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Beautiful Love Song Episode 4

Beautiful Love Song Episode 4

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I gulp and swallow nothing immediately his hairs fell on my forehead. He wanted to stand to stand up but his nose pressed my lips softly and gosh!! it felt cold.I was scared to death because I know I am in a zone filled with rich teenagers. daughters and sons of kings,queens,lawmakers,politicians and even presidents are the people schooling here.
I’m not suppose to be here,if they should find out about me,my punishment will surely be death.

what have I gotten into!!!!!
Poverty is a thing that made me lost my self esteem and then,I started shaking.

📱 gaaaaaaaad
📱 she hurt Royal.She hurt him!
📱 she wound him.
📱 how mean?? how clumsy!! I think she is a commoner!!!

I listened to the fluent records.My eyes forced open and met with the one that I bumped into. He look like a total definition of handsomeness.
He was helped up by his guards but his hairs were still falling pretty on his forehead. I stood up and could never fathom how and what I did. The back of my white Saree was stained a little bit. I just had my head down because I couldn’t stand the sights of the spoilt brats and gossipers.

I was expecting him to slap me for making him fall on me but he did not do any of that.
“miss long hair,be careful” he speaks softly and walk away. I was surprised I was dragged to him….
no one noticed that the tip of my saree had tangled with his bracelets not until he moved.
He rolled his eyeballs and unhooked his bracelets instead of touching my Saree.Well,it might look poor and dirty to him.

I turned into a fool overnight.
Half of the students surround me and started asking me silly and embarrassing questions….some are even making it real by adding emotions.
“aaaah,I don’t think this is a school!
“I dont think this people are seriously here to learn because as it stands now,60% of the girls are into that guy that I bumped into. if only I have that opportunity of being a daughter of a wealthy woman,I swear I will use that opportunity very well because dice high certificate is not a cake to joke with.It will change my life totally.

🌹 have you met with royal before??
🌹 did you steal a kiss when he fell on you??? tell me how it felt???? cold or warm or sweet like honey????

I listened to the embarrassing questions.If only they know that I am a poor girl, they won’t come close to me,certainly.
They disperse one after the other when I did not answer their silly questions. I sensed Han Lily coming from the opposite direction with three other girls.
I better run.I’m screwed already since I don’t have any mask on and I can’t even find Dora nor eve nor Shantai.
“maybe I should go home then!!! I shrugged and started looking for a way out.

“hi,am Yifei Dollars. I’m a Chinese and my dad is a governor” a girl smiled at me and forced my hand into her own.I took it away in a polite manner and bowed slightly,telling her indirectly to let go of me.

“you’re pretty in the outside with a curvy and sexy shape. I want to enlighten you about Dice High” she smiled and took my hands again.
I still don’t get why rich people like being friends with beautiful people. I’m very sure she won’t talk to me if I was ugly.

“Dice High is really a zone of hell,a battle filed for the survival of the fittest, you know why it is like that??
Every students you see here might looks spoilt in one way or the other but they all have where they are good at and that is where the word “Competition” sets in.
in other words,Dice high is also called “competition high”,a school for talented rich brats” Yifei said.
“I know” I bat my lashes and wanted to remove my hand from her own.
“I’m not through” she said and held me back.

“There is a great opportunity for pretty and sexy girls like you because attention will find you and that’s the first goal of every student in dice high.Attention might make you explore the world. Another thing you need to be cautious off is guys!!! The guys you see here gets whatever they want.Watch out And don’t be a victim of RAPE like Adesola was raped.
Adesola is a very beautiful Nigerian girl whose father was poor,she got an opportunity of sponsorship to be here, but she suffered RAPE because she couldn’t secure her body,she lost her self worth because of this same “poverty! remember “dice high” is also called “competition high” Yifei said.
I was more than scared.I feel like running away.

“you didn’t tell me your name” she requested. I look at her in my purest look.
“tell me,I mean no harm.At least I was Adesola’s friend before she was raped to death” Yifei said.

“who raped Adesola?? I asked,really concerned about the Nigerian girl.
“I don’t know but am sure Romeo was the first to enter her” yifei said.

“what about Royal??? is he among too???? I asked.
“I don’t really know.The only thing I know about Royal is that he only roll with “swags”,”dance” and “songs”.
He is also gentle and the most handsome too.You see the reason why everybody likes him.
My dear,be careful in this place!!
Yifei said.

“so what’s your name??? she asked.
I felt my heart beating.
“I’m Krishna Knights the only surviving daughter of a laudry woman” I told her the truth.I have never lied in my life.
She gasped.

