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Beautiful Love Song Episode 30

Beautiful Love Song Episode 30

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Big bangs recreated in my memory,
I stood speechless and watch him walk out…
“guards,get Royal down,he must not pass the boarders” my mom pointed out with flares in her eyes.
Eliot was quiet.

The guards came in almost immediately with hands crossed.
“ma’am, we can’t move close to him, he already lock himself up in his car” the guards retorted.

Eliot went out.
I moved to the window and checked.
Though it was far but I could sense it that he was crying and that’s exactly what I want.
I want to see him cry all day,all night at all of the time.
I smiled and lock the curtains.
“Did he move out already? my mom asked.I scoffed.

“Mom,did you care about him?
I asked.
She look away.I could see her heart moving faster and it only means she love him.

“I don’t care about him.He is not my son. You’re my son, I care for you only” my mom replied.
I know it was a lie.

“Then why don’t you want to kill him when you said you do not care about him? I asked.she went silent.
“no no no no,don’t let us kill him. He is too handsome to be dead” my mom replied.It kind of broke my heart but I let go.
She walk upstairs,
I guess she wanna recall how she shouted at Royal. It kind of hurt and that’s what I want.

“call Eliot! I said to one of the maids.
She rush downstairs all in shivers.
Eliot came in,
I sat down and went back to my wine

“You sent for me”
Elliot said.
“yeah,I want you to tell me about the boat Royal is working on…what tag did he add and insceibd on it.Is it Still Royal?? I asked,knowing fully well that the boat would cost another fortune since he is paying the constructors in other to make it look like a place he can spend quality time

“I don’t know,he didn’t discuss any of that with me” Eliot replied. I knew he is lying.
“do you wish for death? I asked.
“No” he replied.
“then start talking” I urge.
“he didn’t discuss it with me” he replied.
I scoffed and took my glass of wine upstairs.

“let me know whenever he discuss things with you” I said to Eliot halfway on the stairs.

“he had stopped telling me about his achievements,I don’t know anything About it” Ely replied.
“you’re his manager” I replied.
“shut the fuck off! I shut him up and drop my glass of wine on the table stand,I opened the bedside drawer and brought out the contract file and the new song script tiled “beautiful love” the song was wrote with powerful emotion and intelligence.
How fortunate is he???
I smiled and called one of the maids in by using the landline.

“Strip naked” I commands.
“sirrrrr,please, I’m on my period”
the maid went on her kneels,pleading..

“Do it now,orrr…..
I stopped my statement and look at her lustfully.I wasn’t even seeing her, I look at her and recollect the image of Krishna….
I don’t think I have seen a girl with such rare body figure.

“do it now” I command.
the innocent poor slave gave up and stripped naked.
She wasn’t even pretty…..
Not even a bit but I need to satisfy my lustful desires with her.

“Crawl my side with your feeble kneels” I command again.
in tears,she did it.
I drag her to the bed and fingered her with four fingers…..

“Sir stop,this is rape!! I’m in pains…. I feel lot’s of discomfort” she yelled out.I don’t care.I increased it to 5 fingers and used my other hand to squeeze the hell out of her left breast.
She was really wet down, her p*ssy was slippery…..
I was satisfying my lustful desire. I was enjoying it….
I guess the pains was to much for her,she passed out on my bed.

~~Elliot p.o.v

I rushed downstairs,
royals car was still locked.
He just laid his head on the steering.
His bandana already feel off,I noticed he wasn’t even with his bracelet and chain. He had on just a simple chain.
After what seemed like eternity,
he raised his head up and whyne down the glass.

“Ely,I want to be alone, no one must know about my whereabout” he whispered in a singing voice and drove out. I really pity him but there’s nothing I can do to help the situation on ground.

Not up to 20min Royal’s car drive out, my phone started ringing…
it was Sir Zayn.

