Beautiful Love Song Episode 39

Beautiful Love Song Episode 39
([i know,i can’t be yours💜])

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“I don’t think Lilly is among.Ariana is innocent” I said.
“Lilly hurt you” he said.
“No she didn’t,I don’t know” I told him and focused more on my food so that he will stop asking me questions and he did.
His attentions are now directed to his phone.
“ba fast, we should leave here right away” he said.
I made a quizical look and checked the time,it was just 3pm.We might get home around 7pm or quarter after 7 and I have to get back to my house also.I somehow miss my mom

“are you done? he asked.
“No,sir” I replied and drank water. I ate my remaining veggies and drank water again.
I’m just very lucky to be his friend. He is so kind and caring.
“our luggage has been packed, you’re the one delaying” he said,sweetly.
I drank water again and used the serviette to clean my lips.
“I think I’m done” I uttered.
He stood up,his escorts came to stand behind him.
I stood up also and and took my bag also,thinking about the best way to tell him to withdraw Ariana’s eviction.
I followed him to his car,
the first two cars were filled with guards,the second car was the one me and him used while the last car was meant for another set of guards.

His phone rang,I saw the caller ID, it was Eliot calling..
He pick up without wasting time.
I could hear whatever thing they were discussing.. about their performance at Australia was postponed.

“Your dad couldn’t make his trip today,he has some things to attend to urgently. He might take off tomorrow” I heard Ely said.

“where is he right now? Royal asked.
“at home” Ely replied.
“how about Chris and Jeffrey with Justin? he asked.
“in their penthouses,they are spending quality time” Ely replied.
“okay” royal giggles and hung up.
He look at me,
I took my face away to the window. I notice he love staring at my face too much.Does he not get tired???

We reached home at exactly 7:40pm.
A new car was packed in the garage, it was signed zayn.
“is my dad in??? but Ely said he is attending to somethings” Royal said, making the guards to position themselves at the boarder.

I followed him in,
it’s getting late,I don’t know how to tell him I want to leave.
I followed him in,
we both met sir Zayn sitting on Royal’s most favorite chair. He was di engrossed with the football match he was watching that he didn’t notice us enter. He took his glass of wine to his lips and changed the channel.

“You’re here to bore me with your old folktales”Royal said and went directly to the stair way.
He turned back halfway and look at me.
“Sir,I want to leave,my mom must have been worried” I imagined myself saying that but I didn’t .
Gosh, why can’t I just say it…..
did he charm me already that I don’t know what am doing anymore.
I better don’t fall in love because he can’t be mine.

“the food” he reminded me and directed his attentions back to his phone.
“try and make it ready before I come back” he said said and walk back outside again.

He is already addicted to starving.
He didn’t ear anything since yesterday morning. How is he coping?????
he choose a car from the garage and drove out. I checked time,it was 7:50pm and I need to get home 8pm.
I don’t think I can cook within 10mins

I entered the kitchen and brought out all the ingredients that I will be needing. I reach for the deep freezer and brought out a full chicken. I weighed it with the scale first before cutting it into smaller pieces,cube sizes to be precise.
I washed the meats and boil it on the pressure pot.I boiled it with salt, Maggi cubes, sadyah leaves and onions.
After boiling, I washed the griller and grilled the boiled chicken by frying in a stew sauce with lots of veggies.
The scents gilled the large kitchen,
I added boiled grilled onions and spring onions.I steamed it for awhile and settled for the salad. It was kind of fast.I made rice pudding and stew on another pot.
Perhaps,he might love it.

i dish out the food into four glassy different plates.
Grilled chicken was served hot with a lot of veggies on a plate,
Salad mixed with mayonise on a separate plate,
White Rice pudding on a curvy plates, The last plate contains stew with a lot of shrimps and like maybe 10 red meats if I could count well.

I carried the plates one after the other to the dinning and set them well.I waited for a while and checked time, it was already 9:30pm.

“Krishna,what’s wrong???
Royal’s dad asked..
“nothing sir,when will Royal come? I asked, thinking of how I will get home. Too bad I promise my mom I will never stay out late.
“that’s how it starts” his dad smiled at the food I cooked then back to what he was watching.
what does he mean by that???
“sir,can I leave???? I asked.
“why not wait for him? he said.
like I had no other choice,I went ahead to sit on one of the empty chairs in the slivery built living room.

Sir changed the channel to another channel.
“do you watch movies? he asked.
“yes sir,a lot.I love actions,love story, I hate horror,i hate supernatural, I love epic” I said.

“have you watch this one?? he asked.
“Yes it’s very interesting” I replied.
“brief me” he said.

“The main actors are the lost lovers. They later died in the end but the beginning and middle was breath taking. Zayn is soooo draft,he trust people easily.He lost his eyes and legs in the end” I explained.

