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Beautiful Love Song Episode 28

Beautiful Love Song Episode 28

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“where’s krish?
“call the securities.How dare she fight Han Lilly? I pity her,she must have forgotten who your dad is”
Mira expound.
I found my way out of the residential part of the school,
I don’t know why,but I cried.
Lilly must naked me in the presence of her friends. The slap was the least thing I could do to stop her because if she have her way,her friends will take the image of my naked body and then boom….it will get to the school page and so on.

She’s very wicked,
I regret choosing her as a role model.
Of course, she’s wealthy,an idol who gets away with whatever bad thing she does,a celebrity and her dad owns the almighty dice high!
I wiped my little tears and adjusted my cloth.

“Excuse me,miss!
“you must be Krishna knight?
two young guys showed up.

Are these ones really securities or Lilly’s play thing.

“Cut off the pretense, are you Krishna knight? one of the guys asked.
“I’m not” I replied and move back.
They moved in.
“I’m not” I said and ran away till I was out if the school residential area.

I touched my chest,my necklace was not there anymore.I don’t think I can lose it.It was the first present I got as a gift from my mom.
I already lost my hair chain to Royal, how can I suddenly lost this one too?

I retrace steps back and found my necklace lying on the floor halfway in the residential building in the school.

🔜 where are you??
🔜 please be fast so that I can go home fast,I’m on my period. I’m waiting for you at the entrance of payment hall”
Dora texted immediately I enter the elevator.

A security stopped me.
I was even scared.I thought it was about Lilly’s matter because I know I slap her very well.

“miss,you’re not suppose to make use of this elevator…thisparticular place is not meant to be passed by students. It won’t be nice seeing Royal taking the same way with ordinary students”.
the security explained.

“I promise, I won’t take long.After this time, I promise I won’t pass here anymore.This is the fastest way for me” i rush words.
I don’t even know when I bowed for the security.
The elevator door open up,
I rushed in and start walking fast so that I can catch up with Dora.

I passed where Royal normally stays,
his private lecture room was as classic as ever.
he didn’t come today.
I passed by the place and entered the main hallway.Exactlythe hallway the security said is restricted for students.

I had not even walk much when I spot Royal coming in the opposite direction with just two of his guards.
I glance back,it was still far.
“Royal, how will I escape you this time around?
I asked myself and then pull my hair warmer to cover my face.
His guards saw me and were like
“some fans got guts after being warned that no one should pass here”. the guards said.

Royal didn’t look up,
I guess he is so engrossed with whatever thing that he was doing on his phone.With the look on his face, I could tell it was important.

“didn’t you hear the rules? or are you planning any form of attack?
one of the guards asked.
“I’m sorry”
I said and bowed,trying not to look at royal.

Royal look up immediately I spoke,
I turned my face away and drag my hair warmer down.
“look here,your voice sound familiar” he said,making my heart to skip beats.
I drag my hair warmer down and made it cover my face.

“you can leave” he said.
I moved.
“not you,my guards” I shake as he speaks and move close to where I stand beside the wall.
My phone beeped,it was Dora.
🔜 Krishna,where are you? menstral pain is worring me…I feel like dying”

“you’re the girl? royal asked
“I need to go,my friend needs me”
I replied another thing.
his next action shocked me….

“sir,what are you doing??
“sir royal, stop,stop!!! stop!!
I struggled with him but he was smarter than I am.
He removed my hair warmer,
I covered my face with my palms.

“I already saw it”
he said and leaned into me.
His pretty hands touched mine,
I shivered in sweetness with the way he hold it softly.
I was scared…
I look back to see if someone is coming.

“No one will come”
he giggled sweetly like a kid and stared at my lips…he brought his face closer and made his smooth nose press into my lips softly… I held him with a shaking hand…

“This feeling,I hope you understand. I won’t blame you for keeping my heart in suspense, I was getting scared…do you even know I usually come here every night to wait if you would come,I might be lucky and sometimes unlucky that I will be made to watch the stars alone” he said…I got carried away by his speech.i got distracted, he had the opportunity to kiss my right cheek unaware.
I don’t even know if I should be happy or sad.

is he really touching me?
does he even know am his maid?…
I think he mistake me for another person.

