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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 1

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 1
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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now, enjoy💖💖💖💖💖💖💖



I watch as Royal eat the food happily, he is such a slow eater.One hour already passed and we are still on the dinning.

He’s sooo slow that the food would have gotten cold before the spoon would enter his mouth and he used like up to 5min to chew each spoonful of food he takes.
Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like eating and probably prefers addiction to starving.

if it were to be me,
I would have finished the food in 30mins time.

“am I fast?? he asked.
“yea,very fast indeed” I nodded.
“I thought Chris was lying.He usually says I’m fast in eating and handling things.” he said with a chuckle and carrier the glass jar of fruit juice.
He tried opening the cover,he didn’t get it. I smiled and took it from him.

what else am I expecting from someone like him??
“you can handle everything and you can’t open a common glass jar. Sir, you’re great” I smiled inwardly and opened the glass jar.
He took it from me and serve himself.

Soooo slow.
He used like 40mins to drink juice..
and he was done afterwards.
I stood up immediately and started packing the plates while he pick his phones. Maybe his business phone,I guess.

“so what’s your reply???
he asked me.
I pretend as if he wasn’t talking to me and concentrated fully on the plates.
“sweetheart” he called.
ummh-why is he calling me by my second name.

“I’m waiting”
he said and look into my face.
“yes,I will be” imagined myself saying that I dare not.I just remembered my mom she might get angry for not informing her first and I can’t say no at the same time since he’s getting use to me.Saying no might create another thing for him and i don’t want that because he had gone through a lot already.

“Say something”
Royal pestered and bite his lips romantically.
“I don’t know” I replied. I’m also trying to help him.
“You don’t know??? royal asked and stood up.

“ohk,goodnight” he said and left without looking back.
ohhhh noooo,
was it because of my reply.

“thanks for the meal tho”
he said while walking up the stairs.
I nodded and proceeded in packing the plates to the kitchen.
I met him sitting on a bluish glassy deep freezer there in the kitchen. I avoided his gaze and took the plates to the sink.
I mixed soap into the dishwasher and started washing the plates.

I felt Royal stand up from where he sat on the fridge,he roamer round and came to stand beside me.
I made a quizical look the moment he drop his phone on the cutlery stand.
what is he looking for???
He pick a sponge.

“which soap are you using??
he asked.
“sirrrrr” I said
“ohhh,don’t worry, I know it” he said and took the red oil gallon.He opened it and pour some info the sponge he’s holding.

“sirrr,no,that’s not it” I said.
“i know it.I have been washing plates since I was nine” he said and used the oily sponge to scrub the plate.
I widened my eyes as he added the ones he washed to the already neat ones in the dink next to the dishwasher.

I beamed as I watch him.
My friend doesn’t recognize red oil.

“I will rinse” he said.
“okay” I laughed and turn on the tap.
I watch him deep his fingers into the water.I could sense he was pissed off by the color of the water.

“krish,why is the water oily and colorful?? he asked.
“it’s because it is very neat” I replied and started rewashing.
“I knew I could wash plate” he said in a sweet voice.I laughed as I re wash.

“why is your soap different??
he asked….
“here” i raise the real soap for him to see,then I started rinsing the plates and arranging them into their positions.

After that,I washed my hands and dried it with a napkin.
He did the same,
like he really wash plates.
Royal what can you do?? I smiled and help him to open the tap well,I lock it back and handed him a towel.

“goodnight” he said.
“same” I replied and started walking away.He followed me behind. We left the kitchen and passed through the stairway so that we can get to our separate rooms very fast.

“Be careful…..the floor is so smooth,you might slip” he said.
my mind flashed to Han Lilly…
I hope she doesn’t tear me up if we meet again.
I started thinking about her and gosh, I mistook my steps then slipped.

Royal moved in skillfully and held my waist.
“Be more careful” he said and made me stand erect.
“thank you sir” I said

He removed his hand from my waist and mistakenly brush his fingers into my robust buttocks.
“sirrrrr” I said…
“what???? he replied.
“Your hand” I said.
“ohhh sorry” he said and took his hands away. I could tell it was a mistake with the way he did the sorry

“Sorry,mistake” he said.
I nodded and ran away to my room. I lock myself up and recalled what happened again,making sure that I rest my back on the door.
what just just happened???
Did he really touch me there??????
I shut my eyes….

Why not other places????
How do I face him????
Gosh, I know feel like I’m cheap.
I started crying silently.

A knock came on my door,
I stooped crying and dried my tears. I already know it was him.

“sweetheart,I’m sorry” he said.
“I know” I replied.
“you’re crying right??? he asked, his voice tender and pleasing to the hearing.
“it’s nothing” I replied.
“it’s a mistake,hope you’ve forgiven my hand??? he asked.
“yes” I said.
“okay” he replied.
I felt him walk away.

I got to my bed and laid on the bed.
“sweetheart, I said and sorry”
I heard his voice again.
I think he came back.
“I’ve heard”i replied
“Really???? he asked,I slept off on the floor. The last time I slept on the bed, I fell off because it made me look as if am in heaven.


Am I soo stupid???
well,it wasn’t my intention,I was only trying to help. I just hope she doesn’t thinks am a flirt or take me for another thing.

I walk away from her door to the living room and met my visitors there already with some of my guards.
We discussed some official stuffs,
then I signed some documents.

What I really want now is freedom from Mrs Sugar,I don’t want her to be part of whatever thing connecting with my wealth.
I even regretting adding her name to most of my documents,thinking she was a good mother.

“will check the clearances and return them back to your name only”
Putnam said and made me sign the last document.
I signed and did some other things.

Soon,they left.
I suddenly felt free,from Mrs suga.

(Next day)………..

Krishna🌹Krishna. p.o.v

I woke up very early,
I’m really trying to avoid Royal because I’m still shy of what happened yesterday.I don’t think I can face him.

I step out of the bathroom in a towel and was about rubbing cream when he knock at my door.
I was scared he would enter.
he didn’t. instead he stood at the entrance and said whatever thing he wanted to say then he left.

I wore my undergarments and pull out a yellow body gown from my bag,I wore it,styled my hair and wore a black fansy slippers,then I fit his presidential bracelet into my wrist.
I check myself in the mirror and adjusted the gown to cover my laps very well,then I left for the kitchen to prepare a simple meal for myself and Royal.
I made foods for his friends also since he mentioned it to me that they have a stage invite.

Soon, the food was ready.
I took them downstairs and was surprised to see Chris,Jeffrey and Justin already in.

“Good morning sir’s” I greeted.
“Hey krish” Jeff said
“Baby” Justin said.
“did you stay here??? where did you sleep??? Chris asked and it actually made me remember what happened last night.I kept quiet and it kind of make him suspicious.

“what happened??
“he hurt you???? Chris asked
“Umm nooo….nothing. I slept in my room” I replied and started setting the food.

*You were quiet before. Hope nothing happened??chrisasked.
“Nothing” I replied and was surprised with the way he was looking at me.
“will you drop me home? I changed topic.
“okay” he replied,we started eating.
Chris and I on the same plate

Just then,Royal came downstairs in a blue tracksuit….
He was really cute.
He made it more stylish by wearing just a single black ring and a black earring on one ear.
His slippers was black and diamond based.

Our eyes locked.
He looked at me,I look away.
what is this feeling all about???

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