Beautiful Love Song Episode 31

Beautiful Love Song Episode 31

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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3hours/180mins/10,800seconds passed🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢

I was still holding the cold napkin in my hand.His temperature level had reduced to normal and his palms,I think the bleeding too stopped.
I don’t know the type of battle he is fighting in his heart but at least,he should minimize the rate in which he inflicts his anger out.
what if he have an attack???

Royal,you’re too hot tempered.Look at the way you’ve hurt your palms” I said low in a manner that won’t disturb his sleep. I kept quite afterwards,I felt like sleeping.

I touch his head and tried lifting it on the pillow,he didn’t wake up,it was easier.I pull the white duvet all over him,I untie his head bandana and hold it in my hand.
I rush to the door.

“I thought you promise you won’t run away whenever we see each other. I met you in the dark,will it be right if you just walk away” Royal said in his sleep.
is he talking to me???? I felt pity.
I turned back,he was still sleeping.
I walked slowly to his bed,I placed his head on my laps again.
He didn’t say anything afterwards.

Watching him sleep and holding my cloth in sleep was becoming boring to me and so I decide to stare at everything in his room.
I started from the big Ben wall clock that was plastered on the wall,my eyes move to the bedside drawer,I saw rupee notes bundled up with rubber bands,the money was damn much that the drawers didn’t close very well. I look away and watch many fansy things in his room.

I saw the washroom since the door was not close fully. It looks like paradise.I mean the floor was our of the world,it had a sea blue water floor with a perfect art of moving life fish in it.

I was puzzled,it was my first time seeing something like that.
I look right and saw his jewelry box scattered on the floor on one side.
Royal,are you this rough???

I stared at everything.
I guess that’s why Lilly doesn’t wanna leave his life.To her, he is a good catch..

“I love you,tell me back”
he said in his sleep.
I kept quiet.
“I love you,tell me back” he said again.

Dear royal,I don’t know who you’re talking to but I promise I will be helping you so that you will overcome your emotional trauma faster” I said in my mind and touch his forehead.

“I love you,tell me back”
he said for the third time.
“I…I….I…love you too” I said back.
he smiled in sleep and allow his head made more tight contact with my tommy.

We stayed like that till it was morning
He would kiss the expose part of my tommy for a while,he would mutter some words, he would kiss my waist and embrace it romantically,then he would sleep for a while.
it continued like that till it was morning.

The sounds I heard from the multiple cars that came in made me quickly remove his head from my laps.
I rush to the window,
the guards already positioned themselves,well equipped at the boarders.I saw many unfamiliar faces.The only people I recognize were Elliot,Lilly and Han Cheng.

I didn’t wait,I left his room and went ahead to lock myself in my temporary room.I took my bag and wore my sandals,I wash my face in the washroom and left the house by passing the back door.

BLS🎻 adesola adeomowole.m.

Elliot’s p.o.v

I just hope he didn’t do anything stupid this time around.The last time he went wild,he almost stabbed Romeo, I just pray he didn’t stab himself since his guards reported that he said to them strictly that he wants to be alone” Han cheng said.
We walk in and scalled through the stairs.
“he will be fine” Lilly glared.
“I think he broke glasses…gosh, I will treat his palms” Lilly said again and rush to his room.

She squated beside his bed and made a sad face because he already had his palms treated.
“Royal!!!! she gasped and touch his forehead.
“Royal!!! she gasped again and touch his hand.
royal open his eyes….
he made a confused look and took off his white duvet.
He stood up the bed,he wore his flip flop and ran out of his room.
He came back minutes later and look at Lilly,only Lilly.

Why did you come???
i warned you never to step your flirty legs here again!! is that also hard to grab.Gosh, I hate you for allowing me loose this chance!!
Royal scoffed and broke another Glass in our presence. he left and drop the shattered piece on the floor.

“what’s be talking about??
“dad, Royal is neglecting me!
Lilly cried.

“baby,it’s okay” Cheng cautioned.
Lilly’s eyes landed in the bed,
she saw a blue scarf beside were royal slept. Only me knows the scarf belongs to Krishna.

