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Beautiful Love Song Episode 24

Beautiful Love Song Episode 24

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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~~Krishna p.o.v🌹🌹🌹🌹

“who are you? he asked.
“Nothing….this is your bracelet!
I quickly chirp in and present his diamond made bracelet.After that,I went for his phone.I pick it up and went back to him.I was so smart to have hide my face by using my long hair as a shade.

“Sir,your phone”
I said and avoided his eye contact.
I only look at him from his tommy to his pretty legs.
“Krishna,are you okay??
your mom is waiting badly for you, remember you haven’t wash Mrs Claudia’s cloth” my mind raced.

“You phone” I said again.
“you’re always missing my questions and I think I’m not lucky.I’m always seeing you in the night.I’m was never lucky to see your face”
he said another thing.
I couldn’t even look him properly. If this is what it means to be close to the world favorite,then I think I have had enough.I don’t think he will take his phone back because it already have a scratch,so I drop the phone slowly on the floor.
I ran.

“wait!!! I heard his voice calling.
I didn’t wait for him.
He started running behind me.
He caught up with me soon enough and catch my hairs that had already cascaded down my hip bone while his other hand brush into my back slowly down to my waist line.
I was forced to stop.
He moved close to me properly,still holding my hair.
my fears increased.
but I know one day,I will be able to fight my fears.

What if he finds out about me too??
I will be in trouble and might be evicted out of dice high.

“would you quit running?? I’m tired of your sick games,it gives me a lot of sleepless nights” he said,his voice sounded pleasant to my ears.
my body drop more cold,
what I want is to run away.
only me understand my predicaments. I don’t want to get involved with anything or anybody, what I need is just peace.

“Stay with me,please,don’t walk away, don’t run away like you’ve always did” Royal said.I kept quiet and shake at the way his grip on my hair was firm. He made it pretty difficult for me to run away.

“I want to see your face properly”
he said again.
ohhh no,this is to much for me… I don’t belong here,if I should show my face to him,I might end up jeopardizing my life in this zone of hell.

“your face…please show it.I can’t really recognize you,I can only feel your presence and smell you” he said sweetly.

“you don’t need to see my face.
Please let me go.You don’t need to see my face” I replied.
“are you the same girl all through??
he asked.
“yes” I replied.
“we have been kissing and hugging mistakenly?? he asked..
“yes” I replied.
“You helped me when I was injected” he asked and held my hair in a soft but hard manner.
“yes,I’m the one,let me go” I said.
“You sang with me!! he asked.
“yes” I replied and touch where he was holding on my hair.He took his hand away immediately the tip of my fingers touch his own.
“I could feel it” I heard him saying.
I use my opportunity well and run away. It was really dark but I made it to Mrs Claudia’s mansion safely..
I was allowed,in without much questions.

“why are you late??
“I wanted you to go to my friends shop and help her with somethings” Mrs Claudia said.
I kept quite and recollected all what happened to me earlier.

She took her phone and called someone.Perhaps,it might be the person she wants to send me to.

“Krish,she is still there in her shop. Will you go or you’re already tired?? don’t go if you’re tired” Mrs Claudia said.I took my lips in and face down.
“I will go” I whispered.
She show me the address.
I nodded And went there.

There I met a big truck in front of the shop,I walk in reluctantly and met a woman sitting inside.
“are you the one Mrs Claudia sent to me?? she asked in a very loud voice.

“yes ma’am” I replied, scared at the load of works in her shop.
“okay,you can start” she gave permission.
I started doing the works.
Be fast, its getting darker!! she commands.

Such a woman!!
with a very big attitude. She can’t even help me so that it will be fast!!
I sighed and pack all the goods into the truck I met outside.
After that,I swept everywhere and dispose the refuse bin properly.
Then,I lock the shop and handed her the keys.

“have this,I will call you again some other time” she said and handed me a brown envelope.
“hey,let me drop you!! she said.
she drop me in front of my house and drove away.
I sneak into my window and kept the money in my save box.
I entered the bathroom and changed into my pyjamas.
I entered the kitchen and took my food to my room without making any sound that will attract my mom.

