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Beautiful Love Song Episode 7

Beautiful Love Song Episode 7

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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she is the one!! me and dira said together and pointed at each other.
Royal bashed his lashes together in confusion while Dora and I recompose each other. We felt like crying but we were able to compose ourselves so that Royal, won’t suspect us.

“she is the one! Dora said.
“she is the one! I said back.
Royal widened his cute eyes and slap his forehead slightly.

“the two of you did well by giving me headache but I will find the owner of this voice one day” Royal said and play the song I sang on his phone.
I was visibly shaking from the inside.
“is my voice sooo loud that he was able to record it from a far place???

He paused the recording and gave me and Dora a,long last look before leaving.
immediately he left,I breathed out.

“that was too close” I touched my chest and fidget slowly with my fingers.

“ummm this thing is like a pregnancy, it can never be hidden for forever” she said and breathed out a “you’re the reason for your poverty.You have all what it takes to be wealthy but you are not using it.You’re making it look like a waste.Assuming I have a body as perfect as yours and a voice as angelic as yours,I would have gone more far.I mean no one will even remember Han Lily” Dora relaxed on her speech.

I kept quiet and pack my laptop and phones in my bag.
“I’m not in for competition. Singing and dancing is not made for me” I said,Dora scoffed.

“you of all people know what happened the last time I followed Shantai to a dancing show. I almost got raped by some wealthy drug lord who did nothing than to place dangerous bets on me” I told Dora.
She smiled and stared chewing whatever was in her mouth loudly.

I got home and met my mom weaving mats at the backyard. I didn’t bother taking off my uniform, I just remove my bag and joined in weaving.

She stopped halfway and started attaching golden bars at the center. We were done within an hour.

“who are you selling to?? I asked.
“I’m dashing one to Mrs Claudia while the other one is for sale to Mrs Suga” she replied.

“who’s Mrs Suga??? I questioned.
“I don’t know her too but Claudia will give you the address to her house”
I breathed out “okay” and took my bag inside. I settled for a white free gown all over my sandals. I dashed to the backyard and carried the mats.

I delivered Mrs Claudia’s own first and collect the address of where to deliver the next mat.
The next mat is to be delivered at the most popular estate while the name of the mansion is “Luxurious mansion”. I took a cab and gave him the address. I was dropped off few meters away from the estate since cabs are not allowed in. I paid the cab man and entered the estate. All houses in the estate are extremely beautiful but only one was unique and that’s exactly were my mat is to he delivered.

I stood dazing at the mansion and pressed a particular button on the gate, it opened by itself.

“waoooww!!! I gasped and admired the glassy designs.Everywhere was clean and sparkling silver.

“who do you ask for???
“Sir Royal or Sir Romeo??? one of the guards snapped.

“Mrs Suga” I expounded with my heart grinding against my chest. Right now,Romeo is my fear.

“Mrs Suga is not around but you can wait for her” the guard said.
“why waittt??? I exclaimed.
the gate opened automatically by itself almost immediately while four cars drove in consecutively.

I saw Romeo in the third car.
“what a big mess???? I snorts and kept my head low.
The door of the first car opened. I can sight the guards rushing towards the third black Lamborghini that Romeo was in.

🎀 welcome ma
🎀 welcome sir
🎀 welcome first lady…….

“where’s Royal??? Mrs Suga stopped the greetings with a question.
“sir Royal went out! they replied.
“did he go out alone?? Mrs Suga asked with fury and I could send the jealousy in Romeo’s eyeballs.

“why the….??? Romeo clenched his fists.
“fuck must you allow him out!! Mrs Suga completed in the most inhuman voice I have ever heard.

“are they this dangerous???
“why are they mad just because Royal went out???.
“I heard Royal is 22…why the securities?????
I wondered and admired the building they live in.

“you all are fired for allowing him out!! Romeo seethed and look in my direction. I quickly hide myself behind the chief guard.

“if he doesn’t get here within 53min, you all are dead!! he glared and bounce walked in angrily.
I heaved a sigh of relief immediately he went in.
I showed myself from my hideout and held the mat.

“good evening ma,my mom asked me to deliver this to you” I bowed and stretch the mat to her with my two hands.

one of her guards collected it and handed me an envelope.i didn’t wait at all,I collect it and ran out.
Another difficult escape from Romeo!


~~Han Lily p.o.v

I moved into my pent house,
Mira already went out for a party while Angel was busy with her phone.

I entered my room and slump on my bed with my head buried in my pillow
Mrs Samantha is the only person that can handle Royal but he is not making any amendment in whatever concerns me at all.
His attitude towards me get worst each passing day and I don’t think he will ever find someone better than me.

Royal does not want anything to do with me!
even when Mrs samantha threatened to remove him as the band lead voice, he told Mrs Samantha and the board openly that he is not interested.
I recollect those hurtful words he said last month.

He even disappoint dice high by not participating in the last competition just because I am a participant.
I wonder why he hates me!!!

my phone starts ringing,
it was a call from Elliot( Royal’s manager). I pick the call immediately.

“lily,Royal is missing for the past 6hours” Eliot announced.
“waaaaat! I gasped and ended the call. I rush out and drove to the places I hope I will find him but I didn’t find him there.

“Royal!!!!! I screamed out and entered the last place on my mind.
He might be in the school’s stage.
I rush into dice high stage,
he wasn’t there.

I retraced my steps down the opposite building and met him sitting on the fourth stairs.

Now,he wasn’t wearing the blue tux anymore. instead he had on a bad boy dressing.
He was putting on a black jeans and a navy blue cardigan.

it will he soo difficult for him to be recognized with the way the oversized cardigan cap covered his eyes.

I frozed on my spot and admire the way he did his things.
He was penning something down into a jotter.

he stopped and turn back,
I quickly move back and hide.
He smiled like a new born baby.

“ohh my royal smiled!!!. I smiled also.
Then he played a recording on his phone.

“thought I found the way”
“but you never go away”
“so I guess I gotta stay”

he smiled as he listened to the song. Slowly,he shut his eyes and removed his cardigan cap like he is trying to remember something.
“what if he remember????

“ohhh I hope someday I will make it out of here even if it takes all nights or a hundred years!!!!
the song stopped,his voice came up.

“who sang the song??? he asked in the recording.
“it was her!!! I heard Dora’s voice in the recordings.
“whatttt I can’t sing,it was her!!! an unfamiliar voice came up again. Her voice sounds amazing even when it was in a low tune that she speak.

“who exactly sang the song??? royals voice came up again.
“it was her!!!! Dora and the unfamiliar voice said again.

Royal took his lips in and paused the recordings. if he keep listening to that song,he might regain his memory.

“Han lily do something!!!! reality got me. I watch as Royal gently drop his phone beside where he sat,he brought out another phone and called Eliot,his manager.

“don’t bother looking for me!! he said and ended the call.
He clasped his fingers and shut his eyes.

“is he sleeping???? I lamented, thinking of a way to get his phone so that I can delete the recordings.
I tip toed to his back on the stairs and slowly bend to pick his phone.

Too bad,it was locked.
His phone was finger print.

How do I unlock????
or should I take the phone away??? I smirks.

I was lost holding his phone when he raised his head. I quickly hide the phone in my purse. I was about zipping the purse when he turned back.
he slap his forehead immediately he saw me.

“Who are you???? he asked. I was surprised.
“I’m…… I’m… I’m….” I stammered.
“I sang that song” I lied.
He stared at me with a plain expression without saying anything.

I moved closer and brushed my hands into his waists,he scoffed and removed it.

“Han Lily,where is your evidence??? he asked.

“hunnnnn!!! I gasped.

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