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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 2

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 2
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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what’s this feeling??
I don’t know it yet.
All I know is that I can’t bear to see him in pain. I kind of feel affected whenever he’s pained or find things difficult.
Maybe I should consider myself as an helper to him until he finds someone better than me because I already know my mom won’t approve it because of our background.

I watch him sit beside Justin and dragged the dish stand that contain meats to himself.He took a playr and tried serving himself,
he didn’t get it because he can’t handle a big spoon.

“I can help you” Jeff said and collected the spoon from him.
Chris and I burst into laughter.
Royal and Jeff are the same………

Jeff own was more worst, the meat kept falling non stop.
is there really something they can do?? I beamed.

“the only thing you know is to handle a ladies heart and pant” Chris said to Royal and ran out of the dining.
I covered my ear and controlled my laughter.

“Idiot,must you say it here??
Royal said and started eating directly from the glassy meat dish stand without using a plate.
aaaah,I think what Chris said was true,for him to speak back.

“Royal’s own is okay.The only thing you know is to press the hell out of a ladies breast” Jeff defended.

I coughed and use my hair warmer to cover my ears.
why are they saying out their secrets?
do they really forget am here?

“Royal,pant remover”
“Chris, breast presser”
“Justin,shy idiot”
“case closed.I’m the only good boy here” Jeff said.

I covered my ear well and stood up from the dining.My ear can’t tolerate rubbish anymore.

“where to??? Chris asked.
“I want to start going” I pout.
“it’s not time.Royal is still eating” he said.
“okay,I will wait upstairs” I rushee words and ran upstairs.
only God knows how many pants Royal have destroyed.

I sat down on the bed and turn on the TV and changed channel to fashion.

“it’s time to leave”
I heard someone saying at my door.
I move out and saw a woman,
not too old and not too young.

“sir’s said it’s time to leave” the woman said.I was confused like who’s she.
“mind you,I’m the new house keeper. There are nine others” she said and walk away.
I went inside and dragged my bag out then carried my cross bag on my shoulders. I made it to the living room but didn’t see any of the guys guys.

“They are outside”
a guard told me.
I took my bag out and met then already in their separate cars.
Justin’s car was the nearest, then I decided to get in.

I moved closer,Royal rushed out of his car and drag me back.
“sirrrrrrrrr” i said.
“come to my car,I will drop you” he said. I gulp into nothing and followed him.
He re arrange the bundles of money that are scattered on the seat to one side and allow me move in.
He moved in also and stared at my wrist.

The cars drove out.
“look at me”he said.
I turned quietly and look at him.
“are you okay??? do you need anything? he asked.
I look away…
If this is what all girls usually dream wish to have with Royal, then I think I have had enough.

He usually act like he’s my husband. I don’t think I’m close to anyone as am close to him. Even my mom,I’m still scared of her..

“are you okay?? Royal asked again.
“I’m fine” I smiled shyly.
“are you still wearing those Cinderella singlets?? he asked, next.
I was more than shy.

“yes,I have many of it.It’s what have been wearing right from time” I replied him.
“would you buy if I give you money? he asked.
“Noo,I’m okay” I replied.
He went back to his phone,
I didn’t even know when he touch my hand.Those shocks came again. I controlled it and allow him hold my hand to his taste.

“I will take you to see Karina tomorrow” he chewed in something. I’m very sure it’s not gum.
“sir,who’s Karina?? I asked.

“Royal’s new mom and sir zayn’s wife” he replied.
“what about Mrs sugar?? I asked.
“never my mom” he uttered.
“ummm sir,is Karina nice to you?? I asked,wanting to be sure of his safety.

“Yea,just like you” he replied,I smiled.
He pushed those money to my laps.
“I hope you will use it and not keep it the way you’re keeping my credit card” he said..

“sir,I can’t accept it”
I uttered and push the money back.
“why?I’m not a pervert or a flirt” he stuck his lips out cutely.
“You won’t understand” I replied.
“should I follow you to your house and explain things to your mom? he asked,seriously..

It was funny the way he said it and those face made him look more handsome.

“have you ever had a boyfriend??
he asked,I look away.
He tickled me and made my face fall into his chest.He smell really nice.
He stole a kiss from my forehead.

“Answer me” he said and pull away.
His fingers brush into my tommy down to my waist line.

“Noo,noo boyfriend… just three girl friends.Dora,Shantai and Eve” I told him….he smiled and keep ignoring the calls he got from his phones.

“why?? I can’t believe a pretty girl like you haven’t been in a relationship. How come ugly girls usually does?
he asked.

