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Beautiful Love Song Episode 12

Beautiful Love Song Episode 12

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“Royal!!! Lily screamed with a teary face.Her tears got me hardly. I noticed Royal tighten his hold on my waist,Royal doesn’t want to let me go. My heart was grinding faster on his chest.
I was engulfed with fears,
but Royal wasn’t at all.He even smelt my lips by pressing his nose on it in a very romantic way.

I swear,I didn’t wish this should happen but it was Lily’s fault.She push me into royal.
The media’s rushed me and Royal on the floor and took several shots of us

Lily cried out in tears,
guards rushed her.
What else can I do????

“Jebal,let me go!! I bow still on Royal who was holding tightly unto me.
“who the hell are you??? why are you making me fell like there is something that I don’t know,you’re making me feel like someone is keeping something away from me?
Royal whispered into my ears in the most manner I can ever thought of then he brushed his ringed fingers firmly on my bare waist on the edges of my Saree.
“tell me,who the hell are you??? he asked. I became dumb.
I don’t know what to say….
“hmmmm…..! I started shaking and touch his hands on my waist.
He opened his eyes,
our gazes met with each other.

“I think I am high!!!!
I closed my eyes instantly and recover from the sweetness that I was lost in.
I stood away from Royal and bowed. I grabbed the envelope Claudia a
asked me to deliver.
The guards rushed Royal and help him up.
I fidget the moment he took his lips in.

“who the hell are you??? he asked again.
Just then,I sensed Mrs Suga and Romeo surfacing from the crowd.
I didn’t wait at all,I fled away ..
Thank goodness the gate was widely open.

😒 She hurt him
😒 how can she be this clumsy??
😒 Gosh! you touched him with your stinking hands.
😒 Did you also kiss him with your shameless lips!!!
was all that I heard.
I couldn’t think straight,I just keep running.

“my dream is to read my book,get a good job and be wealthy too so that I will stop.running errands for Claudia just because she is paying my admission fee.I want to do many things. I want to be wealthy so that I will stop fearing my teammates, so that I will stop leaving a life of a liar who is always making her identity clandestine! I stop running and said admist my panting.
It started raining heavily.
Everything I had on was soaked but I manage to keep the envelope that contain Mrs Claudia’s gold jewelry under my cloth.
I started running in the rain till my footwear slipped me.
I tripled and fell.
somehow, the envelope fly into the nearby water that contain fast moving dirty water.
“The gold!!!!!
I ran but the gold was gone.
what will I tell Claudia??
what will she thinks of me????

BLS🎻Krishna by adesola omowole.

I rushed into Claudia’s mansion in my already dirty cloth.
I should have known already that she doesn’t play with money.
“did you deliver the gold jewelry to Mrs Suga?? she asked.
“well….I did…..not…..” I stammered.
“my goddddd,that gold is a very big money. Tell me you’re joking” Claudia exclaimed.

“it wasn’t my fault,it fell off my hand into a gutter.I’m very sorry ma” I said and quickly kneel down while holding her legs.
she shake her head and breathed out “poor girl”.

“did you really kiss Royal? she ask
“I did not” I said and fidget still on my kneels.
“you better admit it…and,mind you,the video is already on the internet” Claudia said and show me the video,it had already gotten 1.9M views in just 45min that it was posted.

“Krishna,your admission in dice high is shaking already. It is no more stable… you might be lucky if Han lily doesn’t recognize you but I’m very sure Mrs Suga will find out about you” Claudia said. I started crying real tears.

“Well,you will pay for my gold!!!
Mrs Claudia said.I already know she does not play with her business.
“I will tell you how to pay in the future” she said and help me to sit on the chair.
Her maids served me pizza and juice then I went home afterwards.
I’m really happy my mom is not an internet person.if not,I will have been dead.

~~~Elliot’s p.o.v~~~~

Royal kissed her for real by mistake!
What was he thinking about?? I bashed my lashes and watch the video again.It had already rise up to 89.9M views in just 6hours.
The views will only add to his fames but I really pity that innocent girl because as it stands now, Royals fans that are girls are up to 40M and as for Lily,the video will only burst her ego and make her like a liar in front of those people that admire her.

“waoooow,when I first saw this video, I fainted for real” 5.3k reactions on just a comment on the videos.
The replies are as follows;
💗 why did you faint? Alexa replied
💗 I fainted because of the way the girl look like in Royal’s arm,I mean it looks real and adorably pretty!

💗 Han lily was there,why did she not do anything??? Lily,I’m disappointed in you!!! a fan of lily commented.

💗 she dare not separate them.The truth is that she can never continue keeping Royal like a,toy in her closet*

“sir Royal said you should cancel all his schedule for today” a maid interupt the video comment I was reading.
“where is he??? I asked.
“Luxurious sitting room part B” she replied.I nod and raced up the stairs to the particular place that Royal was

“Boss,are you okay??
I rush in..
“Fine…but still feeling little pains in my’s alright anyways,I have seen the doctor” he replied , fluency in his voice.

He smiled and turn to me.
“Ely, will you do me a favor?? he ask, chewing bubble gum slowly in his pretty mouth.
“sir….what favor??? I ask.
he has not even start speaking when Mrs Suga came in.I think she already overhead our conversation.

“what are you talking about?? she chirped in.
Royal, closed his eyes.
“umm have forgotten what I wanted to say” he said.I felt relieved.
Mrs Suga made a disappointed look.

“can you please go and see Han lily for my sake?? she has been crying since morning.Please,help me” Mrs Suga said.
“is that what you want?? royal asked.
“yes” Mrs Suga smile
“I will do it” Royal said.
what an humble son???
I sensed something fishy but I watch royal select a white,Lamborghini out of the numerous cars in the parking lots.

Han Lily’s p.o.v

“wait,Royal held her waist and Kissee her!! has he ever hold you like that before?? angel asked.
I scoff and slump into one,of the available chair.

“I miss,Royal… I miss the sex…I miss his touches and everything.
We made love three good times and those times,his mom lured him with alcohol for my own good. I don’t know if he will forgive me if he remember his pasts…it’s been so long but he was good to me then but Now that he lost his memory, I expect him to see other girls as disasters because he is mine and mine forever!
I said.

“did Royal really lose memory? Mira asked.
“well,he is mine.other girls are just dreaming” I rolled my eyeballs and went upstairs.
“well,I’m trapping him into my pant and breast again” I yelled and went into my room,I took off all what I was wearing and tied a very short towel.
I smiled immediately I sensed four Lamborghini drive in.

“tell him to come into my room! I shouted to Mira who was twerking downstairs.
I heard a knock on my door 6min after.

“come in” I fake a sad voice.
Royal opened the door and enter. I stood up and rush to lock the door.

“Royal,let’s take a short video.Let’s tell the whole world that the first video is a lie” I said and brush my fingers around his waist.
He move back and remove my hand from his waist.

“I know you phoned my mom and cry your usual fake tears just to get me here” he smirks.
I moved into him from the back and pressed into him softly.
He push me away.I intentionally allow my towel fall.
He didn’t look at me,
instead he divert his cute face to my wall. I bend shamefully and tie my towel back.

“do you know that girl that I bumped into??? he asked.I felt air in my private part.I should have known that Royal is a no nonsense guy.

“I’m that girl!! I lied.
“how can you be the one??? I saw the girl with my two eyes” he replied.

“well,I’m not but………..

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