Beautiful Love Song Episode 2

Beautiful Love Song Episode 2

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I stayed quiet the moment she called securities but I don’t think an ordinary washing spa will wound or hurt her, she is just taking this too far.

“Krishna we are in trouble,just kneel down and apologize, she will let go of it” my mom tell me through an eye contact.

“why should I kneel down for her?? she is my age mate,it will never happen! I returned back the eye contact.
my mom sighed and knelt down instead.

“Sorry,she is still a small kid,do forgive her” my mom said.
The lady scoffed and showed off HSR new manicure, then she pushed her hairs backwards.

Securities rushed in with maids.
She was covered with a thick white colored robe with an inscription.
The inscription was labeled “Han Lily”.

I swallowed,into nothing and was pissed off with the way my mom knelt down for her.

“can you believe this silly thing spilled dirty water on me?? Gosh, I need to treat my skin” she exaggerated while pointing her index finger at me.

I was shocked at her gravity of lies.
Firstly,I didn’t pour the water intentionally and secondly,the water was not dirty.
why is she acting like I pour potassium hydroxide on her???

I looked in awe.
The next thing I felt was handcuff on my wrists.
“is this for real??????

my mom was signalling me to stop looking directly into Han lily eyes,I didn’t heed ,instead I looked at her in my most purest face.

“aunty why do you like putting the innocent in the wrong?? he was there when the bowl slip off my hand” I said,pointing to the watch man at the entrance.

Han Liliy shook her head and made a look that scared the hell out of me.

“hey,did she not do it intentionally??
she scorned the watchman who only had his head bowed.

“speak!!!! she urged with command.
“she poured it on you on purpose!
the watchman changed everything.
Han Lily scoffed and left with maids flooding behind her.

immediately they left,the chief security faced the watch man and confirmed what he said earlier but it seems the watchman was scared of Han lily threats.

“young lady!! he cleared his throat and unlock the tight handcuff from my wrist.
it hurts a lot.
My wrist suddenly turn red,almost close to blisters.

“you’re lucky Han Lily didn’t give orders.So,I will advise you to leave this premises within 6min” the man said and offered my mom some money to treat my wrist.

We left the mansion and went to other mansions to wash clothes before heading home at exactly 4pm.

I was really exhausted.
“Krish,why didn’t you kneel down for Han lily??? my mom questioned.
“seriously,I can’t.She doesn’t deserve seeing my kneels on the floor…” I said and walk into the kitchen..

We ate both breakfast and lunch together and kept the money we made that day in our save drawer.
That money will be used to pay my fee and other tokens.

I wonder when the money will be complete.It would have been easier if I had accepted the admission dices high gave me because I won’t pay a dime but the rumors about the school is enough to cause me death so my mom and I decide to try a smaller training school.
I just pray the money in the save will be up to what the school require.


I got dressed on a simple free dancing outfits and took one of my notepad and a single pen. Though I was tired but I already promised to dance for Shantai in her house.

I got to her house and entered without much street and questions from the guards.
I checked well before pressing the elevator button because shantais mom is an obstacle to our friendship.
She does not want Shantai to roll with me,she prefers her daughter making friends with her fellow rich.

“Mrs Brown is not around” one of the maids chuckled and helped me with the door.
I entered and met Shantai and two other girls in the golden tiled living room.

One was wearing a crazy jean bumbershort all over a pink top while the other was wearing Dice High uniform all over a classic sneakers.
I don’t need a prophet to tell me that they are wealthy and affluent.

“hi” I bowed, still standing at the entrance.
“you’re Krishna?? she smiled and came forward to touch my hair.
“come on,dance for us” the other girl said.

“Dance!!!!! what about our assignments???? Shantai helped me out when she saw the stress in my eyes.

“excuse me” she said and came closer to me.
“Krishna,did you eat??? did you fight? she asked.
“no” I faked a small smile and followed her to sit.

“I’m Dora Banks” the one in uniform said.
“I’m Eve” the other girl said.

“now,help us with our assignments” Dora said and brought out her phone and laptop.
I admire the way she speaks fast and fluent.

“100marks.I can trust you with 99.9 because Shantai said you’re intelligent” she winked and started operating her laptop.I wonder how their school will look like.

“here,have a look” Eve brought out a very nice pink apple laptop.
“umm I can only do it in a book,I xajt really operate a system” I blurts out and quickly tear out a paper.
I was done with the assignment within 10min.

nice headlines

“Double-R just came back from Korea!
“Double-R finally settle in luxurious mansion!!!
“when will we get to see Royal without securities pushing us away!!!
“it’s like he gets more handsome each passing day!!!
Dora jump up and was screaming her lungs out.

“is royal human???? Damn he is soo sweet looking” Dora continued.
Shantai hijacked the phone.

“my phone,give it back!! don’t take my Royal away!! Dora started chasing after eve and Shantai.

“Dora,hide your excitement. Royal won’t have the chance to notice any bitch.He might not even attend Dice high” eve said.
“yeah,that’s true. Royal was almost killed two times in that place almost close to the dorm and since then,his movement was kinda restricted” Shantai said.
I just sat on one side and listen to their conversation. It sounds so interesting and lively.

“i don’t think that’s the reason” Dora replied.
“so what’s the reason??? eve asked.
Dora looked at me and saw the confusion look on my face.

“ever heard about double-R??? she questioned.

“no,what does it stands for? I asked..
“Romeo and Royal. They are the two heirs of the Suga’s family.Apart from that,they are the most wealthiest.
Romeo is known to be a sweet mouthed guy and a frivolous spender while Royal can be termed soft and gentle with a verrrrrryyyy accurate brain bigger than calculator.

I don’t think there’s something he does not know.More reason why I love him.
Gosh, he is very talented and gifted with plentiful of handsomeness.
Yeah,I think you will faint of you hear his voice. I saw him once and you see that once,it is the most memorable day of my life.

Most importantly, Royal is betrothed to Han Lily. Another reasons why I made my feelings sealed for Royal.

Han Lily is very dangerous whenever it comes to Royal case.She doesn’t like seeing girls close to Royal.
Whenever you meet her,avoid her”.
Dora said with over excitnent and carried her very flashy colored empty bag.

For a seconds,I wonder if she is really a student coming back from school.
why am I even thinking????
Dice high students are children of kings and queens. A training school meant for the politicians and powerful law makers.

“so,which training school do you attend???? Eve asked.
My jaws dropped down,my body felt cold.They all noticed my expression.

“hmmmm” I stammered and look at Shantai for help.
Just then,we heard cars horn,like multiple horns from downstairs.

“Shantai,your mom,she must not meet me here!!!! I rushed words and took my notepad and pen.I rush towards the direction of downstairs.

“she’s pretty and innocent” was the last thing I heard.
I got to the main door and was scared of opening the door.
Shantai’s mom is wicked.

The door opened by itself,I shifted back.The guards entered first,then Shantai’s mom cane in.
one could spot the look of a politician on her face.
She saw me and stopped walking.
My beautiful face changed into a scared innocent look.

“you again!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Love u Adesola.Please soon write a story like beautiful love song.I love these kind of love story.

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