“Dad,Royal is seeing another lady. Who’s the owner of this goddam scarf??? Lilly shouted and throw the scarf away.
She broke into tears.
“it’s okay,I will go and drown myself in the swimming pool in other to make it faster and easier” she snorts out.

Cheng called and ran after her.
Royal showed up in all his white outfit,only his earring was gold.

“Ely,I don’t know how you’re gonna do it,I want them out of my house in the next 5mins” Royal commands,air of superiority in his voice.
I bowed and left to carry out his orders.
maybe he is angry Krishna left without him noticing.
Actually,she wouldn’t have left. I guess the sounds of the car made her flee for her life.

BLS🎻 adesola adeomowole.m.

Justin’s p.o.v

Chris, come and take a look.
Mira is an idiot,
Lilly is extremely foolish and miserable,
Angel is suppose to be called devil…

“Are they that bad.?
Jeff chirped in while stiring the hot coffee in his mug.

“I wish Krishna will be coming here everyday to cook for us.I can’t stop thinking of that delicious and tasty pasta,that food is disturbing my brain” Jeff said.
“why not call Dora??? Krishna might be occupied” Chris said.

“Nope,Dora doesn’t like cooking,she prefer ordering foods,I like her like that. The,only thing she can cook is noodles and maybe hot water” Jeff said and drank his coffee slowly.

“but we have a chef” I arch my brow.
“idiot,as if you did not lick plate when Krishna cooked. You even went too far by carrying the pot” Chris said.

“You better don’t try the new chef.I’m still suffering from the last meal I ate” Chris said..I laugh out.
“was it that horrible??? Jeff asked.

“tasteless, saltless,nutritionless” Chris exclaimed.
“you really suffered” I said..
they all laugh out loud.

“Dora said she will come over with Krishna whenever she’s coming in the afternoon” Jeff said.

“The chef might learn from krish” I said.Chris smiled And ran upstairs to complete his unfinished work.

Lilly is doing more worse things” I said.
“Well,it’s her father’s school,let her continue” Jeff said and followed Chris. Maybe to join Chris in completing his work.
I finish up with my coffee and followed them upstairs.

I mean it would have been more fiyn if Royal was here. We won’t even remember we are hungry….
we are not too close but no one can come in between us.
I really miss the quality times we usually spend together.

I had not even climb up the stairs when Mira walked in.
She dressed seductively,
she catwalked to my side and waved hi..

“who are you looking for??
I asked,sternly..
“Your brother, Chris, I want to see him” she flashed me a fake smile.

“Chris is not around” I replied, sternly.
“you’re the youngest among them,why being rude?? she questioned.

“Chris is not around,get out”
I replied her and race upstairs.

“Does he has a girlfriend??.
she asked.I turn back to look at her..
“when you see him,ask him yourself. I wonder where he met bunch of idiots like you” I said rudely and left her speechless.


I rushed home very early in the morning,
I was still outside, I drag my Saree top down and search my bag for my scarf, I couldn’t find it,instead it was royals bandana in my bag.
How clumsy and forgetful am I??
I’m I getting affected too???

I cross my heart three times before entering.I entered and met my mom sitting down on one of the chairs. I don’t think she slept.Her face look sick,tired and worried.

she sprang up immediately I entered.
“welcome,mum” I greeted.
She walks closer to me,
I was scared she will beat me,
I moved back.

“sweet heart!!
she called my second name and move closer to him.
“I’m sorry” I whispered and move back till my wide hips hit the wall.

“sweet heart” she called.
I used my hands as a guide so that she won’t beat me.

“I’m sorry, I won’t stay out late again. You can beat me for today but I promise I won’t stay out late again. Should I say am sorry hundred times,I’m sorry it’s not my fault”
I blabbed.

“sweet heart” she called calmly.
I remove my hand slowly,waiting for whatever thing she wants to say.
Maybe there won’t be food for me today and no movement for a week.

“Sweet heart,hug me”
my mom said and moved into me.
I hugged back.
I’m I the only one confused here???
I hugged her in a confused manner. I thought she would beat.

“Did you eat and sleep??
she asked……

waaaaaaattt,I think I need to wake up from this dream,I’m really confused, someone should help me out.

“come and eat” she said..
I followed her with an innocent and verrry confused mind.


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