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Beautiful Love Song Episode 25

Beautiful Love Song Episode 25

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“who is she???
“tell that prostitute to get out of my boyfriends mansion or else,I will whip her ass up and kill her right away” Lilly shouted with all her voice.

what’s wrong with her???
have she forgotten that is in an estate and that noise is not allowed!

“who is she??? let me in or I will do the unexpected!
Lilly bragged while dragging the door with the securities but thank goodness, it was already locked from the inside since it is an automatic smart door.

“she’s only a maid,nothing else is attached. You should understand, there is nothing difficult to emphasize” one of the securities said,getting pissed of at Lilly’s over possessive character.

I lock the main door that was made with pure blue glass.
but I thought Mrs Rose said no one knows about this mansion.This people are really putting my life in danger.
I lock the windows too and went ahead to sit on one of the pretty chairs in the slivery built living room, I turn on the television and change the channel to fashion show but Lilly’s loud faint voice was distracting my attention.
I left where I was sitting and went to stand beside the window. Lilly was still there.
Her face was filled with plentiful of flares mixed with furry.
I think she’s waiting for the arrival of Royal so that she will have the chance to enter.

Like I predicted,
a red Lamborghini drove in.
The gate opened by itself automatically and with that,Lilly had the chance to enter.
She started crying as royals guards rushed to open his car door.
She rushed him and allow her tears to flow freely. I don’t know if she is trying to impress him or she mean it.

“Baby, who is she??? who is that girl? is she your new girlfriend or did five star higher her as your maid?? Lilly asked and push her hair backwards.
Royal expression changed.

“what are you saying???
“Are you sure you’re with your sense? Royal raised his brows at Lilly coldly.
“I saw a girl in your mansion… she looks like a prostitute… is that one a maid or a gold digging whore? Gosh, I fell like bitching her up mercilessly. She’s so lucky I didn’t see through her face!
Lilly blurted out while panting heavily. I gasped from where I stood beside the window.
how can she be mad over a little thing?? is she always this proud and over possessive??
I held my breath and listened to their conversation.

Royal was looking as calm as ever.
“how did you find out about this place? he asked.
“I’ve been monitoring you with my tracker.Royal you’re my future husband,stop pushing me away. I deserve all care and affection. I deserve respect from you” Lilly said, tears in her eyes.
“even if you’re a cake..I won’t accept you.I will need to forget the fact that it is my favorite. Sometimes what you like might kill you” Royal rolled his eyeballs and distance himself from Han Lilly.

“you didn’t tell me who that girl is?
Lilly questioned.
“why should I answer?? okay okay, she’s a maid and I know she is the same thing like you. The two of you can never be like HER! Royal replied.
I felt embarrassed.
He said me and Lilly are the same thing and that we can’t be like HER.
That simply means there is someone more better than me and Lilly.

Well,I’m not the jealous type,
I am wishing whosoever the so called HER is a very big good luck.

Lilly stood with pitiful eyes,
those eyes that can make someone cry….

on no condition must you step your flirty legs into this place,you must stop those monitoring spirits of yours and don’t ever find out about the HER.If she gets hurt,I will hold you responsible.

There is officially nothing between the both of us,you can go and get betrothed to Romeo for all I get.
Take note of my words and don’t move an inch close to my mansion or me.Even if you see my cup,don’t touch it,it might hurt you badly!
Royal said to her.
This time,his voice was filled with superiority.
why does it have to look as if angels are commanding???.

“Royal,do you hate me??
Lilly asked.
“100%” royal replied.
“then,I promise to kill myself”
Lilly cried and brought out a pocket knife.I think she will cut herself if care is not taken.

“hey stop,I love you”
Royal pout and rush to collect the knife from her.It is obvious he still have an heart of gold.
“do you really mean it?? Lilly asked.
Royal scoffed and throw the knife away.
“have you forgiven me??? Lilly asked.

“may we never cross path again. My amnesia doesn’t mean I would be a fool.I can’t accept what my mind can’t accept.You will be sorry by the time I regain my memory and everything I have lost” Royal said and left Lilly standing speechless.

I left the window I was standing by and ran to the room the guard said I can relax myself.
This is really tougher than I thought.
I wish Royal find his HER as soon as possible…it sucks up seeing him in pain.I can even help bring them together if I know who the girl he is talking about really is.
ummm but fate will tell.

Let me guess…
The girl will be sooooo pretty,
she will have nice set of teeth,
Her skin will be sooo clear and pretty. Noo,my mom said I have the best skin,umm maybe my own skin will be a little bit beautiful than the girls own, then, our shapes will be the same…
Then….what else???
maybe she will be her lips will be a little bit red than mine.

her voice will sound more angelic than mine,she will know how to dance best.
Anyway,whosoever you are,I can’t wait to see you to make Royal happy because he seems comfortable around you for him to mention you to Han Lilly.
I smiled but stop my imagination when a soft knock came on my door.

