Beautiful Love Song Episode 18

Beautiful Love Song Episode 18

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“am serious,Krishna. If I were to be a guy,I mean a very handsome guy,I will wound you in bed.It just sucks a lot that you’re wasting your talents and body shapes! Dora said and rolled her eyeballs.
I smiled,in an applauding manner.
“So krish,do you have a boyfriend?
she asked.
“umm yes yes,I have” I replied.
“seriously,who is the lucky guy? Dora showed concern.

“whaaaaaattttttt,don’t know about it” I said,trying to change topic but Dora was more than interested.
The truth is that I don’t have a boyfriend.

“I’m listening” Dora said.
I itch my neck and thought of what to say….
“ummm I have a boyfriend then…
it was a verrrrrrry long time.When I was in primary six.The guy use to buy gala and juice for me everyday because I chose him as my boyfriend but I stop being his girlfriend the day he had no money to buy for me” I lied. Dora started laughing.
I joined in laughing.
Just then,the door opened,
Sir Jeffrey came inside with his hands tucked into his jacket pocket.
He didn’t scoff,he just walk close to Dora and kissed her cheeks.
“sugar,are you not going home?? he asked Dora who was busy making sweet sounds into the kiss.
I just hope I won’t cause trouble between this two young couples because it is very obvious that Jeffrey does not like seeing me with Dora.
“let’s go!! Dora snapped.
I hurried up and carried my bag.
Jeff did that smirks again but I don’t care.So far Dora likes me,I’m okay.

BLS🌹🌹Krishna🌹🌹 by….

Mira’s p.o.v

“well,I think….” I scoffed.
“don’t even think anything” Lilly snorted.
“is Jeff liking the commoner? I mean why will he save her?? Angel asked.
“it is because of Dora he saved her from our torment” I said.
Lilly smash the phone she got an hour ago on the floor and run away.

“Lilly spark is 8pm”
I shouted as she run.
“none of you should talk to me..until you get that girl evicted… get her out of my fathers school” Han Lilly stop half way and yelled.

“I thought you said Royal lost his memory,can’t you use his memory as a defense mechanism because Royal’s loneliness is causing all this” I said.
Lilly turn to face me.

“I think Royal have some prediction sense…I mean a very strong mind. I wonder why all of five stars agencies obey his commands. if he can’t be forced to do something by my dad,then who am I to have a say in his presence???

Royal is really punishing me….
He didn’t attend class for a week,
He didn’t face the board,
he didn’t join rehearsals,
he didn’t attend our meetings with five stars when he knows I can’t live a day without seeing him.
I’m addicted to Royal both sexually and physically!!
Lilly complained why moving around.

“did you hurt him in any way?? I asked.
“Mira look ,I didn’t do anything big, just an anal and vagina sex with Jayden,his manager” I said.
Mira spit out her juice.

“even if I do it,is there anything that is unforgivable in this planent.It’s just a mistake and everyone make mistakes too” Lilly said.

“he will forgive you…just keep getting close to him! I encouraged.
“Gosh!! Lilly scoffed and chewed bubble gum in a spoilt manner and slump into one of her chair.
Just then,her phone started ringing.
She pick it up and shouted “Romeo let’s stop having sex,I’m for Royal . Please talk another thing”.

I spit out my juice and look at Lilly.
Lilly ended her call and plug in her earpud.She already connected it to her laptop,I knew she wants to cram for the upcoming examination.

BLS by ADESOLA Golden Stories.

Krishna’s p.o.v

The ride home was very interesting,
Jeff drove us home.
He is really fun to be with because I really enjoy the way he chit chat with Dora who was sitting at the front seat

Finally,his car halted at the place am suppose to get down.
“Dora,tell your thing to get outta my car!! he speak very fast.
I quickly grab my car and touch the expensive car door.
Jeffrey scoffed.
Dora got the message and open the door for me.
“bye” she waved but Jeff drove away immediately.

I rush into the nearby market and bought a unique Saree with many beads with the little money I had saved.Today is my mom birthday.

I got home and met her dishing out food on the dinning.
“happy birthday mom” I smiled widely and hug her from the back, then I started singing.

🎤 happy birthday to you
🎤 All glory to God
🎤 long life is your portion
🎤 Happy birthday to you!!
I sang,she cheered.

“ohh my dear,what a wonderful daughter am blessed with” she smiled while I presented the gifts.

“Krishna, ask me anything,I will grantly request” she said and look at me sweetly in a very affectionate and loving look.
I stop eating cake and look at her.
Should I tell her I need freedom to be singing and dancing! hope I won’t spoil this happy mood.
umm I better keep quiet… nope,let me try.

I cleared my throat and bashed my lashes,then look at my mom.
“mom,I need just one thing” I said and raise just a finger.
“mom,I need freedom to be….”
her looks change to an angry one.
“it won’t work!!!!!! she shouted.
Hot tears pricked down my fleshy cheeks.
mood spoilt!!!!!!
I ran into my room and lock myself up.

Sir Dice….owner of dice high p.o.v
{Han Cheng’s p.o.v}

“Royal do you really know that your negligence had reach the most great peak that our band is already lagging behind. What’s all this?? do you know how much of my resources have installed in this debut!!! I roared in anger.

“your resources!!!
royal said in the most sweatest voice. Aside from his voice,his handsomeness is what is making us always obey whatever thing he decide plus many industries are kneeling for him to join them.
in short, Royal is a great asset.

He flip through the magazine.
The magazine contains names and photos of people with great voice and dancing skills….
Five stars specially recommend them for Royal but royal doesn’t want any of them as a counterpart!

“I don’t want them!!
“I don’t want to appear on stage with them” Royal replied.
The board were shocked but dare not speak. Only me have the right to control him here.
He stood up and took his car keys.

I shouted.
“choose another leader instead. Appearing on stage with your daughter won’t work” Royal said and walk out on twenty top people.

“Royal is obviously getting out of hand.Dice high must not loose. I rest my case!!!!~~Signed,Han Cheng.

somewhere in luxurious mansion…..
~~~underground dugeon to be specified~~~Hidden p.o.v

Two cars drove in.
Though I can’t see clearly from the underground dugeon that I was thrown into many years ago….
But I can feel him.
I can feel my blood,
I can feel my only son,
I can sense his presence.

I stayed strong and manage to seal my face on the metallic stripe and gosh,I saw him.
He was wearing white all through and he was escorted in by thirty guards if I could count well.

He looks extremely handsome,
His hairs were dyed white…..
He looks sooooo fresh…..
His deaminor sent cold air into my skin pores….
His walks were as thou angels are walking……

Dear Royal, please regain your memory as fast as possible so that you will save your mom.Please make it fast,this place is hell!!! And,please when you regain it,don’t have mercy at all.This people are suffering me a lot!!! I smiled pains as I watch my son…..walks …he looks solo hot in whatever he wears.

“Mrs Suga,get ready!!!!
Here comes my son!!!!


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