jade: I hate this place
Me: it’s manageable
Cat: I like it

Jade: Cats like to eat from trashcans

Cat : what’s that supposed to mean?

I sighed and wore my earplugs then turned on my music.
Whenever Cat asks ”what’s that supposed to mean?” it means she’s pissed off
And if care is not taken, she might get into an argument
And she always ends up crying
Cat never wins an argument
Except if it’s about cute animals

I looked up and the waiter was back with the food
He dropped them and left
Jade began to eat
And Cat was saying Her prayers
I smiled and removed my earplugs then took my fork and began to eat

Me: wow, this is actually good
Cat: it’s so tasty 😋
Jade: not bad

I looked up and saw Beck leaving the counter and the waiter who attended to us was going to the counter

I’m going to meet him
I stood up

Me: be right back
I walked towards the counter and he paused when he saw me

😎Beck Oliver’s POV😎

Did I just see Tori of Victorious right now?
No, it’s just my imagination playing with me over what Andre said

I shook my head and tried to walk away but she called my name
I turned and she was already standing before me

Tori: hi

I began to stammer
Me: uh… H..hi

Tori : how are you?
She crossed her arms and stared at me as if she caught me stealing red-handed

I decided to brace up and stop acting like I’m guilty of a crime
Me: I’m fine. Why are you here?

Tori : I’m here with my friends. I told you we’re having a girls night remember?

Me: oh, I never knew you girls come to this type of restaurant

Tori: actually, we don’t but Cat insisted we come here today

I nodded and looked through the customers then saw Jade and Cat at a corner eating

Tori : sooo…. You work here?

Me: yes
I was secretly praying that a customer walks in so I can just get to work and avoid further interrogations

Tori: give me your number
She brought out her phone

Tori : so that we can text later. When do you close from here?

Me: by 9pm and my number is 676-99
Tori : okay thanks, I’ll leave you to your work now

She winked at me and walked away
I found myself smiling with my hands crossed

Andre: busted!
I looked back to see Andre looking me

Me: I hope she doesn’t blow my cover
Andre: she might not blow your cover but if Jade hears about this, you’re dead man

I scratched my head. I don’t really want to have anything to do with that Jade

Andre : let’s talk over the counter since no one’s coming in or leaving

I nodded and we walked to Robbie place

💁Tori Vega’s POV💁

I sat down and began to eat
Cat : where did you go?
Me: somewhere

She began to giggle
Cat: somewhere… Hahaha, haha somewhere.. Haha

Jade stopped eating and looked at her
I was also staring at her

Me: what the heck is making you laugh?
Cat: one time, my brother left home and when we asked him where he went to he said somewhere

Jade: is that the reason you have to laugh like a moron?

Cat : someone once said my brother is a moron

I shook my head
Me: I hope you don’t take after him

Jade: she already has
Cat: hahahahaha, wait….. What do you mean by I already have?

Me: hey girls, check this guy out
I showed them a picture of a handsome boy in my phone just to change the topic

Cat: he’s so cute
Jade: he’s hot like Beck

Cat: I saw Beck after school today. He ordered pizza and we ate together

Jade: nice joke

Cat : I’m not joking
Jade: why would Beck want to eat with you?

Cat: is there something wrong with me?

Me: where did you see Beck?
Cat: at a Pizza Place. Tori, do you know Jade has a crush on Beck

I was gulping down my drink but somehow, it hooked up in my throat and didn’t go down
I poured it back into the glass

Cat: ewww
Me: what did you say again?

Cat: ewww?
Me: no, about Jade

Cat: oh, she has a crush on Beck
Jade: I don’t have a crush on him, crushing on a guy is for little wretched girls.

Me: wait, don’t tell me Beck is the guy you were talking about earlier about dating him

Cat: he’s the one
Me: but, Beck can’t cope with you

Jade : why do you care?

I sat back
Me: no… I.. I don’t care. Just saying

Jade : how did you know him in the first place. I thought you didn’t know much people in school

Me: I don’t talk to them doesn’t mean I don’t know them

Cat: my Nona is going to babysit two children tomorrow. So immediately after school, I’m going straight home

Jade : why is she babysitting? Is she out of money?

Cat: she feels like spending time with children. Awesome right?

I was grateful to Cat for changing the topic. So Jade wants to date Beck? Whoa, I don’t think that’s possible. I mean Beck is like a low class guy, Jade is really high class. She won’t have anything to do with him
And she might even kill him if she finds out that he’s like a nobody

I looked up and saw Beck coming to a table
Jade shouldn’t see him here and now

I took my phone
Me: OMG, Jade I just received pictures of an old lady beating up a teenager because he tried to steal her purse

Jade : man, I love that old lady. Might be like her when I get old.