📡 Hope you’ve not forgotten that Royal was banned from moving around alone? his car just pass by Lock mall,fans went crazy and it already cause a lot if racism.
📡 why did you allow him alone?
📡 what if he had an attack??
📡 how about him getting set up by his competitors??
Eliot,do your job well,and make new advances,nothing must happen to Royal”.
Sir zayn said and hung up.
The guards look at me and were like;
📡 what’s wrong?
📡 did five stars fire us?
📡 should we trace Royal’s car?
The guards asked.
I was numbed.
“No,I will take care of it”
I replied and entered my car.
I drove out. He already deactivate his tracking ID. I gave up tracing him and pack on one side of the road.
Chris and Jeff called me.
I couldn’t pick the phone because k don’t know what to tell them in the moment.
11:45pm still at Royal’s mansion
🌹krish🌹 Krishna.

The buzzing of the new phone woke me up. I sprang up and started packing my bag.
“trouble!! I screamed And checked time….it was so late.
Did I sleep too much???
gosh, I should have gone home since 6pm.I have never stay long outside. Jesus!!! I even slept in someone else’s house like it belongs to me.

I waited for a while and thought of what to tell my mom,if I should get home.Nothing was coming.
I’m so bad at lie and pretence.

‘trouble” I snorted immediately the phone ring again. one hundred and twenty missed calls.
“why on earth did I not wake up?
I fidget with my fingers immediately a call entered.It was my mom.
I stood away from the bed,I didn’t pick up.
She called again.
I pick up this time with a shaking hand.My mom is very strict.
I pick up the xamm and waited a little bit for her to speak first!

📡 Krishna,are you there? please answer! pick my calls!!! speak honey, I won’t shout at you” she wailed on the phone.

📡 I’m fine” I replied,scared.
📡 where are you?? what’s wrong? she asked. I was silent again. I can’t tell her am in a guys house, working as an house help.

📡 I’m working….believe me,I slept off in my temporary work place room. Mom,it wasn’t intentional” I replied, still scared.

📡 I thought you work with Claudia? she asked,I felt cold shivers running through my spines.
📡 mom,I’m……..
📡 stay safe,if possible, stay there. Beg them to allow you stay there till tomorrow.It won’t be safe coming home this time of the night” she cut me off.
manage till tomorrow” she said and hung up. I held my chest and drop the phone. I thought she would shout at me. I left my room and rush to the living room to pick the magazine I saw earlier.

I had not gotten downstairs when I heard cracking sounds of glasses.
“who can that be???
I rushed downstairs, it was in a total mess.

“Royal!!!!! I gasped softly and watch him push every glass item in the living room. He either break them or smack them on the floor.
Blood were dripping on his wrist and palms…..
His eyes was teary.
Maybe Chris was right when he said Royal can’t be controlled whenever he is angry.

I watch him drop the glass in his hand away.He room the opposite stairs and ran upstairs.
I showed up immediately he left and cleared the whole place.
I didn’t do much,the guards came in and cleared it all.

Every broken item was replaced as they were being cleared…..
“he doesn’t want to see the doctor. he doesn’t want to see anyone” one of the guard said and drop a bandage on the chair.
They disperse immediately the items were replaced. I was now the only person left.

I felt pity,
he must be in pains.
He should at least tie his bleeding hand if he doesn’t want to see anybody.
I took the bandage. I forgot he said he doesn’t want to see anyone..
I traced his room,i push it slowly, it wasn’t locked.

He was sleeping in a white robe,his hair was tied up with a red head band, blood were dripping off his hand and yet,he slept like that.

I look at the bandage,then back to his hand,hoping he won’t wake up.
I touch the bleeding point,more blood drip out.I didn’t know I was crying.
I applied ointment and tied the bandage in a neat manner.
His head was hot.
I found a napkin and soaked it with cold water.

How do I start????
I don’t want you to wake up.
you said we should never seen each other again but I can’t bare to see you in pain.

I moved closer and touched his head, I slowly place it on my laps and started using the cold napkin to nurse his head….

He turn his head sideways and kissed my tommy.
“i love you” escaped his lips.
The cold cloth I was holding fell on his neck.

is this also a mistake????
I don’t think he knows what he is doing?????
maybe it’s because of the pain.

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