Beautiful Love Song Epilogue 2

Beautiful Love Song Epilogue 2
[  💗my sweetheart💗]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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the conclusion…...


i felt his pains as he hugged me.
This feeling of finally getting what you’ve lost…
I sat well on the bed with my legs pressed against the silky gold duvet. There was just a little light in the room.Too bad I couldn’t look into his face.

“honey just calm down…you have your mom now” I said and dip my fingers into his hair.He didn’t reply and I imagined him biting cutely into his lips.He held me well and i leaned in properly.

“Baby how are you going to punish Mrs sugar and mr Han…are you gonna hand them over to the lawmakers…what about Romeo?”,
I asked him in a very concerned tone.

He didn’t reply,he kissed my neck tenderly and spank my butts softly, it really turned me on that i held unto him in a tight manner.
He brush softly into my under arm, almost close to the sides of my breasts,he turned me over to the bed.

“ouch honey” I close my eyes in sweetness as i felt his hardness squirm on my butts.
“you’re spoilt,hope you know? he asked. I hit his chest and nod my head in sweetness.
“seriously, I wasn’t even thinking about that with you” he said. I smiled shyly and peck his lips.
I rest my body on his.
He kissed my cheeks tightly as his fingers trailed my hips…he already took off my robe,I was now left in a singlet and a very skimpy short.

“Aaaah,that’s ticklish”, I laughed and suddenly held him more tight..
I felt like throwing up.
ohhh nooo…not now! I choked.
Royal stopped in the middle of the romance and look at me.
“are you sure you’re fine”,he asks.
I nodded in agreement and shut my eyes tightly.I’m feeling dizzy again.
I didn’t even notice he was staring at me suspiciously.i choked again,this time i felt my vomit coming coming more faster. I jumped out of the bed, I wanted to move,I felt dizinness and I lost control.
“sweetheart?”, royal look so confused as he quickly grabbed my waist.
“I thought I signed an appointment for you to see my doctor,why didn’t you go??”, he asked.
I nodded in disagreement as my head spun…I vomited right there in his room.

“babe, what’s wrong with you??”, he asked and hold me well till i face him.
“I don’t like hospitals,I don’t want to go”,I nodded in disagreement.
That hold was really romantic,
like in movies…
I vomited again,royal quickly took his phone and called his doctor..i felt scared.What if he doesn’t want to be a father now?..
The door to his room opened.
ohhh my goodness…his mom,exactly what am scared dizziness quickly disappear as our eyes met.
Her eyes followed my vomit on the floor, to the way royal held me and lastly to the way am dressed.
“hmmmm” she cleared her throat.
I can’t really interpret her looks,I pinched royal out of nervousness.
his mom faced me.

“why are you vomiting?”, she asked.
I directed my gaze to my vomit.
“she’s fine,I will take care of her” Royal said and wore my robe for me, he tied the rope.
“not too tight” I said lowly.
“or are you….” his mom made a “are you pregnant look”.
“nooooo” I replied really scared.
she nodded.
Two maids quickly entered with cleaning materials.

“the doctor is around?”, she said.
“I’m coming ma’am” I said and rush into Royal’s room. I rinse my mouth and face,then i sanitize my hands.
god save your daughter!
I said and step out to meet the doctor who was already in my room.
she smiled as she felt my pulse.
“it’s obvious you’re pregnant” she said and wrote out some drugs for me,she dropped her hospital address for me to come the following day.
I felt relieved.

3hours later…
💌 honi,you didn’t tell me you’re getting married! Shantai sent.
💌 are you pregnant for real???
Dora sent…
💌 congrats honi,just enjoy your time like am enjoying mine” eve sent.

💌 who told you am pregnant?”,
I replied Dora’s text.
💌 jezzzz am the boss! she replied.
💌 is it really true….how does it feels like to be you feel like eating a whole house?”, she asked.
💌 Dora, it’s not even up to three weeks” I sent.

