Beautiful Love Song Episode 40

Beautiful Love Song Episode 40
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💙]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Chris gave up and walk out since he couldn’t control Royal.
Royal continue making matter worst by smashing many things most especially the most expensive things in the slivery built living room.
I don’t know why I felt tears.

“Common,Krishna, let’s get out of here” his dad said and took my hand softly down the stairs.
Justin and Jeffrey came in,
they moved away at the look of things.

“what will you gain if you continue hurting your skin” Jeff said.
Royal got to the wine stand and push them away,it made a very harsh and loud sound as it broke.

“Royal, are you actually not going to stop” Jeff said.

“Just go and tell Mrs sugar to come and kill me also instead of hating me around. Am I her slave? don’t I have a life” Royal shouted with a pained expression.

“is that all?? Jeff asked.
Royal took his lips in and continue breaking things.
I felt sad. why must Mrs sugar say it to his face that she hates him.
Jeff got irritated and took his keys,he left.Justin took turn.

“Justin,I think you should get Krishna home” his dad said.
“who will stay with him? I asked.
“he will calm down if he’s alone” his dad replied and held my hands with so much care till we got to the door.

He manage to take me out,
he entered his car and expected me to open the back door.
“you won’t go home?? he asked,
I stood still.
“I said he will calm down if he is alone” his dad said again.
I didn’t still enter.
He got impatient and drove away.

I was now left alone.
will he also hurt me???
maybe I should try my luck.
I entered the living room,he was still breaking things.

“Sir Royal, stop” I gasped in a soft and calm voice.
He turned back and started breaking things.
“sir Royal, please” I said and moved to his presence. He turned away and started breaking on another direction.

“Gosh, what type of temper is this!!
I moved close to him and back hugged him as a friend.
“you’re hurting me….the sounds of the breaking glasses are making me to get headache” I said.
“can you excuse me?? he asked.
I moved into him perfectly and presses him softly.

“how do you feel now??? I asked and lock my hands around his neck.
“should I still go?? I asked, making sure I didn’t make any clumsy contact with his very pure skin.

“No one gets close whenever am like this.I think you should go so that I won’t hurt you” He said.
I moved away from him sadly,
he started breaking things.
Its so sad watching him do those stuffs.They make me cry.

“If I should leave also,I promise I won’t come back again,I won’t even be your friend” I said.
He stopped breaking things immediately and ran upstairs.
The guards look at each other in surprise, then they stared clearing every damaged things. They were replaced instantly.

“Hey,check if he’s still breaking things upstairs” the chief guard said to a lower rank guard.
“No,he’s not.He’s just lying down and he’s on phone” the later replied.
I was relieved.
I even forgot my mom will be so concerned about me.

“what about his hand,did he tie it” I asked.
“no,he’s still bleeding and he doesn’t want to see a doctor.He is like that” the guards replied.
“He didn’t even eat anything since yesterday” one of his escort said.

What type of a friend am I??
he didn’t eat since yesterday and he watch me eating in the cafeteria today?. can’t he say he’s hungry.

I walked into the kitchen,
I started cooking again,
I cooked for an hour and set everything on a set of five glassy plates,I took the food downstairs. The dinning table was already replaced with a more beautiful one.

How smart?…
maybe the dinning was ordered.
I set the food,placing the grilled chicken with a lot of veggies at the center,on it’s side was a plate of rice pudding,then a salad mixed with mayoniase on a curvy plate,then a stew filled with plentiful of shrimps and red meat on another curvy plate.

I went back to the kitchen and cleared everywhere before going to his room.
I knocked,he didn’t open.
I entered and noticed he was busy with his phone even when his palms were bleeding.

“am okay,I don’t need anything”
he said.
“sir,your palm….”
I didn’t finish what I was saying, o rush to him.
“no,don’t worry,it’s noting” he said.

“then I won’t be your friend anymore” I said.
“I never wanted you to be my friend”
he said,I felt sad but didn’t show it.
what else am I expecting???
that a soon to be president will be mine…am even lucky to be his maid..
Maybe I should stop dreaming.

