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Beautiful Love Song Episode 26

Beautiful Love Song Episode 26

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“I never knew you already have a she as sexy as Han Lilly???.
Chris asked royal who was busy with his phone.
“you should trust me in that” Royal replied, happily.It was my first time seeing him smile and it was so cute.

“Royal,we are not understanding you. You’re saying you’ve find another person,what about the girl five stars recommend for you,what are you going to do with her? Jeff asked and finally finish his spaghetti.
Not even a crumb was left in his plate.

“So five stars already choose someone for me?? Royal asked.
“of course yes,they choose someone for you,her name is Krishna. Royal you need to see her,she is so pretty with a perfect description of a model. Should I call her for you to see her??
Justin asked.
my heart skipped a beat.
I hope they are not talking about my own Krishna. Well, definitely not because there are lots of Krishna all over the word,it is even possible that there are people bearing Krishna in dice high,apart from me.They can’t even apoint me because number one, I won’t sing publicly and I have seen a situation whereby a commoner is chosen over a wealthy person.

“which Krishna? I’m not interested. I have my own her.Gosh, you guys are annoying” Royal burst out.
“you’re the one who is annoying and difficult to get” Chris replied him jokingly.
“Really?? royal scoffed and hit him with the spoon Jeff used to eat.

“Royal,why not see the girl first?
Jeff suggested.
“No” Royal replied.
Chris and Justin gave up in convincing him.
“excuse me” royal said and stood up with his phone.I think it was a call.

“Mrs Dustin,can I have the backstage projector? I need to find out some things.I wanna try to see if I can figure out someone’s face through it. Make sure the projector get here within 25min” Royal speaks fast on phone and ended the call.
He then went ahead to sit close to Chris. He is very much close to Chris than any of them.

“why did you requested for,the school projector? Chris asked calmly.
“I want to find out about my HER. I wonder why she’s always running away from me whenever we meet” Royal replied.

my heart beat increased.
I know it’s not me….I don’t think I’m the only one who is always running from him.Our kisses and hugs might be mistakes.Yes,they are mistakes.
I hope he finds the person soon.
At least,Mrs rose will release me from this,place quickly.

not quiet long,
a man and a young lady came in with laptops in there hands. I think I should leave so that they can have privacy.
I turned back up the stairs quietly and intended to pass the back door since Royal said our faces must not meet each other.
I was about opening the back door when someone held me.

“Sir Chris! I beemed,then bowed.
“how are you?? he asked,looking into my eyes.
“I’m fine” I replied but I never knew I was already in tears.
“you’re fine and you’re crying” Chris said and moved closer.
I fidget with my fingers and shifted back till my back hit the wall.
“I’m fine” I said again and wipe my tears. I don’t even know why I cried.

“Sir Chris,can you do just one favour for me? I asked him,raising my little finger.
“ask me anything,I will do it and stop calling me Sir”he said.
“okay sir” I said
“Chris” he said.

“yes sir,….sorry sir….umm Chris” I replied.
“Good” he said and moved close to me,he use his thumb to clean my tears.’ask me what you want’ he said

“Chris,can you help me to tell Mrs rose to allow me go? I don’t think I can continue this job” I told him.
He smiled and use his thumb to dry my tears.
“never knew you are this cute when you’re crying” he said.
I kept quirt and left my bag on the floor.
“look at me” he commands.
“okay,Chris” I said and look at him.
“why are you crying? he asked.
I kept quiet because I also don’t know why I’m crying.
“was Royal rude and mean to you” he asked.
“Nooo,he was nice” I said.
he smiled and brought his face closer to mine like he wanted to kiss me. I look away.
He took his lips in and shifted his face back.

“Don’t lie to me,do you like him? cause you can’t be crying for no reason” he said.
“like who?? I widened my eyes.
“Royal of course, do you like him? I think you have feelings for him” he said.
I was quiet.
“tell me the truth” he added.
“who wouldn’t want to? he is everyone’s favorite,he is loved by everyone” I replied.
“I’m talking about you,not everybody.
Krishna,do you like royal??he asked.
“siiiiiiirrrrrrr” I stammered.
“yes,answer my question” he said.
“No,I don’t like him” I replied and quickly drop my head down.

“you don’t need to lie,I already saw it.You like him.Anyway,it is a very good thing at least,Royal deserve someone as good as you. If you really like him,then you need to be calm and patience. Royal is worst when it comes to girls. I remember the times he use to change his cloths whenever he gets touched by girls…
To him,girls are disaster.
Girls are his weakness…..
Royal said girls are annoying….
Coupled up with his competitors, do you think it will be easy for him?
He has many unhealed scars in his heart that’s why he is finding it very difficult to trust and forgive but once he loves someone,it’s very sure the person won’t suffer.He can be rude and cold but he is still the most kind person I have ever seen.Bear with him” Chris said.

why are you telling me this???
“I didn’t say I like him and besides, I am a maid…I love in the normal way and I care in the normal way” I said.
His ringing phone made him move away from me.

“Elliot,what did you say??.
he asked over the phone.
I could hear every single thing since the call was on loud speaker.
“Chris,you have a show tonight” Elliot said.Chris frowned.It was obvious he doesn’t want to go.

“ohhh Chris, he is not around.This is Justin” Chris suddenly made his voice sound like Justin’s own.

“Okay Justin,give the phone to Chris” Elliot said.
“Nope,Chris is not here.It’s only I and Jeffrey” Chris formed his voice. it sounded very much alike.
“Give the phone to Jeffrey” Elliot said.
Chris looked at me then smiled.