Another message buzzed in,this time it was Nina.I felt reluctant at first.
💌 I envy you!!!!!
attached to what she sent was a magazine front cover.What I saw got my head spinning.

<guess who’s getting married> was the headline.Royal’s picture and mine was perfect on the font page.
🔰 waooow that’s what is trending now!! Nina sent.
🔰 you’re getting married this Saturday…next tomorrow…it’sgonna be a bigger blast! she sent.

I dropped my phone,I’m kind of confused.I know am getting married but isn’t this too fast.
A knock came on my door,I jolted back and stood to answer it…it was royal mom..

“how are you feeling now,is the baby giving you trouble already?” she asked in a smile…
“not really! I replied shyly.
she moved in fully alongside with six maids.Each of them were carrying a box but the last box got me amazed.

“your wedding had been concluded to this Saturday,get together with both families will be tomorrow…” she said….
I smiled shyly.She hugged me.
I hugged back happily.She left.

💌 sorry I didn’t tell you..” I sent.
💌 it’s fine,mine is next year” she sent…
💌 hmmm dora, ain’t i too small for this just 20″ I sent her.
💌 *smiles* once you’re happy with it,you’re good to go…. you love royal,you’ve achieve so many things even bigger than your we speak you’re now a public figure.. What else are you looking for???
do you know how many people will die to be in your position???
she sent..
💌 I know royal will take care of you!

I dropped my phone and started opening each boxes,they all contain wedding attires.The last box was from Mrs Claudia. Her name was inscribed boldly on it.
I smiled as i touch it tenderly.
“Mrs Claudia may your source of inspiration never runs dry…you’re such an angel to me”, I muttered and phoned her..
who knows if she’s the mastermind of these marriage?…she‘s Royal’s aunt.Waooow.

💌 she finally forgive me,she’s in my penthouse…I still have a gift for you” my dad sent with a picture of him and my mom together..
I smiled to myself and stroll out of my room to Royal’s room,he wasn’t there..
“sir is at the dungeons yard.Just 15steps after the water fall” Aly described. I went to the described place and saw him.

Mrs sugar was out,although in chain.Two guards were standing behind her. I really pity her but I don’t have the courage to talk about it with royal,he doesn’t even like talking about it with me.
I pity mr Han the most..

“I will pluck out your eyes after you must have spend 5years in this dungeon…those five years,you would be fed and well taken care of…till it would be over” Royal said simply.
with the way he said it,I know he mean it…

“Royal please reconsider?”,
mr han pleaded.It was followed with a weeping sound from Mrs sugar.
“please my son reconsider,I was once good to you” Mrs sugar said.

“sweetheart what are you doing there?”, I heard voices.
all eyes followed where I was hiding.
“common you shouldn’t be watching such dirty sight…and you Mrs sugar,I think you should start mourning your death” Royal’s mom said with so much authority and took me away.
Nine months later…..
my marriage was so smooth and perfect,have been to 19 different countries within those nine months if I can count well.It was all fun.
My pregnancy did well in pushing my career to it’s peak,off course I was carrying the almighty Royal’s baby.
All industry kept begging me with huge money to sign into their industries…

I wish i could but royal doesn’t want me to work for anybody,he said he wants people to work under me…
I now have my own industry, in my name,it’s the best female band in the whole of India.
I just feel sooo fulfilled.
I didn’t hear from Lilly,the only people I heard from were jing,Mira and Angel. They attended my wedding party and they were seriously begging me…
I really can’t forget that day.
Mira and i became pretty close.She works in my industry,even jing and Angel,I pay them…
i wish to see lilly too.Just imagining what she would look like by now.
maybe she’s scared to show up after the last scandal…
Yeah,her mom and mr han are still in the dungeon. The guards will pluck out their eyes after 5years…my baby would have been 4years by then.
I really pity them…

Tehila and my niece rushed in the moment I changed channel of the TV.
“Aunt,the movie has it started??”,
Ariel,my niece asked.
“I won’t miss this?”, tehilla smirks and fell into s couch beside me.
These two have been keeping me company since yesterday.I just came back from Beijing the day before yesterday…

“ohhhhh my….Ariel look!!!!!
tehila chuckle as she pack a handful of popcorn into her mouth.
The movie ended in 2hours time.

