Beautiful Love Song Episode 8

Beautiful Love Song Episode 8

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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hunnn!! I gasp and inhale nothing in particular.How can he tell me to bring an evidence??
Royal unveil his cardigan and maintain a curious but cute face. He is best describe as handsomeness whenever he is angry.

“where is your evidence??? he glared.
“umm I don’t have an evidence but I am the,one that sang that sing that you played” I lied,thinking of a better way to confuse him.

Slowly,his cute expression turns cold with his brows, more prominent.

“tell me the truth” he paused and slap his forehead lightly.
I was not even listening to him instead I was wondering how he manage to be sooo freakingly wealthy despite how Romeo and his mom brought him down times without number.

what will now happen if he is not brought down????
Probably he might be ranked as an over-god since Indians ranks are based on whatsoever wealth you acquire.

“tell me the truth!! he beckoned and flapped his lashes.
“even if it will be once,just tell me the truth” he said again and deep his left hands into his jean pocket while his right hand slowly went for the black bandana that was tied underneath the fringe of his hair.

This,might be my chance!
I smiled and move into him.
I touched him,I touch his flesh..I felt sweetness mixed with coldness the,moment I touch him.
He shift back and made my hands hang in the air.

“Royal, you’re ignoring me again!
I felt tears on my cheek.
“tell me the truth” he requested.
His handsomeness got me and made me forget my self.

“Royal,am not the one” I confess
“have you perhaps meet with the person that sang it??? he asked with seriousness but my mind was on another thing.

“no,I don’t know the person” I confessed again.
“thank goodness it was not you” he said and look down to where he kept his white phone then back to me.

“my business phone,did you take it??
he requested and shut a glare my body and soul won’t ever deny.
“your phone is not with me! I lied.
He scoffed and hijack my purse.
He opened it and took his phone.

“Lily,I only lost my memory,I did not lost my brain” he smirks and throw my purse to me like it worth nothing.

“Royal,I love you” I sturlted and hug him from the back.He remove my hand but I wouldn’t stop. I kiss his neck unaware,he got irritated and push me away.
“you disgust! he mouthed and walk out. I followed him till he got to the school compound.
Ten guards are already standing there with four cars.He scoffed and entered his blue Lamborghini.

Elliot rush to my side and was surprised to see tears on my cheeks.
“Lily,get into the car” he said.
“no,I don’t want to go,let me stay here.Just follow royal, he needs attention.I’m scared he might do something crazy” I replied.

“what about you??? Double-R agencies asked me.
“I’m okay.Just take care of Royal” I replied and bite my lower lips.
They nodded and left me.

I breath out immediately they left and sat down on the glassy edge of the field.
“who can that girl be???
“Is Royal regaining his memory or is he in love?? questions filled my lobes
I was still lost in fantasy when Angel sat beside me. I didn’t even notice her presence because I’m not close to her.We are just band mates.

She sat beside me,I stood up.
She stood up also and stand by my side.

“what’s happening??? I saw royal pushing you away! she said.
“how do you know?? are you a monitoring spirit or what?? I asked.

“yes…I can’t just bear to see the queen of dice high moving around all alone” she replied. I made a fake smile.

“don’t you think Dora might know the owner of the voice?? she asked.
“it’s certain” I said and chewed into my lower lips.

“what is really between you and royal?? what do you share in common??? angel asked.

“my business, not yours” I put her in her place and sat down back.
Everyone know me to be Royal’s, girlfriend. I can’t just watch him be for someone else.

“are you blackmailing him exactly the way romeo and Mrs Suga are doing?? angel asked.
“my business ,not yours” I cautioned her with a scoff.

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I didn’t wait at all,
I ran for my dear life with a mind filled with fear of the unknown. My legs started shaking but I manage to make it to Mrs Claudia’s mansion.

I stopped in front of her gate and adjusted my dress.I stopped panting and lose the scarf I tied around my hip bone.Finally,I entered and met Mrs Claudia waiting for me in her paradise looking living room.

“Krishna my dear,why are you panting??? she asked.
“I don’t know ma.I think I am having cold” I replied with a drop of shoulder.

“I think you should go now. you might not be able to work today if you have cold” Claudia said.

“ma,I can work” I protested.
“are you sure??? she asked.
“yes” I nodded.
She cleared her throat and gave me an address.

“my friend need an immediate house help for just an hour. She will pay you 30,000rupess.Can you do it??? she asked.
“yes ma” I replied and checked time, it was getting dark already but I need to save some money.It is not every time I will be asking Mrs Claudia, money.

“okay,I will go” I said.
“no wait” Claudia said and,handed me a nylon.
“thank you ma” I collected it and started heading to the house address she gave me.
I got to the,house,it look exactly like Mrs Claudia’s mansion.

“are you the house help??? a woman asked.With the,look on her face,I think she should be a real political money.I just pray she won’t be harsh like Mrs Brown.

