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Beautiful Love Song Episode 11

Beautiful Love Song Episode 11

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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~~~~Eliot’s p.o.v~~~

Mrs Rose paused on her statement.
I think it is not only me that is feeling the air of superiority.
Even the floor felt cold.
I stood up and rushed Royal.
Though we ain’t that close but we are still close in our own way.I don’t think he understand what I did, he slam his forehead,I pull away from the hug.
He nodded and pushed his hair backwards.
He sat,I sat beside him.
“I think I am high” I smiled and move back.I’m always forgetting that I am a slave to Mrs Suga.

Mrs Samantha smiled.
“As a result of this,the two brothers are going to undergo another brain test” Sir Alex said.
I was happy for Royal.

“what test again?? romeo protested.
Mrs Rose cuts in..
she is known for her strict words.
“You and royal are going to undergo another brain test so that we can know who the,perfectionist really is. The presidential post will still be considered sealed until we find out who the most capable person is. If we should rush things,we might end up putting a dog in the,position of a lion and we all know that dog lion are not age mates” Mrs rose said.
The remaining lawmakers applaud.

“and this will be the next test! Mrs Rose said and turn on the recording voice box. She is going to make it public.
“The highest net worth wealth record so far was rated 10.5zillion of rupees.That was achieved by Richmond Miles.If any of you can beat that limit by 5zillion more rupees,you will be considered competent” Mrs rose blurts out.

“why 15.5zillions of rupees???
“that’s a veerrrrrrrry much money and it is imposible to make such money within three,months” Mrs Suga protested with an unfathomable expression.

“Mrs Suga,I’m not disputing the fact but what we are really saying is that a good leader should be able to transform two pennies into a million folds.If any of you can make that amount of money within 3month,it really shows how brainy you are!
Mrs Rose concluded.

“we shall see again in the,next 3month.Good luck and namaste” Mrs Rose dispersed the,meeting.
the lawmakers left.
Romeo shot a glare and head up the slivery stairs.
I breathed in and glance at Royal who was busy doing some things on his phone.
He stood up also and took another different stair way direction.

“Elliot,what’s the,news about this new mansion?? Mrs Suga asked and show me a magazine.
“I don’t know about it” I replied and flipped through the pages of the thick magazine that had Royal’s photo as a cover page.

“did royal really built those mansions????
“why did you not inform me???
“Gosh! how can you open your eyes and allow him build something greater than luxurious mansion???
Mrs Suga blabbed while I flip through the magazine, really surprised at what I saw.

who can really tell us the real worth of this mansion?????
I’m sure it will be six times that of luxurious mansion!
Gosh, this place looks like heaven.
Royal,take me there!!!
I wish to see the interior design someday,like dreaming am already inside,sleeping and curdling with Royal!!!

Pop star Zayn Malik promised Royal Suga half of his wealth~~this is what he said.
“He looks innocent,well I’m ready to make him happy. I hope he will continue smiling everyday because his smile melts away the mountain in my heart!!!!!

📋 Zayn Malik promised royal everything…...
📋 Zayn Malik is treating him like a son,waoooow… there anything money can buy that Royal, lacked???

I love him undoubtedly,but I still wish to know the secret of his wealth.
I wish him true happiness
I lovvvvvvve him but too bad he is bethrothed to Han Lily”.
I read comments from fans and looked into Mrs Suga face.

“where,is the key to the,mansion he built?? she asked.
“I don’t know about it” I replied.
She scoffed and took the same stairway direction that Royal passed.
“please,don’t hurt him” I said in my mind and clasped my hands together.

Mrs Suga~~~~~~

I did not bother knocking,
I banged into Royal’s room,his room was like his name. The floor was tiled with smooth raw gold,the walls were painted light red with many professional designs. Many wallpapers were pasted on the walls, the door of the washroom was opened halfly in other to reveal the bluish water floor. it looks pretty and everywhere smells nice.

“Royal” I called in a whisper and move in.He was sleeping already.
The white robe he was wearing made him looks adorable.
I went to where he was on the bed and touched his forehead,his fingers moved to the other side of the bed that had many laptops and many latest phones scattered on it.
Money can be seen packaged with ruberbands and they are neatly arranged on the floor.