“which zayn??? royals dad asked.
ohhhhh” I smiled when I remembered his name was also zayn.
“sir,not your own zayn,zayn in the movie” I said,he smiled.
“better,I can’t imagine loosing my eyes and legs” he uttered,I burst into laughter.

We continue watching movie till it was 10pm.
ohhh my goodness,I couldn’t even keep one promise I made to my mom. Krishna,see how careless you are.

Mrs Suga~~

“what are you waiting for??
“can’t you fucking see that he is a splitting replica of his father!! let’s get him killed if we can’t get him and my daughter together.Delay sometimes might be dangerous!!
Cheng said.

“words can’t express how I hate him”
Romeo said…

Just then,we heard glasses breaking from behind.We all turned,it was Royal…he grabbed a glass and smash it in the floor.

“who do you hate?.
“what did I ever do to you???
“is it my fault that I’m fuckingly rich??
“Should I start talking about how much you’ve stolen from me??????
“You,you,you….. I bet it you will be sorry for your sorry self once I remember everything I’ve lost” Royal said and rubbed his palms that is already filled with blood on his head.

We went quiet……
we couldn’t speak.
who dare speak whenever he speaks?

“what do you know about my past??
he shouted and pushed the glassy dinning table away.Everything smash on the floor.His wrist had little cuts but he doesn’t care.

“I know you won’t say it!!!
“You won’t…. what do you take me for??? you slave,your money making machine.I’m human too,I have feelings,I’m not a toy to be played with..

We kept quiet….
Do you think I don’t know that dice high is written in my name???
I kept quiet and pretended as if I knew nothing even when my past isn’t stated clearly in my memory…..

“must you take advatange of it!!!!
he asked.His voice sweet filled with deaminor of superiority..

I screamed and rushed to him.

“I’m your mom!!!!!!!
I screamed again.
He bat his lashes heavily and slowly. I was now scared to death.
I think he is remembering.

“Royal,I’m your mother!!!!!
I shouted again,trying to confuse him.

“what type of mother a you???
“You just said you hate me,you treated me partially……You said you nursed me for 23years but I never saw you showing a slight goodness to me. The only thing you do is to teach me how to make money,you made me your asset as if I am a property to be owned!!!
“get away. …..”
he shouted and keep smashing bottles. We are shifted back.
I don’t think he can be controlled whenever he is angry.

I looked at his wrist, it was dripping blood….tooo much blood.
“Royal,did you eat??? I asked, pretending to be a good mother.

“at some points,you need to stop asking me questions like you care” he said and push more things away.
He turned his back and left…..

“Moron mother” Romeo said and dash upstairs.
I was lost in my world.
Royal must not find out about who he really is or else,I will be done for good. Not even when he will soon be announced officially as the presidents.

“he won’t remember,He can’t….
it all happened when he was just a month old,now tell me,how will he remember??? he can only remember of someone tells him about who he really is” Cheng said.

Krishna’s p.o.v~~

“sir zayn,I think I should be going now. I promise my mom not to stay out late” I told royals dad..
“okay” he gestured and called one of the guards in..maybe to drop me off.

I went to carry my luggage.
I had not even got to where I kept my luggage when the door burst open.

It was Royal.
His hands were dripping blood most especially his left wrist, it was hurt badly.

The guards moved away.
Even sir Zayn rush to where I was standing upstairs.

Royal started breaking things…
Just anything his hands touched. I didn’t see the kind and caring royal anymore…. all I saw is someone with loads of battles in a heart.

“What did I ever did to them????
he yelled and broke the thick projector screen…

“Sir Zayn…let them stop him,his wrist hurt” I said. No one moved close to him….

“Is it my fault?????
“am I there slave?????
“I knew they hated me but I never knew it was up to this extent!!!!!
he shouted and got to the dinning, hr opened the dishes one after the other and smash everything on the floor….

Chris came in…
He tried touching him,
Royal broke more things and prevented Chris from coming closer…

Next,he pushed the large dinning away….

“Royal stopppp!!!!!
I shouted.He didn’t stop.
His eyes were teary…

“I wish I know them all!!!!!!
Royal said….

“Royal stopped!!! I wanted to move closer to him,sir zayn held him back.
“don’t……. he might hurt you. You see I didn’t get close to him. See Chris didn’t get close to him” sir zayn said.

Chris left.
I looked at Royal,he avoided my gaze, he didn’t even look me,he continue breaking things.

“Here,Krishna, I will take you home…
leave Royal alone,I know how to handle him” sir zayn said and held me with much emotions.

Royal continue breaking things.
Sir Zayn carefully moved me in and made me pass where there was no glass.

“Don’t look him,he hurt people whenever he’s hurt” his dad said.

I got to the door.

Do I really need to go??????
Will he also hurt me if I stay????


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