“madam,your sleeping time.I just prepared your bed” the nurse staying with me said. I hastily stood up and walk upstairs to sleep.
Ariel and Tehilla were still glued to the TV…

“Aunt sweetheart,what falls but never breaks and what breaks but never fall?”, Tehila asked…Ariel pouted her mouth cutely.
“wait,are you guys betting?”, I asked.
“yeah…the winner will collect the loosers savings” tehilla said smartly.

“My answer is ring” Ariel said.
“mine is plastic bottle” tehilla said.
I smiled lightly,this kids always amaze me.
“who’s right?” tehi asked.
“who’s wrong?” Ariel asked.
“both of you are both wrong, the answer is day and night…Day breaks but never falls,night falls but never breaks” I said.
“shit! tehila cursed inwardly.
“don’t bet with your savings again okay,I will take you out to the newest park in town” I said.
They smiled happily.I left them and went to my room.I don’t know how long I slept..
I tried staying awake for royal too.

Someone knocked at the door.
It was my niece,Ariel.
She entered and close the door fully.
“can I sleep beside you?” she asked.
I nodded and tapped a side of the bed,i didn’t even notice she came with tehila.
<30mins later>
I started feeling so much discomforts in between my legs,then my back,the pains was huge as my legs suddenly felt heavy…
“sister….my love” Ariel said..
I shouted in so much pain,it made tehila sprank up.
“my backkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!
“Ariel leeeeeavvve me alone!!!!
I screamed with so much pain as i felt my sweat..
“Should i call the nurse?”, Ariel asked. I still screamed. it increased when I felt a liquid dripping in between my legs….I felt like I was in hell,the pain became more deep and intense…I started crying as i scream,the nurse rushed in alongside with two maids..
Tehila picked my business phone.
“its not this one,that one” Ariel corrected and handed her another of my phone…
“sorry…easy” the nurse said as the maid helped her to lift me. I felt fresh pains as my feet touch the floor. With tears,they managed to help me get downstairs…
you know how royal house is????
so much stairs! it was real hell.
“sir royal is back,i guess! a maid said…as she said,I heard his car horn too…
he came in..
“thanks, I will handle her” he said and lift me up in a bridal style,the nurse rush to open the door,I felt pains everywhere that I don’t know where to touch to feel better.
“soorrry” he whispered as he dropped me at the back seat,he quickly turn to sit at the drivers seat, he drove out after a military car must have drove out.
Royal’s p.o.v
“she has delivered” the doctor said and shook hands with me.
I felt relieved.”is she alright?”,I asked.
“sure” the doctor said.
I breathed out in happiness and moved into her ward..she was still sleeping…
“ohh my gaaaad boy?”, my mom smiled happily.
“jezzzz this is my Best,he’s really cute just like you* my mom said.
I touched krish forehead and bent to kiss her lips,I recollected how she was screaming an hour ago.
*am sorry if the pain was so much*
I said.
“anytime” she replied from sleep..
Mrs Claudia moved in too…
“waooow,he’s cute…” she exclaimed and walk to carry the baby.
“krish you’ve just gotten me my gold” she said…I had to move out when the was becoming too much…
I wonder how the news quickly spread.I wore my mask and intended to move out,I couldn’t go any future cus of the media.
Lilly’s p.o.v…….
“seriously,I hold no grudges against you cos you didn’t offend me..Lilly you disappointed me,well I thank God” Angel said as we sat alone in a bar at night.
“please…am really changed! I I touch her hand.
“you didn’t offend me,if there’s anybody you offend,it should be Mira and I don’t think she will forgive you. You betrayed her… I just can’t believe your pride.Now see where you ended your life,gaaaaad this is not the Lilly that I know” Angel said as she check time…
“I’m sorry….where do you now work?”, I asked.My life didn’t remain the same after the scandal.
“well,I work under Krishna,she’s now a branch on her own…it’s the best best most paying industry. She treat us well”, she replied.
I breathed in. Did I just hear her well..
so Krishna would be the first female to own an industry? waoow.
“excuse me,I need to get to somewhere, it’s krish baby shower tonight…would you mind coming?”, she asked.
“perhaps you can make peace with everybody” she said.
“no one would hold you,entrance is free. if you don’t drop your ego,you will remain in one level” she said…
“I’m not dressing well,I look so unkept too” I said.
“fine,I will take you to my house” she said. and I followed her to her Ferrari.
she drove to their house,
waoooow!!! just escaped my mouth. When did royal build this place???
After an hour,angel found a place to park…the place was just filled up.
This baby is already popular.
Angel stepped out of her car,I followed her quietly even though it wasn’t easy laying down my pride.
We passed many tables in the compound.
Food and drinks were surplus. Of course this shower is supper classic. i passed Eve,she didn’t look at me.The people I passed didn’t even spare me a glance and it hurts.
“ohhh my gaaad!!!! Dora jumped on angel…
*Dora!! angel chucked as they hugged.I saw Chris, our eyes locked. He didn’t spare me a glance.
“who is this???”, Dora pointed to me as she tuck her loose hair behind her ears. I was quick to see an engagement ring in her finger.
“this is Lilly! angel said.
“hey! Dora waved at me.
“babe! Jeff came and drag her away.
“ain’t I pretty anymore?”, I asked.
“you are…Dora traveled too,she just returned.I think that’s why she couldn’t recollect” angel said as we entered the mansion.
and goooosssssh,it spoke of wealth..
the inside was filled with lot’s of people…
I followed angel quietly upstairs till we stopped in front of a room.
The door was opened by a woman.
Angel presented a gift,too bad I don’t have nothing to present.

