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Beautiful Love Song Episode 6

Beautiful Love Song Episode 6

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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how smart” i said and turn back only to realize that she has left.
“soooo fast!!! I glared and face my front silently.then I stood up and walk out of the lecture room,I didn’t think twice,I walked into the administration office and ordered Miss Chloe to give me the newest student record.

“here it is” she replied and handed me a file with a bow. I open the file and went through it.
“Is this Krishna Knight a commoner? I asked Chloe with a killer look.
“I don’t think so” she replied.
“why won’t you know?? don’t you know how to do your work? I shot her a glare.
“well,she does not look like a commoner and she was registered like a normal rich student” Chloe replied. I smirks and throw the file back on her.
“that’s not enough for a prove” I.said and walk out.


I moved away from my hideout immediately sir Romeo passed by the classic linking hallway.
Gosh,he almost find out about me. I breathed out and used my long hair as a shade to cover my face.I had not even walk much when I saw students talking about an update on the billboard.


“who is Krishna Knight??? If you know her, report your information to Han Lily!. signed by Romeo.
I read what was on the billboard myself. Does he knows about me??? I turned away immediately and acted as if i am not the one bearing Krishna

“maybe I should run away” I startled and made a funny expression and dialed Dora’s digit on my phone. She picked on the first ring,I moved to a
more quiet place and told her what’s on my mind.

“Krishna,run away from that side” she said and asked if Romeo actually saw my face.
“yes” I replied.
“then, you’re in trouble” she replied, making my heart to beat faster.
“do you tell anybody your name? she asked.
“yes,I told yifei” I told her.
i ended the call when I noticed some students are already suspecting my moves.

🌹 Umm I pity this Krishna. What business can she have with han lily and Romeo?? hope she won’t end up like Adesola????
the nasty comments made me more scared.
I walked hastily to where i kept my bag and pack my laptop inside it.
“it looks stupid and illegal.This is almost the same thing as physical abuse” I sighed and walk out dejectedly. I still have one lecture left but I need to go in other to prevent myself from suffering physical abuse from my mates. I walk fast and was almost close to the gate when.two spoilt looking girls stopped me.

“miss,do you have an idea who Krishna Knight can be??? one of them asked in a sassy manner.
“no,I don’t know her” I shakes my head.
“but you look like her” the other girl said and unlocked her iPhone.
Ohhh no,she already have my picture but how come????
okay,this is confusing.

“we’ve find her!!!! the sassy girl shouted. my heart stopped beating for a seconds.
“I’m not the one.Okay!!!
“get out,you’re blocking my way!!!
I managed to speak and force my way out.

“where’s your car???
“another prove that you’re a commoner” the sassy girl said and draw the attention of paparazies.

I felt my mouth glued together.
Luckily for me,Dora’s driver drove in with another car.

“that’s my driver” I rolled my eyeballs

“gosh,she’s not the one.She’s rich too.I guess we combacted with the wrong person” the sassy girl said immediately I entered into Dora’s car.
Such a narrow escape!

Han Lily’s p.o.v~~~~

I took Mira and Angel along to spark entertainment since the double-R will be showcasing an open stage dance. Apart from that,it was filled with many dignitaries.
in no time,the place was crowded and was filled to it’s brim.
Many artist performed on stage till it was finally double-r turn.
The cheers increased but it died away when only Romeo came up on stage.Everyone wants to see Royal and not Romeo. Some where even adding emotions by crying while half of the people that came left simply because Royal was not there on the stage.

“Royal didn’t come” Angel whispered into my ears. I felt tears dripping down my cheeks.only me know the reason why he did not come.
“lily,you’re crying? Angel asked and quickly wipe my tears.
“ohh no,I was not crying. my eyes are scratching me that’s why tears keep falling off” I replied.
“sorry” Mira consoled.
The show ended. It was only interesting but was not too lively. I stood up and walk out of the place in my silver heels to Romeo’s side on the stage.
the place was dark,it was only a red light that was shining on the stage.