“yes” I nodded and followed her in.
She told me what to do,I did it within 40mins.

“wash those plates!!! she said.
*okay,ma!! I replied and did it within 10mins.

“hey,clean my room!! a guy said from behind.He looks rude.
I look away instantly and bowed.
His face looks familiar.
“I will clean it,where is the way?? I asked.I noticed him lick his lower lips and he was looking down there both in between my legs and my chest.

“sir!!!! I said. He nodded and gave me the directions.
it was easy to find.
I entered into it with a pure and innocent mind.I moped the floor,I arranged his closets,I prepared his bed and arranged his severally scattered phones and laptops on his bed stand.

I replaced the curtains too.
And,breathed out on what I have done.
He entered the room and rested his back on the door.
Now, his stares was nothing that can kill.

“sir,I’m done” I fidgeted and rested my back on the curtain.
he nodded and stretch me my money. he poured them on the floor. I quickly bend and pack the money.

“you should visit here some other time” he said and left the door.
“never in my life will I visit here” I imagined saying that.

“you said what??? he asked.
“stop looking at me sir,I am not a food” I replied and quickly ran out.

I took a cab home and met my mom standing outside as usual.
“you’re coming from where??? she asked.
“you went to work??? she asked.
“tell me one reason why you’re working??? she asked asked.

I opened my mouth to say a word but nothing was coming out.
“I won’t forgive you if anything should happen to you” she said.
“okay mom” I replied.
“you’re saying okay??? she turned back,I flinched and ran outside.

“I didn’t say anything. I love you mom” I teased her.
“okay” she nodded. I entered and locked the door.
🕕🕕🕕🕕🕕🕕🕕 next day🕕🕕

I smiled from sleep.
I dreamt about me and Royal holding hands…I dreamt we danced together. I can’t even remember all the dreams but I know it can never come true.

I sighed and opened my wardrobe. I closed it back and opened the nylon Claudia gave to me yesterday.
I found a pair of white cover shoes with silver on the base. it was really pretty.
Then I saw a thick leggings that will stop few,meters away from my kneel cap with a very pretty white tux and a long sleeved black and white patterned track suit jacket.
sometimes,I wonder why this woman like me so much.

I rushed into the bathroom and had a 10min bath. I creamed with a peppermint balm and change into what I picked. I wore the cover shoe and did I quick review of the last lecture I had.
After that,I greeted my mom and rushed to meet Dora in her car.

“Good morning! I greeted the driver and joined Dora at the backseat.
“hi Dora! I smiled with a slight bow.
“how are you? she smiled and took my left hand.

“where is your earring?? she asked.
“I don’t have one” I replied.
“how about the one I got for you? she asked.
“I lost it” I replied,a little,bit embarrassed.

She use a black magnet earring on both my ears then she helped in wearing a tiny gold bracelet on my left hand.

“we are,having a combined class with the double-R.Baby girl try to doge any form of abuse” Dora said.
I watch her in awe and asked her about Shantai and Eve.

“remember you promise to dance for us today” she reminded.
“I know” I breathed out and walk with her to the lecture room.
I pray Han Lily and Romeo are,not there.

Dora wasn’t scared, she opened the classic door and cat walked in.
I huffed and held the door knob. I entered and received the most alluring glares.

🎀 those killing legs….gosh💗
🎀 soo hot….
🎀 I heard she is a governors daughter.
was all that I heard.

“miss,get a seat” sir Davidson smiled at me.
“thank you sir” I nodded and found a seat at the back. I brought out my laptop and phones.

I don’t think Han Lily is here!!!
I smiled happily.We got to the,middle of the class when Lily came in with her maids.

Well she got many lovers and fans too and I think I am among.
Han lily is my secret admire. I still like her despite the bad thing she did to me and my mom.

I was the first to sight the double-R coming in through the glassy door and so I quickly bowed my head instantly,usingmy laptop to dodge my fucking face of a goddess.

💖 ohhh my Royal!!!!!
💖 Royal please,touch me!!!
💖 Royal hold me,I love you!!!!!
💖 sit beside,me!!!!
the lecture became totally disordered
it died down slowly.
“thank God! I breathed out but I felt something cold touching my neck.

“ohhh my………!!!
I started panting from the inside.
“why must he sit at my back??? and why the hell must his blue ring tangle with my hair???

He made a sweet sound and removed his fingers,leaving his ring tangling with the base of my hair.
“common ring,he can’t untangle!! I nodded and slowly went for where the ring was and untangled it myself.

“Sir Royal ……your….your…..!! I stammered and passed the ring.

“tell me who you are??? he requested in a low voice.
“write it in a piece of paper! he said.
“be fast!!!! he commanded.

“I don’t think he is talking to me!!!
i mouthed and face front.
or is he talking to me?????
I think I am still dreaming!!!

extraordinary everyday.


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