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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 4

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 4

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



👇Beck Oliver’s POV 👇

We strolled out of school together. She sighted her crew and sighed

Tori: gotta go. We have a girls night today

She shoved her hair behind her ear and I smiled

Me: I’ll see you tomorrow then
Tori: sure, bye

Me: bye
I watched her move forward and I felt a tap on my shoulder
I looked back to see Andre and Robbie gawking at me

Beck: hey guys

Robbie : why wasn’t I born as good looking as you??

Rex: a crane cant give birth to a peacock….

I and Andre began to laugh. But Robbie didn’t understand the meme Rex pulled up

Robbie : what do you mean by that?
Andre: it means you’re ugly because your parents are ugly

Robbie : whaaat?? That’s it, get into the bag

Rex: oh no not the bag, you haven’t washed it for two months and it’s smelly

Robbie : shut up!
He opened his bag pack and pushed Rex inside then zipped it closed

Andre: okay, now back to business. What were you doing with the almighty Tori Vega?

Robbie : did she actually talk to you? Did you hear her voice?

Me: I guess I did. She’s actually fun to be with

Andre: your good looks are working for you

Robbie : please hook me up with Cat. She’s so beautiful and jovial

Rex: (from the bag) in your dreams

Andre and I began to laugh again

Robbie : okay Beck, you’re going to work straight right?
Me: yep

Andre: me too
Robbie : I need a job too
Andre: you could join in as a waiter with us

Robbie : really
Andre: yeah

Robbie : thank you. I’ll just go home and shower then we’ll come to the restaurant

Me : as long as you don’t come with Rex
Robbie : why I can’t leave him at home

Andre: you possibly can’t bring him

Robbie : I’ll just tell my grandma to babysit him for me

Me: guys, I’ll go home now. We’ll see at work

Andre: okay bye

I waved slightly and strolled into the streets
A car stopped in front of me and the window came down
A blonde girl popped up

Girl: hi Beck
Me: hi

Girl: I see you’re waiting for your driver
Me: well—

Girl: the sun is really hot today, and your driver might take too long to come. Why don’t you hope in and I give you a ride home?

I smiled flirtatiously and stared deep into her eyes
Unlocking my full charm

Me: (in a sexy tone) really, you wanna give me a ride? That’s so sweet. I’d like to sit in the same car with you

Girl: come on in then

I grinned as I walked around and opened the door then sat down

Me: I love your car
Girl: thank you

She grinned happily and started the car
I was so happy because I could save money and add to my savings

Girl: I hope your girlfriend isn’t going to have me arrested for giving you a lift?

She flipped her hair and revealed her beautiful white shoulders
I smirked and looked at her seductively while resting my head on the seat
I’m not a playboy but I’m good at getting girls all over me

Me: she won’t say a thing. Because she doesn’t exist and you’re an angelic being, who wouldn’t want a ride from you?

She laughed

Girl: you’re so sweet Beck
Me: what’s your name?
Girl: Belle

Me: beautiful Belle

Belle: stop flattering me, haha

Beck: when we get to Caltech highway, you can just drop me off. I want to see someone by the museum opposite it

Belle: okay, I will

I looked towards the street and saw the restaurant where I was already working
I smiled as I remembered the first day I began to do part time jobs
That was when I was just eleven years

I’ve been working with my mom ever since I was old enough to speak for myself but I began to work on my own when I turned eleven years

Life has been a little rough for me
According to mom, dad was a rich man but he got bankrupt and things changed for him

But I’m happy I’m good looking, at least it hides my real identity

Belle: we’re here handsome

Beck: thanks Belle
I unhooked the seat belt and opened the door slightly
I turned to her and pecked her cheek

Beck: see you tomorrow
She smiled and her cheek was bright red
I got out of the car and waved at her
She waved back and drove off

I breathed in heavily
I turned around and entered into the museum to meet mum

I met a security officer

Me: hello sir, I’m here to see my mom

Officer: is she expecting you?