It was Royal.
I could see his pretty legs through the glass door that was half of bronze and glass.

“sir!!!! I answered without opening the door.
“keep your sir to yourself,it is of no use” he shunned.His voice was more cold and filled with commands than when he was speaking to Han Lilly.

“I’m listening sir or should I open the door?? I asked..
“like I care in seeing your face” he replied,even more cold.

“I know you forced your way into my place or perhaps, you must have begged five stars to assign you as my maid.For your information, you can be like HER….so just keep your goddamn self lock up here.Don’t even dare touch my things not to even talk of my cup and spoons. If possible,don’t let us see ourselves till your stay here will expire. I repeat don’t let our faces meet if you don’t want trouble!
royal blurts out and left.

This is terrible!!
I sighed and stood beside the door.
I went down and sat in the floor.
am not really surprised because I am already use to words like idiot, prostitute, bitch,asshole,whore,slut and so on….
Those words only made me remember my childhood days when no one wants to be my friend or even touch me…
the only persons that had eyes for me then and even now are,guys

Girls of my mate call me witch,bitch and unimaginable words like it’s my fault to be this beautiful.
Mrs Claudia’s kid once called me a witch,judging by my looks..
Those words really hurt.
This is just too much for me…..
I never said I want trouble,I only want peace.

Just then,my phone beeped.
it was Mrs Rose.I quickly pick the call so that I won’t miss it.

💗 Krishna,how is everything?? she asked,over the phone.
“fine ma….but I think I want to quit. I can’t continue anymore” I replied.

💗 why?? why??? but I thought you said you want to help Royal??? she reminded me.
💗 please,don’t give up on him, he is always like that…please don’t quit,he will soon get use to you,he can be so annoying, please manage him” Mrs Rose said. I was very confused.

“Mrs rose what do you mean???
“Do you actually bring me here for the job of a call girl???? I asked, almost close to tears.
Mrs Rose didn’t say anything.
“Mrs rose, what is it that you want from me??? I asked her.
She kept quiet.
Her quietness made me more confused.

“don’t quit,Five stars will increase your pay”she answered another thing and quickly hung up before I could say another thing.
Like seriously,I’m confused.

7hours passed,
I was still in that room since he said our faces should never meet.
I can’t just wait for anymore.
I just wish one hour should pass again quickly do that I can leave.

“My friends are coming, prepare something for them..
Chris loves eating Shidya🍲,
Justin loves eating pancake🍛
Jeffery loves eating Spaghetti🍜.
Royal knock at my door and left immediately as if something is pursuing him.

I stood up immediately and find my way to the kitchen.
I tied the apron and also use a white cap to tie my hair.

I started cooking the dishes….
it was so difficult handling his kitchen utensils but I managed.
I spotted spoons,cups and plates with the name Royal, I didn’t touch them since he already warned me.
I concentrated on the dishes and cook them perfectly.

umm….does royal eat???
is he not hungry???
orrr,let me cook kimchi for him.
I guessed and started cooking another thing. I carried the already dished food to the dining,making sure I bowed my head as I pass.

I set the dishes and dash back to the kitchen to prepare Royal’s own,hoping he won’t shout at me.
I did it well and was serving it….
when he showed up from behind.
As usual,be distance himself from me…..

“That’s why I said you’re a witch…
how did you know that kimchi is my favorite???? Well,it smell nice but nevertheless, you can keep it to yourself and stop enticing me. I asked you to cook for my friends and not me” he scoffed and left.
I turn off the gas and put down the food….
this is terrible!!
I said and took off my apron and scarf and washed all what I used in cooking.

Thank goodness an hour has passed,making it a complete 8hours.
My work for today has ended.
I breathed out “what a relief” before dashing to my room. I pack my back and left for downstairs.

I stopped halfway as I watch Jeffrey devouring the spaghetti like he has never eaten before..
Even Chris and Justin too.
I was happy.

Royal was just sitting beside Jeffrey on the dinning,doing some things on his phone.

“This is the most delicious meal I have ever tasted!! Jeffrey said in all smile.
“it’s sooo delicious. Will you have a taste?? Jeff said,a mouthful of spoon in his mouth.

If only he knows a commoner cooked that food,I’m very sure he will pour it away.

“A maid cooked it. I mean a commoner that forced herself into working here” Royal replied.
It hurts somehow.I didn’t even noticed tears in my eyes.

“Really??? well,I don’t care. As for this spaghetti,I’m finishing it” Jeff said..
I was sooo happy.

“Gosh, I wish it was that girl!!!
Royal blurted.
Chris and Justin laughed.

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