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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 35

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 35

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



If it’s to shout out and scream so the world would hear, I’d definitely do that

I so can’t believe this

I sat and watched the sunset in Beck’s arms. It was really not a dream.
Now this vacation is gonna be the best one ever

As we returned home, we each decided to tell the kids ourselves. Beck would talk with Tessa and I with Benedict.

We both knew it was gonna be hard for Tessa, knowing Beck had lied to her all these years

Beck: I don’t know… But I’m nervous
Me: why?

Beck: one thing I hate is to see Tessa getting hurt. She’s gonna be so hurt when I tell her I adopted her when she was two years

Me: I know she’s gonna get hurt. But try to comfort her okay?

Beck: she was the reason I didn’t commit suicide. I got her a month after I came here. Things were hard but when she came, she was like my angel. I got a new job that week and I left the village where I was staying

I smiled
Me: you guys love each other so much. I saw all your pictures together

He looked at me
Beck: you were a bit jealous, right?

Me: what? No.. I.. I wasn’t
Beck: when you lie, your cheeks turn pink a little

I covered my face and he laughed and hugged me

Beck: I love you Tori. I always did. And I still do. And would always do

Me: oh my gosh
I hugged him back and he kissed my neck, trailing his teeth down my nape

Me: Beck not here
He withdrew from me and gave me weird eyes

Beck: not here? What? You think I was gonna do something?

He slipped his hands into his pockets

Me : you’re crazy. Let’s go. It’s getting cold and we need to eat dinner

We began to walk. I felt bad because he didn’t hold my hand or anything. We didn’t even have body contact while walking

Beck: should we cook or go to one of the restaurants in the hotel?

I thought for awhile
Me: we still have to talk to the kids, they won’t be enough time to make a reservation and get ready to go out

Beck: so I’ll cook
Me: no… We’ll cook

I smiled. I learnt how to cook. And I’m excellent at it. Maybe even better than Beck

He smiled and slipped his hand around my waist. I felt safer

Beck: Barbie here learnt how to cook?

I chuckled
Me : I’m not blonde and yes, I learnt how to cook
He kissed my cheek

Beck: you know we have a lot to talk about
Me: yeah

Beck: and with the way we’re walking, we’re not gonna get home on time

I gasped. I forgot I brought a car.
Gosh! Look what Beck did to me

Me: love is really blind
Beck: huh?
Me: can you believe I brought a car? But we walked right past it, and I didn’t notice

He laughed and ruffled his hair. If not for the facial hair, he still looks pretty young.

Beck: you’re stressing me out
Me: sorry

I dragged his hand and we hurried back to the car. We entered and I drove us home.

We checked my house but the kids weren’t there

Beck: they should be at my house
Me: let’s go get them
Beck: no, don’t worry. I’ll just tell Benedict to come here. Tessa and I will join you guys later, okay?

Me: okay

He held my face and kissed my forehead

Beck: love you
Me: love you too

He kissed my cheek and left. I sighed and sat down.

I took my phone and texted Jade
📲you wouldn’t believe who I met today. We’ve got gist girl

I dropped the phone and went to the kitchen. I saw an empty pizza box

They ate a whole pizza? These kids are devours.

I opened the cabinet and brought out some ingredients for a Mexican dish I’m gonna cook.

I arranged them on the counter then went to take a shower. I got back and saw Benedict drinking water

Me: hey
Benedict : hey mom
Me: why are you all sweaty?
Benedict : well….

I furrowed my brows and looked at his fingertips that were stained red. Like he just ate raw beetroot
Me: well…?
Benedict : nothing. Tessa’s dad said you wanted to see me

I sat down
Me: yeah. Uhm.. Sit

He sat down beside me though on the other side of the couch.

Me: Bene… You know I love you right. And I’ve always wanted the best for you

He nodded

Me: and you know how it hurts me to see you grow up with a single mom

I drew closer and took his right hand
Me: and you know the story behind everything

He nodded
Me: what was our ultimate wish?

Benedict : to be happy always and be complete

I smiled and caressed his hand

Me: I found your dad
His face lit up

Benedict : Mr Rudy?
I nodded and smiled

He jumped up
Bene :i knew it! I knew it! Whoaaaaaaa

He was jumping up and down on the couch. I laughed and pulled him down

Me: hey don’t you wanna hear the story behind it?

Benedict : tell me… Tell me everything!

Me: well. That day, when my dad told him about the fake death, he ran off, loosing his mind and getting into a truck that headed for Mexico. He crossed the border and ever since then, he stayed here. He changed his name and stopped listening to music or watching TV. He said he thought the news of the death would be all over it

Benedict : so he’s truly Beck Oliver. I’m so happy. You know, back at the beach, he asked me if I knew Trina, Jade and Cat

Me: really? He did?
Bene: yeah. I answered him yes and immediately he ran towards the restaurant where you entered. That moment, I knew I found my dad. But then you confused me by saying he was not the one. I began to think maybe that was his brother who he told things about you before, you know… Getting lost

I laughed and ruffled his hair
Me: you’re one hell of a kid
He smiled

Benedict : so how come about Tessa?
Me: he adopted her when she was two years, a month after he came here

Bene : does she know?
Me: she doesn’t. But I think she’s going to know tonight

Bene: you know what I’m even happier about?
Me: no. Tell me

He jumped up but this time landed on the floor

Benedict : that Tessa is going to be my sister! Gosh I love that crazy girl! We’re gonna turn the whole house upside down. They have to come with us to LA mom. They have to

Me: we’ll… Talk about that
He hugged me
Benedict : thank you.. Love you

I chuckled
Me: I love you more
Bene : I hope you guys are getting back together
Me: we’re already back together

He jumped up
Bene : yes!!

🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

I sighed and rang the doorbell because the door was locked. Benedict opened it and he was really sweaty. His hair was soaked.

I smiled. He’s just like me when I was younger. Except that he’s rich

Me: hey
Benedict : hi Mr Rudy. Come in
He left the door, I opened it wider and entered.

Benedict : I’m sorry.. Tessa and I did some nasty things

Me: what?
Benedict : we mistakenly fell the crate of eggs while playing tag. And while trying to clean that up, we mistakenly poured red ink on the white cushions. We’ve been trying to scrub that off, but it got worse

We entered the living room and he pointed to the cushion.

Me: wow

The cushion was having a large red circle in the middle and the covering was ripped out at the bottom. A bowl of red water was on the floor and Tessa was still scrubbing the cushion and dipping the little towel into the red water
She was really sweating.

Me: baby, you’re making it worse

She sighed
Tessa: we’re sorry. Really sorry
Benedict : really really sorry

Me: don’t worry. We’ll fix that tomorrow. Benedict, your mom wants to see you now

Benedict : oh okay. Good night Tessa. It was so fun being with you

Tessa: bye Bene. See you tomorrow

He left and Tessa fiddled her red fingers

Me: you guys did a whole lot of things here.

Tessa: my bad
She sat on another cushion

Tessa: so how are you now? I noticed you’ve been pretty angry since you met Tori Vega…… Oops!

She just busted herself.

Me: you know her name, huh?

Tessa: Benedict told me
Me: liar… You listen to her music and you’re her biggest fan. I think that’s why you try to look like her, because she’s like your role model. No wonder you keep curling your hair like hers

She sat speechless

Me: I have a confession
I sat down opposite her on the table

Me: I knew Tori

Her face lit up
Tessa: really? Is that why you two were acting weird?

I cracked
Me: yeah. But there’s a huge story behind us

Tessa: I’m listening
She looked excited

Me: Tori… She used to be my girlfriend in high school

Tessa: whaaaaaaaat! Tori?
Me: hey, calm down little lady

She breathed in, trying hard to hide her excitement

Me: she used to be my girlfriend. We were so in love. We couldn’t do without each other. Then my mom had something to do with her dad. They used to be lovers. Her dad married someone else and left my mom but then.. She got pregnant for him

I looked at her eyes. She was really concentrating

Me: mom got rid of the pregnancy but when she found out I was dating her ex lovers daughter, she decided to take stupid revenge by saying I’m Mark Vega’s son

Tessa : why would she do that?

I shrugged

Then I told her everything that happened later
Then it came to the path where I adopted her. I took her hands

Me: this part is really crucial. You know I love you right?

She nodded

Me: and I’ve always cared about you ever since you were little
She nodded again

Me: baby.. I’m sorry I lied to you. You’re not my biological daughter. I adopted you a month after I came to Mexico. I visited an orphanage and saw you lying sick and dying. They said you weren’t responding to treatment and you refused to eat anything. I felt hurt seeing you in that state. The mother there said you were born in that orphanage two years back by a stranger who ran off the day after your birth. I had to adopt you because I fell in love with you that instance. And the mother let me take you because you began to eat right there in my arms

I couldn’t believe myself. I was shedding tears and so was Tessa. It was really an emotional moment for us

Me: ever since then it’s been you and I. The week I had you, I got a better job. Three months after I had you, I was able to get into school. Years with you, my life turned better. I love you so much Tessa. If you didn’t come into my life I’d have committed suicide

I hugged her and kissed her forehead

Me: I hope you forgive me for lying all these years

Tessa: it’s okay. I’m not angry at you. I’m just glad you didn’t leave me to die. I’m so happy you raised me

I held her cheek
Me: and I want you to know that I would always be your father. You’re my daughter no matter what. Just forget about the fact that you’re adopted. You’re my real daughter. I love you so much dear

Tessa: I love you more dad

We hugged tight and stayed there for almost ten minutes before disengaging

Me: and from now on, you can watch TV all you want. You can listen to music and even sing if you wish. Also, I’m getting you a phone and laptop and an MP3 player. If you want something else, tell me

She smiled brightly
Tessa: thanks daddy

Me: also, you’re now Tessa Oliver. No more Rudy

Tessa: Oliver! Benedict and I are Oliver! Yay!

I laughed
Me: and Tori might be an Oliver in the next few years

Tess: yes! Yes please! Yes!!

Me: you’re so excited
Tessa: I’m so happy. This is going to be the best vacation ever

She hugged me again
Tessa: I love you

Me: I love you too

To Be Continued

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