“Jeff I think you should take up this singles song since Chris is being careless about it” Elliot said.
“hell no!! I have my confirmation go attend. I need breathing space. You can tell Royal to do that!! Chris formed Jeff’s voice again.
“You brats!!!!! Elliot shouted over the phone and hung up angrily.
Chris turn to look at me.

“Krish,you can tell me anything….
take me as a brother,okay” Chris blew me a kiss.
I went out immediately.

Thank God it’s not my Krishna…
well,its good for Han Lilly.
She deserve to see someone take who she always boast about away.
I got to the gate and was scanned with a detector before I was allowed out.It really befit the standard of the house. That means they trust no one.

I had not even walk much when a black car stopped in front of where I was standing.
ohhh no,Romeo! my eyes sparkle.
He was putting on a red tracksuit with a white inner tux.His hair was dyed black,on his left ear was a tiny diamond earrings.
He whine his window totally .
The first thing he did was to look at me lustfully. I wish I could slap him for doing that.
but who am I to do that?
He smirks and direct his gaze to my hips,maybe because I was wide there
Then his left hand went for the plastic water that was lying on the space beside the driver seat.
He opened the plastic and gulp the content halfly.
I wanted to move away but his words stopped me.
“you dare not move when I’m still looking at you” he said.

I hissed at him….
“Romeo,you’re soo inhuman….”
I stopped my statement and squeeze my mouth because of his guards who are already getting out of the first car.

“it’s actually a good thing you now work here as a maid.I will advise you to be a maid and nothing more.Don’t try anything intimate with him.Stat away from him in that house and if possible,quit. You must have heard about Mrs suga,Krishna be warned if you don’t want to face her warths!!
Romeo cautioned and drove away.

I took a cab immediately and drop at Shantai’s house.I was,lucky her mom wasn’t in.If not,I will end up chased away.I was ushered in.
Shantai caught me unaware and hug me.It was so long and I kind of miss her.

“Dora told me everything. Are they treating you well?? Shantai asked while opening the fridge.
“yes,they are nice.Most especially Chris and Justin.Jeffrey is like Royal, he doesn’t talk” I replied.

“do you like the job?? I wish it was me so that I will get the chance of seeing royal everyday” Shantai winked.
I smiled.
“do you like him??? she ask.
“maybe…small” I replied.

“anyway,are you attending spark training camp? it’s a two days training for all dice high student” she explained.I look on as she speak.
“is it free??? I asked.
“Nope…. it’s one million rupees note” Shantai replied.
“ahhhh,I don’t think I can go.How will I even tell Mrs Claudia to pay for me. She told me to be in dice high for the certificate, not for trainings” I replied.
“common Krishna…. dice high is a competition high,it’s more of a training camp.It’s also for learning and besides it’s compulsory and it will come up in one weeks time. it’s hundred marks.Whosoever that doesn’t pay will score zero.Hope you don’t want carry over? Shantai asked
I look down.” I will try….”

“common,cheer up. You’re a pretty girl,stop making that face.Now,let me tell you a secret” she said and kissed my cheeks in an unaware manner.

“one simple thing can transform a human being is emotion.Your emotion can drag you into the gutter or take you to the highest peak of consciousness. Be careful with your emotions” she said.
“thank you” I replied and stood up.
She phoned a guard and told him to help in dropping me home before her mom returns.

Chris p.o.v~~~

“you’re surely going to win the bet about Krishna’s heart. You are caring too much for her” Justin jerked me and stop me from joining royal in the living room.
I turn to look at him.
“you like Krishna? you have feelings for her? don’t lie,I saw you, you almost kiss her red lips.You would have kissed her if she had not shifted back. She’s driving you crazy”
Justin said.
I dipped my fingers into my hair, not knowing what to say.

“Chris,you love her” Justin said.

“Justin,let’s drop the bet on Krishna, she’s not that type of girl.She’s just an innocent girl who is lucky to have three times the body shape of what other girls will wish for. She’s weak whenever it comes to emotion.Royal is the best for her,me and you don’t deserve her, we are playboys.I think she’s in love with Royal but she doesn’t know it yet. Krishna is Royal’s medicine.Do not let us touch her…..
I wanted her,yes
I wanted to see her pant,yes
I wanted to have sex with her,yes
I wanted her to kiss with me,yes but all that stopped when i learnt that guys are her greatest fear and that’s why she is always conscious of her body.You could see she moved back when I wanted to kiss her,if it were to be other girls,they won’t move back. Instead of tearing her and royal apart, let’s help bringing them together..

Five stars never want to loose Royal,
They want royal in the next competition so that we will win……
I think we should try to bring them together because Krishna’s voice and appearance will solve the puzzle. It’s really rare to see someone that have that type of Krishna’s skin and body shape.Her voice is very powerful with lots of emotions” I said.

“Okay,no more bet but can you cope?
it’s obvious you’re in love with her”
Justin said.

“I will manage. I really know how to hide my emotions” I replied.
“are you sure? Justin asked.
“Yes I can.She is meant for Royal and not for me.Royal falling for her will change her life.If I should force her, it will look as if am selfish and that I am punishing her creator. She’s just a definition of a helpless talented lady.I’m doing it for Krishna herself.I can’t just take advantage of her ignorance and Royal’s amnesia.

Am even glad Jeffrey who doesn’t like commoners accepted her when Dora showed him many videos Krishna dance and many songs that she sang………Jeff even cried when he listened to her song.

Royal own was worst….
Royal doesn’t sing peoples song but he sang her song and copied her dance steps…. that means he loves her the most.

Our chances on wining the debut depends on Krishna.
Sooner or later,Royal will find out about her…..
I wish that day will come fast.

Krishyal,I can’t wait for your bonding.
They will help themselves.

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