Beautiful Love Song Episode 17

Beautiful Love Song Episode 17

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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someone said.The voice was kind of unfamiliar that I had to force my eyes open.

Standing in front of me was a guy whom I know nothing about.He has hair color similar to Royal’s own…. and I don’t think I have met him before.

he hijack the eviction card and squeazed it.Lilly sqeauzed her face also and run away.
“ummmm this school is really based on principles.i mean students here are rated according to their wealth or should I say their parents wealth.

the guy snapped,making other students to shift back.
💗 omg!!!! Jeffrey!!!!
💗 my world……my best!!!!
💗 Jeffrey saved her from Han Lilly’s torment.Gosh!! the eviction is totally discarded and called off.

“as from today….!!!
the guy sturtled and muttered “disgusting” underneath his breath. He Paused on his speech and glared at me.He didn’t say anything further,he took my hand and drag me out of there.
everyone took pictures.

💗 Jeff touch her for real.
💗 does he know her?? what relationship does he have with a commoner?? I wish it was me he touched…you know that feeling whenever you get touched by a celebrity…..!!!
the pictures continued,
Girls were chanting,dreamingly.

I don’t know him,
I don’t know why he saved me but I think his name is Jeffrey according to what they describe.

“sir,where are you taking me to?
I asked him because my hand was hurt with the way he was holding me. His fingers are piercing into my skin indirectly and slow for they are pure and soft.The softness made it kind of hurt till it started peppering me.

He rolled his eyeballs and continue dragging me.He didn’t speak to me.
Such an attitude!!!!
His snub behavioral exhibition kind of made me look worthless,thereby bringing down my self esteem.

He stop walking and let go of my wrist. He roller his eyeballs again and create a wide distance between us.
“I need to treat my skin” he said lowly and wrap an handkerchief on the hand he used to hold me.
I drop my head down in embarrassment.This is the main reason why I want to try and make it in life.All this I’ll treatments seriously need to stop.

“distance yourself away from me!!
he speaks very fast that I can’t even catch a single thing.

“sir,you said what??
I asked, with a little bit bow.
“move,back from me!!!
he clenched his fists. I got the message and shifted back.
Different people with different characters.

“Now,follow me and on no condition must you move closer to me” he gave orders.
I nodded slightly and followed him.

We walk and walk and walk till we passed the school building.Then we got to an off building.The place seemed to be the most beautiful part of the school compound.
He opened the door,Dora sprint out.

“where’s she???
Dora sprint out and asked.
“she’s here” the guy said and hugged Dora.
They kissed slowly and verrry passionately in a sweet manner.Their tongues pressed into each other and moved rhymtically.
I opened my eyes immediately they finish kissing.

“are you happy now?? the guy asked Dora.
“yes,thanks honey” Dora smiled and went for his lower lips that was very pink.She did a quick kiss and broke away.
The guy scorned me and left me and Dora alone.

“another hell….why this I’ll treatments??? I shrugged and followed Dora into the place.
“are you fine?? Dora asked and user her phone to order cloth for me.
“yes,am fine” I replied slowly.

I look at Dora in the eyes and said “Dora why do you care for me too much???
she smiled “I think we should treat other people the same way we wish to be treated” she replied in all smiles.
At least,I have someone that care for me.

“that’s Jeffrey,My boyfriend. He is the governors only son.I love him ssooo soooo much.He can do anything for me.He doesn’t like commoners but he saved you for my sake” Dora explained.

“ohhhhh” I expounded.
I think that’s why he was so sasssy and rude to me.
“help him tell him thank you” I replied Dora,happily.

Our orders came.
Dora stood up and went to get it.
She ordered leggings and white long sleeve top for me.

“I’m still thinking of a way to appreciate your kindness” I uttered and collected the cloths from Dora, making sure that I didn’t stain the white.

She help me open the washroom door,I moved in and lock the windows and curtains before pulling off my old cloths. I had a quick bath and wore my undergarments before changing into the new cloths. it fitted me perfectly. Just my perfect size but I don’t really like the way the,leggings stuck tightly to my laps and hip bones. It brought out all the shapes.
I step out of the expensively furnished washroom and pack the old clothes into my bag. Will wash them when I reach home.

“Dora, that was a great relief..sincerely, I think I might have died of heart attack if not for you” I said,jokingly,we both laughed.

“Krishna, are you attending spark tonight??? She asked.
“what is spark??? I asked back.
“I wonder why you act soo innocent hummmmm…..spark is a mini night party organized by dice high….it is more of a competition party for the most talented” Dora said.

“is it free??? I asked.
“Yeah,for dice high students only” she explained better and opened a pack of juice.
“I don’t think I will come…..let me think about it first….” I replied,she chuckled.

“sing and dance for me. At least,appreciate me for telling my boyfriend to save you” she said.
I smiled and stood up
At least,I owe her that.

I went to lock the door first,
then I faced her.
She brought her phone to video.

Let me sing you this song;
An action love song with a very hard dancing step* I said.
Dora positioned her phone halfly and video my body,neglecting my face.
I started dancing and singing.

🎤 I love the way you call me Krishna
🎤 I pretend as if I didn’t need you
🎤 but all I thought is true lo-lo-love
🎤 ohhhh,I should be gold… you should be bronze….
🎤 true lo-lo-love…...

The song was short but my dancing steps are damn hard.I think it will take a verrrrrrrry wise man many days to learn it.

“sooooo hottt,you’re made for this trade.Girl,I love the way your hips sway left and right.You need to see the way your bumbum moved”
Dora screamed and saved the video.
She was extremely happy,
I smiled and drank her remaining juice..

“If I was a boy,I will spoil your legs on bed!!
Dora said.
I smiled.


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