Me: yes

Officer: follow me
I followed him into the hall
I caught sight of her directing some tourist towards a particular statue
I really hate all these stuff about history and culture
I just prefer to dance and act

The only way you’ll see me reading or doing research about culture is if it has to do with entertainment

Me: officer that’s my mom
I pointed to her

Officer: she looks busy. Do you really want to disturb her now?

Me: she actually asked me to meet her here after school

My mom turned and saw me
I waved slightly
She smiled and turned to her tourists and said something to them

She then turned and began to walk towards us

Officer : you have just few minutes
He walked away and I waited patiently for her to come closer

I felt camera lights flashing on me
I looked and saw two preteen girls taking pictures of me

They giggled and ran off when I looked at them
I grinned

Mom: hey cutie….
She touched my cheek

Me: mom, how’s work going?

Mom: fun as you can see
She was looking happy
I smiled

Mom: I’ve gotten a job for you
Me: huh? Another job?

Me: don’t worry, it’s better than being a waiter. You’re going to work for a script writer as his driver

Me: can I do that as a student?
Mom: it’s part-time, he just needs you whenever he’s going to his leisure house. Now that’s only in the evenings when he’s free.

Me: then I’ll have to quit being a waiter

Mom : no you won’t. Its not everyday he goes to his leisure house. You need to keep working the day he’s busy.

Me: sounds good
Mom: great, after school tomorrow you are going to see him in his house

Me: okay
Mom: now take this and get something to eat before you go to work

She gave me some dollar bills
I pecked her and she hurried back to her tourists

I walked out of the museum and went to the pizza palace down the street
I sat down and ordered pizza margarita
The full box because I had extra money

I was on my first bite when I saw a figure in front of me
I looked up to see Cat with a pink teddy bear smiling at me

Cat: hiiiiiiii
She sounded so babyish at the same time sweet

Me: Cat
She gasped

Cat: you know my name already
I smiled

Beck: of course I do. Sit down

Cat: Ok….aay, I’m sitting down. Hihihi

I chuckled at how jovial she is
And I like the way she chuckled

Me: join me
I shifted the box to her
She took a napkin and then carried a slice

Cat: why are you here alone?
Beck: just felt like chilling before I go home

Cat: when you get home should I guess what you’re going to do?

Me: you can try

Cat: you’re going to open the door, get inside. Say hi to mom and dad, go to your room and drop your bag. Kiss your stuffed animals and then go and bath in a Jacuzzi tub with toy ducks swimming around

I puzzled my face though she was smiling

Me: uhhhh, I don’t think I’m going to do that when I get home

Cat: why? That’s what I do always

Me: I don’t do that
Cat: Jade will say that I’m a psycho in a mild form

I chuckled
Look who’s calling someone a psychopath

Cat: Beck, I hope you know about the play we’re having next weekend

Me: I heard something about it but I’m not sure

Cat: we’re having a play, Tori is the lead role. I’m acting as her best friend. Jade is acting as her rival.

She took another bite from the one slice of pizza that has been in her hand since

Me: Tori is acting
Cat: of course she is. If she’s not in it, then it’s going to be a flop

Me: why is your hair red?
Cat: Nona and I dyed it red. Her hair is also red

Me: I see
Cat: I love my Nona because she understands me

Me: it’s good to know
I checked my time and it was five minutes to 5pm
I’ve got to get going

Me: uhm Cat, I have to get going now. I’ll see you at school okay

Cat: are you going with your pizza?

I stood up and adjusted my wristwatch

Me: no, you can have it
Cat: thank you. I’ll eat it before my brother gets here

Me: your brother?
I’m sure she didn’t hear that because I didn’t say it out loud

Cat: bye Beck
Me: bye Cat

I walked out of the pizza place and flagged down a taxi who took me straight to the restaurant

Andre and Robbie weren’t there yet so I just changed into my uniform and went to sign my shift

😎Andre Harris POV😎

I tied my hair into a small pony tail and left the dressing room
Robbie was standing outside waiting for me

Me: have you read the instructions
Robbie : yes
Me: then why aren’t you working yet?

