Beautiful Love Song Episode 3

Beautiful Love Song Episode 3

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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my whole body system became totally disorder,I could not breath in more air because I already froze on my spot..

“you again!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Brown shouted in a very high tone.Her shout made my legs and hands shakes till my notepad and pen fell off my hand.


“I am not your mother!!!!!
she fumed detestedly and looked at me from head to nails of my feet.
“who open the gate for you??? she scorned.

“mom..I’m…not….” I starmmered.
“on no condition must you call me mom.And besides,is that how to answer the simple question I just asked you??? she pointed out.

“no,ma!! I nod negatively.
“I opened the gate myself” I corrected and quickly bend to pick my notepad and pen.She shut many dangerous gazes.

“im sorry,I won’t come near here again” I said lowly with my hands on my ears.
“you better not!! she said and walk out on me.
I walk out of the mansion tiredly wondering why Mrs Brown hate,me so much.
well,it is,not her first time shouting at me.


I walked home tiredly and met expensive gifts outside as well as new saree’s and many luxurious jewelry. A note was handing in the middle of the gifts.
“marry me and you will taste real wealth” was written boldly in the note

I admired the gifts and went inside.
I slump into a chair and weaved some mats.I was able to weave 2medium sized mats within 4hours. I was on the fourth mat when my phone started ringing.I left the mat and went to answer my phone that was lying on the average furnished counter.

📱 will you be my house help for an hour??? I have lots of visitors,I don’t think I can handle the cookings alone” Mrs Claudia,the second most popular woman in my neighborhood said.

📱 am coming.Am already in front of your gate as you speak” I rushed words and ran out of our house to the,eleventh house. I was allowed in immediately and was taken to the,kitchen.

📋 macrons and beef
📋 pasta and meatballs
📋 wash the plates
📋 mop the floor
📋 package the gifts
📋 count the petals!!!!!!!

Claudia gave orders and left me alone in the royal wide kitchen.
I started with the foods first,I was cooking and using one hand to mop the oil stained kitchen as fast as o could do.

“Krish,have you washed the plates??? Claudia shouted.

“no mom,am still moping. it is not easy but am almost done” I replied and set the pressure pot in the right way.

“are you tired of the work?? she asked.
“no,I will wask the plates now. in fact, am almost done! I replied and stopped mopping halfway.I rushed towards the sink and started washing the plates carefully with lots of care.They look pretty expensive and I don’t want to cause any damage.

“is this your first time of washing a plate???? right now,you look like you’ve never touch anything expensive” a six years old girl with a beautiful set of teeth cane into the kitchen.

“I’m washing it and as you can see,am not playing” I replied her,she scoffed and roll her cute eyeballs.

“what if I make my mom mad at you? the little girl scoffed.
I stopped what I was washing and stared at her with lots of affection and care.I smiled at her and continue washing the plate.I turn off the cooker and rinsed all the plates carefully and went back to the mopping.

“where did my mom see you?? You look like a witch!!!
she grunted,I felt like slapping her mouth.

“a witch??? I’m a human” I replied and was done with the mopping.

“liar!!!!! only a witch will be as pretty as you are.And only witches have hairs covering the base of their bumbum.Well your long lashes make you look real like a witch”
“now, what powers do you have???
the little girl questioned.
I widened my eyes.

“I’m not a witch.I am like you” I said.
“liar!! if you’re like me,then why am I not pretty like you?? why is my hair short and not long like yours??? she replied and came to my back.

“I’m not a witch.I’m like you.
“You’re beautiful tooooooo!!! I exagerated.
She scoff and rolled her eyeballs.

“i need you to feed me water with spoon” she rolled her eyeballs again.
I sighed and said “how can a little girl be as rude as fuck” in my mind.

I filled water from the flask into a glass cup and feed her with spoon. knowing fully well that she’s only doing it to delay me.

I fed her warm water for 2hours before going back to count the loads of flowers.
“can I help?? she said.This time,she didn’t scoff.

She didn’t wait for me to answer, we counted the flowers together.
She even made it more faster by helping me to package the gifts.

“Aunty,I want to be like you” the little girl whispered and hugged me unexpectedly.
Claudia came in and met her daughter hugging me.I quickly disengage and pretend as if nothing was wrong.

“am done” I bowed slightly.
She nodded and gave me a black nylon. I collected it with both hands.

“bye” I waved at the little girl and started walking away.

“Krishna, you can come here whenever you’re hungry or in need of anything, I will gladly help” Mrs Claudia said and smiled at me for the first time.

“are you sure??? I asked,unbelievable.
“I’m sure” she replied. I smiled and knelt down to say thank you.

“namaste!!! she waved and left.
I got home and hide the nylon under my cloth.My mom must not know I did the job of an house help.
I rushed into my room and lock the door before opening the nylon.