Next day ~~~~~~

I had my bath and prepare for lectures,since its only three class today,I’m going to be back earlier.
I dress up and pack my bag.
My phone beeped,it was a message from Dora.

📋 I’m not feeling fine…might not come today” Dora sent.
I wonder how school will look like today without Dora. She had always made my day fun.
I took my cab and got to school.
The rumors probably made everyone not to notice me as the girl Han Lilly want to evict.

💗 I heard Royal finally found his bracelet, well I wish I was the one that found it.
💗 I always dream to touch it.You won’t believe I joined the cleaners in searching for it.The girl that found it is so fortunate”
rumors were everywhere.
Spoilt brats,
they don’t even recognize me as the girl Lilly want to bully.

Your presence is needed urgently at the admin block~~Signed,Mrs rose.
I read the,message and started walking towards the admin office.
i met Mrs Rose with two other five stars workers.
what have I done again???
I made a quuzical look and greeted.

“Krishna,about what we discuss yesterday,remember you promise to keep it as a secret” Mrs Rose said.
“yes ma” I replied.

“Good. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss” Mrs Rose said.
“what opportunity?? I asked back with respect.
She cleared her throat and look at the two other workers then back to me.

“it’s about Royal.He needs help”
Mrs Rose said,looking intoy face which was already filled with hidden emotions.
Even though I always run away from him,I still feel concerned about him.

“Royal needs serious help”
Mrs Rose said again.
Her speech only make me feel more emotional.
“what type of help does he need??
I rushed them with questions.

“can you do it? she asked.
“I will do it if it won’t cause me troubles” I replied.
“okay,you will be paid every eight hours for the help” she said.
I was surprised.
How does she know I work every eight hours after school.

“which help?? I asked.
“it’s a simple thing.You just have to stay in his mansion every eight hours” Mrs Rose said.
“does he not have maids” I asked.
“No,he doesn’t have. It is a new mansion no one knows about yet.No one will find out about you and remember,you will be paid and even be more safe” Mrs Rose said.
I made a puzzled look.
How does she know am not safe??

This offer sounds tempting but I don’t think there is something serious in it.Going deeper,it will help me because I will be paid,I won’t get to run errands for people,I will have chance to read my books…. but what
if Han Lilly finds out”.
I made suggestions in my mind.

“like I said,no one will find out.Just help us by staying there till five stars will get another maid” Mrs Rose said like she could read my mind.
“okay,I will start next week” I said.
“Nooo,start today” she replied.
I gasped.

“yes Krishna, start today.Like I said, you are safe there” Mrs Rose said and walk away.
I went back to class and took lectures.I was so lucky Lilly didn’t come to class till we finished.

i pack my notepads and laptop.
I made my way out and met a lanky guard following me.
“Mrs Rose ordered me to take you to where you will be working” he said…
I was dumbfounded but I still followed him.

After about 3hours drive,
we got to the so called mansion,
Royals name was inscribe boldly on the gate.The name fits it’s description.It looks like the most massive place I have ever seen.

I followed the guard in quietly,
he showed me everywhere before taking me to a very beautiful room.
“this is where you can relax yourself.You can eat anything you like,you can order anything you want. Feel free,I will be going” he said and left me speechless.

There is more to this!!
I think this people want something from me,that’s why they are doing all this. My mind never lie to me.
No one will ever treat a maid like this.
How can they tell me to do anything I like when am not his girlfriend.
This is not ordinary…
I think they want something from me, and I wish to know what is it,I may not be to offer what they want.
I started ruminating as I wandered around the big place,making sure I didn’t break anything.

Two cars drove outside the gates,
The securities didn’t open the gate for them,I think that is the order given to them by royal.

The door of the first car open,
omg!!!! Lilly!!!
I watch her walk to the gate but the securities didn’t allow her in.

“open the gate”
I heard her discussing with the securities.
“no,the owner isn’t around. We can’t just open the door for you like that. Bear with us ma” the securities.
Somehow,Lilly look towards my direction,i moved in properly.

“he already got a maid….or who is she????? why so fast?? Lilly said.

“who is she??? Lilly asked.
I left where I was staying and walk inside, making sure she only saw my back side.

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