“this place look somehow right? do you want us to talk elsewhere? he asked and tightened the kiss on my cheek.
I couldn’t hold it….
I was visibly shaking with the way he encircle his hands around my waist.

“don’t let us talk,let me go” I said,
my lips shaking.
“you wanna leave me? he asked.
I can’t really interpret the way he look at me.He stopped staring at me so that I won’t trace where he was looking at on my body.
I look away and bowed..

“what’s your name?
he asked,full superiority in his voice.
I was quiet.
even if I don’t tell him my name,
he will still find out about me since he has seen my face.

“umm krish… Krishna”
I finally said with little fear.
He smiled,I saw his was soo cute.

“Krishna right? he pouted.
“yes” I smiled with a bow.
“I need to go” I bowed again.
He held me back and kiss my cheeks again.
I don’t know why he is doing so,
but it’s fine since I know he is undergoing some emotional trauma.
I shut my eyes and clutch his cloth tightly with my hands, he sent his hands into my neck.
I didn’t even know I am pushing him close to myself.
something is really wrong with me…

He took my left hand, I don’t know what happened but I felt something jingling in my wrist.
His ringing phone made him pulled away.I look away,shyly.

“I hope after this,you won’t run away”
he said and left.
I touched where he kissed on my cheeks.
I think I’m dreaming!
but hell no,this is reality.
I got Kissed on the cheek by him.

🔜 krish,where are you? Dora sent.
Thank goodness no one saw me and Royal.
I smiled and rushed to the payment hall,many students were still there,cueing to make payment.

How will I make my payment??
I don’t want to score zero.
I stood transfixed.
Dora appeared soon.
“where did you go?? be fast,let’s go home.I’m on my period…I’m feeling lots of discomforts” Dora said.

How do I pay??
I asked Dora…..

📡 who is Krishna knight??
one of the counter attendants asked by using a loud microphone.
Everyone turned.
Dora look at me in a confused state.

“have you paid? she asked.
“No,I’m just coming in” I replied.

📡 Krishna,come forward for your payment slip” the attendant said.

“did you pay for me? I asked Dora.
“I asked you the same thing” she replied.

📡 is Krishna here? the attendant asked.
“over here” I waved.
I did not even walk much,the attendant brought the slip and receipt to where I stand.
Dora was surprised,
I was more than surprised.

I collected the receipt which stated that I paid a total of 5million.
“Dora but I thought the pay is 1million,when did it turn to 5million? I asked.

“I can’t really tell” she replied and glance into my bag.
“is that not Royal’s credit card in your bag? she asked.
“where is it? I asked and widened the side zip of my bag.

“there in your bag”
she said and brought it out.
The tip of the credit card was pure gold…it made it easy for Royal’s fans to recognize it.
Me and Dora were surrounded.
Fans can be this crazy.

💗hi,can you help me deliver this letter to Royal…
💗 I personally made this cookies, give it to him.It might be small but it means a lot to me…
💗 hi,just help me give him this earrings and anklets…..
I watch on as fans deliver gifts to Dora since she’s the one holding the card. …most of them were girls.

“it’s okay,Royal can only be with one girl” Dora said and stopped the gifts.

“did you really take the card from my bag? I asked again,wondering how it get into my bag.

“I think I need to return the card”
I said because it’s very certain the money there will be much.

“He dash you something and you want to return it.Better start learning how to spend.In my view,i think we should go to Dayna mall…it’s a new place,let’s go get somethings”
dora said and smiled.

but you said you’re feeling discomforts not quiet long,how come you want us to go to the mall. I don’t want anything.He might drop it there mistakenly” I said.

“ohhh,he also wear you his presidential bracelet by mistake? do you think he doesn’t know what he is doing? Dora said.
I look at my wrist….
I smiled shyly.

I followed her out,she excused herself and left me on the 4th elevator.

Just then,Lilly appeared.
ohhh the slap!!
I remembered and did as if nothing happened..

“Do what I ask you to do? or do you want to see your admission here shaking? you know who my dad is.
she said
I kept quiet.

“I want you to leave here and go to your village! you disgust me!!
Lilly burst out.She didn’t allow me talk,she pushed me….

I don’t even know what I’m falling into.

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