Robbie : I’m… I’m… Just… I’m nervous

I almost laughed out but I controlled myself

Me: why?
Robbie : they’re so many pretty girls out there

I chuckled
I’ve always known Robbie to be a sissy so I’m not surprised

Me: well just try to be official then

Robbie : won’t they laugh at my glasses 👓

Me: your glasses are fine. Look how Beck is doing great

We peeped at the people eating and how Beck was serving some girls who were rather flirting with him than placing their orders

Robbie : will they do that to me?
He asked with a little hope in his facial expression

Me: obviously not
He frowned at me

Me: just brace it up man, you’re not that ugly

Robbie : which means I’m even ugly but not that ugly

I chuckled at his realization

It was already my shift, I took my note and pen then moved towards an old couple that just sat down to take their orders

😞Robbie Shapiro’s POV😞

I sighed and took my notepad and walked towards a group of girls who were laughing and waiting for a waiter

Me: hi, welcome. May I have your orders?
I was trying my best to be official
They frowned when they saw me

One of them spoke up
Girl: no, thank you

I bowed slightly and moved away
I heard them giggling

I walked past Beck, immediately the girls began to call him
He went over to their table
I saw them placing their orders

I frowned and moved to the counter
They rejected me because they wanted Beck to attend to them

Brandon : having a hard time with the girls here?

I sighed
Me: they’re so picky

Brandon: that’s unusual of them but I think they’re like this because of Beck. But since you’re having a hard time getting along with them, why don’t we swap. It would be easier for you right?

Me: yeah, all you have to do is just get the orders from the waiters and take it to the kitchen right

Brandon: yep.. Then I bring it back and hand it over to the waiter

Me: great, let’s swap

I swapped with him and then stayed behind the counter and watched Brandon do the job of a waiter

Not bad though
But I think the busiest waiter here is Beck, it seems every table wants him to attend to them
Even the boys

How I wish I was handsome

😚Beck Oliver’s POV😚

I’m so exhausted
Why is today so busy?
Maybe it’s because it’s a Thursday
But I thought Friday’s are busiest

Thank God my shift is over for now
I can rest my loins

I moved behind the counter and sat down
Andre came shortly after and sat beside me

Andre: today’s really filled up. Mostly girls

Beck: and they’re all on my neck. They’re even ordering more than once

Andre: hahaha, I think they’re all here because of you.

Beck: I hope they increase my pay

He laughed

Andre: I just hope non of our school mates come here
Me: why?

Andre: because they’ll see you and find out that you’re just an AVERAGE BOY

Me: well, that’s actually what I am so—

Andre: if I were you, I’d try to hide my identity for now

I was getting confused and I wanted to get what he was saying

Andre: can’t you see? Victorious likes you. That’s so unusual of them. Especially Tori. I think it’s because they think you’re rich. They think you’re in their class and level. If they find out about you from other sources, they’ll tarnish your image. But if you become close to them, and you tell them yourself they might understand. And do you know what it means for Victorious to be on your side?

Me: no tell me

Andre: you get opened to lots of privileges. You could get a part in movies and music videos. You could actually blow up

Me: I never thought of that

Andre : just try to get closer to them, and please hook me up with Tori

My expression changed

Andre: not that type of hook up, I mean musically. Tell her I’m a good songwriter and that I can sing melodiously. She’ll hire me to write songs for her

I chuckled and he stood up

I hope I get lucky with hiding my identity. But then, I’ll have to quit this job

😘Tori Vega’s POV😘

I moved in front and sat down first
Then Jade and Cat sat down

Me: next time, we’ll make sure Cat doesn’t choose the venue for our girls night

Jade: next time, she won’t even be part of the girls night

Cat: what’s that supposed to mean??

Jade: it means what you think it is

Cat : I’m not afraid of you
She frowned and crossed her arms

Jade smirked and dropped her scissors on the table

Cat: but I’m afraid of that
She looked at the scissors, terrified.

That was the very scissors she used to shred her favorite stuffed animal last month

I sighed and looked to see if a waiter was already coming
I sighted one coming towards us

I took my phone and imputed my password
That was when my brain interpreted the image behind the counter

I looked up again to confirm it
I gasped when I saw him in a waiters uniform and he was with that black guy from school too

Wait, is Beck faking his identity?

To be continued

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