“my mom is strict” I shrugged.
he answered a call.

“Sir what about you?? how many girlfriends?? I asked…
“I can’t count.Even someone that I don’t know is ready to be my girlfriend” he said.

what else am I expecting???
Public figures and wealthy guys like him do get multiples of concubine.
It was already pasted on dice high girls gist blog that Royal has up to 2,000,000 girls drooling over him.

“You like Lilly?? I asked.
“Nope..I can’t like any other girl except from you” he replied…
I blushed and look away.

“why can’t you like any other girl??
I asked,looking at the star tattoo on one side of his neck. It’s so pretty.

“I can’t like any other girl because your mom is strict.She won’t like seeing her daughters boyfriend with girls” he said..
I blushed too much that my dimples couldn’t go deeper.

“seriously should I come and see your mom??? he asked.
waaaaaaaat,you want to kill me.

“where’s your phone?? he asked.
I showed him the small phone I got since Lilly already spoilt my iPhone.
“is this what you’re using to take lectures in school?? he asked,

“ummm I have an iPhone but someone spoilt it” I told him.
he scoffed “like I know what to do”.

His cars stopped three houses away from my house.His driver came to open the door,
he let go of my hand,
I moved out shyly, his driver helped in bringing out my bag.

I got home and passed through the back door,I was very unlucky, I bumped into my mom.
my body grew cold.

“I thought you were suppose to return yesterday?
she asked,I fidget stupidly.
“I’m sorry” I pouted.

“where did you go to?? she asked.
“mom,I told you already that I work” I said with my head down.

“I pity you!!!
If you get pregnant,I will kill you…..
It’s better you bring your body safe from your stupid boyfriend and don’t get pregnant!!!!!
Well,I trust you,you won’t be stupid to do such a thing!
she started lashing and shouting at me….
I started crying…
more reasons why I don’t like telling her things.

Gosh, I would have told her Royal of all people ask me out but she already believes all guys are the same.
Guys will be guys.

Royal’s p.o.v💜💜💜💜💜💜

The performance on stage was lit and lively. Romeo didn’t even show up at all.
Not like I care,be never cared about me” I shrugged and left the industry.

I got to sir zayn’s family house at night because I forgot some clearances and confirmations there.

Why am I even bothered???
sir zayn’s wife has already taken me in and she already promise to stand as my mother throughout the presidential finals.

My cars drive in,
the main door was opened by one of the maids.

“is my mom in???
I asked her and made them stop those senseless bow of theirs.

“No sir,only Xingzi and Theilla”
she bowed again.
I scoffed and entered.
Xingzi is sir zayn first daughter is while theila is the second and last.

I rush up to my resident and saw what I was looking for in the exact place that I kept it.
I pick it up and turned only to see Xingzi…

Gosh, what’s this!!!!!!!

She was wearing a red fish net night gown,she didn’t wear a bra and her pant too was transparent.On her waist line are like 6 chains.
I turned away instantly.

Seriously,when did Xingzi start all this nonsense??? Does she not know that am more than a son to her dad.

“Brother, am hurt!!!!!!!!!
she screamed in a painful manner.
Her scream made me turn.
I turned,she had remove her jacket totally….she used one of her waist chain to cover her n*pples.

She brushed her fingers into her waist and made all her waist chain fell.

“Xingzi,get out” I said.
“why are you doing like this now,we are not blood” she said.
“just get out!!! I said,trying to calm myself down.
“but we ain’t blood” she expounded.

“Xing,get out or I will wound you!!!
I said in my calmest voice.
“yes,I want that”she said and remove her pant totally.
“is this girl really crazy????

I passed her side to the door,she had already locked it.
“just once,put it in and remove it faster,I won’t ask for more” she said.

“I won’t come here anymore”
I said and pushed her away.
She started crying.

“then,I will tell my dad that you raped me” xingzi said…
waaaaat,she will spoil the bond it took me years to build with her dad.

“Go ahead,tell him”
I pushed her away and rush downstairs.
Just then,sir Zayns car drive in.

He’s back from Australia already.
“Dad!!!! I said.
He smiled and moved to me.

Xingzi rushed out in tears.
This girl,she’s unbelievable!!!!
“Dad!!!! she shouted in tears…
Sir Zayn got alarmed and look at her.

I turned to look at her too…..

“Dad,Royal raped me”
She said and started crying real tears.

Sir Zayn looked at me,
I was lost at what to say about his spoilt daughter who just returned from Miami three days ago.

“I can explain,dad” I said.
extraordinary everyday….

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