I left his palms with care and left.
I came back minutes later with a bowl of hot water and napkin in my hands.He was up finally…
He was now shirtless and his skin was waoooow.So glittering.
His jean kind of sagged and it was pretty….

what am I even looking for???
even God knows I’m stupid.

I moved in properly and drop the Bowl of hot water on the table stand.
“sir,your palm” I bowed properly.
He look at the hot water then back to his phone.
“I don’t want it” he said.
“please” I said.
He gave in and release his palm.
I pressed the hot napkin into it. I even thought he would shout because the napkin was soooo hot.
He didn’t show any sign of pain.

I cleaned the napkin.
“please,look at me” I said.
He drop his phone and look at me.
“umm sir,stay still” I said and used the hot napkin to wipe his forehead. I drop it and applied ointment into his palms,then I bandaged it neatly.

I carried the bowl,pour it’s content away,dry the towel then go back to him.
“I cooked already,please eat”
I said,knowing fully well that he won’t eat the food since he said he doesn’t want us to be friends.

“I cooked sir” I reminded him.
“Reasons why I don’t want you to be my friend” he said and stood up, fit his feet into a black slipper,wore a black jersey then left.

is he going out??.
Did I disturb him.??

“am sorry sir” I said and folkwed him.
“you’re noisy and slow in walking”he said,I stopped walking since he said we shouldn’t be friends anymore.
Gosh, I almost forgot.

I watch him moved down the stairs,
he got to the dinning and sat,
I rushed there and opened all the dish… too bad he doesn’t even know how to handle plates.

“do you like it???
I asked.
He took two diamond spoons and handed me one, be made me sit close to him.

what’s he doing???
but I thought he said we shouldn’t be friends.

“eat with me” he said and took a spoon filled with pudding into his mouth. I watch him eat happily.
He used a fork to pick meat from the stew…

“Krishna,don’t be my friend, I want you to be my girlfriend and wife at the same time” he said and placed the chunk of meat in between his lips

He held the meat with his lips.
The sight was funny but very cute.
I got carried away,
he used his spoon to hit my hand and then make a “what’s your reply look.

ummmm…..I kept quiet.
“Stop joking” I said.
he pushed the food aside and made me sit in the glassy dinning.
He stood up and leaned press his lips into mine.
The stew taste filled my mouth.

“Fight for the meat”
he said and pinch the both sides of my wide hips.
“okay,sir” I nodded into the kiss and used my tongue to find the meat in his mouth.
Royal pinched my hips more sweetly,

I lock my straight legs around him out of sweetness and used my tongue to search for the meat in his mouth.
bls🎻 by adesola adeomowole.m.

Lilly p.o.v🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕

He’s certainly mine,
I know I’m the one to calm him down and besides,no one is better than I am!!!!

I step out of my car and entered into his mansion with my guards.
The smart door was unlocked by Royal’s guards and I entered.

“Sir,you’re cheating, you’re not looking for any meat,you’re cheating by kissing my lips” I heard Krishna’s singing voice from the dinning.
The voice was so singing even though it was very simple.

No____ but I thought….
she said she can’t sing……
Bitch,she seduced him already.

“Sir,stop!! look for the meat,did you eat it??? don’t romance my hips,no one touches that place except me”
krish giggled more like a song.

“I will flog you if you don’t stay well and let me do my thing” Royal said and held unto her.
He finally pulled away from her lips.

what type of lips does she have?? I hate this girl already….
Royal smiled and wore her his ring.
I saw him smile while doing that.

He can even smile…

Royal so me,
Krishna also did.

“ohh Lilly,you’re here…come and eat”
Krishna said,I shot her a glare and walk away.Though Royal didn’t see it

“Sir you played on my intelligence by eating the meat” I heard krish saying.

I couldn’t hold it,
I rush out.
Did I really lose Royal to her?…
I dare not or else I will be made a laughing stock by the entire dice high for losing Royal to the person I hate the most.

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