Me: come on let’s go out and watch the boxing match

Cat: I hate boxing, they bring out blood

Jade: that’s why I love it. They bring out blood

Cat gasped and covered her mouth
I looked at Beck, he looked uneasy
I smiled at him and took Jade’s hand

Me: come on let’s go
I pulled her up

Cat: what about me?

Jade: lick the plates and pay the bill

Cat: okay
She took Jade’s plate and tried to lick it

Me: no no no no
She stopped and looked at us

Jade: this girl is sincerely a cat
She walked out
I sighed

Me: Cat, why don’t you just go and wait for me in the car. I’ll pay the bill

Cat: can we grab some ice-cream before we go home?

Me: yes we can. Now run along

Cat: ha-ha, she said I should run along

She stood up and ran outside
I turned to see Beck. He was already through with that table. And I signalled to him to come. He came over and I brought out my credit card

Me: do you guys take payments by credit cards?

Beck: no, just cash
I returned my credit card and brought out thirty dollars

Me: how much for a plate?
Beck: seven dollars 💵

I gave him the $30
Me: you can keep the rest. Good night Beck, we’ll text later

I smiled brightly and walked outside. Jade was inside but Cat was standing outside looking sad

Me: why are you standing outside in the cold?
Cat: Jade locked me out.

I knocked on the window and she opened the door. We got in and I started the car.
I began to drive and Cat began to play with Jade’s hair
Wrong move

Jade: CAAAT!
Cat and I were thrown off balance
I stopped drinking immediately and Cat fell on the seat flatl. I looked at her and she just curled up in a cuddle. I hope she’s not crying
I started the car again and drove straight to Cat’s house. She lives with her grandmother that she calls Nona. Both of them dyed their hair red and are very weird.
Luckily she’s really rich and Cat has a comfortable life

Me: good night Cat. See you tomorrow at school

Cat: bye Tori bye Jade

Me: bye
Jade didn’t reply. She never does

💚Beck Oliver’s POV💚

I sat down on my bed and placed a pillow on my leg. I was really tired. Work was stressful today.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom to shower.
I came back with a towel round my waist and neck.
My hair was wet and I used the towel round my neck to dry it.
My phone buzzed and I took it up. It was a message

📩 hey Beck. It’s me Tori. Are you home already?

I smiled and sat on the bed

📩 yes. WBU?

📩 I am too. But I’m a little tired from the girls night

📩I hope you’re already resting. I don’t want you to get stressed out

📩, I’m already in my pyjamas

📩good girl

She didn’t reply on time so I just stood up and changed into shorts and a yellow vest.
I took my phone and strolled to the living room to get something to drink

💁Tori Vega’s POV💁

I hurried up the stairs to my room. My dad was still not back and Trina should be in her room
I’m tired and need rest for tomorrow
I walked into my room and dropped my bag on the bed
I heard movements in my closet and moved to open it
It opened before I got to it and I almost fell down

Trina: oh hey little sis

Me: Trina? What are you doing here and why are you holding my things?
I tried to snatch them from her but she moved them away

Trina: I need these for tomorrow. There’s this concert and I wanna wear this dress or maybe this one

She examined my clothes and shrugged

Me: why are you wearing my clothes? Don’t you have clothes of your own?

Trina: I feel like wearing your clothes. Anyway you’re slimmer than I but who cares?

She giggled and walked away
I frowned and closed my closet. She’s just taking advantage of me because dad is not home

I locked my door and went into the bathroom to refresh myself. I came back and wore my pyjamas then took my phone to text Beck.

We were texting for a few minutes and then Trina knocked again. She kept banging on my door
I groaned and opened the door

Trina : can I have your phone?
Me: what? Why?
Trina: because I wanna use it
Me: you have your phone and I have mine. So use yours and leave mine

I closed the door in her face and sat on the bed again. I was not very happy because Trina was like a thorn my butt. She chokes my entire life and I prefer staying at school than at home when dad is around

👱Trina Vega’s POV👱

I sipped my drink as I sat over the computer trying to hack into my sister’s cellphone. I need to know what she’s up to now.
I successfully hacked in and proceeded to check her texts

I saw that she was presently texting with someone and I checked the name. It was Beck. I checked the messages and noticed that this is actually the first time my sister is texting a boy
I wonder who he is to her?
I must find out

I’ll check Hollywood Arts tomorrow and know who this Beck is?

I sure hope he’s a little older and super handsome. I’m in need of a new boyfriend
To be continued


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