We entered the room fully..
My eyes search for the baby,I saw him inside a white basket.He’s really handsome with lashes like Krishna own…
Not quiet long sweetheart entered the room…
she saw me.
“hi” she greeted.with the way she greeted,i don’t think she recognized me….I stared at everything she was putting on,although simple but it’s the best… she still have her beautiful face and of course her shapes.
I thought women would be pregnant after giving birth hers is quite different..
*hi! she greeted again.
“I’m fine” I greeted back.
Her skin…gosh,I felt like touching her.
She carried the baby and went through the other doors.
she still turned back at me.
“Are you Han Lilly? or am i dreaming?”, she asked.Her ascent made me ran mad…
“she’s not right?”, she faced angel.
“she’s the one” angel said.I bowed my head in shame.Angel pinched me to say something.
“I’m sorry for the past” I said simply in tears. I couldn’t believe I just apologized.
“I forgive you,feel at home” she said..
and quickly left..
I wish I could see the baby again…but I had no chances again.
“who’s Lilly?”, a neatly dressed lady came..
“ohh it’s you” she whyned and handed me a card.
“Mrs Marley said I should give it to you,in case you need anything” she said…I smiled as i collected the card.
“after all,she’s still friendly!
I smiled…
I wish I could see royal too but luck didn’t shine on me..he already told me i shouldn’t see him in the future.
After this experience,my life won’t remain the same…

I enjoyed the party, it was the best I have ever attended…
I manage to see through the whole compound,finally my eyes met with Royal.He was carrying his little best while speaking with a man in suit..
A business partner,I guess.

They were done,he turned back and our eyes ran into each other.He covered the baby well…
“Royal am really sorry” I moved closer…
“in the future may we not see each other again,i already forgive you” he said with deaminor of superiority.
i smiled to myself.
He just said he forgive me…..

waoooooow.And the baby,he’s soo cute
I smiled.
The end.


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    Really interesting, u are such a talented writer, more strength to continue,wickedness in the highest order,han Cheng, mrs sugar Romeo met their water lo. And Krishna have a good heart she forgave lily and her dad. Oh mrs Marley faith kept her that her son will save her and she was saved.

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