“what are you doing in this battle field meant for wealthy dream chasers??? you’re between the deep blue sea and the dark devil.Romeo won’t spare you if he finds out.He might rape you too like Adesola,the innocent poor Nigeria girl.He doesn’t like seeing the poor and I don’t know why! Yifei ended.

“thank you!!! I nod my head and ran out as fast as my legs could carry me. I ordered a taxi and drop home.

😏 Romeo😏Romeo……

I was in our private place,scrolling on my phone while sipping in wine in a classic glass cup.
my manager and record keepers dare not sit in the place that I sit.They stand.I’m not like Royal who is always being soft with everybody.

I stopped what I was doing and checked why my other phone was buzzing nonstop.

I read the heading of the 6mins video before opening it.

The video was in Royals and and it has actually got up to 320k viewers within 45min.
I opened the video and watch it keenly. It was all about a girl bumping into Royal and they almost kissed.The sight was damn beautiful and hot.I didn’t get to see the lady face but I was able to see her from her lips side to the hips.Royals hand already block her sight view. I checked the comments and still didn’t find the lady name.

“Royal, why must you get beautiful and rare things to yourself??? damn it,you’re selfish!!!
I said in my mind and sipped in all my wine. The lady has the shape of what I wanted in a lady but she’s lucky I didn’t see her full face.
if I should see her,I will have her on my bed right away.
Royal came in immediately and listened to whatever the lawmakers were saying.

“being here does not mean I will attend class everyday.As it stands now,I’m only attending dancing and singing class and it is only on Wednesdays” the remaining days are for my private classes” Royal said and dismiss the lawmakers with just an eye signal.
“such superiority!
I watch as they walk away.

“Royal,you bump into a girl, who is she??? I asked.
he slam his forehead and said “how am I suppose to, know???

“oppps!!! I forgot he had a memory loss. He can’t even remember a single thing from his pasts,then I don’t think he will remember who the girl he bumped into few hours ago.

“Keep your eyes off ladies.You’re already betrothed to lily.Han lily you shall marry” I said,mockingly.
“idiot,you can marry her for me.and I don’t even remember those shits!!! he shut me another superior glare and stood up.

“I hate you!!!
“I dislike Han Lily!!! he scoffed and went out with guards following him.

“don’t push it too far,Romeo” he stopped halfway and smirks at me. I smiled inwardly because the doctor already confirm it that he won’t remember anything about his pasts.


I joined my mom in the kitchen and helped her in preparing dinner. I don’t even think I will be able to go to Dora’s house because it is already getting late.
I did the finishing of the cooking and cleaned everywhere.
Suddenly,my phone started ringing and it was Mrs Claudia.
hmmm my mom must not know I’m working as her house help.She might skin me alive.

“Krish, let me have your phone” she commands.
“mom,please don’t see it” I replied.The phone rang persistently. My mom hijacked the phone and placed it on loud speak.

📱Krishna,come to my house, I need you to make, juice for,my daughter” Mrs Claudia said.
my mom ended the,call and look at me.

“when did you become a house help? did I tell you to work?? did I tel you I can’t feed you??? she starts asking.
I couldn’t even answer one of what she asked.
“mom,she is a nice woman, she likes me just like you like me” I said innocently.
She hissed and placed her hands on her waist.
“when will you have sense?? she asked,anger in her voice.

“mom,should I go??? I asked,stupidly because I really needed money to go to school.
“go!! go go and learn your lessons” she said.
“okay” I nodded and wanted to go.
“if you dare move an inch!!! she gritted. I ran off to Claudia’s house. I will beg my mom if I’m done.

As usual,I entered Mrs Claudia’s mansion and helped her with every single thing. I cooked her daughters night food since she refuse to eat what the,makes cooked.
She ate what I cook and drank the juice that I made.
I lay her to bed and sang for her.

“it’s obvious my daughter likes you. Ask for a thing and I will do it right away” Mrs Claudia smiled.

“ma,I want to attend dice high school” I imagined myself saying that but it wasn’t coming out.

“I don’t want anything” I played slowly with my fingers.
“are you sure?? she asked.
“yes” I nodded sadly because it was,my first time lying.

I waited in her house for 7min while Mrs Claudia did some things on her phone.
“follow me* she finally said.
I followed her,innocently to the living room that looks like paradise.
Mrs Claudia exchanged greetings with two men who were busy looking at me in a manner that I can’t interpret nor fathom.

“she is the one!
Mrs Claudia pointed at me,making my heart to skip a beat.
The two men looked at me again then back to Mrs Claudia.
“we will do it perfectly” the two men said.

“what are they talking about????
I stared in a confused manner like I’m not understanding!!!!
what do this two men wants from me and why are they smiling at me???

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