“waoow!!! I smiled and brought out the pure white Saree with tiny gold bar design. I smell the cloth,it smells like their mansion perfume.
And the money…..
I kept it in my save.

📱 girlfriend,am sorry about my mom. let’s talk outside” Shantai sent.
“sorry,I can’t. I already promised your mom I won’t come near you” I sent.
“pleasssssseee I need your help” she sent. I sighed and went outside through the back door.

“in the white car!! she sent.
I spotted the car and entered it immediately. She was there with Dora and Eve.

“hmm Krishna, we need your help and it is also going to be an opportunity for you to see how dice high look like” Dora speaks,fluently without mincing any word.

“you need my help?? I speak back slowly.

“yes,in dice high” she replied.
I became confused.
“there won’t be a problem,no one will find out,it will be between the three of us.Remember I have the money andy dad is also a lawmaker just like Han Lily’s dad” D said.
“okay” I nodded.
She smiled.

“well,we need you to dance with us on dice high stage.You don’t have to worry,we will provide what you will wear and no one will find out” eve said.
my lips shakes a little bit at what she said.

“I can’t dance there” I replied.
Shantai pressed my palms softly.
“girlfriend,your face will be covered in a mask” Shantai said.

“why do you need me to dance?? I asked,confused..

“Krish it is because dice high will be welcoming Double-R and you know each band will want to catch attention.So there’s a party tomorrow and each band will show up on stage. Listen, you’re not the only one that will dance.Me,Dora,Shantai and eve will join you” Shantai said.

“I still don’t understand!
“do you go to school to get attention? I taught school is for learning and not for attention” I said.They kept quiet and look at each other.

“and besides,I promise not to dance. Guys will be pestering me.They will all want me on their beds” I replied. They kept quiet.

“Just help us,we will cover your face” Dora said.
“how will I join you when my name is not registered in your school.Am not even a student” I said.
“like I said,I get whatever I want” Dora snapped her fingers and pointed a purple pass card that already my name written in italics.

“Krishna,this a game for the survival of the fittest. Don’t act too much like a commoner,ignore rumors and gossipers and if people pester you about your identity,if guys want your body badly,run for your dear life. Krishna run….” eve said.

“what will happen if I get caught as an intruder??? I asked.
“I don’t know but we will help you seal your identity since it will just be for a day.” Dora said and handed me a shopping bag.
I collected it and sneak back into my room with a mixed expression of fear and happiness.
well it’s just for a day.

Next day

I woke up very early,
I bath early and wore the white royal looking Saree.
Shantai had already lied to my mom that I am going to help her with some thing so she allowed me go out anytime I like.

within few,minutes, I was already in the place Dora said we should meet. I was astonished at what she wore. I made use of her car since she’s the master planner.

“Remember that you should run away of it get hot and never remove your mask” Dora said and drove straight into dice high.

Kings and Queens was written boldly on the gate.
Someone should hold me!!! I smiled and look around.

I was more than scared as students gathered on one side beside Dora’s car.It looked as if she’s a celebrity.

🌹 waooow what am I seeing… Dora Banks bought a new car!! the latest model omg!!! well let’s watch out for Han Lily’s own”
🌹 hmmm who is that girl sitting inside Dora’s car????
🌹 another pretty girl!!!
🌹 waoooow,her hair is,long!!!!!
I heard little rumors.

🌹 beauty without spots.Awwwn she looks almost like Han Lily’s match but why is she rolling with Dora!!!
🌹 Gosh,she will seduce all the guys. look at how pretty she is in a mask. How will she look like without mask!!
I heard rumors as I followed Dora.

“hey,hi,who are you???
a girl stopped is.
for a start,I asked myself if this is really a school.

“hmmm I’m….!! I stammered.
“She’s Krishna,my cousin”Dora said.

“when did you got a cousin!! the girl interrupt.

“who are you???? an intruder in our party??? the girl raised an alarm.
“I’m Krishna” I replied.

“Krishna, the daughter of who???
she asked.
I pouted.I don’t think I know how to lie.

“why are you asking about my surname?? I asked her and quickly spotted Han Lily coming to my direction.
She might recognize me as the daughter of a laundry worker.
I looked away and run through a long hallway but I made matter worst by running into a crowd.

I never knew my mask fell with the way I got pushed.
in other to prevent myself from falling,I held the tip of someone jacket,we both fell on each other.
I felt his hairs falling on my forehead.
Our lips were just few inches apart.

everywhere became silent.
I couldn’t even open my eyes.
Each time I try opening it,I will be forced to close it back because of the strong flashlights.

“whattttttt!!!!! I’m in trouble!!!
I started shaking.


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