“Romeo,why is Royal not here??? I asked.He shrugged and made a “he is busy look”.
“did he hate me this much?? I asked and couldn’t help the tears dripping down my cheeks.
“common,he likes you so much. He always mention your name in sleep” Romeo said and also wiped my tears
“I have been calling him since but he didn’t pick.Just tell me,did I do anything wrong??? I asked romeo.
“You didn’t do anything. Stop crying, you’re a pretty girl” Romeo said.
“okay” I forced a smile and walk out to my car.I told my driver to drive me to luxurious mansion.

if Royal does not want to see me,I think I should go and see him myself.
We got to his mansion within 2hours.
I was allowed on without any questions.

“is Royal in??? I asked the guards.
“yes” they affirmed.
I ran in and banged into the slivery built living room,I met him coming downstairs in an expensive blue tux all over a black suit cover. He also had on a black classic foot wear with just a single blue ring. He saw,me and slam his forehead.

“I came to see you” I said and stared at him with a lot of affection.
“I’m listening” he gestured and maintained a wide distance between us.He stood very far from me and twitched the ring on his index finger.

“Royal,stop moving away from me” I said,he scoffed.
“I’m not moving away from you. Say whatever you want to say and get lost” he pout.
“you’re betrothed to me” I said.
“where’s your evidence??? he asked in a voice that means seriousness.
He has not even regain his memory and he is acting like this. how will he now act if he gains back his lost memory?????

“stop staring at me like I am a food. And on no condition must you come here again without an evidence” he said. I felt my whole body system the
tearing apart.

He walk out on me with his lashes bashed together. I followed him and block him by standing in his presence.

“don’t you think we should start spending more time together so that
we will get to know each other” I seduced him with my exposed cleavages.
“is there any sense in what you just said??? he asked and ignored me.

“Lily,I will advise you to quit this game with my family if you don’t….. ” he stopped his statement halfway and entered his car.
He made me look like a fool.
He made me look like an idiot also.
My tears just keep pouring the more.

“no matter how you push me away, we will still be together!! I screamed my lungs out.


“Dora,thank you for saving me again. I promise to be more careful” I said and adjusted my seat and watch how she’s tranfering notes to my laptop.
“I’m not taking thank you.Sing and dance for me and I will be okay” Dora replied.
“Not now….not this place.I will sing and dance for you when next I visit your home” I replied.

“why not sing for me here and you will dance for me in my house?? Dora suggested.

“I think we should do the two in your house,it will be better that way” I replied. Dora rolled her eyeballs and asked me to follow her. I followed her innocently not knowing she is taking me to Dice high stage.

“sing it here,no one will see you here” Dora urged and took a sit on the audience place.
“are you sure no one will see me??? I asked.
“no one will see you and as you can see,there’s no student available” Dora assured.
“I don’t have a song of my own” I told her.

“sing lovely by Billy Eilish” she said.
“okay” I nodded and loosed my long hair in case someone is coming. with that,I won’t be recognize easily.

I sang.
“thought I found the way”
“but you never go away”
“so I guess I gotta stay home”

I changed my low voice to a very high pitched angelic voice

“ohh I hope someday I will make it out of here even of it takes all nights or a hundred years….

“waooooow!!! I heard an unfamiliar voice applaud from afar. I stopped singing and ran off the stage.

“who sang just now???
the face became more visible and appeared to be royal.

I kept quiet and look at Dora for help.
“who sang just now??? Royal asked.
wait,is it that he doesn’t remember things quickly or what???? could it be partial amnesia???

“who sang between the two of you??? he asked again.

“well it was……..” Dora paused.
I was sweating in the inside already.
“it was her!!! I said and pointed to Dora.

“no,it was her!!! Dora pointed to me.
“what,I can’t sing,it was her!!! I pushed it back to her.

“who exactly sang it???? Royal asked again with a look of confusion.

“it was her!!!! me and Dora said together.
extraordinary everyday.

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