“Royal” I whispered again and slowly lift his head, I placed it on my laps. He open his eyes and moved his fingers into his robe pocket.
I think he kept something there.

“mom” he said sweetly and closed his eyes back.
I deep my fingers into his hair and carresed them softly.
He smiled from sleep and touch my hands…
“I love you mom! he smiled sweetly.
I smiled and untie his bandana.

“Royal,did you really build that mansion???? I asked.
“There are nine of them,so which one are you talking about exactly??? he asked.
I froze in the inside.
How can he build 9mighty mansion at once when Romeo has not even think of building one???

“okay,it is nice” I replied.
“well,I want you to attend the fan based session dice high will be organizing with Han Lily” I said.
He kept quiet.
It is obvious he hate Lily.

“I will do it for you,mom” he replied.
I smile and use my fingers to trail Hus prominent handsome brows before placing his head back on the pillow in the most gentle manner.

Despite all this,he is still obedient and humble!! unlike romeo who act like a total rascal.
“what a world???
He hate Han lily,yet he didn’t argue with me.instead he said he will do it for me!!!
Sooo sweet!

Beautifullovesong by Adeomowolesola  


stop!! stop!! Royal, stop touching me there!!!! I screamed from sleep while throwing my legs up.
“and who is Royal??? my mom showed up from behind.
my palms went to my mouth.

“who is Royal and where is he touching you??? ohhh so they’ve started touching your bumbum too! my mom glared.
“I think I dreamt” I said in a scared manner.

“you dreamt that they were romancing you??? she asked.
“now, tell me the stupid dream??? she ordered.

Trouble!!! I sniffed and quickly stood up from my bed.I’ve been having serious nightmare since I met him.
I even dreamt that he was feeding me pizza and juice…..

“I’m listening” my over-protective mom said and pull out a wire.
“ahhhh mom,I can’t remember the dream” I lied,pretending to be staring at something in my hand.

“then who is Royal?? she asked.
“Royal….he is nothing…he is a ttt…toy…I dream that the toy was holding my….waist…” I pouted but stopped immediately a wire landed on my back.

“You’re calling Royal,everyone’s favorite a toy,I pity you!!! my mom shouted.
“If you get pregnant, just know that you’re dead!! she said and left.

I rushed into the bathroom and lock myself. I cried for 3min before having my bath. I came out in a towel and unplug my phone.
I already miss many texts from Dora,Shantai and Eve.
And also many notification from the school website group.

I went for the group chats first and saw many beautiful mansions.
it was Han lily that sent it.
💜 waoow,my boyfriend built this! she bragged.

How can someone be this rich??
I smiled and kept my phone back. I rub my normal peper mint balm and dress in a fansy purple lace Saree Dora gave to me.I don’t think I will be going to school today.
Today is the day dice high usually celebrate celebrity…. going there might make people know my identity. I dress well and wore a fansy foot wear,then I left for Claudia’s house.

“Krishna dear,I need you to deliver this to Mrs Suga” Claudia said and handed me a package filled with hold jewelry.

I collected the jewelry and also collected transport money.I just pray Romeo and Royal should have gone to school.

I was in the mansion within few minutes and,like I predicted,only guards were standing on the mansion boader.

Almost immediately, a yellow,Lamborghini drove in.

“Han Lily!!!! why did you come!!!!
I shake little bit and held the envelope well.
She step out of the car and catwalk out.I need to admit she’s pretty.
She have pretty legs….
She, knows how to dress,hot…
and her makeup are properly done.

I was thinking of what to do,
when I heard that similar perfume scent.

Royal!!!!!! I bowed slightly,praying silently.

“Mrs Suga asked you to come in” the cheif guard tells me.
“okay” I nodded and passed by Han lily with my head down but she did something terrible.

She set leg for me….
I mistook my steps….
I fell forwards and bump into Royal who was coming.

He touched me there…..
his fingers brushed my waist while my hair covered the base of his face.

“Royal!!!!!!!!! Lily shouted….
her shout made me shake in Royals arm….
We both fell….as if that wasn’t enough,our lips met and pressed into each other.
“I think I am high!!! I closed my eyes immediately my eyes met his own.
“please don’t recognize me!!!
I pray inwardly.

Han Lily went cold.
because the press took the photo in a quick swift..

“Royal!!! lily kept shouting.

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